"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence, clamorous to be led to safety - by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary" -- H.L. Mencken

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New York during the inflationary surge of the late 70s and early 80s was a mythical place where one could purchase a Park avenue penthouse for $1 (while assuming the copious debt, of course). Now, thanks to the brutal bear hug of the highest interest rates in 40 years and the ongoing CRE crisis, those legendary days have made a comeback to the Big Apple, if only in the realm of commercial real estate for now.

According to Bloomberg, Canadian pension funds - which until recently had been among the world’s most prolific buyers of real estate, starting a revolution that inspired retirement plans around the globe to emulate them because, in the immortal words of Ben Bernanke, Canadian real estate prices never go down...

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom backed the controversial proposal to remove four Klamath River hydroelectric dams along the California-Oregon border. Now, the same fish he swore to protect could be killed in the process.

The dams had been breached on claims that it would help salmon migrate, but the Klamath River is now full of destroyed spawning salmon beds and pollution including decomposed algae, organic deposition, chemicals, and fine silt which is killing its ecosystem, according to a report from the California Globe.

Additionally, dead endangered steelhead trout and other species have been rising to the surface of the Klamath River, and the river's conditions have made it unlikely for any juvenile salmon to survive.

Webmaster addition: Smooth move, Gavin!

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For some reason, the West wants the world to think that Russia will run out of war weaponry and soldiers and eventually lose the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. But Alex Christoforou, writer and co-host of the "The Duran," believes that Western leaders are being misled by their analysts.

"Russia was never going to lose this conflict, and that was obvious from day one. Russia didn't want this conflict and the narratives that they spin are cinematic because there's no truth to them," he told Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, during a recent episode of the "Health Ranger Report," adding that right from the beginning of this conflict, Russia only wanted to force Ukraine to the negotiating table and get it to say that it is not going to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Christoforou told Adams that Russian President Vladimir Putin was close to accomplishing this. However, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson came in and destroyed the last major opportunity for a ceasefire in early 2022. And now, Biden wants to pump up Ukraine with weapons and supply the nation with billions of dollars. 

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American banks filed to close 31 branches in a single week this month, with Wells Fargo and PNC accounting for more than half.

Each of the two banks said they would shut eight branches, across Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Connecticut, North Dakota and New Jersey.

Texas was worse hit, with closures set for Houston, Laredo and Cypress.

Other banks to have announced they would shutter locations between February 11 and 17 include Bank of America, Santander, Chase, Citizens, KeyBank and Legacy.

Despite scheduling a closure, Chase has bucked the trend by opening more branches than it closed in recent years.

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James O’Keefe on Wednesday released footage from an encounter with creepy New York Judge Arthur Engoron, who recently hit President Donald Trump with a massive $355 million judgment for his honest business practices and job creation in the state of New York.

O’Keefe received tips from others who had seen Engoron at the Equinox Gym in Long Island and decided to follow up.

One source sent him a video of Engoron checking a woman out and appearing to flirt with her. The message says he’s often “creeping girls out” and “does this every visit.” In the video below, one woman is seen putting her hand up to gesture “back off.” 

Engoron was in the gym wearing a creepy muscle shirt and revealing loose sweatpants. He should probably put on some underwear…

Webmaster addition: During his rise to power, Hitler would fill top government positions with individuals who had aberrant lifestyles. These people understood that without Hitler's patronage, they could never have such lofty jobs because of public disgust at their behavior. This they were loyal without question to Hitler. Looks like the same thing has been happening here in the US Government!

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An Illinois state judge has kicked former President Donald Trump off the Illinois' Republican presidential primary ballot due to his alleged role in the January 6 Capitol riots.

Cook County Circuit Judge Tracie Porter ruled in favor of Illinois voters who argued Trump should be disqualified from the state's mid-March primary ballot, as well as the November 5 general election ballot.

Voters brought their case over Trump's behavior on January 6, 2021, when he allegedly violated the anti-insurrection clause of the 14th Amendment.

Porter delayed her ruling from taking effect in light of an unexpected appeal brought by the former president's legal team. 

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Currently there has been a famine going on for months in a place that is half children, which means that in the coming days we can expect a massive explosion of children dying due to starvation. And here’s the kicker: the famine is 100 percent deliberate.

I never thought I’d ever see anything worse than babies being ripped apart by military explosives until I started seeing babies being starved. Babies killed with bombs is horrifying, but starving babies causes PANIC. It triggers a deep, primal THIS NEEDS TO STOP instinct.

Aaron Bushnell wasn’t addressing the Israeli government with his soul-jarring message. He wasn’t even addressing his own government. He was addressing you. Each of us. His goal was to get us all to open our eyes to the horror of what’s happening, and spur us to action to end it.

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Excerpt from “The Nation Will Follow” Chapter 4 “A Dinner in London”:

“What I did know was that many of the faces I saw were Hillary supporters. I was one of a very small number of Trump supporters in the room. And I was okay with that. I am not above having dinner with the opposition, and I try not to judge people by their political affiliation. We all have reasons for supporting who we support, as long as they are the right reason: for the benefit of the nation.

So, we broke the ice and introduced ourselves. These were only meant to be quick introductions, there were over fifty people in the room, but it seemed my “friend,” the man I traveled with, did not get the memo.

He stood, introduced himself, and like a Hollywood characterization of what a senior law enforcement official should be like, he ranted to the room.

“Trump is a traitor! He is a Russian asset, is being groomed by Putin for a position at the top and represents the greatest threat to national security the United States has ever seen. And we’re going to prove it!” I stiffened in my chair, taken aback by this outburst. Never, at any stage in our journey, did he give any indication that this was his plan. But in that moment, it clicked in my mind as to why he never revealed to me his reason for traveling. I guess I had found it.

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Federal and state officials in California are allegedly ignoring the radioactive waste dumped into the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast, even after new reports reveal it is even worse than expected.

According to the Los Angeles Times, researchers discovered that the thousands of barrels of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) disposed of into the ocean were not contained in barrels. The harmful pesticide used in agriculture was directly poured into the ocean.

The scientists also discovered that between the 1940s and 1960s, local hospitals, laboratories and industrial operations disposed of barrels containing tritium, carbon-14 and similar waste at sea.

Moreover, a map from the International Atomic Energy Agency shows that the United States dumped "more than 56,000 barrels of radioactive waste" into the Pacific Ocean in 25 years until 1970. 

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The Gateway Pundit reported last week that a talented college student named Laken Riley was allegedly brutally murdered in Athens, Georgia, by a criminal illegal alien while going on a campus jog. José Antonio Ibarra, the migrant in question, entered America illegally from Venezuela thanks to Joe Biden.

It also turns out that city leadership contributed in part to the crime because Athens is a sanctuary city that refuses to cooperate with federal immigration law. But Athens mayor Kelly Girtz attempted to gaslight members of the audience during a press conference Wednesday and even took a vile shot at President Trump.

He flat-out lied and claimed that Athens was not a sanctuary city. But residents in the press conference caught on quickly and interrupted him.

They tore Girtz apart over his lie and rightfully blamed him for contributing to Riley’s death. They then demanded his resignation as he tried to lie again.

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Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered remarks on his so-called ‘actions to fight crime and make communities safer.’

This is while he’s allowing millions of military-age males from some of the most dangerous parts of the world to invade the US.

Venezuela emptied its prisons and some of its most dangerous gang members and murderers have illegally crossed into the US on Joe Biden’s open border invitation.

Biden’s open borders policies are getting Americans killed.

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Text messages between Nathan Wade's divorce attorney, Terrence Bradley, and an attorney for a co-defendant of Donald Trump showed damning information about Wade's affair with Fani Willis. 

Bradley, Wade's former divorce attorney and law partner, took the stand Tuesday, where he was shown a series of text messages in which he spoke about the timeline of Willis and Wade's relationship - one of the central issues of the trial.

Michael Roman and other co-defendants in Trump's case are seeking for District Attorney Fanni Willis, 53, to be disqualified over what they term was an 'improper' relationship

The full extent of the messages, which count in the hundreds, were revealed by The Megyn Kelly Show Wednesday. 

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Tucker Carlson recently did an interview with podcaster Lex Fridman.

Their discussion covered a wide range of topics and is worth watching in full, but Tucker’s comments on the 2020 election are especially interesting.

Tucker said the election was ‘100 percent stolen’ citing the last minute changes made to voting procedures with regards to Covid.

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The supposed economic case for mass immigration has finally collapsed as a new IFS report confirms that bringing in millions of low-pay workers and their families can never make a country richer.

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Mild myocarditis following Covid vaccination can lead to sudden death from a fatal heart arrhythmia, a Japanese autopsy has found. But this would not be picked up by most autopsies as the relevant test is left out.

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A third U.S. Capitol Police security camera was turned away from the Democratic National Committee during the police response to the pipe bomb found near a bench at DNC headquarters on Jan. 6, The Epoch Times has learned.

Security video obtained by the newspaper from Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) showed Camera 8021 that was recording the operations of a bomb robot suddenly panned away from the scene just before 2:21 p.m.

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The Washington Post on Monday ran a vile hit piece smearing US Airman Aaron Bushnell for self-immolating outside the Israeli embassy in DC in protest of Israel's genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. 

In an article titled, "Airman who set self on fire grew up on religious compound, had anarchist past," The Post sought to portray Bushnell as a victim of Christian religious extremism with "white privilege" who was angry not with Israel's US-backed genocide campaign but instead was frustrated "that critics of the war blame U.S. military support for Israeli military actions."

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The fact that Google's Gemini AI is a complete woke mess comes as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention.

Between Google's internal culture, and the fact that large language models (LLMs) are largely a reflection of their creators, Gemini is was the predictable digital poster-child for racist, anti-white, anti-conservative, historical revisionist culture - as opposed to the neutral purveyors of information they claim to be.

Mask-off, as they say.

In fact, we couldn't sum it up better than Mario Juric, director of the DiRAC Institute at the University of Washington, Seattle.

In a lengthy post on X, Juric says that despite known "many good individuals working there," he's "done with @Google."

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White people have been destroying white people for as long as I remember. I don’t mean only in military wars, such as WW I and WW II, which destroyed the English and Europe and left them as American vassel states. In wars of a different kind the damage has been as terrible. In fact, worse, because it is not only a genocide of white people but a genocide of their culture of freedom and accountable government.

(Note: in this article I include Jews among white people. Some Jews maintain that “white” applies only to gentiles and that Jews are Semites.)

So that this column doesn’t get too long for Americans to have the patience to read, I will start at an arbitrary point in time: The destruction of neighborhood schools. It began with Brown vs. Board of Education when an unintelligent and socially illiterate Supreme Court ruled that going to school with your own kind was “unequal” and a violation of the 14th Amendment of equal treatment under the law.

Liberals aimed Brown vs. Board of Education at the Southern states that had comprised the Confederate States of America. They intended a second Reconstruction of the South, but the supreme court’s ruling affected the entire country.

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