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Book Review: “At The Breaking Point of History”

By Joe Wright

The investigative work of Janet Phelan has long been an integral part of the information readers can expect at Activist Post, particularly in the area of bioweapons. As I detailed in my review of her previous book, Exile, her work has consistently put her in the crosshairs of an establishment that has been more than resistant to her line of questioning. Exile recounted her literal flight, which she was compelled to take in order to continue presenting her findings to the world. Under alarming “person of interest” protocols over the ensuing 7 years, we are fortunate that Ms. Phelan has successfully completed and released a new book which is sure to turn over new rocks and expose further grave misdeeds to the light.

Ms. Phelan presents us with a stunning book centered on the confluence between historical corruption and the seemingly disparate development of a novel coronavirus and its many ongoing variants. As readers will see, it’s imperative to continuously re-examine the past if we are to have any chance at understanding our present and future direction...