Jan 22 16:26

Investigation Finds Former Pope Benedict XVI KNEW About Child Sex Abuse But Turned As Blind Eye

Former pope Benedict XVI failed to act against priests accused of child sexual abuse while serving as archbishop of Munich, a German investigation for the archdiocese has found.

Jan 20 07:15

Former Pope Benedict failed to act over abuse, new report finds

Former Pope Benedict XVI failed to act over four child abuse cases when he was archbishop of Munich, a German probe into the Catholic Church has alleged.

Pope Benedict, then called Josef Ratzinger, held the position from 1977 to 1982. He has denied the accusations.

But a new report into historical abuse allegations carried out by a German law firm incriminated the former pontiff.

Abuse continued under his tenure, it is alleged, and the accused priests remained active in church roles.

The former pope, now aged 94, became the first Church leader to resign in more than 600 years in 2013, citing exhaustion. Since then, he has led a largely quiet life in the Vatican City and is known as pope emeritus.

Jan 19 16:14

Not A Single Body Has Been Found At Indigenous ‘Unmarked Mass Grave’ In Canada That Sparked Protests And Churches Being Burned Down

More than a dozen churches were set on fire throughout Canada over claims that ground-penetrating radar discovered what appeared to be an “unmarked mass grave” of indigenous children “as young as three years old” in Kamloops, yet not one body has been exhumed and the radar signatures of “graves” may just be tree roots and stones.

Jan 19 09:06

Vermont priest fighting removal from parish for not getting COVID jab, refusing to wear a mask

A Vermont priest is fighting his diocese over an attempt to remove him from his parish for refusing to take an abortion-tainted COVID-19 jab or submit to mask and testing requirements.

Father Peter Williams has served as pastor of Holy Family parish in the Diocese of Burlington, Vermont for nearly 20 years. But in a video earlier this month, he revealed that his bishop is now trying to suspend him because of his resistance to punitive COVID restrictions for unvaccinated clergy.

Jan 19 07:53

Jesus a Palestinian? or Palestine as Jesus? How the Palestinian Fire May Heal and Save the World

A controversy made the US news some years back. It was about whether Jesus was a Palestinian or not, and the arguments got rather amusing. Jews, who hate Jesus(and wish He’d never existed) and despise Christianity above all religions, suddenly got very possessive of Him. He was a Mizrai Jew, not a Palestinian Jew, they insisted. Jews can’t conceive of anything worse than their own kind converting to Christianity — for many Jews, it’s worse than death, more unfathomable than the Holocaust. When Jews go secular or take up Buddhism, they are still regarded as members of the Tribe. But Jews who convert to Christianity are beyond the pale. So, why not let the Palestinians, a people Jews hate almost as much as Jesus, have Mr. Christ for themselves? But that cannot be allowed.

Jan 19 06:56

Supreme Court To Hear Appeal By Christian High School Football Coach Fired For Praying On The Field

Having obviously solved all of the rest of the world's problems, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided it is going to hear an appeal by a Christian former high school football coach who was suspended for refusing to stop praying on the football field.

A decision on the case "could expand the religious rights of employees of public institutions," according to Reuters.

The coach, Joseph Kennedy, served as assistant coach in Bremerton, Washington. Lower courts threw out his claims that the school district was violating his free speech and religious rights afforded to him by the U.S. Constitution.

Last year, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Kennedy, who had been an assistant coach at Bremerton High School from 2008 to 2015.

Jan 17 11:26

WATCH: Michigan’s Dem. AG Suggests Texas Synagogue Terror Attack Was Due To ‘White Supremacy’

Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel was on MSNBC on Saturday while hostages were still being held at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas and, despite the information already known about the attacker and his motivations, suggested that nevertheless maybe domestic extremist white supremacists were behind it.

Jan 17 06:32


Our sources in the United States of American have confirmed that there are at least 4 America Bishops who consider Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) a heretic.

Most of these Bishops, however, are unwilling to come out in public and speak their mind.

It appears they are looking for a Divine intervention or action from the College of Cardinals to resolve the crisis in the Catholic Church.

FromRome.Info can confirm, however, that one of these, Msgr. Rene Henry Gracida, former Bishop of Corpus Christi, has been saying this for many years.

In Poland, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga also publicly decries Bergoglio as a heretic.

Jan 15 07:21

Nephew of late Argentine cardinal accuses Pope Francis of covering up homosexual abuse

The nephew of Pope Francis’ predecessor as archbishop of Buenos Aires accused the pope of covering up homosexual clerical abuse in a recent interview and blasted Francis for the leadership style “of a despot.”

Speaking with, Dr. José Arturo Quarracino, a teacher and nephew of the late Cardinal Antonio Quarracino, said that Francis protected homosexual priests for years after succeeding his uncle, who led the archdiocese of Buenos Aires from 1990 to his death in 1998.

Dr. Quarracino said that he ran in the same circles as the future pope, Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, while the Argentine Jesuit served as provincial superior of the Society of Jesus in the 1970s.

“From 1995 to 2002, I worked in Bergoglio’s environment,” Quarracino added. “He was chancellor of the Universidad del Salvador, where I worked.”

At the time, Bergoglio, who was appointed archbishop in 1998, “maintained a very Jesuit profile, very pious, very pastoral,” according to Quarracino.

Jan 14 08:33

Did Marjorie Taylor Greene cross line with Second Amendment comment? NOPE!

Now, to most of us, this looks like Greene warning us that Democrats are acting tyrannical and reminding Democrats not to push things too far. -- She clearly mentions tyrannical government first, after all. -- Now, Greene isn’t always known for taking care with her speech but this seems pretty clear. What it’s not, though, is a threat but, at most, a warning.

Unless, of course, Democrats see themselves as tyrants. -- That doesn’t stop them from freaking out over it.

Jan 14 07:03

Polish diocese apologizes for asking if sex abuse victim is gay and if he enjoyed sexual encounters with priest

A Catholic diocese in Poland has apologized for asking the court whether a man who was sexually abused by a priest as a young boy was gay and whether he might have enjoyed the sexual encounters.

Janusz Szymik, 48, was an altar boy when the abuse began in the 1980s. Last year he sued the diocese of Bielsko-Zywiec, in southern Poland, in a civil court claiming that a priest in a local church had abused several boys, including him.

Jan 13 15:52

Supreme Court Blocks Biden OSHA Vax Mandate For Businesses, Allows Rule For Health Care Workers

Yet another weak "middle-ground" ruling from our "conservative" 6-3 Supreme Court.

We're still in a two steps forward, one step back situation.

It's great that they blocked the OSHA mandate which applied to some 100M workers but the mandate for some 17M healthcare workers is just as crazy and they're allowing it to stand.

Kavanaugh and Roberts (who else) went turncoat and backed the health care worker mandate under the false premise that the shots prevent transmission, which is a total lie.

Jan 12 14:41

Biden Admin Compiling Database Of Religious Objectors To Vaccine Within Obscure Agency

An obscure agency within the Biden administration, the Pretrial Services Agency, announced an Orwellian tracking scheme on Tuesday that could serve as a model for the entire US government to collect the names and "personal religious information" of federal employees who make "religious accommodation requests for religious exception from the federally mandated vaccination requirement," according to the Daily Signal.

"The primary purpose of the secured electronic file repository is to collect, maintain, use, and—to the extent appropriate and necessary—disseminate employee religious exception request information collected by the Agency in the context of the federally mandated COVID-19 vaccination requirement," according to the Federal Register.

Jan 12 09:40

Diminishing respect for Christianity in Israel? Patriarchs of Jerusalem with critique of Jewish Radicals’ intimidation

Herland Report: Diminishing respect for Christianity in Israel? The Patriarchs and Heads of Local Churches of Jerusalem recently voiced growing concern of Jewish Orthodox and other radicals who are continually persecuting the Christian communities in Jerusalem.

They argued that if the continuous intimidation of local Christian communities, the regular assault of priests and churches attacked is not stopped or dealt properly with by Israeli authorities, they fear for the presence of Christians in the Holy Land.

The statement was signed by the leadership of all the city’s major churches, including the Custody of the Holy Land representing the Vatican, the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem and the head of the Anglican Church.

Jan 10 12:17


A new law, put in place on Saturday in Canada, is causing concern that it may criminalize the dissemination of the Bible.

The concern is that Bill C-4, the Act to amend the Criminal Code-conversion therapy, defines conversion therapy in overly broad terms. The definition set out in the bill read as follows:

“A practice, treatment or service designed to change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual, to change a person’s gender identity or gender expression to cisgender or to repress or reduce non-heterosexual attraction or sexual behaviour or non-cisgender gender expression.”

The new law expressly forbids practices, treatments, or services designed to change or repress a person’s gender expression to align with their biological sex. This is the third attempt to pass the bill into legislation due to the concern of many religious leaders that the definition of conversion therapy is overly broad.

Jan 10 09:27

Palestinian church leader says Israeli extremists threaten Christian presence in Jerusalem

The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem has accused radical Israeli groups of threatening the presence of Christians in the holy city, in remarks that Israeli officials rejected as baseless.

In a column in the Times of London on Saturday, His Beatitude, Theophilos III, said he believed the aim was to drive the Christian community from Jerusalem's Old City, which has sites sacred to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Israel captured East Jerusalem, including the Old City, along with the West Bank and Gaza Strip in a 1967 war. It annexed East Jerusalem after the war in a move that has not won international recognition.

Jan 09 07:03

Pope Francis praises nun who ran LGBT ministry

Decades after she was barred from pastoral work by the Vatican, Pope Francis has sent a letter of thanks to an American nun who held services for LGBT people, in which she questioned some teachings of the Church.

Since the late 1970s, Sister Jeannine Gramick ran workshops for LGBT Catholics, in which she taught both the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality and more liberal Christian doctrines. These workshops caught the attention of the Vatican, and in 1999 the Church’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith barred her from ministry, as she was promoting, in their words, “ambiguous positions on homosexuality and explicitly criticised documents of the Church’s Magisterium on this issue.”

The Congregation’s statement was written by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, and described homosexuality as an “intrinsic evil.”

Jan 07 15:26

Joy Reid Blasts White Christians: “America Wasn’t Built for You”

MSNBC host Joy Reid slammed “white Christian conservatives” on Monday, calling them “selfish” and declaring that America was not build for them.

Jan 07 08:48

1 in 8 ‘Christian’ universities associated with Planned Parenthood in 2021, report finds

One out of every eight nominally-Christian schools of higher education in America maintained a relationship with abortion giant Planned Parenthood last year, according to an alarming report released last month by pro-life researchers.

On December 8, the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement, a project of Students for Life of America (SFLA), announced that it looked at “all 784 colleges and universities affiliated with Christian churches in the United States,” and found that 103 of them “maintained some type of relationship with Planned Parenthood.”

Specifically, the schools in question offered academic credit for internships with Planned Parenthood, promoted the group as a student resource, volunteer opportunity, or career opportunity; or advertised or collaborated with Planned Parenthood events within the last three years.

Jan 07 06:31

‘Coward’: Pope Francis Blasted for Criticizing ‘Selfish’ Couples Who Choose Pets over Children

Pope Francis has taken a beating on social media for suggesting that couples who adopt pets over children are “selfish” as he addressed population decline.

“Today… we see a form of selfishness,” the pope said during his general audience on Wednesday. “We see that some people do not want to have a child. Sometimes they have one, and that’s it, but they have dogs and cats that take the place of children.”

For couples unable to have children, the Holy Father urged them to adopt children rather than go childless.

“How many children in the world are waiting for someone to take care of them!” he said. “It is a risk, yes: having a child is always a risk, either naturally or by adoption,” the pope explained. “But it is riskier not to have them. It is riskier to deny fatherhood, or to deny motherhood, be it real or spiritual.”

Jan 05 11:03

[Video] Israels education ministry calls for the return of slavery & the holocaust of all Jews not living on stolen Palestinian land.

Exodus 21:20-21 “Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property.

No Jews!
We will not be bought!
We will not be sold!
I am not your slave!

Jan 05 08:26

Churches Now Using Web Data To Attract Members

More than 30,000 churches have signed up for Gloo's services, a small company that uses people's personal data and online activities to target people who might be more receptive to their message and become new members as they try to replenish dwindling pew numbers exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gloo bills itself as a personal growth platform that aims to "reshape how churches, ministries, and people communicate with one another."

Jan 02 10:55

The Jewish schism deepens

Lawrence Davidson views the schism among US Jews in terms of whether Israel should be "just another… armed-to-the-teeth-and-ready-for-slaughter, greedy, racist, self-centred nation-state" or "a community with principles like those, for example, set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights".>>

Dec 31 12:06

NASA Hires Top Priest To Prepare Humanity for Major ‘Life-Changing’ Announcement

NASA has hired a world renowned priest to help prepare humanity for a major “life-changing” announcement in the coming weeks.

Dec 30 07:10

Taylor Greene Calls out 'Fake' Kwanzaa Holiday

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, is not one to celebrate Kwanzaa.

The controversial Republican made her disdain for the celebration evident after the College Republicans, an organization representative of Republicans on college and university campuses, wished its Twitter followers a happy Kwanzaa.

Dec 30 06:42

French Mosque Forced Closed for ‘Inciting Hatred’ and ‘Advocating Jihad’

A Mosque in France has been shuttered for six months after authorities accused it of ‘inciting hatred’ and ‘advocating jihad’.

The great mosque of Beauvais has been ordered to close for six months over sermons that authorities claim were ‘inciting hatred’, ‘violence’ and ‘advocating jihad’.

The order, announced on Tuesday, is to become enforceable after 48hrs, though the lawyer for the mosque was said to be seeking interim relief against the order.

According to a report by Le Monde, French Minister for the Interior Gérald Darmanin first announced that measures were being taken to close the mosque on December 14th.

“We have initiated the closure of the Beauvais mosque, [which is] completely unacceptable, which fights Christians, homosexuals and Jews,” Darmanin said.

This is far from the first time France has shut a mosque over its preaching, with a number being closed last October over their teachings.

Dec 28 09:44

California Demands Church Pay $3.8 Million in COVID Fines Even Though SCOTUS Struck Down Its Worship Ban

All they did was meet together for worship in obedience to the Word of God. Then the government started fining them. Now, officials have shown up with a warrant and are interrogating their employees. The worst part of all is that the Supreme Court has twice ruled in favor of Calvary Chapel San Jose, yet still state and local governments are harassing them.

First it was California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), who clung to one of the nation’s strictest lockdowns far longer than science or prudence could justify. Eventually, the Supreme Court intervened to end what had been nearly a year-long ban on indoor worship. But while churches opened elsewhere in the state, officials in Santa Clara County declared “indoor gatherings of all kinds remain very risky.” Six justices curtly overruled the county’s worship ban, perhaps annoyed by the brazen way in which the county flaunted their earlier decision.

Dec 27 13:26


NASA is looking to the heavens for help with assessing how humans will react if alien life is found on other planets and how the discovery could impact our ideas of gods and creation.

The agency is hiring 24 theologians to take part in its program at the Center for Theological Inquiry (CTI) at Princeton University in New Jersey, which NASA gave a $1.1 million grant to in 2014.

CTI is described as building ‘bridges of under understanding by convening theologians, scientists, scholars, and policymakers to think together – and inform public thinking – on global concerns.’

The program aims to answer questions that have baffled us since the begging of time such as what is life? What does it mean to be alive? Where do we draw the line between the human and the alien? What are the possibilities for sentient life in other places?

Dec 26 18:56

WATCH: ITV News Announces The Death Of Pope Francis In Christmas Day Blunder

An ITV newsreader announced the death of Pope Francis on live television during an awkward Christmas Day blunder.

Dec 24 12:09

This Christmas remember how Israel desecrated the Church of the Nativity

Stuart Littlewood recalls how nearly 20 years ago Israeli occupation troops viciously murdered innocent civilians inside and outside Christianity’s oldest church, the Church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank.>>

Dec 22 07:08

Jerusalem churches accuse Israel of discrimination and warn of Christian decline

Palestinian Christians have criticised Israel for hindering the Christmas season and discriminating against them, saying they feel their presence is under threat in occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Israel.

The patriarchs and heads of churches in Jerusalem issued a statement last week, saying that "Christians have become the target of frequent and sustained attacks by fringe radical groups", referring to Israeli far-right activists.

Dec 22 07:07

Church Leaders: Palestinian Christians Face Threat of ‘Extinction’ from ‘Radical’ Israeli Groups

Christians in the occupied Palestinian territories face the “threat of extinction” from “radical” Israeli groups, church leaders have warned in a startling message in the run-up to Christmas.

They have called for help from the worldwide Christian community of 2.3 billion people.

“In recent years, the lives of many Christians have been made unbearable by radical local groups with extremist ideologies,” said Francesco Patton, the Catholic Church’s Custos of the Holy Land. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he warned of the threat from Israeli extremists.

Dec 17 13:49

Pope Francis is Dying according to Reports, Cardinals already meeting to Select another Pontiff

Pope Francis is dying, according to a secretary of one of the influential Vatican Cardinals, reported Newsmax on Wednesday.

Francis, who has been a controversial figure in the Church for his woke policies such as banning the Latin Mass and supporting vaccination, gay marriage and submission to the Chinese Communist Party, is not expected to live to the end of 2022.

Concerns at the Vatican are so serious, that it has gone into ‘pre-conclave mode’ preparing for the ritual vote among the cardinals that will select the next pontiff, even though Francis apparently had tried to slow this process by preventing the cardinals from meeting.

The current pope has not been in good health for a while. Last year, he spent days in hospital recovering from surgery to his intestine for diverticulitis, but there were rumors that it may have in fact been related to cancer. He is also missing a part of one lung from an earlier procedure.

Dec 16 07:04

French Catholics Threatened with Death by Muslims During Procession

A group of French Catholics in Nanterre faced death threats from a group of Muslims as they engaged in a torchlight procession to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception last week.

Around 30 or so Roman Catholics took part in the procession on December 8th in honour of the Virgin Mary and were verbally attacked by a group of around a dozen people who threatened to kill the parishioners and the clergy.

Jean-Marc Sertillange, a deacon of the parish which held the procession, said that the parishioners undergo the profession on the feast of the Immaculate Conception every year and told the newspaper, Le Figaro, that the Catholic group were called “kuffars”, the Arabic word for infidels.

Dec 15 08:30

Vatican court judge slams Gates & Soros for using Covid to impose ‘total control’

A German cardinal has sparked controversy by claiming that the coronavirus pandemic has been used by the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates to create a global “surveillance state.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has sparked “chaos” and “turmoil” stemming not only from the “lacking knowledge” about the transmissibility and danger of the virus itself, but from the will of the super-rich to “snatch an opportunity to bring people in line,” Gerhard Ludwig Mueller said in an interview with Austria’s St. Boniface Institute last week. He is a high-ranking judge at the Vatican court.

The world’s financial elites are now using the pandemic and the measures governments take to fight the spread of the virus to subject people to “total control” and establish a global “surveillance state,” he added. The St. Boniface published a video showing a small part of the interview and the cardinal has since confirmed to the German dpa news agency that the footage is genuine.

Dec 13 10:26

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Christian hate crimes in Germany increased by nearly 150% in 2020

Hate crimes targeting Christians in Germany have nearly trebled in a year amid a wave of religious discrimination across Europe.

From 2019 to 2020, the majority Christian nation saw a rise in attacks from 57 to 141.

This included seven physical assaults against Christians for their beliefs, three thefts or robberies, one desecration of a grave and 24 verbal threats.

Dec 08 08:58

The Pope’s apocalyptic warning for the EU is worth listening to

Pope Francis has launched a blistering attack on the European Union, claiming that it could be headed down the same road as the Nazis. He’s absolutely right, but is anyone at the EU paying attention?

What prompted the Pope’s condemnation was a 30-page document produced by the European Commission’s equality commissioner, Helena Dalli, which said references to Christianity should be ditched in the EU institutions.

For example, the document called for EU staffers to replace the word “Christmas” with “holiday,” as “not everyone celebrates the Christian holidays, and not all Christians celebrate them on the same dates.”

Similarly, the document also says that staffers should not refer to “Christian names” but rather “first names” or “forenames,” as well as not using names “that are typically from one religion.”

Dec 08 06:40


Dec 06 10:15

Pope Francis warns young people not to be tempted by consumerist sirens

Pope Francis ended his visit to Greece Monday by encouraging its young people to follow their dreams and not be tempted by the consumerist "sirens" of today that promise easy pleasures.

Francis briefly struggled to keep his balance on the steps while boarding the plane bound for Rome a when caught by a gust of wind and was helped on board by an aide.

Earlier, Francis met with students at a Catholic school in Athens in his final event of a five-day visit to Cyprus and Greece that has been dominated by his concern for the plight of migrants seeking entry in Europe.

Dec 06 07:03

Website that Publishes Archbishop Vigano’s Speeches and Video Is Taken Down – Three Weeks After He Calls for Worldwide Conference Against the Globalist Threat

Archbishop Vigano is the object of evil attacks by the mainstream media and the globalist left because he stands with Catholics, Christians, and even non-believers who have thirst for justice and truth in this confusing and dangerous world we are living in.

In June 2020 Archbishop Vigano shared words of encouragement with President Trump after Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists were terrorizing communities across the country following the death of George Floyd.

Dec 06 06:41

‘Pope, You Are a Heretic!’ – Francis Confronted by Elderly Orthodox Priest in Athens

Pope Francis was heckled by an elderly Greek Orthodox priest on Saturday as he arrived for a meeting with the head of the country’s Orthodox Church, evidence of the lingering distrust between some Orthodox and Catholics centuries after Christianity was cleaved in half.

“Pope, you are a heretic!” the priest shouted three times as Francis arrived at the residence of Archbishop Ieronymos in the Greek capital of Athens. The protester fell to the ground as police led him away, and Francis appeared not to notice as he walked into the residence for his private meeting with the Orthodox leader.

The incident followed small protests against the pope on his previous stop, the island of Cyprus, which is also predominantly Eastern Orthodox.

Dec 04 08:37

N.J. rabbi committed ‘horrific acts’ of child sex abuse while Jewish organizations did nothing, lawsuits say

In the summer of 1974, a girl went on a youth group trip to Israel led by Rabbi Baruch Lanner, a popular New Jersey rabbi who headed the state’s chapter of the National Conference of Synagogue Youth.

On each night in Israel, the young rabbi asked a teenager to join him in a secluded area, according to a newly-filed lawsuit. Each time one of the girls, identified in the lawsuit as Jane Doe #3, was selected, she said Lanner kissed her and touched her breasts.

By the end of the trip, the girl refused to be alone with Lanner or speak to him.

“Lanner responded by punching her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her,” the lawsuit said.

When the girl told Lanner’s boss, a prominent rabbi, about his behavior, he dismissed her allegations, saying, Lanner “does so much good; it’s important what he’s doing,” according to the lawsuit.

Dec 03 06:06

How Two Rabbis Stole Christmas Traditions To Invent Hanukkah As A Competing Jewish Holiday

Two Cincinnati rabbis — who felt that Jews in America needed a holiday of their own to compete with Christmas — are responsible for contriving and popularizing Hanukkah in America, according to Dianne Ashton, a professor of religion studies at Rowan University:

In an editorial published by the independent media website, The Conversation, Ashton explains that outside of America, Hanukkah is regarded as a minor Jewish holiday.

In the decades after the Civil War, Rabbi Isaac M. Wise of Plum Street Temple and Rabbi Max Lilienthal of Mound Street Temple introduced Hanukkah festivals to their congregations and promoted them in their publications to Jews across the nation.

“Through their efforts, special Hanukkah events for children became standard in American synagogues,” Ashton wrote.

Hanukkah, with its many variant spellings, is the Hebrew word for “dedication.”

Dec 02 07:09

Pope Francis embraces Emmanuel Macron as France liberalizes abortion law, increases COVID restrictions

President Emmanuel Macron of France paid?a highly publicized visit to Pope Francis last Friday?during which – to the surprise and shock of French observers – he used the familiar “tu” form when speaking to the head of the Catholic Church. Many considered this to be the sign of a profound fraternity if not complicity between the two men. If proof was needed that their political agendas have many points in common,?here it was.

The “fraternal” meeting took place at the time when France is increasing its dictatorial COVID restrictions.?It was at the beginning of last week that masking requirements — even in open air venues — even for the “vaccinated” — were implemented.?As of December 15, elderly people with only two doses of the?experimental jab will lose their sanitary pass, and the same rule will apply to people aged 18 to 64 from January 15.

Dec 01 07:17

Israeli ‘apartheid’ is antithetical to our values, Chicago Episcopalians say, by nearly 3 to 1

If you are looking to measure the past year’s dramatic rise in Americans’ awareness and rejection of the Israeli system that oppresses Palestinians, the November 20 vote by the Episcopalians of Chicago offers a metric. The annual convention of their diocese resolved, 72 percent to 28 percent, to call out Israel as meeting the legal definition of apartheid and to condemn that as “antithetical” to their values [text of the resolution below]. Just last year, in contrast, they had declined to pass virtually the same resolution, voting 58-42 against.

The Chicagoans’ big shift is part of a gathering wave of similar statements by so-called mainline, largely liberal, Christian denominations. Thus, only days earlier, Atlanta’s Presbyterians also declared — by a whopping 95 percent — that Israel meets the legal definition of apartheid.

Nov 29 06:16

German Bishops: Coronavirus Vaccination Is a ‘Moral Duty’

The German Bishops’ Conference has “emphatically” called on all Catholics to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, calling the measure a “moral duty.”

“These days we are witnessing the progression of the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic in almost unstoppable drama,” the bishops said this week. “The incidence figures, new infections and deaths are reaching alarming proportions.”

“We emphatically call on Catholics and all people in our country to be vaccinated as far as possible,” they stated. “In this pandemic, vaccination is an obligation of justice, solidarity, and charity.”

“From an ethical point of view, it is a moral duty,” they declared.

“We have to protect ourselves and others. Vaccination is the most effective way of doing this,” they added.

The U.S. bishops have been divided over the right to conscientious objection to the vaccines, as well as over vaccine mandates by government and business.

Nov 27 08:32

Canadian pastor released from court order to recite disclaimer when speaking against COVID mandates

Christian pastor Artur Pawlowski will no longer have to promote the government COVID narrative when speaking against virus rules and vaccines after winning a court appeal.

According to a Rebel News report, on Thursday, Justice Jo’Anne Strekaf of the Alberta Court of Appeal tossed an extreme sentence handed to Pawlowski and his brother Dawid Pawlowski by Alberta Justice Adam Germain in October, that limited their free speech. Strekaf also stayed a travel ban imposed on the brothers.

Germain’s order mandated that the Pawlowski brothers – who have been critical of the Alberta governments’ COVID rules along with the jabs – had to state official government propaganda regarding the virus each time they challenged government rules in public.

Germain wrote that as a “final” term of his probation order, that Pawlowski and his brother must say COVID jabs “save lives” whenever he speaks out against them.

Nov 25 10:10

French court clears Catholic lay group accused of ‘discrimination’ by LGBT organizations

Renaissance Catholique, a French lay association of traditional Catholics, was cleared Tuesday by a penal court in Paris after being accused of having “incited to discriminate against a group of people because of their sexual orientation.”

Three “LGBT” associations had objected to a published translation of the 2019 “Declaration of the truths relating to some of the most common errors in the life of the Church of our time” by Cardinals Raymond Burke and Janis Pujats, and Bishops Athanasius Schneider, Tomasz Peta and Jan Pavel Lenga.

The ruling is clearly a victory for the Church and its teachings, but not one French bishop answered the association’s call for support in the face of burdensome legal procedures that took a great deal of time and money.

Jean-Pierre Maugendre, founder and executive manager and legal representative of Renaissance Catholique’s website that posted the Declaration, was questioned by the judges during the hearing last month.

Nov 22 13:37

Zionist Jews United For Slavery

Israels education ministry calls for the return of slavery & the holocaust of all Jews not living on stolen Palestinian land.

Nov 22 09:06

Christian emigration from US to Russia shows Moscow now ‘leader of the free world’ – Church Patriarch

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, has argued that his country’s independence from negative outside influence is what makes it truly free, in his eyes.

In an interview broadcast on the Rossiya-1 TV channel on Saturday, the religious leader was asked to comment on instances of Orthodox Christians having emigrated from the US to Russia.

“I can imagine the types of reaction to my words from different corners, but I can prove that Russia today is the true leader of the free world,” Kirill said.

Nov 22 08:18


Nov 18 07:29

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Calls on People of Faith to Unite in a Worldwide Anti-Globalist Alliance to Free Humanity from the Totalitarian Regime (VIDEO)

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò appealed to Catholics, Christians, and people of Faith to unite against the dark forces of globalism.

Archbishop Viganò shared this moving text and video with us on Wednesday. The video and text are an international call for the creation of an anti-globalist alliance to defeat the evil elites who wish to enslave free men and women and promote a “Religion of Humanity that cancels Faith in Christ.”

Nov 17 11:42

Biden ramps up attack on religious freedoms under First Amendment

The Biden administration has begun ramping up its attack on religious freedoms in America with moves that would reverse President Trump's actions that supported that constitutional right.

A report by Fox News explains the details available so far come from a draft memo the network obtained.

The report describes how Biden's targets are the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

One of the actions would involve the Department of Health and Human Services rolling back the authority that had been given to the Office of Civil Rights to "prevent violations of religious liberty."

Nov 17 06:20

Fr. Altman torches US bishops at rally: ‘Repent and resign … your mitre is your great millstone’

Father James Altman blasted members of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) on Tuesday at Church Militant’s “Bishops: Enough is Enough” prayer rally and conference, excoriating the prelates over their part in the sex abuse crisis and for mandating the reception of the abortion-tainted COVID jabs for clerics under their jurisdiction.

Altman, suspended by Bishop William Callahan of La Crosse, Wisconsin from his post as pastor of St. James the Less Church in La Crosse in July after he advised his parishioners that they “can’t be a Catholic and a Democrat,” unloaded on the USCCB, whose members are currently gathered for their annual Fall Assembly in a hotel directly opposite from where he was speaking, in a fiery nine-minute speech.

“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy,” Altman said of the gathered bishops. There are “five billion dollars of payouts for criminal abuse and cover-up that continues to this day to prove the point,” he added.

Nov 15 09:10

U.S. bishops set to debate Biden's eligibility for communion

U.S. Roman Catholic Bishops this week are expected to revisit whether President Joe Biden's support for abortion rights should disqualify him from receiving communion, an issue that has deepened rifts in the church since the Democrat took office.

Nov 12 08:58

Pope Francis Calls For a Great ‘Global Reset’ So That We Never Go Back To ‘Pre-Pandemic’ World And ‘Capitalistic Oppression’

Pope Francis has declared that the elite need to usher in a “global reset” and has warned the the world will not go back to normal following the pandemic.

The Pontiff slammed the pre-COVID world, which he said was plagued with capitalistic oppression, corruption, and war.

Nov 11 09:07

Vatican Loses $135M In Shady London Property Deal Amid Allegations Of Massive Fraud

Even God's top authority on Earth has trouble with the simplest investing precept: buy low and sell high.

After a scandal that has dragged on for more than a year and led to the firing of one of the Holy See's most senior officials over a handful of shady London property deals that were bleeding millions in losses, the Vatican has finally decided to rip the bandaid off and sell a luxury office building in London's Knightsbridge neighborhood for a loss of £100MM ($135MM).

Nov 08 07:29

Greek Bishops Demand Clergy Get Vaccine or Be Put on Leave

Two Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Bishops have demanded that priests under them be vaccinated against coronavirus or they will be put on leave.

The Metropolitan Bishops of Mytilene and Dodoni have both stated to their priests that they must take the coronavirus vaccine or they will be forced on unpaid leave. They have given the unvaccinated priests several days to decide their course of action.

Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Dodoni spoke on the matter, saying: “When the believer does not hear the voice of the church, he puts himself out of the church.” Adding: “Anyone who has not been vaccinated should be outside the church premises. When a believer does not obey the decisions of the church, he puts himself out of the church.”

He continued that those who refuse the vaccine may be encouraged to take it if the priests in churches were also vaccinated. He also stated that any priests taking part in anti-vaccine demonstrations was unacceptable, Greek newspaper Proto Thema reports.

Nov 07 07:12

'Build Back Better' Won't 'Build' For God Fearing Americans

President Biden and Democrats’ Build Back Better Act includes a provision that specifically prohibits religious schools from using infrastructure grants to improve their facilities.

The bill, which House Democrats hope to vote on this week, includes a provision for infrastructure grants to improve child care safety. Specifically to help child care providers "acquire, construct, renovate or improve" their facilities.

However, included further down in the bill’s text is a prohibition against religious organizations like churches and synagogues that also have schools or child care services. They are prohibited from using funds to improve their facilities.

Nov 05 06:06

Biden's $1.75 trillion Build Back Better plan will ban religious schools from using infrastructure grants to renovate or repair their facilities

President Biden's $1.75 trillion Build Back Better act will specifically ban religious schools from using infrastructure grants to renovate or better their facilities.

If the infrastructure bill passes the House when it will be voted upon on Friday, then it will ban religiously-affiliated schools or child care services from allocating funds to improve their facilities.

Grant recipients 'may not use the funds for modernization, renovation or repair of facilities that are primarily used for sectarian instruction or religious worship,' the bill says.

In March, Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA.) and junior South Carolina Senator Tim Scott introduced the Child Welfare Inclusion Act, a bill to ensure that both state and local governments cannot discriminate against faith-based adoption and foster care providers by forcing them to choose between offering these vital services and violating their deeply held religious beliefs.

Nov 03 08:18

Catholic bishop warns that covid plandemic is ushering in global dictatorship

Departing from the sentiments of his “boss” Pope Francis, Archbishop Viganò delivered a message on “No Fear Day” in Turin (Torino), Italy, about how the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is ushering in a global health dictatorship, which he says “tomorrow will be an ecological dictatorship.”

Hundreds of thousands of people all around the world, Viganò told listeners, are showing their opposition to this global tyranny in the form of protests. People do not want to comply with all the “pandemic folly,” he says, which includes lockdowns, curfews, vaccines, health passports, and totalitarian blackmail of the “elite” who are being used to push all the fascism.

“It is a power that reveals itself as intrinsically evil, animated by an infernal ideology and driven by criminal purposes,” Viganò stated.

Nov 01 08:15

Moon seeks papal visit to NK, but will Pyongyang play ball?

South Korean President Moon Jae-in is striving to have Pope Francis visit North Korea in what appears to be a final push to salvage diplomacy with the reclusive regime, but it remains to be seen whether Pyongyang will accept the proposal.

Moon asked the pope to visit the North when they met at the Vatican on Friday, saying a visit would build “momentum for peace” on the Korean Peninsula, according to Cheong Wa Dae spokesperson Park Kyung-mee.

In response, the pope, calling the two Koreas “brothers who speak the same language,” said he would “gladly visit” for the sake of peace, if he received an invitation from Pyongyang.

Moon was in Rome to attend the Group of 20 summit as part of his nine-day trip to Europe.

Nov 01 07:44

Viganò to world’s bishops: Question the moral and mental suitability of Bergoglio as Pope

On the occasion of the October 29 visit to the Vatican, the press agencies have spread the news that Joe Biden reported the content of the meeting and said that Francis called him “a good Catholic,” inviting him to “continue to receive Communion.” It is disconcerting that, to date, no clarifying comment has come from the Vatican Press Office. This leaves us to presume that Joe Biden’s words correspond to the truth and that Bergoglio actually spoke them.

Nov 01 06:06

Faceless ‘Catholic robot’ designed to help people pray put on display in Polish church

A faceless “Catholic robot” was put on display in a Catholic church in Poland.

A short British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary published last Saturday shows people of different religions, and in various parts of the world, interacting with robots or computer programs designed to deliver sermons, give advice, and teach them how to pray.

The tax-funded BBC included Polish Catholics in their provocative show, which was entitled “God and and robots: Will AI transform religion?” It showed one attempting to interact with a robot named “SanTO” in St. John Paul II Catholic Church in in the Bemowo district of Warsaw. It is unclear from the documentary if the robot can actually respond in Polish.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 25 07:59

EXPOSED: Facebook Used As Tool To Spread Hatred For Religion

Internal Facebook documents showed that while the company enjoyed a surge of popularity in India in 2019, researchers were warning that the company's services were filled with religious hate speech between the nation's Hindu and Muslim populations.

In 2019 researchers monitored a test account from February to March that quickly became awash with bigotry, misinformation and celebrations of violence that one report would eventually link to the deadly February 2020 religious riots in Delhi that killed 53 people, The Washington Post reports.

"The test user's News Feed has become a near constant barrage of polarizing nationalist content, misinformation, and violence and gore," one Facebook researcher wrote in the report.

"I've seen more images of dead people in the past three weeks than I've seen in my entire life total."

Oct 25 05:28

Biden's Woke-Holiness Meeting Comes As Tensions High In Catholic America

President Biden is expected to meet with Pope Francis for the first time as president next Friday, just weeks before the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will assemble to propose a document directing bishops about whether politicians who support abortion should be excluded from Communion.

The USCCB, over the summer, voted to outline a formal paper on the meaning of the Eucharist after a controversial debate on whether Roman Catholic politicians who support policies that oppose church teaching should receive the sacrament. The voting record announced was 168 bishops in favor, 55 opposed, and six bishops withholding.

Oct 22 07:42

FLASHBACK - Vatican charges cardinal and 9 others with financial crimes

The Vatican charged 10 persons with financial crimes on Saturday, including an Italian cardinal. The charges follow an inquiry by the Vatican Gendarmerie.

The charges center around the Vatican Secretariat of State’s investment in Raffaele Mincione’s Athena Capital Global Opportunities Fund. Mincione, who allegedly used fund money for personal investments, received charges of “embezzlement, fraud, abuse of office, embezzlement and self-laundering.”

Mincione’s fund operated between June of 2013 and February of 2014. The Secretariat of State borrowed $200 million to invest in the fund. €18 million had been lost by September of 2018. According to the Vatican, the fund manager had a conflict of interest because he risked others’ capital to further his personal interests.

Oct 22 07:11

Group says it will train Christians in ‘hand-to-hand combat’ at SW Missouri event

A group that says its mission is “to halt and push back the forces of darkness” is holding a tactical event in southwest Missouri this weekend to train Christians in “hand-to-hand combat” and “fighting from your vehicle.” Called the Missouri Embattled Warriors Event, the gathering is reminiscent of the militia exercises and preparedness training that spread across the country in the 1990s. It is scheduled to run from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday on wooded property along Highway Mm in Newton County between Neosho and Joplin. “We’re a group of Christian men and women that go out and will stand against unrighteousness,” said Kevin VanStory, a real estate broker from Neosho and a leader of the Salt and Light Brigade MAKO edition, which includes Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Oct 21 08:32

Pope Francis Tells Big Tech: God Commands You To Shut Down Free Speech

Pope Francis has announced that God wants Big Tech firms to scale up their censorship campaigns against independent content creators or they will suffer his wrath.

During a World Meeting of Popular Movements, a liberal organization dedicated to promoting “social justice” and combating “hate,” the Pope made the astonishing claims.

“In the name of God, I ask the technology giants to stop exploiting human weakness, people’s vulnerability, for the sake of profits without caring about the spread of hate speech, grooming, fake news, conspiracy theories, and political manipulation,” Francis declared.

Oct 21 05:55

Leaked Audio: DOJ Questions Americans Faith In God

White House officials don't care about religious exemptions from vaccine mandates, and they don't believe people who present religious exemptions from vaccine mandates are "sincere" in their views.

Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec broke the news on Human Events Daily, revealing the Biden administration's complete disregard for Americans' religious liberty rights. DOJ attorney Marty Lederman can be heard on a phone call from September informing the administration as to how to fight employees' religious exemption demands from the vaccine mandate.

Oct 21 05:29

The Secret Finances of the Vatican Economy

Because the Vatican has published very little over the centuries about its finances and investments, most people don't know how it makes money as a sovereign city-state with its own economy. The Vatican is located within the city of Rome, encompassing 110 acres with a population of under 1,000, which makes it the world’s smallest country.1? While the Vatican may be small in size, it has a large impact in the financial world with its far-reaching investments that include banking, real estate, and private enterprises.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See The Vatican and pharmaceutical industry and you will understand why the Pope is screaming about censoring Covid "misinformation."

Oct 21 04:51

The vaccine: A religious exemption for the whole world

Yesterday, I quoted extensively from AnnaMaria Cardinalli’s stunning Crisis article that concluded there was the murder of an infant, in order to obtain the cell line used in COVID vaccine testing.

I put out a call to medical professionals to weigh in on her analysis.


For all people of faith. Every faith.

Oct 20 13:56

Leaked Audio Reveals DOJ Officials MOCKING Americans Who Oppose Vaccines On Religious Grounds — ‘They Aren’t Sincere’

Last night, newly leaked audio from a Department of Justice officer reveals the contempt they have for religious Americans.

In a phone call with the White House on enforcing the vaccine mandate with federal employees, a DOJ official mockingly suggests that religious exemption requests over the use of aborted fetal cell testing with COVID vaccines are not sincere:

Oct 20 08:05


The Pope made the remarks during a World Meeting of Popular Movements, a shadowy organization created to promote “social justice” and fight racism with the help of religious leaders.

“In the name of God, I ask the technology giants to stop exploiting human weakness, people’s vulnerability, for the sake of profits without caring about the spread of hate speech, grooming, fake news, conspiracy theories, and political manipulation,” he stated.

Pope Francis also invoked the term “post-truth,” which was invented by establishment media organs after they began to lose their monopoly on controlling the narrative following the election of Donald Trump.

The Catholic leader apparently believes it’s Christian and Godly to empower giant corporations to shut down free speech.

This is no surprise given his previous stance on free speech in response to the slaughter of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, when he rhetorically sided with the terrorists who murdered them in cold blood.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Francis is continuing a long and ignoble tradition of the Catholic church. Leo XIII became Pope in 1878, and wrote that the Bill of Rights should never have been written because god did NOT give to man freedom of thought, action, and speech.

Oct 19 05:29

Delingpole: Last Rites Should Not Have Been Denied to Slain Catholic MP

The police reportedly denied access to a Catholic priest who wanted to give the Last Rites to Sir David Amess MP after his fatal stabbing.

Local priest Father Jeffrey Woolnough told The Telegraph that he rushed to the scene of the attack and explained to officers that “I was the local Catholic priest and showed them my card but I wasn’t allowed. They said no one was allowed on the crime scene.”

“Now we know more about what happened I can perhaps understand it, but it’s still a great disappointment for any Roman Catholic – they want to receive the Last Rites… I always use the analogy of priests working on the battlefields in the world wars. They were anointing the men as they were dying,” he said.

Oct 19 05:26

Pope Francis compares Black Lives Matter protests to Good Samaritan

In an address to the Fourth World Meeting of Popular Movements on Saturday, Pope Francis advocated for the destructive “protests” which broke out in the wake of George Floyd’s death in 2020, describing those involved in the movement as “collective Samaritans.”

The Pope’s comments came as part of a longer speech on social justice, part of which he devoted to urging “all the great pharmaceutical laboratories” to open their patents on the COVID-19 jabs as “a gesture of humanity,” despite their connection to abortion.

His comments were addressed to the members of popular movements, an initiative created by the Pope and which describes itself as “grassroots organizations and social movements established around the world by people whose inalienable rights to decent work, decent housing, and fertile land and food are undermined, threatened or denied outright.”

Oct 18 05:51

Kamala Harris props up Virginia candidate with ad played at churches, as conservatives decry ‘illegal’ trick

Vice President Kamala Harris is trying to help get Terry McAuliffe elected governor of Virginia with an ad being shown at churches, a possible violation of IRS rules banning tax-exempt organizations from political campaigning.

The Harris endorsement ad for McAuliffe, a long-time Hillary Clinton confidant, will reportedly be played at more than 300 predominantly black churches across Virginia. The screenings began on Sunday and were set to run through the final church services before the November 2 election.

“I believe that my friend Terry McAuliffe is the leader Virginia needs at this moment,” Harris said in the video. “Terry McAuliffe has a long track record of getting things done for the people of Virginia.”

Oct 17 07:28

Pope Francis censored by Vatican staff after calling Scotch whiskey ‘the real holy water’

He said the Pope was “really down to Earth with them all” and did not go for the usual procedure when he was given whisky as a gift.

He said: “When they handed him the bottle, instead of just handing it to his assistant as he normally would with a gift, he held it up and said ‘questa e la vera acqua santa’ – which means this is the real holy water.

“He guffawed with laughter and it was a real ice-breaker with the students and put everyone at ease.

He added: “But we’d agreed that the Vatican’s media office would be allowed to approve all of our footage before we broadcast it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 13 08:35

Vatican enjoys diplomatic immunity, European human rights court says, dismissing alleged child-abuse victims

The Vatican enjoys sovereign immunity that protects it from sexual-abuse lawsuits in local courts, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled, after a case was put forward by 24 people who claim to be victims.

On Tuesday, the top court dismissed a case submitted by two dozen people who claim to be survivors of child sexual abuse at the hands of the Catholic clergy from France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The alleged survivors had initially filed a class action in the Ghent Court of First Instance against the Holy See and several high figures in the clergy in 2011, demanding €10,000 ($11,600) in compensation for each victim because of the Church’s “policy of silence on the issue of sexual abuse.”

The lawsuit complained “of the structurally deficient way in which the Church had dealt with the known problem of sexual abuse within it.”

Oct 13 07:31

Former Houston Methodist employees will demand their jobs back after Abbott’s vaccine mandate ban

More than 150 former Houston Methodist employees who parted ways with the hospital in June over a vaccine mandate policy will demand to be rehired after Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order on Monday banning any entity in the state from implementing such mandates, according to a lawyer representing the former employees.

Attorney Jared Woodfill, who currently represents almost 200 healthcare workers in multiple lawsuits against Methodist, said executive order GA-40 makes the hospital’s policy illegal.

“Governor Abbott says very clearly, ‘whereas countless Texans fear losing their livelihoods because they object to receiving a COVID-19 vaccination for reasons of personal conscience,'” he said. “That applies to every plaintiff that I represent, and every plaintiff that Methodist hospital thought it was appropriate to fire.”

Woodfill said he planned to send a formal request to the hospital on Tuesday in an attempt to reinstate the former employees.

Oct 12 06:56

Why did Justin Welby fail to alert police over paedophile at the cathedral? Archbishop of Canterbury must face disciplinary action over sexual abuse scandal, say lawyers

The Archbishop of Canterbury should face disciplinary action over his role in a sexual abuse scandal, lawyers have said.

Justin Welby failed to alert police when a priest was accused of sexually assaulting a worshipper – despite knowing that he was a convicted paedophile.

Canon John Roberts was later jailed for offences against three people, one of them the accuser who had gone to Mr Welby.

Oct 10 07:14

Pfizer admits to using aborted fetal tissue in developing its vaccines. So can Christians sign up for a jab exemption now?

For billions of faithful around the world, abortion is considered first-degree murder, yet fetal tissue is being used to develop Covid vaccines. While some may argue that ‘killing a life to save millions’ is fine, many disagree.
For those who rely on the mainstream media to keep astride of current affairs, chances are slim you’ve heard the story of Melissa Strickler. That’s too bad because Miss Strickler, Pfizer’s quality auditor, just unloaded a batch of company emails that show company executives being less than honest at a time when the Biden administration – as well as other governments around the world – is enforcing mandatory vaccines on millions of their citizens.

What makes Strickler’s revelations so startling is that Pfizer is instructing staff to obfuscate the truth over the use of aborted fetal cells in the development of its vaccines. This latest slap in the face to the faithful stings much more than closing down churches during a pandemic.

Oct 05 13:08

WATCH: Catholic Archbishop Warns The World That Pope Francis Is Helping To Usher In The ‘Great Reset’

According to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the Pope is “not a neutral spectator” but is actively assisting to usher in the “Great Reset.”

Archbishop Vigano recently said in an interview with Robert Moynihan that Pope Francis is a participant in a nefarious worldwide conspiracy.

The “Great Reset” and “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, as conceived by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, is an plot by the world’s elite “to drastically reduce the global population, dismantle the free market, and erase all borders.”

Oct 04 07:45

Zionist Group Releases List Of Top 50 Judas Goats Who Have Sold Out Christians In Support Of Israel

In honor of Sukkot (the Festival of Tabernacles), the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) published its annual list of Israel’s Top 50 “Christian” Allies — a “diverse list that spans many continents and denominations:

Former political leaders are also among the honorees, such as former Vice President Mike Pence, who was active in the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, as well as Mike Pompeo, who defended Israel’s rights to Jerusalem, the Golan, Judea, and Samaria while serving as US Secretary of State. Both Pence and Pompeo were members of the Israel Allies Caucus during their tenures as US Congressmen. Leaders of Christian organizations and individuals who provide significant financial assistance to the State of Israel, especially for Holocaust survivors, the needy and immigrants, are featured as well. The Top Ten includes:

Oct 04 05:52

‘Most absolute of evils’: Investigation estimates up to 3,200 pedophile priests in French Catholic Church since 1950

Up to 3,200 Catholic priests have sexually abused children in France in recent history, the head of an independent inquiry has said, days before publishing a report on the scope of crimes against minors inside the church.

The independent commission led by former vice president of the Council of State Jean-Marc Sauve was set up by the French Catholic Church in 2018 to study sexual crimes against minors within its ranks. After going through church archives across the country and conducting interviews, the commission, known by its acronym CIASE, will deliver a 2,500-page report on Tuesday.

Sauve told AFP his team had uncovered between 2,900 and 3,200 pedophile priests and other church members who operated since 1950. He added that it was “a minimum estimate.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 04 05:50

3 Swiss Guards resign after Vatican orders vaccinations & introduces Covid-19 Green Passes for staff and visitors

Three Swiss Guards have resigned ‘voluntarily’ from the ceremonial Vatican force, while several others have been suspended after the Holy See ordered the troops to get vaccinated against Covid-19 without any religious exemptions.

While other Vatican staff and visitors have an option to undergo regular Covid-19 tests to maintain their Green Pass status, all Swiss Guards had been ordered to get a jab “to protect their health and that of the others they come into contact with as part of their service,” the unit's official Lt. Urs Breitenmoser told AP.

Three members of the Guard have chosen not to adhere to that request, voluntarily leaving the corps.

Oct 01 10:28

Leah Remini disagrees with how Laura Prepon left Scientology: 'Not everybody who has a voice uses it'

Leah Remini shared her thoughts on how fellow actress Laura Prepon kept mum about her exit from the Church of Scientology.

The "King of Queens" actress, 51, was a part of the Church but now is very vocal about the alleged injustices committed by the organization. Remini left Scientology in 2013.

She told Daily Blast Live on Tuesday that Prepon, 41, could have used her platform to help others who are struggling to leave.

Remini told the outlet she "reached out" to Prepon but that "not everybody who has a voice uses it."


Sep 26 06:36

Hungary Warns Pope Francis: You Are Allowing Christianity to Die

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has warned Pope Francis that Christianity is being allowed to die under his leadership.

The Hungarian leader told the pope that the Christian faith will "perish" if he continues to promote a globalist agenda.

Orbán said that Francis must end his support for mass immigration in Europe before it's too late.When the two leaders met this week, the prime minister gave the pope a gift to remind him of the dangers of his open-borders push.

"At the meeting on Sunday, according to state media, Orban even-handed the Pope a provocative gift: A copy of a letter from a 13th-century Hungarian king to then-Pope Innocent IV,” CBS News noted.

Sep 21 16:13

Bloomberg Confirms 'Wokeism' is a Tool For 'Exporting' U.S. Influence, Serves Elite Interests

Wokeism serves elite interests by getting radicals to focus on fighting the "patriarchy" and "white supremacy" (aka their middle class neighbors) rather than our Jeffrey Epstein-compromised elite.

Economist Tyler Cowen all but admitted as much in a column for Bloomberg News on Sunday.

Sep 21 05:39

Researchers find 3,600-year-old evidence that ancient city of Tall el-Hammam was destroyed by 'cosmic airburst,' which may have inspired Bible story of destruction of Sodom

Researchers have discovered 3,600-year-old evidence that the ancient city of Tall el-Hammam was destroyed by a 'cosmic airburst,' which may have inspired the Biblical story of destruction of Sodom, according to a new study.

Experts from around the world, including UC Santa Barbara, uncovered pottery shards that had their outer surfaces melted into glass, 'bubbled' mudbrick and partially melted building material in a 5-foot thick burn layer in the Jordan Valley.

These are indications of an anomalously high-temperature event, which the researchers say was 'larger than the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia and significantly hotter than anything that the technology of the time could produce.

Sep 16 09:37

Hungary PM Viktor Orban Gave Pope Francis A 'Provocative Gift'

"At the meeting on Sunday, according to state media, Orban even handed the Pope a provocative gift: A copy of a letter from a 13th-century Hungarian king to then-Pope Innocent IV, asking for Rome's help to defeat an onslaught of foreign invaders — an apparent reference to migrants in the 21st century."

Sep 14 15:33

LifeSite Releases 'Comprehensive Guide' On Filing For Religious Exemptions to Covid Vaccine Mandates

LifeSiteNews has released a "comprehensive guide" walking both Americans and Canadians through how they can file for religious exemptions to Big Pharma's experimental covid jabs.

The guide appears to pair well with Gab's list of reasons to cite for your religious exemption and their guide for college students.

Do not be intimated into acting against your conscience or your religious beliefs!

Sep 11 10:22

Mel Gibson: "A very deep sickness afflicts the church"

In a rare video appearance, Hollywood legend actor Mel Gibson released a 5-minute video on Friday September 10, 2021 in support of the 'Coalition for Canceled Priests,' ( ) who were holding a rally in Chicago with Fr. James Altman.

Gibson remarked that "a very deep sickness afflicts the church" and that it's "a grave injustice" and a "form of white martyrdom" when a priest is cancelled, which Gibson points out "is nothing new."

"Who's persecuting them? Well their own bishops," he said.

"If one of their priests utters something that resembles Orthodoxy, then they spring into action, reprimand him, bully him, and they do their best to cancel him. And succeed. They drum him out of the service, ya know. Off he goes. I'm really sorry about that. Its a grave injustice and a kind of white martyrdom."

Gibson noted that he is a sinful man, "I'm as venal as any other man," but that he can recognize the difference between a shepherd and a hireling.