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China alarmed by NATO powerhouse Ankara’s expanding pan-Turkic order

The article below, from China’s Global Times, is based on an interview with Yang Jin, associate research fellow at the Institute of Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Studies in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It is followed by excerpts from an article of three days earlier on the Turkish Daily Sabah’s website.

The recently renamed Organization of Turkic States now consists of five members and two observers with a reported fifteen other nations expressing interest in joining, most all of those with Turkic minorities (such as Ukraine and Afghanistan).

China is justifiably concerned, as should be India, recently target along with Armenia and Greece in the Anatolian Eagle air combat exercise held in Turkey with the new Three Brothers axis: Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan (and fourth brother Qatar).

The third nation in what then-Russian prime minister Yevgeny Primakov proposed as a Strategic Triangle of China, India and Russia to counter an emerging global NATO in 1999 (as the military bloc was waging an air war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, its first, though hardly its last, war) is Russia.