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Ukraine’s generals warned they have run out of reserves to halt Russia’s shock assault on Kharkiv. It comes as Vladimir Putin masses more than half a million troops on the frontline in a bid to overpower Ukraine’s forces.

Ukraine’s military has admitted it is struggling to contain the advance in the northeast of the country.

General Kyrylo Budanov, boss of Kyiv’s military intelligence, said: “I’ve used everything we have.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone else in the reserves.”

Putin’s troops have seized miles of ground in their fastest advances in months.

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Newly-uncovered information reveals that the rate of illegal aliens who evaded capture by the Border Patrol has spiked under Joe Biden compared to the rates under his predecessors.

According to Fox News, the Border Patrol data revealed via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request back in October shows that there were over 1.4 million “gotaways” between Fiscal Year 2010 and Fiscal Year 2020, with the lowest being 86,226 in 2011 and the highest being 171,663 in 2013.

There were 136,808 gotaways in Fiscal Year 2020, the final year of President Donald Trump’s first term. The number then skyrocketed in Fiscal Year 2021 to 387,398, before rising even higher to 606,131 in 2022 and 670,674 in 2023. Thus, there was a total of approximately 1.6 million gotaways between Fiscal Years 2021 and 2023 alone, higher than the number over the course of the entire previous decade.

Sources within Customs and Border Protection (CBP) say that there have already been at least 175,000 gotaways in Fiscal Year 2024.

“That number is a large number, but what’s keeping me up at night is the 140,000 known gotaways,” said Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens back in March.

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Joe Biden couldn’t survive a 2024 presidential election campaign battle without special treatment. The media has babied him during his entire term in office, never hitting him with hard questions about all his failures.

That trend will continue as the election heats up for the summer. Biden and former President Donald Trump are set for their first debate on June 27 and another on September 10. And the debates are heavily weighted in Biden’s favor before they ever start.

Biden recently released a video that said “make my day” in response to Trump’s challenge to debate him anytime, anywhere. Biden’s handlers and the media did make his day by demanding special treatment that hobbles Trump’s ability to rip apart the feeble incumbent.

From Fox News:
Here are each of the restrictions the Biden campaign is demanding:

No audience. The new debates between Trump and Biden must take place in a television studio with just the candidates and the moderator present.

No RFK Jr. or any other third-party candidate. “The debates should be one-on-one, allowing voters to compare the only two candidates with any statistical chance of prevailing in the Electoral College — and not squandering debate time on candidates with no prospect of becoming President,” Biden’s team wrote.

Limited news outlets. This rule set limits the networks that can host a debate to CNN, ABC, CBS or Telemundo.

Candidate microphones must mute after time expires. “A candidate’s microphone should only be active when it is his turn to speak, to promote adherence to the rules and orderly proceedings,” Biden’s campaign wrote.

Biden’s handlers must have thought Trump wouldn’t agree to debate under these insane restrictions. Much to their dismay, Trump accepted with CNN set to host the first debate.

Trump made it clear that he will take on the old man in the White House and deliver what his supporters want from him.

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The man with the slickest hair in politics just can’t get enough… bad news. Gavin Newsom, the tyrannical governor of California, was hit with more negative details about how his failed policies have harmed The Golden State.

When this character took office, every leftist hailed him as the golden boy and possibly the future president of the United States. But after years of missteps and policies that sent the state further into financial turmoil, Newsom lost his swagger and appeal.

What he has found is a new title as a failure who has sent California spiraling into the proverbial financial toilet. Newsom now leads a state that is falling deeper into a financial deficit.

From Fox News:
Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing criticism from his Republican colleagues after he announced the budget deficit is actually $7 billion worse than his initial projections, bringing the total shortfall to nearly $74 billion.

“The Legislative Analysts Office (LAO) had an estimate that is significantly higher,” Republican vice chair of the state budget committee Roger Niello told Fox News Digital in an interview. “The ledge analyst is impartial, and has a long history of being relatively accurate on things like this and prudent, and why the governor continues to insist on using a significantly smaller deficit and even saying that he thinks the LAO is wrong is just puzzling to me.”

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According to Wikipedia, the bottom 50 percent of the U.S. population only has 2.6 percent of the wealth.  And that number is from 2021, and so things are almost certainly even worse today.  All of this economic suffering is helping to fuel a deeply alarming explosion of theft and violence in our major cities, and our leaders don’t seem to have any solutions.

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Remember all the collusion stories we wrote about the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and its efforts to control free speech through social media infiltration? Well, we have learned that the censorship has resumed ahead of the 2024 election.

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A bill aimed at booting illegal immigrants out of the U.S. if they assault a police officer passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday evening.

It's one of several pieces of legislation that House Republican leaders are putting up for a vote this week as part of National Police Week.

The bill passed with a 265 to 148 vote, with 54 Democrats voting with the GOP.

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Two things have become painfully clear on Capitol Hill this week: Lawmakers and staffers say sexual harassment is “rampant” – but even members of Congress have no idea just how widespread the problem is.

The controversial and sensitive issue has taken center stage in Congress this week, with female lawmakers making fresh allegations of sexual harassment against unnamed members who are currently in office, and the unveiling of a new bill on Wednesday to change how sexual harassment complaints are reported and resolved. On Thursday, a woman shared her story of being groped and kissed without her consent by Sen. Al Franken in 2006.

So far, there’s been little specific data to help illuminate just how pervasive sexual harassment is on Capitol Hill, but one figure has emerged: the total that the Office of Compliance, the office that handles harassment complaints, has paid to victims.

On Thursday, the Office of Compliance released additional information indicating that it has paid victims more than $17 million since its creation in the 1990s. That includes all settlements, not just related to sexual harassment, but also discrimination and other cases.

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