The former football coach of the suspect in the Highland Park, Illinois, parade shooting Monday says he remembers all kinds of red flags — although not about the alleged shooter. Instead, it was the suspect’s parents who made Jeremy Cahnmann nervous.

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Kamala Harris on Tuesday made a ‘surprise’ visit to the scene of the Highland Park, Illinois mass shooting.

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Rhode Island Democrat state senator Tiara Mack twerked upside down in a thong bikini in her latest campaign video posted to TikTok.

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Republicans are making moves left and right these days when it comes to the ever-controverted transgender question. Of course, Republicans sympathize with the concerns of those who experience a discontinuity in their mental identity and their biological identity. We love them and we wish them the best — genuinely.

But as Republicans, we are against indoctrinating children into this rather new ideology. That principle held good today when two Republicans promoted a bill allowing transitioned people to sue the doctors who transitioned them.

Children are too young to make the sorts of decisions that go into a typical gender reconstructive surgery. These are life-altering decisions, and one cannot decide lightly on these matters. Our justice system hinges on the idea that children cannot make a number of rationally deliberative decisions that adults can.

This applies, for instance, to sexual consent. So, Republicans, when they war against gender ideology and its every increased infatuation with younger children, are actually appealing to a much older principle that nearly everyone accepts. We all know children. We know how they act, how fleeting and unfixed their desires are. It is not fair to them to allow them to make such a life-altering decision at such a young age.

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Authorities revealed Tuesday afternoon that the suspect who allegedly shot dozens of people at a parade on Monday had a history of run-ins with law enforcement officials.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Christopher Covelli disclosed the information at a press conference after the 21-year-old dressed in drag and killed seven people and wounded more than a dozen others at a parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

The Daily Wire is not naming the suspect due to company policy about not giving notoriety to mass killers because studies suggest that the media’s coverage of mass shootings sparks more mass shootings.

“I’m going to relay some information from two prior instances that occurred here in Highland Park,” Covelli said. “The first was in April of 2019. An individual contacted Highland Park Police Department a week after learning of [the suspect] attempting suicide. This was a delayed report, so Highland Park still responded to the residence a week later, spoke with [the suspect], spoke with [the suspect’s] parents, and the matter was being handled by mental health professionals at that time, there was no law enforcement action to be taken. It was a mental health issue and handled by those professionals.”

“The second occurred in September of 2019,” Covelli continued. “A family member reported that [the suspect] said he was going to kill everyone and [the suspect] had a collection of knives. The police responded to his residence, the police removed 16 knives, a dagger, and a sword from [the suspect’s] home. At that time, there was no probable cause to arrest, there were no complaints that were signed by any of the victims. The Highland Park Police Department, however, did immediately notify the Illinois State Police of the incident.”

One of the suspect’s neighbors said that there were signs “for a long time” that something would happen. “There were always police cars at the house. The parents were arguing, fighting all the time.”

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For years, Texas Republicans tried to win the Hispanic vote using a Bush-era brand of compassionate conservatism. The idea was that a moderate’s touch and a softer rhetoric on immigration were key to making inroads with Hispanic voters, particularly in Democratic strongholds along the southern border.

Such was the Texas of old. The Trump age has given rise to a new brand of Texas Republicans, one of whom is already walking the halls of Congress: the far-right Latina.

Representative Mayra Flores became the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley in more than a century after she won a special election last month and flipped the congressional seat from blue to red. She also became the first Latina Republican ever sent by Texas to Congress. Her abbreviated term lasts only through the end of the year, and she is seen as a long shot to win re-election to a full one.

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In recent years there has been a sudden and dramatic rise in the number of children being referred to gender clinics for gender dysphoria—the experience of distress caused by a perceived mismatch between one’s biological sex and “gender identity.” This is likely due to the equally sudden rise of a radical new ideology—gender ideology—which is a set of beliefs asserting that whether someone is a man/boy or woman/girl is entirely rooted in one’s subjective “gender identity” as opposed to one’s objective biological sex. In practice, “gender identity” reflects an individual’s affinity to, or rejection of, masculine and/or feminine stereotypes.

This truly radical reconceptualization of what it means to be a man, woman, boy, or girl, does not come without equally radical and harmful consequences. The harm results from the fact that the completely natural and common tendency of some individuals of each sex to exhibit gender nonconforming personalities and behavior is now being incorrectly interpreted as being transgender—a psychological condition that requires treatment.

The current standard of care is called “gender-affirming therapy,” which is the practice of immediately accepting and accommodating a child’s new identity without question or exploration of causal factors. Initially this often means participating in the child’s social transition, which can involve calling the child by a new name, using new pronouns, and allowing them access to spaces (e.g. bathrooms) that “match” their claimed identity. Following social transition, the next step often involves taking puberty blockers to halt further body development, and then cross-sex hormones and surgical interventions such as double mastectomies (removal of breasts) in girls, or orchiectomies (removal of testicles) in boys.

Children are often radicalized into gender ideology on social media sites such as TikTok, and suddenly “come out” as trans to their parents and insist on being addressed by a new name and pronouns. Many scared and confused parents—mostly mothers—go online to seek advice from other parents in similar situations, and private Facebook Groups dedicated to supporting parents of transgender kids are a common landing place. But these groups are invariably composed of activists who emotionally manipulate distressed and frightened parents into suppressing their natural parental instincts by telling them their child is likely to commit suicide if they do not immediately affirm their new identities.

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Kentucky’s Supreme Court turned down a request from the commonwealth’s Republican attorney general to reimpose an abortion ban this week after a lower court previously blocked its implementation, according to a report.

The Lexington Herald-Leader said that Chief Justice John Minton denied the motion by Attorney General Daniel Cameron late Monday, with Minton noting that his order “expresses no opinion on the substantive issues of this matter.”

Chief Justice John Minton denied the motion and noted that the AG’s order “expresses no opinion on the substantive issues of this matter.”

Kentucky Court of Justice

Kentucky’s trigger law — like a handful of others across the country — took effect on June 24 when the US Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, its 1973 decision guaranteeing a woman’s right to have an abortion nationwide.

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According to the report, millions of barrels of oil from the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) were exported to Europe and Asia in June as the U.S. continued to face an economic crisis.

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Environmental activists glued their hands to a copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting to protest climate change and fossil fuels at the Royal Academy art gallery in London Tuesday.

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 Last week Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told reporters that the current inflation rate was unpredictable.

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Police in Georgia reportedly are investigating an explosion Wednesday targeting the Georgia Guidestones monument, which the state says is known as "America's Stonehenge." 

Images circulating on social media purportedly show significant damage to the granite tourist attraction in northeastern Elbert County. 

The Elbert County Sheriff's Office is among the law enforcement agencies investigating and a bomb squad has been called to the scene, according to Fox5 Atlanta. 

"Known as America's Stonehenge, this 19-foot-high monument displays a 10-part message espousing the conservation of mankind and future generations in 12 languages," according to a description on the state of Georgia’s tourism website.  

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Part of a mysterious Georgia monument was destroyed overnight, leading to an active police investigation in Elberton, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Channel 2 Action News viewer shared photos of the Georgia Guidestones in which a part of the monument appears to have crumbled. Elberton police and the GBI are investigating how the monument was destroyed.

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Moscow has denied reports of Turkish customs seizing or arresting a Russian dry-cargo ship carrying grain near Karasu Port, as Ukrainian officials have claimed.

During a briefing on Wednesday, the deputy director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Aleksey Zaitsev, stated that the vessel, the Zhibek Zholy, was merely going through all the standard procedures before entering a port.

“According to Russia’s embassy in Turkey, the ship is currently in the roadstead of the port of Karasu and is undergoing standard procedures, including sanitary control,” Zaitsev stated. He further explained that based on the results of these inspections, the Turkish authorities will make a decision on whether or not to let the ship enter the port. Zaitsev noted that no matter the decision, there is absolutely no talk about detention or arrest of the vessel.

The ship’s crew members have also denied being arrested or detained by Turkish officials. Speaking to TASS on Tuesday, one member stated that none of the standard detention procedures have been carried out against the vessel, adding that it is at anchor due to bad weather.

“During a detention procedure, the ship is usually brought into the port under guard, meaning that it should specifically be done under the jurisdiction of Turkey’s guards if something really did happen. No arrest was made. The ship is simply at anchor due to weather conditions. A surveyor arrived on the ship, checked the cargo. This always happens,” the crew member explained.

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 If having a great report card on gun control prevented gun tragedies, Highland Park, Illinois, would not be trending in America this week. But it is. And voices are demanding that while the political back-and-forth over gun control plays out in Washington, someone deal with the real problems.

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The suspect in the July 4 massacre in Highland Park, Ill. was able to purchase firearms despite having been flagged as a "clear and present danger" by police in 2019. This came after police were called to the shooter's family's home.

"In September 2019, ISP received a Clear and Present Danger report on the subject from the Highland Park Police Department. The report was related to threats the subject made against his family," Illinois State Police said in a statement.

September 2019 saw police attend the Crimo home and asked the suspect if he was interested in harming himself. He said no, and the officers took his collection of knives. Later, the suspect's father Bob Crimo, said that the knives were his and they were returned to the home.

At the time, no arrests were made, and the family was "not willing to move forward on a complaint," nor did they "provide information on threats of mental health that would have allowed law enforcement to take additional action." A Firearms Restraining Order was not filed, "nor any order of protection."

Three months after this incident, the suspect was able to get a Firearm Owners Identification card, sponsored by the suspect's father, as the suspect was under 21.

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 In January Fulton County Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis requested a special grand jury in her investigation into former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn Georgia’s fraudulent 2020 election results.

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ADepartment of Energy employee has reportedly alleged that the agency allowed “substantial irregularities” to influence its hiring process of Samuel Brinton, a controversial appointee whose work as a drag queen and LGBTQ+ activist has come under scrutiny.

The National Pulse first revealed Brinton’s drag queen alter ego – “Sister Ray Dee O’Active” – in early February. Yesterday, we revealed how Brinton had defended underage gay prostitution website in a 2015 op-ed.

On February 2nd, an anonymous Department of Energy (DOE) whistleblower sent a letter to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Deputy Inspector General Norbert Vint, alleging that “prohibited personnel practices” were utilized in tapping Brinton for the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition.

“Undue political influence and preferences were applied” at the DOE to select Brinton for the position, which the employee also alleged Brinton was was potentially unqualified to hold, the letter claims.

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Xi’an, a Chinese city of 13 million people and capital of Shaanxi Province locked down this week for seven days due to 18 Covid cases.

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The drugmaker that produces Prozac, the antidepressant that Joseph Wesbecker’s victims blamed for his deadly shooting rampage 30 years ago at Standard Gravure, secretly paid the victims $20 million to help ensure a verdict exonerating the drug company.

Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly vigorously shielded the payment for more than two decades, defying a Louisville judge who fought to reveal it because he said it swayed the jury's verdict.

Wesbecker began taking Prozac about a month before his murderous spree that killed eight and wounded 12 in the print shop attached to the Courier Journal. All but one of the victims sued Eli Lilly, the company that manufactured the popular but controversial drug.

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Ukraine’s Financial Investigations Service says it has uncovered numerous cases where humanitarian and even military aid provided by the West has been appropriated and sold at a profit inside the country.

Appearing on the TV news channel Ukraina 24 on Tuesday, the head of the investigative body, Vadim Melnik, lamented that “even goods destined for the military are being realized for money,” adding that his subordinates had “ascertained such facts.”

The official went on to reveal that the service had launched around ten criminal probes in connection with the sale of humanitarian or military aid.

According to Melnik, the true number of such cases is likely higher, as other Ukrainian law enforcement branches are also uncovering such crimes.

“We need to set clear control algorithms of both arrival, distribution as well as the use of aid, which our international partners are giving us today,” the head of the Financial Investigations Service argued.

Previously, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s office had reported multiple cases of misuse of Western humanitarian and military aid.

Last month, RT spoke with an American volunteer, Andy Huynh, who had fought for Ukraine before surrendering to Russian forces.

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 In a chaotic cacophony of noise and a blazing disregard for that law, roving cars spewed fireworks late Monday and early Tuesday in Minneapolis.

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The Biden Administration is packing the nation’s immigration courts with far-left activists and firing Trump judges at the same time.

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WGN in Chicago released a picture of the Highland Park shooter attempting to evade police after killing 6 and injuring more than 20 others. 

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