Jan 26 14:06

Russia unveils military plans in Cuba & Latin America

Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed with the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua to develop partnerships in a range of areas, including stepping up military collaboration, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced.

Speaking on Wednesday in an appearance in front of the Duma – Russia’s parliament – Lavrov reported that Putin had talked recently with the leaders of the three Central American countries, and that they had agreed to work together to strengthen their strategic cooperation.

“President Putin held recent telephone conversations with his colleagues from these three governments, with whom we are very close and friendly, and they agreed to look at further ways to deepen our strategic partnership in all areas, with no exceptions,” Lavrov stated. He noted that Russia already has close relations with these countries in many spheres, “including military and military-technical.”

Jan 25 06:42

Guantánamo Isn’t Ancient History. It Has Become a “Forever Prison.”

This week marks 20 years since the opening of the prison at Guantánamo Bay. It is not yet closed, as I had hoped it would be a decade ago, but this serves as a week of remembrance for all who have suffered in the U.S.’s illegal offshore prison.

As a young lawyer, I first traveled to Guantánamo in 2006 to represent three Uyghurs, including a child, held without charge or trial. I have returned many times in each year since, and represented dozens of other detained men, from Somaliland to Baltimore, in federal courts, military commissions and administrative hearings. I’ve seen about everything there is to see when it comes to challenging unlawful detentions at Guantánamo.

This notorious military installation has changed since the first planeload of men arrived from Afghanistan a generation ago, but the lawlessness from which it originated and the human suffering it has caused endure. As Sen. Dick Durbin remarked recently, Guantánamo is “where due process goes to die.”

Jan 25 06:07

Kremlin Says Moscow, Havana Have 'Synchronised Positions' Amid Speculation on Russian Bases in Cuba

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Cuban counterpart President Miguel Diaz-Canel spoke by phone on Monday to discuss "issues of further coordination of the actions of the two countries in the international arena," according to a Kremlin statement. The talks came in an atmosphere of growing tensions between Russia and NATO over Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin and Miguel Diaz-Canel 'synchronised their positions' on international issues during their talks Monday, but did not discuss the possibility of Russian military bases in Cuba, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov has said.

"You know that relations between Russia and Cuba have deep traditions...and indeed, the synchronisation of positions on international and regional issues of mutual interest to both countries is extremely important. This is what the leaders of the two countries spoke about yesterday," Peskov said, speaking to reporters on Tuesday.

Jan 19 13:42

'Russian Missiles in Cuba & Venezuela': What's Behind Moscow's Hardball Rhetoric?

The Kremlin remarks about the possible deployments of Russian military assets in Cuba and Venezuela are highlighting the seriousness of the unfolding situation to Washington, says former Reagan administration official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, adding that the entire problem could be solved by providing Russia with security guarantees.

Russia is exploring options to ensure its security, said Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov on Monday, not ruling out deployments of Russian missiles in Cuba and Venezuela if the US and NATO neglect Moscow's concerns and go on with a military build-up on Russia's doorstep.

Jan 19 07:15

US sends warplanes to Cuba and Venezuela to monitor Russian missiles

As soon as it transpired that Russia was preparing to deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba and Venezuela, American military reconnaissance aircraft started to fly over the territory of the two Latin American countries.

According to, which refers to the data from Flightradar24 service, US aircraft have been patrolling possible locations for Russian military bases in Venezuela and Cuba for three days already. The US reconnaissance aircraft, the publication said, were monitoring possible activities in locations where Russian nuclear weapons could be installed.

Earlier, sources of The New York Times newspaper said that Russia would be ready to deploy nuclear missiles closer to the United States. The authors of the article in the authoritative US publication compared this scenario with the Caribbean crisis of the 1960s, when the USSR deployed nuclear weapons in Cuba.

Jan 19 07:14

Three Russian warships set off on a secret mission to Cuba

Three warships that set off on a mission from the Baltic Sea attracted close attention of the United States.

Three Russian large landing ships — the Minsk, the Korolev and the Kaliningrad — set off on a journey from the Baltic Sea in the direction of the North Sea. Nothing has been said about the weapons that the ships carry on board.

Against the background of the statements from Russian officials about the possible deployment of a Russian military contingent near US borders, the United States and NATO paid special attention to the manoeuvres of the three Russian warships. The capabilities of the above-mentioned vessels are sufficient to transport both nuclear and non-nuclear missile weapons.

At the moment, the route of the three Russian landing ships remains unknown. However, the United States fears that Russia is doing it in response to the United States and NATO.

Jan 15 08:28

Russia Remains Open About Military Deployment to Cuba and Venezuela Amid Security Guarantee Impasse

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday that he will not confirm or deny anything regarding the possibility of the deployment of Russian military infrastructure in Cuba and Venezuela.

"I don't want to confirm anything, I won't rule anything out either", Ryabkov told RTVI.
He noted that the possibility of such options depends on Washington's response to Russia's security guarantees. The deputy minister stressed that President Putin had already described what the Russian Navy can do if the US continues to provoke Moscow, but also stated that a diplomatic solution would be preferable.

The statement comes after US-Russia and Russia-NATO talks earlier this month, regarding security guarantees that Moscow offered in a bid to ease tensions and mend ties. The draft agreements stipulate limits to troop, aircraft, and warship deployments, as well as missile deployment for both sides, and also suggested that NATO stop its expansion near the Russian border.

Jan 14 08:00

US will act ‘decisively’ if Russia deploys military to Cuba or Venezuela – White House

The American authorities would act “decisively” if Russia deployed its military to Latin America, the White House said on Thursday, following suggestions that Moscow could station some of its troops in Venezuela or Cuba.

United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan called the idea “bluster in the public commentary” and noted that the deployment of Russian military infrastructure to Latin America was not a point of discussion at the recent Russia-US Strategic Stability Dialogue in Geneva.

“If Russia were to move in that direction, we would deal with it decisively,” he said, responding to a question from a journalist.

The US opposition to Russian troop placement in the Americas may raise some eyebrows in Moscow, which has repeatedly complained about US armed forces being located near Russia’s western frontier.

Jan 13 12:27

Russia May Deploy Troops To Venezuela, Cuba If Tensions With US Continue To Rise

Amid stalled talks between Russia and NATO over what is effectively a novel split of Europe into geopolitical sphere of influence, Russia has decided to take the show on the road and demonstrate to the US what it feels like to be surrounded by military bases along your borders, and on Thursday, after saying talks with the U.S. over the security situation in Ukraine had stalled, Russia’s deputy foreign minister suggested that Moscow could dispatch a military deployment to Venezuela and Cuba, as the Kremlin seeks to pressure Washington to respond to its demands to halt Western military activity that it says threatens Russia.

Jan 12 14:22

Russia readies to deploy missiles in Cuba and Venezuela

The information about such plans appeared several weeks ago. There is no official confirmation to such reports, but it transpired that the airplane of Russia's Federal Security Bureau (FSB) paid a number of visits to Venezuela and Cuba over the past two days.

According to publicly available air flight monitoring services, a Russian Tu-154M aircraft that most likely belongs to the FSB of Russia, was seen in Venezuela's and Cuba's airspace on January 9 and 10, website reports.

It remains unknown who might be staying on board the aircraft and for which purpose the airplane visited the two countries. It is not ruled out that the Russian side could conduct negotiations with Cuba and Venezuela about an opportunity to build Russian military bases and facilities in the two countries. At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that it is other departments that should be engaged in dealing with such issues.

Dec 31 07:34

NDAA Blocking Biden From Closing Gitmo

The 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that President Biden signed on Monday includes amendments that block him from taking steps to close the notorious prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

The bill extends amendments that were in previous NDAA’s that block the White House from using funds to transfer or release Gitmo detainees into the US or other countries. The bill also blocks the use of funds to close the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay altogether.

Dec 14 07:10

After Nicaragua flips, U.S. sanctions seen pushing Central America towards China

A creeping barrage of U.S. sanctions on top Central American officials has made China an attractive partner for governments resisting Washington's push to tackle corruption and democratic backsliding in the region, officials and analysts say.

The trend was thrust into focus this week when Nicaragua re-established ties with Beijing, severing a longstanding relationship with U.S. ally Taiwan, which relies heavily on diplomatic recognition from small countries.

Nov 24 14:09

Russia's Strategic Aviation Continues To Take Over America's Backyard! Cuba Welcomes Its Old Friend!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I warned you that alienating Cuba would have consequences!

Nov 08 06:48

The Capitol Commies Vote 'No' On Cuba Libre

Several House Democrats voted against a resolution on Wednesday that would denounce Cuba's government and offer support for demonstrators throughout the communist-ruled nation.

The resolution, sponsored by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., was introduced this week in an effort to show "solidarity with Cuban citizens demonstrating peacefully for fundamental freedoms, condemning the Cuban regime's acts of repression, and calling for the immediate release of arbitrarily detained Cuban citizens."

Oct 24 03:27

White House delays release of JFK assassination files “to protect against identifiable harm”

I don't know what is in these files, but can we remind people that in 1962 Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag operation against American citizens that originated within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States. The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other U.S. government operatives to both stage and actually commit acts of terrorism against American military and civilian targets, blaming them on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba. THEY PROPOSED TERROR ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE, AND THE MURDER OF AMERICAN CIVILIANS. So what the hell is in these files that would rival that? So... what "IDENTIFIABLE HARM" are they referring to?!?!

Oct 21 18:27

“Historic Victory”: US Judge Rules Guantánamo Detainee’s Imprisonment Illegal

By Brett Wilkins

Two weeks after a review board cleared Guantánamo Bay prisoner Asadullah Haroon Gul for release, a federal judge ruled this week that the Afghan’s imprisonment by the U.S. military in Cuba for over 14 years without charge or trial is illegal.

In a ruling still undergoing classification review, Judge Amit P. Mehta of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Tuesday granted Gul’s petition for a writ of habeas corpus, making him the first Guantánamo detainee in over a decade to win such a case against the government...

Oct 12 08:00

History buff builds 100-metre replica World War One trench in British wood

A HISTORY buff has built a replica World War One trench in a British wood.

The 100-metre excavation took Andy Robertshaw and his eight-strong team three months and cost £9,000.

Sep 19 12:41

Chants of 'F*** Joe Biden' at diverse vaccine mandate protest, thousands hug at NYC freedom rally: 'This is the power we want to send to the world'

Thousands of New Yorkers protested against vaccine mandates on Saturday. A diverse crowd demonstrated in New York City against the government's COVID-19 vaccine mandate orders in a protest dubbed the "rally for freedom," which was a part of a worldwide demonstration.

A diverse crowd marched through the streets of New York City on Saturday; some waved American, Gadsden, and LGBTQ flags. Other demonstrators were holding signs that read: "My body, my choice," "Latinos against forced vaccines," "God is with us," and "LGBTQ people for medical freedom."

Sep 16 06:05

Guantánamo Must Close

Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn has lost many things over the course of the disastrous US “war on terror.” As one of the thirty-nine remaining detainees in Washington’s extralegal prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, he has lost touch with the outside world for nearly two decades.

Presumably, too, he has lost some sense of well-being, and not merely for the psychological and physical distress that imprisonment provokes by design. He was the first prisoner to be subjected to the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program at an agency black site, making his legacy distinctly sinister among his cohort.

His case is thus notorious among the 780 men and children who have been held at Guantánamo. He was the first to be waterboarded, subjected to forced nudity, deprived of sleep for days on end, and held in a box no larger than a human coffin for long stretches of time.

Sep 13 11:33

A workout with the stars! Two astronauts each burn up to 3,000 calories during seven-hour spacewalk to prepare for International Space Station power boost

If you're still looking to lose those lockdown pounds, you might do worse than a seven-hour spacewalk — which burns off up to 3,000 calories, according to NASA.

Sep 04 07:34

Wholesome Bouncer (Picture)

Aug 31 10:36

US news media promoting regime change in Cuba

Aug 27 07:00

Cuba about to join the crypto revolution

The Cuban government will officially recognize cryptocurrencies for payments on the island, according to a resolution published in the Official Gazette.

The resolution states that the Central Bank of Cuba can now authorize the use of cryptocurrencies “for reasons of socioeconomic interest.”

Aug 13 09:48

Cuba receives more than 41 tonnes of humanitarian aid from Russia

The plane carrying more than 41 tonnes of humanitarian aid from Russia arrived in Cuba on Thursday, the Russian Embassy in Havana told TASS.

"The flight landed in Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport," embassy’s first secretary Leonid Lagunovsky said. The shipment includes canned meat, corn flour and sunflower oil.

According to the diplomatic mission, another flight which will particularly deliver medicine is expected to arrive on Friday.

Aug 03 13:29

MEGA BEX ALERT - Cuba Threatens to Attack America: ‘We Are Armed’

The official newspaper of the Communist Party of Cuba, Granma, published a commentary on Tuesday warning President Joe Biden that the regime “has the weapons … to repel any aggression” and is willing to engage in a conflict with America.

Biden has not adopted a coherent policy towards Cuba, which for the past 62 years has endured the repression of a violent, anti-American communist regime. Following nationwide protests calling for the end of communism on July 11, which some estimates suggest attracted nearly 200,000 participants nationwide, Cuban-Americans on the mainland have encouraged Biden to consider various avenues of humanitarian and military aid for the protesters. Those asking Biden to implement a Cuba policy were in part reacting to the Castro regime’s response to the protests, largely defined by police brutality including violent door-to-door raids, torture and sexual abuse of prisoners, public beatings, and opening fire on peaceful crowds.

Aug 03 09:02

The US War on Cuba: From Economic Embargoes, Biological Warfare to US-Backed Terrorism

Before the rise of Cuba’s Communist party, there was a US-backed fascist government under the leadership of Fulgencio Batista who ruled Cuba with an iron fist. Batista was elected in 1940 serving a 4-year term. Then Batista’s reign of terror effectively began when he decided to run for re-election in 1952, but when his political party found itself practically in last place during the election with Roberto Agramonte of the Orthodox Party who was in the lead followed by Carlos Hevia of the Authentic Party, he decided to lead a military coup and cancel the elections. The current president at the time, President Carlos Prio Socarras went into exile as a result. So what did Washington do? They immediately recognized Batista’s government and gave him financial and military support among other benefits.

Aug 02 04:59

The US Has No Business Lecturing Cuba About “Free and Fair” Elections

In the weeks following the protests in Cuba on July 11 questions about how US President Joe Biden would react have dominated headlines. On July 22, Biden seemingly put speculation to rest by announcing that his administration will add a further set of sanctions to the already existing economic embargo. The new sanctions will apply to various figures in the Cuban armed forces as well as Cuba’s Special National Brigade, which is alleged to have engaged in heavy-handed tactics against protesters. The move represents a stunning rebuke to his party’s small progressive wing, which had hoped that he would at least return Cuba policy back to the Obama era by reversing the 243 additional Trump-era sanctions, or perhaps even dropping the embargo altogether. Evidently, however, Biden and the establishment wing of the Democratic Party that he represents are now seizing on the protests as an opportunity to court the right-wing Cuban-American vote in Florida.

Jul 31 07:38

U.S. issues new Cuba sanctions, Biden promises more to come

The United States imposed sanctions on the Cuban police force and two of its leaders on Friday in response to the Havana government's crackdown on protesters, and President Joe Biden promised Cuban-American leaders more actions were coming.

The U.S. Treasury Department said the sanctions, which appeared to be largely symbolic, were a reaction to "actions to suppress peaceful, pro-democratic protests in Cuba that began on July 11."

Targets of the sanctions are two Cuban police force leaders, as well as the Cuban interior ministry's national police force, the department said.

"There will be more, unless there's some drastic change in Cuba, which I don't anticipate," Biden said during a meeting with Cuban-American leaders at the White House.

Jul 29 06:12

‘Independent’ Mexico has every right to send aid to Cuba in defiance of ‘inhumane’ US sanctions, president says

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has scoffed at the notion that Mexico should honor a US-imposed embargo on Cuba, as his country sends aid to the island in defiance of Washington’s suffocating economic restrictions.

Defending his decision to fuel shipments and other humanitarian aid to Cuba, Obrador said on Tuesday that US sanctions on the socialist state were “inhumane,” and that “independent” Mexico was well within its rights to defy the unilaterally imposed embargo.

Earlier this week, a Mexican cargo ship loaded with 100,000 barrels of diesel fuel set sail for Cuba. The Mexican government said the fuel would be used to provide power for Cuban hospitals.

Two additional vessels loaded with medical supplies and food embarked in the following days. Mexico’s Foreign Ministry described the shipments as humanitarian assistance aimed at helping Cuba overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

Jul 28 11:56

Exclusive: Congressional Republicans Seek To Give Biden War Powers For Cuba

West Virginia GOP Rep. Alex Mooney is planning to introduce a new congressional joint resolution to grant President Joe Biden the ability to use war powers to deliver humanitarian aid to Cuba amid growing unrest in the country.

Images of the resolution reviewed by The American Conservative show that “The Authorization for the Use of Military Forces Against Cuba to Ensure the Delivery of Humanitarian Aid” has three specific goals:

“ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Cuba, including but not limited to food, water, and medicine;”
“create a safe zone in Cuba for the Cuban people to safely receive humanitarian aid;” and
“prevent humanitarian aid from being stolen by the Cuban government or its forces.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Okay Alex, if you feel that strongly about it... Here's your rifle. Here's your parachute. Watch your head climbing into that transport plane. Have fun and we'll call Cuba and tell them you are coming to ship their ass all by yourself. But you will forgive the rest of us for sitting out yet another pointless war.

Jul 28 07:20

Fifty years of US terrorism against Cuba

The case of Cuba has an exceptional and unique character in the history of international terrorism. Since 1959 to this day, Cuba has been a victim of an intense terrorism campaign that has included sabotage, armed invasions, the threat of nuclear war, extremely severe economic sanctions and implacable diplomatic, political and media aggression. [1].

International Terrorism and Economic Sabotage

US official documents that have been recently been declassified show that, between October 1960 and April 1961, the CIA smuggled in 75 tons of explosives into Cuba during 30 clandestine air operations, and infiltrated 45 tons of weapons and explosives during 31 sea incursions. Also during that short seven-month time span, the CIA carried out 110 attacks with dynamite, planted 200 bombs, derailed six trains and burned 150 factories and 800 plantations.

Jul 28 06:54

Cuba Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Jul 28 05:32

Cuba's Embassy In Paris Damaged In Molotov Cocktail Attack

The Cuban Embassy in Paris has denounced as "terrorism" a Molotov cocktail attack Monday night, which it said caused significant damage.

Noting that the overnight attack left no injuries to diplomatic staff or bystanders, an official statement pointed the finger at the United States, strangely enough, despite no suspects as yet being apprehended.

Jul 27 05:29


The United States has waged war on Cuba since it dared to revolt and chart its own path more than 60 years ago. The US’ illegal economic blockade is devastating Cuba’s ability to meet the basic needs of its people right now, which is even more deadly during the pandemic. On top of that, the US is funding a small opposition within Cuba and is using the crisis it created to foment unrest. The corporate media is playing right along. Clearing the FOG speaks with Bill Hackwell of Resumen-English and the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity to set the record straight about the history of US intervention in Cuba, the current situation and what people are doing to organize to stop the blockade.

Jul 27 04:36


In the aftermath of the Cuban government's response to protests throughout the country, the United States government is weighing what options it has for restoring communication services on the island nation. Internet service is currently suspended throughout Cuba, and some ham radio frequencies are even being jammed in Florida, preventing even rudimentary communications with the island.

In an attempt to remedy the situation and reestablish communication networks in the one-party socialist republic, some officials in the United States government have proposed launching sophisticated high-altitude balloons made by Raven Aerostar over Cuba to provide wireless internet access from above. While the plan sounds good on paper, there are some doubts about how well it could work.

Jul 25 07:30

Exclusive: Congressional Republicans Seek To Give Biden War Powers For Cuba

West Virginia GOP Rep. Alex Mooney is planning to introduce a new congressional joint resolution to grant President Joe Biden the ability to use war powers to deliver humanitarian aid to Cuba amid growing unrest in the country.

Images of the resolution reviewed by The American Conservative show that “The Authorization for the Use of Military Forces Against Cuba to Ensure the Delivery of Humanitarian Aid” has three specific goals:

“ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Cuba, including but not limited to food, water, and medicine;”
“create a safe zone in Cuba for the Cuban people to safely receive humanitarian aid;” and
“prevent humanitarian aid from being stolen by the Cuban government or its forces.”

Jul 25 07:29

The best way to support Cuban protesters is ending the embargo

Cubans took to the streets in cities around the island in the largest protests in nearly 30 years. Although hunger and other shortages helped to spark the protests, the protesters are not demanding handouts. They are demanding freedom. Ending the trade embargo is the best way for the United States to support these protesters.

The Cuban economy contracted by 11 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic. The contraction led to shortages of food, medical supplies, and other necessities. But much like the drop in oil prices that preceded Venezuela’s collapse nearly a decade ago, the external shock is not the real problem. Like Venezuela, Cuba’s underlying socialist economic system is the problem.

Jul 23 10:26

US sanctions Cuba over crackdown on protests in 1st steps toward new policy

In his first steps toward his own Cuba policy, President Joe Biden is sanctioning the Cuban defense minister and its special forces for the aggressive crackdowns on protests across the island nation earlier this month, the White House announced Thursday.

Those protests were some of the largest and most widespread in decades as Cuba reels from a new wave of the coronavirus, the economic pain of COVID-19, and shortages of food and medicine.

They also short-circuited Biden's administration into a response. Six months into his term, Biden has yet to formulate a policy toward America's close neighbor after his former boss Barack Obama warmed relations with Cuba's communist government and his immediate predecessor Donald Trump all but cut contact and implemented the toughest sanctions and restrictions.

Jul 23 09:45

Low Turnout For Planned Flotilla To Cuba

It appears South Floridians may be heeding a U.S. Department of Homeland Security warning regarding a planned flotilla to Cuba on Friday morning.

Jul 23 07:59

Cubans Are Leading The Fight Against Socialism On Capitol Hill

Republican Rep. Maria Salazar is set to present a decision, with 190 co-sponsors, to condemn socialism and "remind" U.S. citizens why the doctrine is "dangerous and patently anti-American."

Salazar, R-Fla., is expected to start the resolution Wednesday afternoon, with the help of 190 Republican colleagues, which will describe historical examples of atrocities and failures of socialism.

The resolution asserts that the socialist ideas "necessitates a concentration of power that has time and time again collapsed into Communist regimes, totalitarian rule, and brutal dictatorships."

Jul 23 07:40

FLASHBACK - New Evidence Implicates CIA in 1971 Attack on Cuba with African Swine Fever Virus

With at least the tacit backing of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency officials, operatives linked to anti-Castro terrorists introduced African swine fever virus into Cuba in 1971. Six weeks later an outbreak of the disease forced the slaughter of 500,000 pigs to prevent a nationwide animal epidemic.

A U.S. intelligence source told Newsday he was given the virus in a sealed, unmarked container at a U.S. Army base and CIA training ground in the Panama Canal Zone, with instructions to turn it over to the anti-Castro group.

Jul 23 06:09

Biden Sanctions Cuban Government, Says It’s ‘Just the Beginning’

President Biden announced new sanctions on a Cuban official and a government entity in response to anti-government protests that took place in Cuba on July 11th. Announcing the measure, Biden said it is “just the beginning.”

The sanctions targeted the Cuban defense minister and the National Special Brigade of Cuba’s Interior Ministry, which Biden accused of being behind a “crackdown” on Cuban protesters. “This is just the beginning — the United States will continue to sanction individuals responsible for oppression of the Cuban people,” Biden said.

In the wake of the protests, there are growing calls for Biden to end the decades-old trade embargo on Cuba or at least ease some sanctions. The trade embargo is one of the best examples of how US sanctions don’t achieve Washington’s stated foreign policy goals but instead hurts the civilian population of the target country. Over 60 years later, the same government is in power in Havana, and ordinary Cubans are suffering.

Jul 22 12:09

China Demands US Lift Blockade Against Cuba

China demanded again on Monday the lifting of the U.S. blockade against Cuba, in the aftermath of July 11 protests and amid a vast disinformation campaign promoted by foreign mainstream media.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that "China firmly opposes external interference in Cuba’s internal affairs. We urge the US to immediately and fully lift its embargo against Cuba."

Jul 22 12:08

Evidence| Hunter Biden Laptop Reveals MSM Amnesia & Cuba Circling Back To Haunt Psaki, The Big Guy and Pops

Cuba is in the news lately, and it seems that the Main Stream Media (MSM) have some serious amnesia affecting their ability to recall facts. Even though the “Conservative circuit” reports on communism, they aren’t reporting what is REALLY happening. As per FACT AMNESIA, they “forgot” to remind the people that during Hillary Clinton’s reign as Secretary of State and under the AUTHORIZATION of President Barack Hussein Obama (aka The Big Guy), multiple Influence Operations were deployed across the world between 2009 and 2016. Cuba was one of them. While many today are claiming Psaki and the faux administration are avoiding the word Communism, I am here to tell you what they are AVOIDING and what NO ONE IS TELLING YOU.

Jul 22 05:43

Cuba: US Protest Narrative Paving Way for Military Incursion

Cuba criticized the United States and President Joe Biden on Wednesday for a series of statements by senior officials after the unprecedented protests on the island last week, accusing the U.S. government of seeking to justify a military intervention.

Johana Tablada, deputy director for U.S. affairs at Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said U.S. officials are painting a false picture of the situation in Cuba, which is struggling with severe economic problems amid a surge in coronavirus infections.

“There is a Walt Disney narrative of a bad government and people fighting for their freedom — stereotypes that scare anyone who has never set foot in Cuba, because of their arrogance and disregard for the truth,” Tablada said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“They are very interested in fabricating an alternative reality because the riots of July 11 weren’t enough to justify the war that is being waged on us,” she added.

Jul 21 14:43

It's a dirty job... Cow is winched out of cesspit after rescuers wade in and battle for almost an hour to free her from the sludge

Footage shows rescuers struggling with the cow in Nakhon Ratchasima province
Pranee Munkit, 45, heard strange noises coming from the back of her house

Jul 21 09:58

EXCLUSIVE: 'It was only under democracy that black people had leadership roles.' Cuban exile leader says 1619 Project founder 'needs to read some Cuban history' after she the claimed communist country has the 'least racial inequality' in the world

The leader of a US Cuban exile group has slammed 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones after she claimed Cuba had the 'least inequality between black and white people' thanks to its socialist government.

Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat spoke out against the New York Times journalist Tuesday after a 2019 podcast where she called the communist country one of the most 'equal' in the world, resurfaced online.

The Havana-born scholar, who is based in Miami, said Hannah-Jones's remarks do not 'reflect the reality of Cuban history', noting there has actually been a lack of black leadership on the island since the 1959 revolution - which saw dictator Fidel Castro ascend to power.

Jul 20 10:50

Biden considers beefing up staff at the US Embassy in Havana and making it easier for Americans to send money to family in Cuba during historic protests against the communist regime

Joe Biden is looking at a series of responses to the Cuban unrest, including bolstering the U.S. presence at the embassy in Havana and ensuring money Cuban Americans send home makes it there.

Jul 20 06:58

FLASHBACK - Cuba building on ‘new era’ of China ties

Ever since its founding as a communist nation in 1959, Cuba has been economically dependent on allied nations. First came the Soviet Union, then Venezuela, and now it has a new benefactor – China.

The main driver of this new alliance is the crisis in Venezuela that has left the island drastically short of crude oil. Trade between the two countries is down 70% since Venezuela’s crisis began, according to the Cuban National Statistics Office, Dialogo Chino reported.

In 2017, the last year for which official statistics are available, Venezuela-Cuba trade was worth more than US$2.2 billion, equivalent to 12% of GDP that year. In the past two years, Havana has received less than half the 100,000 barrels of oil per day that Caracas exported from 2002 onwards.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Possible motive for the US to regime change Cuba?

Jul 20 06:26

Biden Administration Warns Floridians Against Running Supplies To Cuba

The Biden administration warned Americans against attempting to bring supplies to Cuba.

Last week, Floridians attempted to use their own boats to aid Cubans protesting the island’s communist regime. As The Daily Wire reported, a large group of boaters reportedly departed from Miami with vessels full of food, water, and medicine.

However, a Thursday advisory from the United States Department of Homeland Security warned that any such actions are prohibited:

It is illegal for boaters to depart with the intent to travel to Cuba for any purpose without a permit. Boaters departing any United States port with the intention of entering Cuban territorial waters must obtain permission in advance from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Jul 20 06:02

Colombia, Cuba, and the defiant hypocrisy of Marco Rubio

In Cuba, recent weeks have seen thousands of people join the largest protests in decades to voice their displeasure at the government's handling of the economy and the pandemic.

Months earlier, thousands of people did the same in Colombia.

One is governed by an elected, center-right government that is a staunch ally of the United States; the other is a one-party state subject to an array of sanctions from Washington. While the grievances might be similar, to some it is the relationship with America that makes all the difference.

Take Sen. Marco Rubio. When it comes to Cuba, the Florida Republican has been eager to show that he is the "human rights champion" that USA Today dubbed him in 2017. On Twitter, he has shared video after video of protesters and changed his avatar to a raised fist reminiscent of the one used by Black Lives Matter activists.

Jul 20 06:02

US Supports the People of Latin America: With Friends Like This …

The US stands with the people of Cuba against the economic hardship caused by the Cuban regime. For those Cubans who don’t know their history, State Department spokesperson Ned Price patronizingly reassured them that "We are always considering options available to us that would allow us to support the Cuban people, to support their humanitarian needs, which are indeed profound. And they are profound because of not anything the United States has done, but from the actions and inactions, mismanagement, corruption of the Cuban regime."

Jul 20 05:27

Guantanamo No More: Biden Admin Starts Quietly Transferring Inmates

The Biden administration made its first transfer of a Guantanamo Bay inmate to his home nation as the administration drives to shutter the facility.

The Department of Defense published on Monday morning the transfer of Abdul Latif Nasir back to Morocco.

In 2016, the Periodic Review Board process dictated that his detention “no longer remained necessary to protect against a continuing significant threat to the national security of the United States.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jul 19 11:57

The White House won’t admit Cubans oppose communism because the Biden regime LOVES Communism

The Communist regime in Cuba is currently facing the most unrest from its citizens in decades, and that’s a big deal because the regime doesn’t take kindly to dissent.

Cubans sick and tired of more than 62 years of tyranny and poverty after being promised ‘utopia’ by the ‘great revolutionary’ Fidel Castro have taken to the streets, some even waving American flags right along with banners of their own country. They are angry, they are poor and they are more than a little disillusioned.

Frankly, this is a moment that is rare in human history: A people so sick of authoritarianism they are willing to risk it all to be free — just like our founding fathers (and, yes, the ‘founding mothers’ who stood by their men). It’s a moment born for American support; it screams out for recognition from the U.S. government, the supposed bastion and exporter of individual freedom and liberty.

Jul 19 07:10

Biden says U.S. prepared to send vaccines to Cuba but not ease policy on remittances

U.S. President Joe Biden said on Thursday the United States is prepared to send vaccines to Cuba if it is assured an international organization would administer them but he is not considering easing U.S. policy around sending remittances to the country.

Thousands of Cubans on Sunday staged the biggest anti-government protests in decades to demonstrate against an economic crisis that has seen shortages of basic goods and power outages. They were also protesting the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and curbs on civil liberties. Dozens of activists were detained.

Jul 19 07:09

FLASHBACK - Operation Northwoods

In [Joint Chief's chair] Lemnitzer's view, the country would be far better off if the generals could take over. [JFK assassination legend has it some general presided over the fudgy JFK autopsy. --Mk]

For those military officers who were sitting on the fence, the Kennedy administration's botched Bay of Pigs invasion was the last straw. "The Bay of Pigs fiasco broke the dike," said one report at the time. "President Kennedy was pilloried by the super patriots as a 'no-win' chief . . . The Far Right became a fount of proposals born of frustration and put forward in the name of anti-Communism. . . Active-duty commanders played host to anti-Communist seminars on their bases and attended or addressed Right-wing meetings elsewhere."

Although no one in Congress could have known it at the time, Lemnitzer and the Joint Chiefs had quietly slipped over the edge.

Jul 19 07:06

Fox News mocked for blurring pro-government slogans in footage of Havana rally shown alongside fiery Ted Cruz tirade

As Ted Cruz praised the bravery of anti-government protesters in Cuba on Fox News on Tuesday, little did he know that the channel was showing footage from a pro-government rally in Havana alongside his remarks.

After opponents of the Cuban government staged mass protests last week, the unrest became a focus of national news in the US. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who comes from a family of Cuban refugees and counts many Cuban exiles among his supporters who come from Florida, minced no words in denouncing the evils of communism and dunking on the Democrats, who would argue that the US was contributing to the hardships of the Cuban people by maintaining its decades-old blockade of the island nation.

Jul 19 06:38

Fake Social Media Operation from Abroad Catalyzes Cuba Incident

The operation made intensive use of robots, algorithms, and accounts recently created for the occasion, intending to make chorus to the messages issued by the referents of the manipulative campaign.

The first account that used the HT #SOSCuba related to the COVID situation in the country was one located in Spain. It posted more than a thousand tweets on July 10 and 11, with automation of 5 retweets per second.

The researcher points out as one of the referents of the operation the Argentinean Agustín Antonetti, who is part of the right-wing Fundación Libertad. Antonetti has been an active participant in the campaigns of hoaxes and bots in social networks against left-wing processes in Latin America, among them against the Bolivian Evo Morales and the Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as previous investigations revealed, from the sanction that Facebook applied to numerous accounts for political operations in the networks.

Jul 17 07:40

FLASHBACK - Study Confirms that US Introduced Dengue Fever in Cuba in 1981

An epidemic of dengue hemorrhagic fever occurred in Cuba in 1981, which caused 158 deaths, including 101 children, was deliberately introduced in the country by the United States, confirms an investigation that reflected Cuban magazine Bohemia Monday.

The publication says on his website that the article "First Epidemic of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in the Americas, 1981 offers new knowledge about the causal agent and scientific evidence that corroborate the accusation made by Cuba.

Its main author, Doctor in Sciences Rosmari Rodríguez, researcher at the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK), was awarded the Grand Award in the annual public health contest in 2015 by such an outcome.

Jul 17 07:05

Democrats And Republicans Unite To Demand US Invasion Of Cuba

There are some parts of the US where municipal elected officials who ordinarily concern themselves with things like trash removal, parking regulations, and petty graft are occasionally expected to take passionate stances on foreign policy issues. Israel would be that issue in certain heavily Jewish enclaves around the New York City area, although recently those political dynamics have shifted somewhat. In select Hudson County, NJ towns like North Bergen, West New York, Guttenberg, and Union City — that foreign policy issue is Cuba.

Jul 16 11:32

That Viral 'Protest' Photo of Cuba Is Actually From May Day 2018

Protests against the Cuban government have been taking place this week, with many conservatives in the U.S. circulating photos and video of the demonstrations. But not everything that’s going viral out of Cuba is actually from this week. In fact, one photo isn’t even from this year.

Have you seen this photo of an enormous march in Havana, Cuba? It’s circulating on right-wing social media channels as proof that the Cuban people are sick and tired of the Communist government. But the photo is actually a few years old. And, ironically, it’s a rally where the participants are decidedly pro-Communism.

Matt Couch, a peddler of disinformation associated with a website called The DC Patriot, has helped spread the photo across his social media channels. Couch, a supporter of former President Donald Trump, has built a following of almost half a million Twitter followers since Trump came to office in 2017.

Jul 16 06:49

U.S. Launches Another Attempt To Regime Change Cuba

Yesterday saw minor protests in Cuba driven by U.S. regime change dollars and by economic problem caused by U.S. sanctions. They were accompanied by a number of newly created accounts on various social media which posted the same slogans over and over again under the #SOSCuba hashtag.

But soon pro-government protesters turned out in larger numbers than the anti-government protesters. Apart from a few scuffles nothing happened and today everything seems to be back to normal.

I consider the whole thing to have been a trial run for some bigger plans. But the operators behind this must feel disappointed. The turnout on the anti-government side was lousy.

Jul 15 07:26

AOC Backed Group Defends The Communists In Cuba

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and three other House Democrats associated with the far-left Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) have so far stayed silent while the DSA seems to support Cuba's communist regime against protesters necessitating freedom.

Ocasio-Cortez, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman, and Missouri Rep. Cori Bush make up the four DSA members in Congress. All four members have yet to talk about the continuous protests in Cuba.

Jul 15 06:14

What You're NOT Being Told About Cuba Is HUGE!

Jul 15 06:00

Latin America Rejects US Destabilization Attempts in Cuba

On Sunday, Latin America’s social organizations, political figures, and intellectuals expressed their support for the Cuban people and government in response to the U.S.-backed destabilizing protests on the Island.

“We urge unity in defense of the Revolution. Cuba is dignity”, Colombia's Commons Party president Rodrigo Londoño said, stressing that his organization defends the sovereignty of the Cuban people and the humanistic principles of their political project.

From El Salvador, the Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation (FMLN) denounced that the so-called "SOS Cuba" is a manipulation campaign promoted by counterrevolutionary groups, which seek to impose a narrative alien to the country’s reality.

Argentine political scientist Atilio Boron pointed out that the recrudescence of the U.S. blockade under Donald Trump’s administration (2017-2021) impeded imports of food, medicines, and medical supplies amid the pandemic.

Jul 14 08:59

US deprives Cuba of syringes it needs now

CUBA, the first Latin American country to develop its own Covid-19 vaccines, is presently short of syringes for immunising its population against the virus. It’s not feasible for Cuba to make its own syringes, and the US blockade prevents Cuba from importing them from abroad.

Most countries are experiencing a shortage of syringes. The New York Times estimates an overall need of between “eight billion and 10 billion syringes for Covid-19 vaccinations alone.” Manufacturing capabilities are increasing, but because of the blockade, are of no use to Cuba.

According to Global Health Partners, “Cuba needs roughly 30 million syringes for their mass Covid vaccination campaign and they’re 20 million short.” Solidarity organisations are seeking donated funds to buy syringes and ship them to Cuba.

Jul 14 08:32

Miami Mayor Says the US Should Consider Bombing Cuba

In the wake of anti-government demonstrations in Cuba, many US officials are calling for Washington to intervene. The mayor of Miami has gone as far to suggest that the US should consider bombing Cuba.

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, Mayor Francis Suarez argued in favor of US military intervention and listed examples of previous US wars that involved airstrikes. When asked if he is suggesting that the US bomb Cuba, Suarez said, “What I’m suggesting is that option is one that has to be explored and cannot be just simply discarded as an option that is not on the table.”

“And there’s a variety of ways the military can do it. But that’s something that needs to be discussed and needs to be looked as a potential option in addition to a variety of other options that can be discussed,” he added.

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That would give the media an excuse not to cover the Arizona Audit!

Jul 14 07:14

What the Protests in Cuba Are Really About

Jul 14 07:02

US Coast Guard To Cubans In Crisis: "Please Don't Take To The Sea"

As unprecedented, large-scale protests in Cuba driven by economic instability and food and fuel shortages also amid a deeply mismanaged pandemic response continue, the US Coast Guard has a message for Cubans wishing to flee the increasingly chaotic Communist-ruled island: don't come.

"Please don’t take to the sea," Rear Admiral Eric C. Jones said in a statement. "The Coast Guard along with our local, state and federal partners are monitoring any activity" that looks suspicious or unsafe in the Florida straits "including unpermitted vessel departures from Florida to Cuba."

But the words also appear aimed at anti-Communist "freedom" networks in Florida. The warning was issued Monday night amid declarations by Cuban-American activist groups which have a large and very visible presence in south Florida that they plan to travel in boats to "supply" and "support" protesting Cubans.

Jul 14 07:00

Cuba Accused Of Using Chinese Tech Systems To Block Internet Access Amid Protests

Cuba is accused of having adopted China-made technology systems to control and block internet access, amid reports that messaging apps and Cubans’ internet service are being blocked in the communist-ruled country after thousands of citizens took to the streets on July 11 to protest against a lack of freedoms and worsening economic conditions.

Cuban protesters march in Havana, Cuba, on July 11, 2021. (AP Photo/Eliana Aponte)
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) warned in a July 11 statement on Twitter that the Cuban regime would “block internet & cell phone service soon to prevent videos about what is happening to get out to the world.”

Later in the day, he wrote:

“I warned about this earlier today. It is happening and will continue. … By the way, they use a system made, sold, & installed by #China to control and block access to the internet in #Cuba.”

The ruling party in China is also a communist dictatorship.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Cuba's economic conditions are the result of the decades-long embargo placed on Cuba by the United States. Please keep that in mind!

Jul 13 13:04

Watch Jen Psaki Squirm Answering Questions About US Flag In Cuba

President Joe Biden proudly presents the American flag at his home in Delaware and says that people can both appreciate the symbol and peacefully protest, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday.

"Well, I would say first, the president certainly values and respects the symbol of the American flag," Psaki said in response to a question during Monday's briefing concerning a New York Times column that represented the flag as separating. "He's someone who certainly waves it outside of his house, or does in Delaware and other places where he's lived throughout his time."

"He also believes that people have the right to peaceful protests, and he thinks both can be true," the chief White House spokeswoman added. Anti-communist protesters, gathering both in Cuba and the United States, revealed the American flag over the weekend.

Jul 13 09:12

Cuba’s internet cutoff: A go-to tactic to suppress dissent

Cubans facing the country’s worst economic crisis in decades took to the streets over the weekend. In turn, authorities blocked social media sites in an apparent effort to stop the flow of information into, out of and within the beleaguered nation.

Restricting internet access has become a tried-and-true method of stifling dissent by authoritarian regimes around the world, alongside government-supported disinformation campaigns and propaganda. On the extreme side, regimes like China and North Korea exert tight control over what regular citizens can access online. Elsewhere, service blockages are more limited, often cutting off common social platforms around elections and times of mass protests.

Jul 13 09:09

‘Bay of Tweets’: Twitter Permits Anti-Cuba Bot Army Despite ‘Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior’ Rules

The United Nations has voted every year since 1992 to condemn the US 60-year embargo of Cuba, which is responsible for shortages in fuel, medicine, and essential parts on the island that have affected the life of every one of its 11.5 million people. Despite the suffering, the US maintains “sanctions are tools for democracy.”

Even before protests broke out in Cuba on Sunday, a coordinated online campaign to spread anti-Cuban messages had begun circulating on Twitter. Not only does the social media giant appear to be uninterested in stopping it, but it has a history of arbitrarily shutting down Cuban government and media accounts as well.

Jul 13 08:53

Cuban FM claims US-backed ‘mercenaries’ stoked unrest ahead of protests disguised as cry for help

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has denounced the weekend’s protests as a “systemic provocation” by dissidents working hand in hand with the forces of the US government to destabilize the nation.

Earlier Monday, the Biden administration flatly declared the protests an “unprecedented rejection of the island nation’s government,” placing the blame for the unrest at the feet of Cuba’s Communist government.

After the Biden government’s statement in support of Cuban protesters following the weekend’s street demonstrations, Rodriguez swiftly challenged the US president’s claims.

“Yesterday in Cuba there was no social uprising, yesterday in Cuba there was disorder, disturbances caused by a communicational operation that has been prepared for some time and to which millions had been dedicated,” the FM countered.

Jul 13 05:44

I hate to say I told you so...

Last week, US State Dept asked for almost $30 million toward regime change ops in Cuba, including upgrades to propaganda outlet Radio y Television Marti & promoting “free enterprise and private business organizations” & “people-to-people educational and cultural activities.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No doubt the US wants to kick off a mess in Cuba partly to distract from having lost in Afghanistan!

Jul 12 09:34

Biden administration ridiculed for claiming extraordinary Cuban street protests have been sparked by Covid as Miami mayor leads calls for US intervention in communist island

The Biden administration has been ridiculed for claiming Cubans are protesting 'rising COVID cases' after thousands took to the streets from Havana to Santiago chanting 'down with the dictatorship' in the biggest anti-government demonstrations on the Communist-run island in decades.

The images of protests in Cuba that went viral on social media on Sunday prompted officials in the United States to call for an American-led intervention to topple the ruling government in Havana.

Cubans marched on Havana's Malecon promenade and elsewhere on the island to protest food shortages and soaring inflation, which some economists believe could hit 900 percent this year.

Jul 12 09:16

Cuba approves emergency use of home-grown Covid vaccine, Latin America's first

Cuba on Friday approved its home-grown Abdala vaccine for emergency use, the first Latin American coronavirus jab to reach this stage and a possible lifeline for a region trying to battle a killer pandemic with modest means.

The country's CECMED health regulator gave the go-ahead after Abdala's makers last month announced the vaccine candidate was more than 92 percent effective at preventing Covid-19 disease after three doses.

Cuba is working on five coronavirus vaccines, and in May started immunizing its population using two of them -- Abdala and Soberana 2 -- even before they received approval.

By this week, 6.8 million of Cuba's 11.2 million people have received at least one dose of either vaccine, while 1.6 million have the required three doses.

The country has not bought or sought vaccines from elsewhere, and aims to immunize its population before the end of the year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And instantly massive protests erupt!

Jun 24 11:27

US Again Votes Against Ending Cuba Embargo at UN

The Biden administration on Wednesday continued the US tradition of voting against a UN General Assembly resolution calling for an end to the decades-old trade embargo on Cuba. The vote is another sign that President Biden has no intention of taking steps towards normalization with Cuba.

Since 1992, the UN General Assembly has held an annual vote calling for the embargo to be lifted. For the first 24 years, the US voted against it, and in 2016, the Obama administration abstained from voting. After that, the Trump administration voted against the measure.

The resolution has wide support and has passed each time, but the US refuses to lift the embargo. On Wednesday, the US and Israel were the only countries that voted against it. Somehow, after over 50 years and no change in Cuba’s government, the US claims the embargo and sanctions in general are “tools for democracy.”

Jun 11 15:51

Cuba’s Central Bank Suspends Deposits in US Dollars

Cuban banking and financial institutions will not accept cash deposits in US dollars from 21 June due to US sanctions, the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) said.

"Given the obstacles imposed by the US economic blockade for the Cuban banking system to depositing abroad cash in US dollars collected in the country, the decision has been made to temporarily stop the acceptance of bills in that currency by the Cuban banking and finance system", the BCC said on Thursday, as quoted by the state Mesa Redonda news outlet.

According to the statement, the measure will not affect operations involving transfers or cash deposits of other freely convertible currencies accepted in Cuba. The BCC explained that the decision is a protective measure for the Cuban banking and financial system due to restrictions imposed by the economic, commercial, and financial blockade on part of the US.

May 11 10:29

MUST-WATCH: Fox’s MacCallum Blisters National Teachers Union President On Alleged Influence On Biden, Critical Race Theory, 1619 Project

n a heated exchange with Randi Weingarten, president of the 1.7 million-member American Federation of Teachers, Fox News’ Martha MacCallum blasted the teachers’ unions for their reluctance to let children back into school over the past year, asserting, “The Trump administration was very aggressive. They wanted to get kids back into classroom.”

May 03 08:00

'Anti-woke' candidates opposed to critical race theory being taught in Dallas school win control of affluent district board with nearly 70% of vote during bitterly contested election

Candidates opposed to teaching 'critical race theory' in the classroom have swept a local school board election in Texas, following a bitterly contested campaign that saw passions rise on both sides.

Apr 28 10:21

Could Iran Shoot Down a U.S. F-22, F-35 or Stealth B-2 Bomber?

Doubts continue about the F-35 stealth fighter jet program. The questions go to more than the usual array of new system challenges of maintenance, sustainment, cost growth and program delays. In those areas the F-35 jet is no different from virtually every other defense procurement project, most far less complex than the F-35 fighter. The private sector has similar challenges, as seen by the travails of the 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The heart of the worries goes to the role of manned aviation in this age of breathtaking technical change.

For quite some time now it has been obvious that we collect far more data than we can analyze in any relevant decision-making time. This challenge becomes more daunting as new systems are brought online. Military and naval commanders, indeed anybody occupying a supervisory position, can suffer paralysis by analysis. The other danger is acting based on what we want to hear, our “gut.” We knew this back in 1995 when the F-35 fighter program began.

Apr 24 07:35

Anonymous NatSec Officials: The Cuban Ray Guns Are in Syria Now, Just Trust Us on This

Here we go again with the anonymously sourced claims Russia is trying to fry the innards of U.S. government personnel abroad, using energy guns secretly manufactured using updated Soviet blueprints.

According to Politico, anonymous officials said the Pentagon has briefed members of Congress on “intelligence surrounding suspected directed-energy attacks against U.S. troops,” with the outlet citing at least four national security officials “directly involved in the probe.” In one of the incidents, several troops in Syria (where hundreds of U.S. soldiers are stationed in another forever war) “developed flu-like symptoms.” Politico also wrote that said officials attribute these directed-energy beams to being sourced from nefarious Russian operatives. “Two former national security officials involved” in the inquiry, quite possibly ones that departed office along with Donald Trump, claimed the incidents drew extreme concern across the Department of Defense:

Apr 24 07:30

Why the Embargo Against Cuba?

Now that Cuban president Raul Castro has resigned the presidency of Cuba, will the U.S. government lift its six-decades-long economic embargo against Cuba?

Don’t count it. Squeezing the life out of the Cuban people as a way to get regime change has become such a normalized way of life for the United States that it is unlikely that this cruel and brutal policy will be ended anytime soon.

Back in the day, the embargo was justified as part of the Cold War against “godless communism” and, specifically, the international communist conspiracy that was supposedly based in Moscow, Russia and that supposedly threatened to envelope the United States and the rest of the world. (Yes, that Russia, the one we are being called upon, once again, to treat as our official enemy.) The Pentagon and the CIA steadfastly maintained that the “national security” of the United States was gravely threatened by a communist outpost only 90 miles away from American shores.

Apr 18 10:48

Raul Castro resigns as leader of Cuba

Apr 18 07:34

Watch Out For That First Step- It’s A Doozy!

Most communist leaders hang onto office into advanced old age for one reason: They love power.

Mao wasn’t afraid of death, but he was afraid of losing his power. Stalin was the same way. Raul Castro is one of the few communists to voluntarily step down, but after all…he is 89 years old. He’s close to stepping down into a grave.

He represents nearly six decades of communist tyranny in Cuba. Many Cubans would love to shake loose of the communist grip, and while they’re certainly spirited enough to do it, they lack a very important means to accomplish it: Fidel Castro confiscated all their firearms long ago. Then he confiscated their votes, their property, and their lives.

We Americans need to take a lesson from oppressed citizens in all countries that embraced socialism.

We must never give up our guns.

Apr 07 07:32

Cuba Summons Biden Envoy to Complain About ‘Flagrant’ Human Rights Abuses in U.S.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations (Minrex) of Cuba confirmed Monday that it had summoned the top American diplomat in the country, Embassy Chargé d’Affairs Timothy Zúñiga-Brown, to protest “flagrant and systematic violations of human rights in the United States.”

The accusation followed the publication of the U.S. State Department’s 2020 report on international human rights, which detailed the situation in every country on earth. Cuba’s profile in the 2020 report was typically unflattering given the consistent use of state violence to silence dissidents, the lack of free speech and assembly provisions, and widespread abuses of power by state security.

Mar 09 07:29

Cuban Doctors Are Helping Out Against COVID in 26 Countries

Thirty-nine medical teams of the Henry Reeve international contingent, sent by Cuba, are contributing to efforts of 26 countries to curbe the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported there is a total of 2,544 collaborators in these teams, of which 1,061 guarantee the care of patients sick with Covid-19.

Of these health professionals, 909 work in the so-called red zone, while 99 assist isolation centers.

To date, 55 brigades of the International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics have worked in 40 countries, and have treated more than 1,090,790 people.

The Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, recently recalled on Twitter Cuba’s contribution against Covid-19 on all continents, and pointed out that these groups are in addition to the medical collaboration in 59 nations, where they ‘extend solidarity and save lives’.

Mar 09 07:05

Cuba’s COVID Vaccine Could Break Big Pharma’s IP Shakedown

The worldwide Covid vaccine rollout has gone anything but smoothly, with only a handful of countries able to immunize even 10% of their populations yet with a first dose. Two primary causes of this have been rich nations hoarding precious doses and their refusal to waive the intellectual property rights to their creations, both of which have led to massive shortages across the world, particularly in the global south.

Feb 21 11:27

Entire California school board resigns after officials caught on hot mic trashing parents who wanted to reopen schools

An entire school board in northern California resigned after a video of the officials bashing parents went viral. In a virtual meeting, the school officials ridiculed parents who wanted in-person public education to resume. The video grabbed nationwide headlines.

Feb 15 07:11

Diners will likely have to show vaccine passports to reserve a table

Those who wish to dine out in Britain may need a ‘certificate of vaccination’ soon as the Rockefeller Foundation white paper titled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development pointed out in 2010.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said in a meeting on Sunday that officials are mulling the idea of requiring a passport of a sort to reenter society.

Feb 09 09:08

Human Rights Watch denounces Cuba for human rights violations

Denunciations of human rights violations against Cuba have become routine in the West. For decades, governments, NGOs and activists have denounced the Cuban government for various attitudes of abuse of universal rights, but the sources of such reports and evidence of crimes remain weak and vague. Once again, the NGO Human Rights Watch issued a report warning of an alleged “abusive” situation with regard to human rights on the island – and again the evidence is weak and reveals an ideologized action.

Jan 30 11:40

LIMBAUGH: The Left’s Ongoing Campaign To Denigrate Trump Supporters

Trump supporters have long touted the former president’s impressive policy achievements as proof they were wise in supporting him and correct that an outsider could get results.