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WATCH: Israel Uses Military Tech Industry to Spy on Americans

U.S. tax payers are unwittingly funding the Israeli Military technology industry.

Israel gets $3.8 billion dollars a year in military aid from American taxpayers; that’s $10 million dollars a day.

Some of this money helps finance the very technology that the Israelis use to spy on American citizens, to steal from American industries, and to betray American politicians.

For example, the “Stingrays” that were found in 2019 tapping the cell towers surrounding the White House, in order to eavesdrop on President Trump’s cellphone conversations, were determined to be Israeli.

More important than the actual conversations, the FBI admits, is the duration of calls and frequency of communication.

Somehow two Israeli companies, Amdocs Ltd and Verint Inc, (formerly Comverse Infosys), control all the call records and billing data of 90% of all the phone calls made in the U.S.



Leaves one to wonder…


…which country came forth and actually admitted this technology even existed! The real value was contained within its own protective cocoon.
Remember the F-117 Stealth fighter? One was shot down over the Baltics and the Chinese were paying citizens hoard of cash for any pieces delivered to them!!!
The Plane lost its Stealth and thus I have seen nothing about the plane ever flying again although everything known about the plane was what a POS it was. Kind of like flying a Freezer Cardboard Box through a Hurricane.
I think the downfall of Israel will ultimately be their Arrogance and Playing the Victim while bombing children is wearing thin globally…

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