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Far-Right Ideology Has Cemented Itself in Ukraine Under Zelensky

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was believed to be a reformer and a liberal when he took over the presidency from Petro Poroshenko. The billionaire former president is part of the corrupt oligarchy who from 2014 relied on neo-Nazis to fight and kill Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens in Donbass (Eastern Ukraine). Zelensky, a comedian and actor before becoming president, promised to bring peace to Donbass when he won the 2019 presidential election. Due to Zelensky’s public detachment from the oligarchs, he was hailed in the West as someone that could bring Western liberalism to Ukraine.

However, as recently as August 5, the Ukrainian president demonstrated that he has not deviated from the reactionary and extremist ideology of his predecessor. Zelensky said on the Dom TV channel that “for the sake of your children and grandchildren,” those who identify as Russian in Donbass should “go find a place for yourself in the Russian Federation.” Effectively, he called for the ethnic cleansing of Russians in Donbass, irrespective of the fact that Donbass has been an integral part of the Russian homeland since the 1600’s. It cannot be overlooked that Zelensky’s call for Russians to be ethnically cleansed from Donbass is in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He received no condemnation from the EU or the UN.

As the war in Donbass is extremely unpopular, the Ukrainian ruling class uses the country’s Far-Right, including neo-Nazi forces who played a central role in the 2014 coup and the following war. Zelensky, despite being Jewish himself, understands this reality and has not hidden away from using the Far-Right in his antagonizations against not only Donbass, but also Crimea.