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High-Ranking NATO military officers were killed last night by  2 Iskander missile strikes launched against the Warehouse they were meeting in.

The two massive explosions also took out newly-arrived American military hardware, destined for the Ukrainian Army.

The Novaya Pochta warehouse in Odessa is seen burning in the image above, after the missiles struck.

Casualties are considered "very high" given the number of Ambulances and nearby NATO helicopters apparently sent to evacuate the wounded -- or dead.

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Israel has warned the US that it will punish the Palestinian Authority and cause its collapse if the International Criminal Court (ICC) issues arrest warrants for the Jewish state’s leaders, Axios reported on Thursday.

Several media outlets reported last month that the ICC could charge Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and several other top-ranking officials with war crimes over the ongoing military campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

Israel launched its massive offensive following the October 7 attack by the radical group, which claimed the lives of around 1,200 Israelis. The response by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the densely populated Palestinian enclave has come under increasing scrutiny and has been widely criticized – even by the country’s US and European allies.

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The French threat to potentially deploy troops in Ukraine is necessary as a “strategic wake up call for my counterparts,” President Emmanuel Macron has claimed. He also repeated his assertion that Russia should not be allowed to win in the conflict.

The French leader reiterated his attempt to use a “strategic ambiguity” approach to the situation by maintaining that the option of deploying troops was on the table. He first made the suggestion after hosting an international meeting on Ukraine in February.

“If Russia wins in Ukraine, there will be no security in Europe,” Macron stated in an interview with The Economist, published on Thursday.

“I’m not ruling anything out, because we are facing someone who is not ruling anything out,” he told the magazine, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Repayment of BTFP loans increased slightly last week, but there’s still around $125 billion outstanding. Weekly data on assets and liabilities for commercial banks indicate a significant gap in their balance sheets, suggesting the banking crisis isn’t over. The Fed Discount Window saw a 27% increase to $6.79 billion this week, with a focus on smaller banks and their strategies for solvency. 

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Executive summary:  Steve Kitsch Via Epoch Times:

An Epoch Times story released today revealed that the CDC deliberately lied to the public about the safety of the COVID vaccines. When asked about the deaths, the CDC lied to the public and falsely claimed that they had no evidence that the COVID vaccines have killed anyone.

The CDC lied. People died.

The evidence is crystal clear that the COVID vaccines are causing massive damage to people’s hearts and brains.

In this article, I’ll show you the evidence for afib and aortic aneurysms which are two important side effects that are obviously caused by the COVID vaccine and, just like death, are being ignored by the CDC.

The key part of the story

“U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials found evidence that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines caused multiple deaths before claiming that there was no evidence linking the vaccines to any deaths, The Epoch Times has learned.

CDC employees worked to track down information on reported post-vaccination deaths and learned that myocarditis—or heart inflammation, a confirmed side effect of the vaccines—was listed on death certificates and in autopsies for some of the deaths, according to an internal file obtained by The Epoch Times.

Despite the findings, most of which were made by the end of 2021, the CDC claimed that it had seen no signs linking the Moderna and Pfizer messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines to any deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).”

Wow. “Seen no signs.”

Are they blind?

In other words… if they don’t agree with the evidence, they simply claim it does not exist


The CDC had evidence the vaccines were killing people but they convinced themselves that these were just coincidences and not related to the vaccine.

So, in the CDC’s view, when young healthy people simply drop dead unexpectedly in their sleep within 24 hours after getting the COVID shot, that would not be considered to be any evidence that the vaccine might have killed them.

It’s fair to say that their statements about not having any evidence were simply false and misleading.

They should have said “We have evidence that hundreds of people have died from the vaccine, but we don’t believe any of it” which would at least be more accurate.

I spoke to the Epoch Times reporter who wrote the story. He was never able to speak with anyone at the CDC live. It was all via email. These people are all afraid of a live interview.

The death of the son of a prominent physician

VAERS recently started an investigation into this death which was first reported to VAERS 3 years ago (and re-reported because the original never appeared in the system).

His father is a very prominent and capable physician at one of the top medical schools in the country. His father is 100% certain the COVID vaccine killed his son, but he’s not speaking out publicly about it.

I was on the phone with a VAERS investigator who was investigating this “high priority” report that was filed 3 years ago.

She admitted they are understaffed but “catching up.”

OK, so they’re basically 3 years behind in investigating the highest priority deaths to determine whether they were caused by a vaccine or not.

This particular death was a perfectly healthy 52-year man with no comorbidities who died in his sleep just 5 days after his first dose.

He got a first dose of Pfizer, felt horrible, had a heart attack on the day of the shot and was sicker than a dog after that. He died 5 days later from an aortic aneurysm.

From the VAERS report:

“The HCP explained that 3 months after his father got injured from the vaccine, the son of doctor 2, who was young and healthy, decided to get the vaccine despite his dad having cardiac issues and then he had a heart attack that day and died five days later.”

His father had afib right after his first shot. He had an ablation to fix the afib. He was urged to get a second shot and developed afib immediately after the second shot.

Do you see a pattern here? Shot—> afib, Shot —> afib.

The CDC doesn’t see a connection. They think this is just a coincidence.

Bottom line: This death was caused by the COVID vaccine, but the father and mother won’t speak publicly about it


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Twenty five years ago this week, NATO bombed Montenegro’s main airport. It came amid airstrikes on Yugoslav forces in Kosovo,  where Bill Clinton and Tony Blair waged a “humanitarian intervention” ostensibly to save ethnic Albanians from Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic.

Yet a 61-year-old woman, Paska Juncaj, was killed in the strikes on Montenegro’s capital Podgorica, which lasted for 24 hours.

“Shrapnel hit her in the head while she was on the way to an air raid shelter with her son,” a hospital official told Reuters.

Three others were injured – one seriously – and two houses destroyed after a cluster bomb missed its target.

Bombing Montenegro at all was controversial, because the country was friendly to NATO.

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The top United Nations court on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected Nicaragua's request for an emergency order directing Germany to halt arms sales to Israel as it wages what the tribunal previously called a "plausibly" genocidal war against Palestinians in Gaza.

International Court of Justice (ICJ) judges voted 15-1 against the Nicaraguan motion, finding an absence of legal conditions for issuing an order blocking Germany from selling arms to Israel.

"Based on the factual information and legal arguments presented by the parties, the court concludes that, at present, the circumstances are not such as to require the exercise of its power... to indicate provisional measures," ICJ President Nawaf Salam wrote in the ruling.

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The federal judge presiding over a case filed by three Iraqis who were tortured by U.S. military contractors in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison two decades ago declared a mistrial Thursday after jurors were unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

After eight days of deliberation—a longer period than the trial itself—the eight civil jurors in Alexandria deadlocked over whether employees of CACI conspired with soldiers to torture detainees. The Virginia-based professional services and information technology firm was hired in 2003 during the George W. Bush administration to provide translators and interrogators in Iraq during the U.S.-led invasion and occupation, conspired with soldiers to torture detainees.

U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema—who said Wednesday that "it's a very difficult case"—declared a mistrial.

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Source: bloomberg.ca Turkey stopped all trade with Israel as of Thursday, according to two Turkish officials familiar with the matter, adding to already high-running tensions between the once-close allies over the war in Gaza. The move expands last month’s restriction on some Turkish exports to Israel, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan steps up criticism of the Jewish state and tries to consolidate support among conservative voters at home. Ankara hasn’t formally announced the suspension and it wasn’t clear under what conditions trade would resume. Trade between the countries was worth $6.8 billion in 2023, of which 76% was Turkish exports, according to the Turkish statistical institute. “This is the behavior of a dictator who tramples the interests of the Turkish people and business community, while ignoring international trade agreements.” Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz said in a post on X. The Israeli government will work to create immediate alternatives for trade with Turkey by increasing local manufacturing and finding other suppliers, he said. Turkey’s biggest export to Israel in 2023 was iron and steel. It’s biggest import was refined oil products, according to the Turkish statistical institute. 

Claire's Observations: Foreign Minister Katz, you are characterizing Erdogan's move here as "...The behaviour of a dictator..."?!? So would you please tell me why the genocide of thousands of Gazans, courtesy of the IDF, is NOT "...the behaviour of a dictator...."?!? Sorry, Foreign Minister Katz, apparently you didn't get the memo that the Israel genocide of Palestinians is a war crime. And my brother and sister Americans, please remember; upon Biden's signing the AAA, the posting of, and commenting on such stories, will be prohibited under US law.

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Over the past several decades, America’s culture has been transformed at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking.  When I was growing up, I was convinced that I believed in a shared set of national values that most other Americans also embraced.  But in our day and age those values have been discarded and now people that see the world the way that I do are clearly not in the majority any longer.  I know that a lot of people out there may not want to hear that our national values have been turned upside down, but it is the truth.  Those that sought to “fundamentally transform” this country have succeeded, and at this point “American values” are vastly different from the “American values” that I cherished as a young boy.  The following are 7 numbers that clearly reveal the direction that America has chosen…

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by Tyler Durden

House GOP investigators are investigating several individuals related to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's case against former President Trump, including one top prosecutor who was previously a senior DOJ official during the Biden administration, and a 2023 video of another prosecutor pleading the 5th (privilege against self-incrimination) when asked if he broke any laws while investigating President Trump.

Mark F. Pomerantz once helped run the Manhattan criminal investigation of Donald J. Trump, but quit in frustration and wrote a book about the experience. Credit...William B. Plowman/NBC, via Getty Images

When asked by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) if he knowingly broke any laws while investigating President Trump, ex-Bragg prosecutor Mark. F. Pomerantz invoked the right during a May 1, 2023 deposition.


Claire's Observations:  I could laugh at this obvious shill doing his "bit" allegedly for "God and Country" ; but the problem, as always, is stopping.

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The far-left “green” agenda isn’t just after your car or gas stove. Radical progressives are demanding whole-life changes to “save” the planet. In reality, they are simply trying to use the climate to impose more and more socialist policies onto American families.

The biggest offenders, in their minds, are meat eaters. Carnivore Americans are “destroying” the earth. Even a UN summit from last year demanded the U.S. to stop consuming red meat.

Liberal companies have pushed “meat alternatives” to win us over. These products, made from heavily processed plants, are supposed to taste like real meat. Everyone from grocery stores to restaurants is pushing this stuff. But it looks like Americans are just not interested.

From The Post Millennial:
A new report released by the Good Food Institute (GFI) has found that sales of plant-based alternatives to real meat, seafood, eggs, and dairy in the United States declined in 2023…

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ince Joe Biden entered office, conflict and war have exploded around the world. Critics, including Donald Trump, claim this is because of Biden’s apparent weakness on the global stage.

Biden appears to be trying to repair his image by throwing billions at overseas conflicts. He wants Americans bankrolling Ukraine’s war with Russia—despite providing no plan on how to end the bloodshed.

Despite all the spending, global conflict is getting worse. In the vacuum of leadership created by the Biden White House, other countries are being forced to step up and lead. And this one world leader just announced that the Ukraine war could get much worse, very soon.

From Breitbart:
French President Emmanuel Macron restated a previous commitment of making troops available for Ukraine, using an interview published Thursday to detail the issue would “legitimately” arise if Russia broke through Ukrainian front lines and Kyiv made such a request…

“I’m not ruling anything out, because we are facing someone who is not ruling anything out,” said Macron when asked if he stood by comments earlier this year not excluding the sending of Western troops that sent shockwaves around Europe.

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The White House dusted Joe Biden off and gave him a 3-minute speech to condemn months of antisemitism and hate. He claimed America is not a “lawless country.” He called for order to prevail, but he did not mention any action by his administration, including using the National Guard to end these protests.

While he said there is “no place” for antisemitism on campuses, he was quick to defend Muslims against “Islamophobia,” despite a total lack of such a thing during these protests. Pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas groups are singling out Jews, putting them in harm’s way. Nobody has done the same to Muslims.

Biden did not mention whether the DOJ is investigating these protests, even though signs point to outside influence. After the short comments, conservative leaders were quick to call out a major flaw in Biden’s claims.

From Fox News:
A 2020 social media post by then-presidential candidate Joe Biden blaming then-President Donald Trump for violence in the U.S. is drawing renewed criticism after violence has erupted on college campuses nationwide stemming from anti-Israel protests.

“Joe Biden has looked the other way as Democrat foot soldiers hijack universities across America,” Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe [said]…

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By Thomas Brooke of RMXnews.com

In an exclusive interview with Remix News, Gerolf Annemans, the Vlaams Belang MEP and president of the European Identity and Democracy group, warns that even greater censorship of conservatives is just around the corner, and tells right-wing groups what they must do to ensure their message continues to be heard

Conservative political parties across Europe should begin contingency planning for the inevitable time in the near future when right-wing platforms are the victims of mass censorship by an increasingly desperate liberal establishment, a senior Belgian nationalist lawmaker told Remix News at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Hungary last week

“Globally, we expect that we have to seek alternatives. That’s why we now organize visiting homes on a very large scale. We are shifting toward means that give us the opportunity to reach the electorate even if we are cut off on social media,” said Vlaams Belang MEP Gerolf Annemans.

“We have new means to talk to the people. People want to hear us. So, the people are open to hear and to listen to us and we adapt to the situation. We expect social media to be shut down for normal political communication,” the MEP warned.

Vlaams Belang is a Flemish nationalist party that proposes independence for the region of Flanders from the rest of Belgium. It has had considerable success on social media in recent years, particularly on Facebook where it has amassed 620,000 followers, helping the party push its core messages and propel itself to the top of the polls in the region. Furthermore, the party is the most popular party with young people, and a key element of that popularity is the party’s efforts on TikTok and Facebook, including substantial monetary investments into the platforms.

The right may be forced off social media

However, this success, which many other right-wing parties have enjoyed on social media, will inevitably result in a backlash. Annemans warned that a major crackdown was coming against those across the European Union whose views deviate from the typical left-wing mainstream and that conservative parties need to find workarounds, including face-to-face meetings with the public.

In fact, Annemans, who is also the current president of the European grouping Identity and Democracy (ID), believes radical measures to suppress conservative mouthpieces are just around the corner.

“We invest where we can and we use the means that we have, but of course that cannot rely [on social media] for more than a few years because we see what the European Union is doing with the Digital Services Act,” he said.

The Digital Services Act is the European Union’s attempt to regulate social media, placing requirements on digital platforms to monitor content and remove that deemed to fall short of being “socially desirable.” The vague definitions of “harmful content” and “disinformation” could result in tech platforms acting in an overzealous manner in order to avoid financial penalties imposed by the European Commission for failing to comply with the regulation.

Annemans accused the European Commission of giving Thierry Breton, the French commissioner leading the social media crackdown, “the means that are part of a Soviet dictatorship model to intervene with the political communications of opponents. Macron’s opponents, but in Belgium, of course, the opponents of the left-liberal regime.”

The draconian measures have led to Vlaams Belang looking at how else it can spread its message and is reverting to the traditional political campaigning method of door-to-door canvassing.

Claire's Observations:  American conservatives need to look and listen to what these folks are saying and doing,  as they are looking at the same kind of ideological suppression against Conservatives which Europe's conservatives are about to be experiencing.

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The lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, Keith Davidson, said in court that the payment given to Daniels was not “hush money.” He read a statement that said the rumors that the money was “hush money” were “completely false.” The money was a “consideration” not a payment to keep the woman silent, it appears.

A “consideration” is a term in legal contracts for something given in return for the promise of abiding by a contract. The payment was called “legal fees” in Trump’s accounting, which is what Democrats claim was fraud.

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Asylum seekers are rallying against New York City as it seeks to enforce its 30 day limit on shelter stays. The problem is that asylum applications can take months, and work permission takes even longer, leaving many people who traveled to America to start new lives sadly stuck in limbo as their safety net disappears.

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by Tyler Durden

Friday, May 03, 2024 - 01:45 AM

Gaza will need rebuilding on scale not seen since World War 2, the United Nations has said in a new report which seeks to assess the immense scale and scope of damage after almost seven months of war.

The report released by the UN Development Program (UNDP) said that Gaza needs "approximately 80 years to restore all the fully destroyed housing units" and that rebuilding all that's been destroyed in the Strip could even drag into the next century.

Via AP

"Unprecedented levels of human losses, capital destruction, and the steep rise in poverty in such a short period of time will precipitate a serious development crisis that jeopardizes the future of generations to come," UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner said in a statement.

The report tallies that some 80,000 homes have been fully destroyed while at least 370,000 have been damaged. The UN also indicated there's a possibility that rebuilding could be completed by 2040, but only if "construction materials are delivered five times as fast as in the last crisis in 2021" and if there war were to immediately stop.

According to more via Reuters, "In a scenario where the war lasts nine months, poverty is set to increase from 38.8% of Gaza's population at the end of 2023 to 60.7%, dragging a large portion of the middle class below the poverty line, the report said."

One UN official referenced in international reports said that Israel's bombardment of the Strip has resulted in a "moonscape" of destruction.

As of Thursday, Gaza's Health Ministry says that 34,596 mostly civilians have died since Israel launched its offensive in retaliation for the Hamas terror attacks, while over 77,000 have been wounded. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have tallied some 13,000 militants killed during the operation. Each side disputes these casualty figures.

Meanwhile, at a moment famine threatens to take many more lives, the Pentagon says it is nearly completion of the $320 million floating pier which will get maritime food aid into Gaza.

Claire's Observations:  Once the AAA is passed and signed by the President, the reporting of such stories will become illegal in the US.

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by Tyler Durden

Friday, May 03, 2024 - 03:15 AM

Previously we detailed the ongoing Saudi crackdown on the potential for an 'Islamist uprising' in response to Arab Gulf countries normalizing relations with Israel. So far, the UAE has normalized, and Bahrain too, and now Saudi Arabia is said to be on the cusp.

On Thursday there emerged reports of an unprecedented first: a group by the name of the "Islamic Resistance in Bahrain" has claimed its first ever attack on Israel in retaliation for Israeli military operations in Gaza.

The group identifying itself in Arabic as Saraya al-Ashtar or al-Ashtar Brigades launched drones against the southern Israeli port city of Eilat. It reportedly happened on Saturday, but has only late this week been announced by the relatively unknown group.

The group announced that it "targeted the headquarters of the company responsible for land transportation in the Zionist entity [Trucknet] in the city of Umm al-Rashrash [Eilat] in occupied Palestine" - as cited in Al Jazeera. Eilat has been a frequent target of Yemen's Houthis amid the ongoing Red Sea crisis.

The Israeli land transport company 'Trucknet" is very active in Arab Gulf countries and is seen as a vital element in restoring Israel-Gulf ties. It is as yet unclear from where the Bahraini group launched the attack. There's a likelihood it was operating from Yemeni territory.

This attack is likely intended to disrupt both diplomatic and economic ties between Bahrain and Israel:

Trucknet, which is an Israeli transport company, signed an agreement in March to transfer oil between Israel and Arab countries. Saraya al-Ashtar is designated as a “terrorist” organisation by the US, which says it has ties with Iran.

In September Israel took the unprecedented step of opening an embassy in Bahrain based on Abraham Accords talks. However the Gaza war in the wake of Oct.7 disrupted things, and Bahrain recalled its ambassador from Israel. Yet later, by December, Bahrain signaled that it remains committed to normalized ties with Israel. 

The wealthy island-nation which sits just off the Saudi coast plays host to the US Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT), as well as the US 5th Fleet and others


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Jim Jordan Drops "Smoking Gun" Over White House 'Lab Leak' Suppression At Facebook

by Tyler Durden

Thursday, May 02, 2024 - 07:10 PM

Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) has released several new pieces of previously unseen information revealing what Elon Musk called a "smoking gun" in regards White House pressure on Facebook to censor the lab leak theory of Covid-19.

First, Jordan shares a text message from Mark Zuckerberg to Sheryl Sandberg, Nick Clegg and Joel Kaplan - the company's highest-ranking executives at the time, in which he asks if Facebook can tell the world that "the [Biden] WH put pressure on us to censor the lab leak theory?" - hours after Biden accused Facebook of "killing people."

Claire's Observations:  Unflipping believable, but thoroughly predictable, from By-di-Bye's minions.


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by blueapples

A quote apocryphally attributed to Huey Long rues the premise that "when fascism comes to the United States, it will be draped in the American flag." After the passage of H.R. 6090: the Antisemitism Awareness Act with overwhelming bipartisan support, it appears that fascism has come to the United States after all, albeit draped in an Israeli flag instead.

Although the Antisemitism Awareness Act has yet to pass the Senate or be signed into law by President Biden, its stamp of approval by the uniparty seemingly makes that an inevitability. Of the 91 nay votes against the bill, only 21 of those were made by Republicans (compared to 70 by Democrats), a brazen example of hypocrisy from the party that has held itself in regard as the nation's last vanguard of free speech given the law's assault on the First Amendment. In addition to the obvious problems the bill poses regarding freedom of speech, further examination of it reveals the stark reality that its parameters could be construed to violate American's freedom of religion.

The legislation draws upon the definition of antisemitism adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, effectively codifying the parameters set forth by a NGO as US law. Of those parameters, one presents a clear and obvious violation of the first amendment protection guaranteeing free expression of religion. That facet of the IHRA definition of antisemitism includes "Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis.

"In Folio 43A of the Gemara, the rabbinical commentary on the Mishnah tractate Sanhedrin which deals with the Jewish court system and laws related to it includes an account of the trial execution of Jesus of Nazareth. According to Sanhedrin 43a of the Talmud, Jesus of Nazareth was tried and executed by the Jewish leaders of the Sanhedrin for the crimes of sorcery, heresy, and sedition. Unlike the New Testament, which chroniclers the Sanhedrin bringing Jesus to Roman Governor Pontius Pilate to compel him to crucify Christ, the Talmud asserts that it was the Sanhedrin itself which carried out his execution by way of lapidation (stoning one to death).

The Talmud goes on to make further commentary on Jesus, namely that he was raised from the dead by a necromancer named Onkelos. In speaking to Onkelos, rabbis assert Christ revealed that he had been sent to Hell (Shoal in Judaism) to be boiled in excrement as punishment for his crimes before being saved from that eternal damnation by being resurrected by the necromancer."

What makes this part of the Talmud so paradoxical in light of the Antisemitism Awareness Act is that this tenet of Judaism quite literally fits into the IHRA definition of antisemitism. That would paradoxically mean that in addition to expressing the Christian belief of blood libel, expressing one's belief in Sanhedrin 43a of the Talmud may also constitute a crime. More bluntly, the plain meaning of law's statutory construction could be used to quite literally categorize certain tenets of Judaism as antisemitic.

With the Antisemitism Awareness Act poised to become the law of the land, enacting it will most likely be the first step of its journey to the chambers of the Supreme Court. Challenges to the law on the grounds of the first amendment protections afforded to freedom of speech and religion will seek to have the Antisemitism Awareness Act nullified on the basis of it being unconstitutional. Though that much has already been foreseen since the House Of Representatives passed H.R. 6090, little did critics of the law know that they would have an argument against its constitutionality ironically based on Judaism.


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