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WhatReallyHappened.com rocks Newsweek, 
establishes new trend in web news

Tuesday June 04, 2002

By Contributing Author
J. Conti

Interview II with Michael Rivero

Dear readers,

First and foremost, the editorial staff of Bank Index wishes to thank all the people who wrote in regarding the first interview with Michael Rivero. Amazingly, we are told that even as this article is being written, e-mails keep coming in with comments and questions. Accordingly, by popular demand and in an effort to satisfy the hunger of our readers to learn more, we have conducted a second interview. The second interview is being conducted in the wake of what can be said to be one of Michael Rivero's greatest accomplishments to date. 

Single handedly, overcoming countless obstacles, working long hours, pursuing his truth and making his statements Michael Rivero not only has captured the imagination of millions of readers from all over the planet, he has actually accomplished the unimaginable. As reported in Alexa.com, Michael Rivero has surpassed the traffic statistics of one of the most widely read magazines in the world, NEWSWEEK! This is no small accomplishment. It is the type of gargantuan event that can send a powerful message to the media establishment and we don't intend to lose the opportunity. 

Of course, a lot of this has to do with you, the reader, the seeker of truth, the critical thinker, but more importantly it shows that the tide is changing. Even if the larger news organizations refuse to acknowledge it, the tide is changing. This turn of events shows that people are seeking alternative information sources to balance their critical thinking in pursuit of their individual truths. 

Should the whole world know about this accomplishment ? We think so ! Can you help get the word out ? We know so.....

What can you do ? Write to the newspapers, write to the media outlets, post this interview on your websites, e-mail it to your friends, tell your friends and relatives about it, request opinions and ask for comments from the authors and editors of all major media outlets. And above all, send Newsweek a few words asking them to comment. It will be very interesting to find out what they have to say. We will post any replies here at Bank Index. 



Mike, this is truly incredible, we have confirmed that your site has surpassed NEWSWEEK. How is this possible? Please tell us what is going on? 


Obviously I am pleased that What Really Happened has such a large readership compared to Newsweek's web site. But readership at all online news websites, including BankIndex.com, has seen a general upward trend in recent months. It's not just my website that's affected.

What is going on is that the mainstream media has lost its monopoly on the flow of information to the public. The public is aware that the mainstream corporate media serves mainstream corporate interests and they are starting to look for other sources.


Why do you think your viewership has been increasing so fast? 


Disaffection with the conventional media, coupled with a growing awareness of global political turmoil. People don't trust the mainstream media and are turning to alternative sources of information, not necessarily with any more trust and acceptance but simply to satisfy themselves they have all the available facts from all available points of view before they decide what is going on.


Are your readers communicating with you, if so, what are they saying to you? 


The email is overwhelmingly positive, consisting of encouragements, a lot of questions the readers hope I can answer, leads to potential stories, and so forth. 


In your opinion, what is it that makes you so successful at what you do? 

I'm not sure the word "success" applies here. The mission of What Really Happened is to restore a government that is truthful to the people who pay the taxes. Check your Constitution. Nowhere in there is the government authorized to lie to the people and the 10th amendment prevents the government from assuming that power. When the government lies to the people it acts unconstitutionally and illegally.

What Really Happened exists to make the cost of government lies exceed their benefit, and to remind the public that a free people must be a skeptical people. 

What Really Happened will be a success when the government realizes that being truthful is a better way to run a nation than continual deceptions. On that day I'll shut the web site down. It won't be needed any more. 


What do you think news sites can learn from what is happening with you and WhatReallyHappened.com? 


The mainstream news already knows the lesson. The people want hard facts, unfiltered through corporate and political agendas, and to decide for themselves what it all means. 

The American people do NOT want some talking head treating them like children and telling them what they should think about the world. The public will watch the talking heads if they have no other choice. But in the age of the Internet, What Really Happened and the hundreds of sites just like it provide an alternative. 


If you could address the entire media establishment in one venue, what would your message be to them? 


Thomas Jefferson stated that it is the duty of all Americans to keep themselves fully informed, so that they could make good decisions. Originally, the role of the media was to keep the public fully informed. We had a diversity of opinions in the press, and laws that guaranteed a multiplicity of points of view behind those presses and transmitters. 

The media as it exists in the United States today has changed. The laws that guaranteed a multiplicity of points of view were rescinded in the last few decades. Today, all the media in the US is under the direct control of just five corporate entities all with profits and preservation of the status quo as their prime agenda. 

The media has ceased to be a source of information for the public and has taken on the role of deciding what the public knows and does not know. As Richard Salent, Former President of CBS News put it, "Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have." That’s an awesome power, to control what the public “ought” to know. The public has every right to circumvent that control.

The media has been caught intentionally misinforming the public too many times to expect the public to accept what is offered as news at face value. Recent cases over the last few years include John Stossel's report on 20/20 that food at organic health food stores had higher rates of E. Coli infection than food bought at regular supermarket chains, based on lab tests that were never actually conducted. 

Another case where the mainstream media news got involved in an inter-industry battle was the Food Lion scandal, where producers from ABC's Primetime Live, assisted by a union that had failed to unionize Food Lion, filmed a documentary that claimed Food Lion sold unsafe meat. Food Lion had to close 84 stores as a result of the smear, and sued. In court, it was proven that ABC Producer Rick Kaplan had used staged shots, featuring ABC employees posing as both Food Lion employees and customers, to create footage of Food Lion selling tainted meat to customers. ABC paid a multi-million dollar judgment in the case. Kaplan, far from having his career ended by exposure of the ABC deception, left ABC to head CNN news.

Still another famous case was the NBC News story on GM trucks with side-mounted gas tanks, in which NBC used explosives to create the impression that such gas tanks were more dangerous than they really are.

Sometimes such frauds are the result of ambition on the part of reporters. One example is Patricia Smith formerly of the Boston Globe, who invented characters for her news stories to make them more sensational and promote her own career. But in many cases, bogus stories in the mainstream media are the result of Public Relations firms who are promoting their clients' interests often by attacking competitors from behind the facade of a non-profit organization claiming public safety as their concern. This is the origin of stories that fraudulently claim a particular product is unsafe, based on rigged tests, delivered to the editing room as a pre-packaged tape. Most of what passes for news these days is really advertising.


And to the people, what do you say to the American people given such an opportunity? 


Don't trust anyone to tell you the truth. You have to go out and find it for yourself.


If everything you are saying is in fact true, and based on your prolific statistics it would appear that millions of people think so already, then what.....what are we the people supposed to do? Who do we turn to? 


The very LAST thing anyone should do is "turn to" anyone else. That's how we got into this mess; by relying on others to tell us all what reality was. 

The first step towards being free is being self-sufficient and that includes being self-sufficient in finding out what is going on. Yes, it's very convenient to have a good looking face tell you what is going on, but the convenience is really for those who want to control what America thinks by controlling What America knows. 

The American people need to relearn how to trust their own analytical ability, to figure out what is going on. 

As to what Americans should do, they need to start talking to each other and work that out for themselves. Right now the media and the government are working hard to try to cast doubters of the official truths as nuts and kooks.

The American people still have a First Amendment right to speak their minds, but when the government and media can trick and shame people into staying silent, it's just as good as having repealed the amendment itself. Ella Wheeler

Wilcox said it best, "To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men".

Tyrants rule by illusion. No tyrant ever really had the power to crush down his own people that the people believed the tyrant had. Look how fast Romania under Ceaucescu fell apart. All it took was one spontaneous outpouring of anger at a sporting event and the illusion of control was broken. Two weeks later the dictatorship was overthrown. All it took was for the people to remember that they were a people and that in unity they were the strongest force in the nation, far stronger than the government itself.


If we the people choose a different reality for ourselves, one without lies, manipulation, death, war, genocide and suffering, where do we begin, where would you begin? 


I think the Constitution was and is a great beginning, with necessary civil power held at the local levels and strict limits on the Federal government as a whole. Government should be kept weak. The people of the nation have to remember that they ARE the nation, that the government is their servant, not their master, and that ultimately, the choice and the responsibility for what happens to the nation rests with the people.

The other change I think the time has come for is the abandonment of beliefs as a mode of social control. From birth we are all conditioned to accept certain things on faith alone, without proof, without even the demand for proof, often without the expectation that beliefs will make sense. We are taught to believe in honest, benevolent, and truthful government, Santa Claus, life after death with wings and a harp if we'll just tolerate some inconveniences in this one, and so forth. 

Beliefs are chains that hold free minds slaves. No chains of steel ever bound a human tighter than the chains formed of that human's beliefs about who he is and what the world around him is supposed to be, chains which, unlike their steel counterparts, are often invisible to see and hence more difficult to escape from.

History's greatest atrocities took place in the middle of populations who did not see what was going on because their beliefs that the government could not possibly be capable of such evil blinded them.


Many books have been written about a secret government, an "elite" group of dynastic bankers, oil tycoons, and billionaires as being the true rulers of our people. Do you give credibility to this? In fact, your website mentions the oil as one of the main reasons for sending our boys to war...if this is the case....if it's really the oil we are after, who would it go to? Who would be getting the trillions of dollars that 500 years worth of oil supplies under the Caspian Sea Basin would yield? 


It is no secret that people with a great deal of money and power are always making deals to obtain more money and more power and that sometimes those deals do not bear public scrutiny. “Other” interests have clearly subverted our current government or the FBI would not consider those who refer to the Constitution as suspicious.

As for the oil, the real core issue is the economy of the United States. The state and federal governments together are in debt for about $14 - $17 trillion depending on which figures you think are more accurate. The Pentagon has misplaced about $2.3 trillion and the Federal Government misplaced $17.3 billion last year alone for which it cannot account. For the last few years, even during the supposed economic boom of the 90s, the Federal Government has had to loot Social Security to balance the books and create the illusion of a budget surplus for election purposes. As bad as that reckless spending is, the balance of trade to other nations is three times worse. Money is pouring out of this nation to other nations for products, many of which were invented in America but are licensed and manufactured overseas. This creates a dual problem in that not only is American cash flowing out of the US, but so are the jobs and revenues from the manufacturing itself. While the stock market games of the 90s made a small portion of the public wealthy, actual standard of living for most Americans continues to decline. The state and federal governments, caught by their huge debt loads, have to raise taxes on people making less money. Another common media myth is that taxes "soak the rich". They don't. Higher taxes soak EVERYONE. Everyone has to make do with less so that the government can have more.

The nation is hovering on the edge of insolvency with a huge debt to pay and no way to pay it. The federal debt ceiling was raised recently to allow the government to borrow more to prevent a default on the existing loans, but that's little more than when you use one credit card to pay off another that is due. It doesn't solve the problem; it just puts it off a few more days while making the total problem bigger.

This brings us to the oil. Right now the largest single cash flow out of the American economy is into the nations that own the oil. Were that oil to come under American control, the cash flow would reverse. This is the one geopolitical target the acquisition of which could slow the downward slide into bankruptcy of the United States Government. It is a desperate gamble; a gamble which, if lost, will see the government of the United States follow that of the USSR into the dustbin of history. A gamble which if won will only enrich the holders of the debts owed by the government, and will not in any way reduce the degree of tax-slavery under which the American people and their children will continue to suffer.

More to come........................tune in. 

A note to our readers:
To find out for yourself why WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM is taking
the Web by storm...click here.

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