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Israel’s Lapid Says ‘Credible Military Threat’ Against Iran Needed

With negotiations to revive the Iran nuclear deal underway, Israel is not happy, and Israeli officials are making that known. In a visit to France on Tuesday, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid called for more sanctions on Iran and a “credible military threat” against the country.

“Sanctions on Iran must not be removed. Sanctions must be tightened, a credible military threat must be applied, because only that will stop its nuclear race,” Lapid told French President Emmanuel Macron.

Lapid and other Israeli officials constantly claim Iran is close to developing a nuclear bomb, and those warnings have stepped up now that the JCPOA talks are back on. On Monday, Israeli media reported that Israel warned the US Iran is preparing to enrich uranium at the 90 percent level needed for weapons-grade. But there’s no evidence that Tehran is considering the move, and the report was clearly timed to coincide with the start of negotiations in Vienna.

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