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"Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes… known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few.… No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare." -- James Madison


Top Brazilian bankers and businessmen issued a letter on Tuesday in defense of Brazil's electronic voting system that has been attacked by far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, and warned that the country's democracy was in "grave danger."

The manifesto, signed by some 3,000 leading Brazilian figures, did not mention Bolsonaro by name, but clearly addressed the situation he has caused by questioning the voting system ahead of the Oct. 2 election and attacking Supreme Court justices who oversee the elections in Brazil.

Posted on: Jul 28 11:20

Planned Parenthood, the face of the U.S. abortion industry, changed language on its website last week concerning ectopic pregnancies and the procedures to correct them.

Several states have enacted new abortion bans or restrictions in recent weeks. The changes followed the Supreme Court’s decision last month to overturn Roe v. Wade.

For the record, Planned Parenthood performed 354,871 abortions in fiscal year 2019 and nearly 3 million from 2011-2019. It is also the nation’s second largest provider of hormone therapy for those who identify as something other than their birth gender.

An ectopic pregnancy is a very dangerous situation for the mother, and all of the new abortion restrictions recognize this. A fertilized egg, instead of implanting in the mother’s uterus, becomes implanted somewhere else — usually in a fallopian tube.

The fetus cannot survive outside of the uterus, and without removal through surgery or medication will grow and almost certainly rupture the tube. The result is heavy bleeding and possibly death.

Posted on: Jul 28 11:18

Republican New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin was attacked during a speech on Thursday – and some people believe his Democratic rival bears at least partial responsibility.

Thanks to the quick response of several people in the audience, the attacker was quickly tackled, disarmed, and taken into police custody, allowing the shaken but physically unharmed Zeldin to finish his speech.

Shortly after news began to circulate about the harrowing incident, Twitter users pointed out that Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul issued a press release shortly before the campaign event in Fairport and encouraged her supporters to show up, apparently to disrupt the speech.

Her statement included information about the time and location of the speech and used derogatory terms to describe her competitor. Hochul called Zeldin “‘Big Lie’ Lee” and asserted that he would be spreading “dangerous lies, misinformation, and his far-right agenda at these campaign events.”

Posted on: Jul 28 11:17

Months ago, baby formula shortages began, thus unleashing horrors on parents and infants. Some infants who weren’t able to get the necessary formula had to go to hospitals in order to stay alive.

Others have been significantly struggling while parents scramble to find formula. The Biden administration claims that it’s working to boost access to this food supply, but America’s far from being out of the woods.

As July wraps up, baby formula is still not as readily available as it was even one year ago. This has led to a top Democrat now calling out the Biden administration accordingly.

Posted on: Jul 28 11:16

Anthony Fauci’s wife – who is also head of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center – authored a paper detailing how to enroll children in COVID-19 vaccine trials.

The study – “Enrolling Minors in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials” – was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center and was published in the journal Pediatrics. Christine Grady, wife to National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director Anthony Fauci, and four co-authors collaborated on the paper to “propose recommendations for when and how to enroll minors in vaccine trials for the coronavirus disease 2019.”

“The costs that delay poses to children, their families, and society provide strong reasons to consider enrolling minors in vaccine trials for COVID-19 before safety and efficacy have been established in adults,” claimed Grady in the paper.

The paper proceeds to assess the benefits and drawbacks surrounding the timing of enrolling children in COVID-19 vaccine trials along with the ideal selection criteria for participants.

Posted on: Jul 28 11:15

Almost one million people in a suburb of Wuhan - China's central city where the coronavirus was first recorded - have been placed under lockdown.

Jiangxia district residents have been ordered to stay inside their homes or compounds for three days after four asymptomatic Covid cases were detected.

China follows a "zero Covid" strategy, including mass testing, strict isolation rules and local lockdowns.

This has resulted in far fewer deaths than in many other countries.

But the strategy is facing growing opposition as people and businesses continue to face the strain of restrictions.

In Wuhan, a city of 12 million people, regular testing uncovered two asymptomatic cases two days ago.

Posted on: Jul 28 11:15

New statements from Irina Yarovaya, Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma, pertaining to pathogen leaks from Pentagon run biolabs in Ukraine.

But before we get to the video, let me go over who Irina Yarovaya is, what the “Russian State Duma” is, and the details of the ongoing Russian Parliamentary investigation into US biological malfeasance in Ukraine.

Posted on: Jul 28 11:14

Could it be that we have an epidemic of over prescribed SSRI medications that are affecting some people in bad ways? Realize this…not everyone is the same. EVERYONE has different make ups in their personality, chemistry, body type, size, etc. Wearing a mask if you have a big head will likely do more to keep you from getting the oxygen you need compared to someone with a small head that actually can breath AROUND the mask.

In another words, one fix for everyone just doesn’t work. Say 100,000 people are on a particular SSRI med and 50 of them have a bad reaction. Say that reaction is violent in nature. Am I being fair? Maybe it’s less then 50. Maybe 10. Well if those TEN go stark raving MAD due to the SSRI drug and pick up a rifle and go to a shopping mall and turn it into a shooting gallery, that would be TEN TIMES more mass shootings then took place in 1965! And using the numbers available currently we are having 600 times more mass shootings than took place back then.

However, since the pharmaceutical companies are dishing out LOTS of money to media outlets, do you suppose there could be a reason the SSRI connection isn’t being mentioned? Why just in 2020, the pharmaceutical industry spent 4.58 billion U.S dollars on advertising on national TV in the United States, unsurprisingly representing a big shift in spending compared to the 2019 pre-covid market. A big shift? Well one BILLION more. In 2020 TV ad spending of the pharma industry accounted for 75 percent of the total ads paid. In 2016 3.1 BILLION. In 2017 3.45 BILLION. In 2018 3.73 BILLION. In 2019 3.79 BILLION. The total for just FIVE years is $18.65 BILLION on advertising. So do you possibly think that a loss of revenue of that amount if the media talked about this connection would be an issue? Or would they just shut up and keep blaming gun owners and guns for the mayhem? That answer is obvious. It the GUN. It’s those GUN NUTS! And yet most of the mass shooters purchased them legally WITH background checks or in the case of Adam Lanza killed his own mother and took the rifle she owned on the shooting spree.

Well here is the issue. According to one page that keeps records of terrible side effects of SSRI drugs, they have over SEVEN THOUSAND sad cases of side effects that were violent. Violent to family members. Violent to students. Violent to themselves.

Here is a small sampling…

Posted on: Jul 28 11:11

British journalist Graham Phillips has been sanctioned by his own government for his on-the-ground reporting in Ukraine, which the UK government says is "propaganda" that serves to "destabilize Ukraine" and "undermine" its "territorial integrity."

From The Guardian, "British pro-Kremlin video blogger added to UK government Russia sanctions list":

A British citizen who video blogs pro-Kremlin material from Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine has been added to a UK government sanctions list.

Graham Phillips, who has been accused of being a conduit for pro-Russian propaganda, is one of 42 new designations added to the UK’s Russia sanctions list. Other additions include Russia’s minister and deputy minister of justice and two nephews of the Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, who was himself placed under sanctions by Britain in March.

Phillips – the first UK citizen to be added to the growing sanctions list – has long been a controversial figure, receiving medals from the Russian state for his reporting. He has consistently toed the Russian line on the war, suggesting in recent weeks that Ukraine is run by Nazis and that the massacre of Ukrainians in Bucha was staged.
Posted on: Jul 28 11:09

What are the odds this will be investigated by Child Protective Services?

From The Daily Mail, "US records first two CHILD monkeypox cases: California toddler and an infant in D.C. were likely infected by 'household contacts' and both had contact with gay or bisexual men, CDC chief says":

Two children have tested positive for monkeypox in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed Friday.

One is a toddler from California; the other is in an infant who is not a U.S. resident and was 'transiting through' Washington D.C. Neither had contact with each other.

Health officials said both children were 'doing well', but warned children under the age of eight are at high risk of severe monkeypox.

It is thought both children likely caught the virus from 'household contacts'.

Dr Rochelle Walensky said the children both had contact with gay or bisexual men -- the community where most cases are being detected in the current outbreak.
Posted on: Jul 28 11:08

It’s an iconic duo: urban liberals and Starbucks. Wherever you are, you can almost always find a Starbucks and a group of lefties.

The company has carefully built this image. It has regularly funded explicitly and implicitly anti-white policies including ruthless affirmative action, deliberately hiring non-whites, and showily boycotting Christmas by using “holiday” cups.

In 2015, when the “Great Awokening” began, Starbucks challenged Americans to talk more about race. They did not mean for Americans to talk about it the way American Renaissance does. “Of the hundreds of large companies that truckle to racial orthodoxy, Starbucks might be the worst,” said Martin Rojas in 2020. CEO Howard Schultz even considered running for president in 2012, 2016, and 2020. Starbucks is Woke Capital at its worst.

However, Starbucks could never overcome a fatal contradiction. The company represented upscale urban living, a refuge from the seedier realities of the city. Starbucks coffee is expensive, perhaps a deliberate choice to weed out undesirable customers; a survey in 2013 found customers cared more about good service than good coffee.

Posted on: Jul 28 11:07

In response to the city’s ongoing gun violence crisis and the shooting of two police officers at an Independence Day celebration, leaders in Philadelphia’s City Council said it was time to reexamine the controversial police tactic known as stop-and-frisk.

“We have a lot of citizens in the streets of Philadelphia talking about ‘When are we going to look at stop-and-frisk in a constitutionally enacted way?’ ” Council President Darrell L. Clarke said.

Clarke’s suggestion to revisit the practice — in which officers stop and sometimes search pedestrians or drivers over suspicious behavior — drew a chilly reception from Mayor Jim Kenney, who ran for office on a pledge to end illegal police stops.

The city’s aggressive approach in the past had been criticized as racially biased and often legally groundless, and the mayor said Wednesday he was “not willing to bring that back,” dismissing it as “just randomly going through [people’s] pockets.”

Posted on: Jul 28 11:06

As I recently wrote, the US no longer has an economy. America is a market for goods produced offshore with foreign labor that US global corporations sell to Americans. The US which once produced its own manufactured goods and food now imports much of it. The result is that fewer and fewer American incomes are based in the production of goods and services consumed by Americans. This is the path of de-industrialization and poverty.

Not only does America no longer have an economy, it no longer seems to have any economic statistics or ones that make much sense. For example, allegedly inflation is at 9 percent annually, but gold and silver prices have fallen, with gold down about $250 an ounce and silver down about $6 an ounce. Percentage wise, these are large declines. Inflation is known to erode the value of paper fiat money, but the US dollar is up against the Euro and other currencies, and inflation is eroding the value of real money–gold and silver.

According to the Annenberg Public Policy Center, the economy has regained 9 million of the lost lockdown jobs, dropping unemployment to 3.6%. With about 2 job openings for every person seeking a job, we are at full employment. Wages have risen strongly but by less than inflation, so real earnings are declining but corporate profits are high. There are slight decreases in the number of people without health insurance and in the number receiving benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. So there are signs that things are improving.

Posted on: Jul 28 11:05

According to Doug McMillon, Walmart’s President and CEO, “The increasing levels of food and fuel inflation are affecting how customers spend, and while we’ve made good progress clearing hardline categories, apparel in Walmart U.S. is requiring more markdown dollars. We’re now anticipating more pressure on general merchandise in the back half; however, we’re encouraged by the start we’re seeing on school supplies in Walmart U.S.”

Posted on: Jul 28 11:03

Britain's rail network suffered major disruption again on Wednesday as staff walked out in a row over pay and conditions, the latest in a wave of industrial unrest as wages fail to keep pace with soaring inflation.

The 24-hour strike by more than 40,000 members of the RMT and TSSA unions forced around half of Britain's rail network to close, with train companies operating a much reduced timetable and some parts of the country having no rail service at all.

Network Rail urged passengers, including commuters, families heading off on summer holidays, and sports fans on their way to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham which begins on Thursday, to only travel if necessary.

Changing working practices during the coronavirus pandemic meant many office workers were able to opt to work from home.

Posted on: Jul 28 11:02

Yes, you read correctly. There are (so far) 33 friends and relatives dead or sick since our wedding eight months ago. I've done the research. All 33 were vaxxed. Every one of them.

This is a "vaccine death and disease cluster."

This is like the Love Canal, New York, cancer cluster of the 1970s. It can't be ignored when you see so many people dead, or very ill in just one group.

But it has nothing to do with our wedding. Open your eyes. This is happening everywhere. Non-COVID-19 deaths are up dramatically in the United States (and all over the world). Life insurance companies report non-COVID-19 deaths are up 40% or more among young, working-age Americans. Lincoln National reports death benefit payouts are up over 163% in the year since COVID-19 vaccines came out. These are death increases not seen during World War II.

Posted on: Jul 28 11:02

British households could receive annual energy bills of over 3,850 pounds ($4,636) in 2023, a threefold increase since the beginning of 2022, The Guardian reported on Wednesday, citing UK energy-based consulting company BFY Group.

According to the report, the UK Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) is expected to set a gas price cap of 3,420 pounds for the average dual-fuel tariff in October and subsequently rise it to 3,850 pounds in January 2023.

That means that British households will be "facing a bill of £500 in January alone" given that gas consumption significantly increases during winter season, the report said. The Guardian added that if BFY Group's forecast is correct, the energy price cap would have increased by more than 2,500 pounds throughout 2022, affecting over 22 million Britons.

Posted on: Jul 28 11:00

Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Tuesday said Israel was always ready for open dialogue with Russia, with which it shared a “long history,” appearing to walk back harsher statements a day earlier.

“The relations between Israel and Russia are based on a long history, regular communication and mutual interests,” Lapid said in a statement. “The Jewish community is at the heart of these relations.”

A day earlier, the Israeli premier denounced a Russian decision to shutter the Jewish Agency in Moscow, which is responsible for the immigration of Jews to Israel, saying it would constitute a “serious event” that would gravely impact ties between the two countries.

Lapid softened his stance Tuesday, saying that if “legal issues arise in relation to the important activity of the Jewish Agency in Russia, Israel, as always, is ready and prepared to engage in dialogue about it while maintaining the important relations between the countries.”

Posted on: Jul 28 10:59

A now-infamous LGBT NGO has been left scrambling to clarify one of its tweets claiming that babies can identify as being “trans”.

An LGBT non-profit that is prevalent in the push for transgenderism within the United Kingdom has scrambled to “clarify” a social media post it made last week which claimed that babies can identify as being “trans”.

Published on Friday last week seemingly in response to a piece about an alleged “gender nonconforming” 4-year-old, the post by LGBT org Stonewall UK claimed that “research suggests that children as young as 2 recognise their trans identity”.

However, with the organisation’s claim having garnered widespread criticism amongst netizens, the organisation has now decided to clarify its “unclear” meaning, saying that the post was actually meant to be about gender stereotyping.

“On Friday we put out a tweet that was unclear, relating to gender stereotypes and nursery age children, leading some supporters to ask us what we meant,” a statement published by the organisation on Monday read.

Posted on: Jul 28 10:59

Outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson has presented Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with the Sir Winston Churchill Award for his wartime leadership.

Ukraine’s wartime President Volodymyr Zelensky was presented with the Sir Winston Churchill Award on Tuesday, with the leader being praised for his “moral and physical courage” in the face of Russia’s invasion of his country.

The award was presented to him by outgoing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who in a speech made frequent comparisons between Zelensky and Britain’s legendary Prime Minister who saw the country through the second world war.

Describing Zelensky as a “symbol of the heroism of the Ukrainian people”, Johnson praised the Ukrainian leader — who attended the award ceremony hosted by the International Churchill Society at Downing Street via video link — for his frequent good humour and level-headedness in the face of his country’s ongoing crisis, arguing that Churchill himself would show admiration for his actions.

Posted on: Jul 28 10:50

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy dismissed Americans’ concerns over inflation in an interview with Piers Morgan published Tuesday in the New York Post.

“When I said there were a growing number of Americans who don’t think the country should be spending so much money on a war in Europe when there are so many problems domestically, he responded passionately,” Morgan wrote of Zelenskyy in the interview

Zelenskyy stressed the “communal values” between Ukraine and America before saying that in light of the threat these values are facing from Russia, economic concerns pale in comparison.

“As long as we are resisting it, the integrity of the United States will continue, therefore we are giving our lives for your values and the joint security of the world,” Zelenskyy said. “Therefore, inflation is nothing, COVID is nothing.”

Posted on: Jul 28 10:50

In an escalation of actions taken in protest against the governments plans to shut down vast swaths of farmlands, Dutch farmers dumped manure on highways across the Netherlands on Wednesday morning.

The Netherlands was left scrambling trying to clear dozens of road blockades, consisting of manure, hay, tyres, and other waste heaped on the roads by supporters of the Dutch farmer protest movement against the globalist government of PM Mark Rutte trying to impose draconian EU-based regulations on nitrogen that could see up to 30 per cent of farms disappear in the country.

As of this reporting there has been no police action taken, despite several of the piles of hay or other blockades being set on fire. According to public broadcaster Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS), a police spokesman said that it would be difficult to ascertain who exactly left the manure or other waste on the highways and that the ministry for public works would be responsible for clearing the roads, so therefore no police action would be taken.

Posted on: Jul 28 10:49

A US aircraft carrier and its retinue of warships departed from Singapore on Tuesday, steaming northward toward Taiwan.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is slated to visit the island next month despite protests by Beijing, which regards Taiwan as a Chinese province in rebellion. Now, she’s inviting more lawmakers along.

Posted on: Jul 28 10:48

The Ukrainian government has published a blacklist of politicians, pundits and intellectuals whom it accuses of promoting "narratives consonant with Russian propaganda." Some of those on the list - including the former chief of India's security - responded with confusion and mockery.

The list was published earlier this month by the 'Center for Countering Disinformation' (CCD), a department of the Ukrainian National Security Council set up last year by President Vladimir Zelensky. Since the launch of Russia's military operation in Ukraine in February, the CCD has published regular reports analyzing coverage of the conflict in the world's media.

Among more than 75 names on the list is PS Raghavan, the former Head of India's National Security Council. Raghavan, who also served as India's ambassador to Russia from 2014 to 2016, is named on the list for suggesting that "Ukraine against Russia is like NATO against Russia."

Posted on: Jul 28 10:48
Posted on: Jul 28 10:45

In early 2020, Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx  used completely fraudulent disease models to persuade President Trump to lockdown the entire US economy.

By: orraz
Posted on: Jul 28 10:45

Ever since United States President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, he’s been trying to bring Saudi Arabia back to the political West’s flock. The attempts to do so have escalated significantly after Russia launched its counteroffensive against NATO’s crawling encroachment. Biden made numerous futile attempts to contact Saudi leadership, culminating with a failed visit on July 15.

The reasons why Saudi Arabia has been reluctant are many, including the openly declared intention of the US leadership to transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. With oil being the lifeblood of Saudi Arabia virtually since its inception as a modern country, it is quite clear why Saudi leadership is not too keen to help the US achieve such a goal.

Joe Biden engaged in a sort of quasi-Reaganian attempt to have Saudi Arabia significantly increase oil production, which should have accomplished at least two goals. First, bring down oil prices, alleviating the pressure on the US economy while it transitioned towards alternative energy sources, and second, help bring Russia’s economy to its knees, very much in the same manner late US President Ronald Reagan did during the 1980s, which many in the political West believe helped bring down the Soviet Union. However, it seems President Biden did not only fail to achieve either of the two, but has actually made things worse for the political West.

Posted on: Jul 28 10:45

The Americans were unpleasantly surprised that the Russian Armed Forces are able to hack into the HIMARS supplied to Ukraine, military expert Alexei Leonkov said on the air of the Rossiya-1 tele channel.

New secret Russian development is an unpleasant surprise for American HIMARS

Speaking as an invited guest in the studio of Vladimir Solovyov, he said that the new secret counter-battery system, first used in the Donbass, clearly showed that the "vaunted HIMARS" are very vulnerable.

"The American system has been hacked. And our secret development will be deployed in all directions. A good system, I can’t name it yet, but it works at much greater distances, instantly fixing the launch site. For the Americans, this was a very unpleasant surprise" , the expert said.

Leonkov noted that the "miracle weapon advertised by the Americans" had sharply lost its effectiveness:

“It seems that next time in the United States they will think about whether it is worth sending MLRS data for disposal in the Donbass at all.”


Posted on: Jul 28 10:44

Almost all of France is now on drought alert, with restrictions on water usage as the country battles an exceptionally dry summer.

After record breaking heatwaves and forest fires across the country, most of France is now on drought alert.

Posted on: Jul 28 10:43