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"When people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is more tyranny. Apologies to Thomas Jefferson!" -- Michael Rivero
"A rocket will never be able to leave Earth's atmosphere." -- New York Times, 1936


It is certainly good to hear that the Tavistock’s gender tinkering clinic that specialises, apparently, in harming children on the pretext of “helping” them is facing some sort of comeuppance – although we fully expect the establishment to close ranks and shield its subversive operatives. In our view bringing criminal charges against all those involved in causing grievous bodily harm to children (including the parents in many cases) would be more appropriate

It has not escaped our notice, however, that the “gender butchery” clinic, the sharp end of the psychological war on family and humanity, is itself an arm of the infamous Tavistock Institute.

Briefly, the Tavistock Institute in WW2, under army psychiatrist Brigadier JR Rees was the British psychological warfare centre, the counterpart to the German psychological warfare effort under Goebbels and arguably better at it than the Germans.

After the war, the Tavistock turned its considerable psyop skills and experience to service of western governments and their psychological war against their own people.

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On 29 May 2022, the Russian Investigative Committee said it will look into allegations the Ukrainian Red Cross Society was involved in shady activities, including keeping records of children with “healthy organs” in the city of Mariupol.

Vladimir Taranenko claimed the office had medical records for over 1,000 children, but they marked their “healthy organs” instead of any medical conditions or procedures.

Taranenko is the head of the Donetsk-based civic organisation ‘Peoples Retinue,’ a volunteer movement that states one of its goals assisting is law enforcement in the Donetsk People’s Republic (“DPR”).

He also claimed that some of the reading materials discovered at the office were instructions on “how to use weapons, including in a format intended for children.”

Read more: Russia to probe claims of suspicious activity by Red Cross, RT, 30 May 2022

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A mother and her daughter escaped communist Moldova and made it to the US only to be indicted on bogus charges by Biden’s corrupt and now communist FBI.  

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Posted on: Aug 14 11:11

 The ice in Greenland is melting, and it is driving billionaires and investors to start hunting for valuable minerals used in the engineering of electric cars.

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Posted on: Aug 14 11:09

Following objections from the Ukrainian government, CBS News has removed a short documentary which had reported concerns from numerous sources that a large amount of the supplies being sent to Ukraine aren’t making it to the front lines.

The Ukrainian government has listed its objections to the report on a government website, naming Ukrainian officials who objected to it and explaining why each of the CBS news sources it dislikes should be discounted. After the report was taken down and the Twitter post about it removed, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said this was a good start but still not enough.

“Welcome first step, but it is not enough,” Kuleba tweeted. “You have misled a huge audience by sharing unsubstantiated claims and damaging trust in supplies of vital military aid to a nation resisting aggression and genocide. There should be an internal investigation into who enabled this and why.”

Posted on: Aug 14 08:46

The trail was uncovered by Czech outlet Seznam Zprávy leading to one of the centers of the surrogacy industry, Kharkiv, Ukraine, as well as to the Feskov-Human Reproduction Group agency, which has branches in Prague and Kiev. The operator of the clinic, Alexander Feskov, has had to answer for human trafficking there since last year.

Six employees of the baby farm are said to have earned 1,2 million euros from the trade in unborn and newborn babies. Prague, according to criminologists, is a sort of logistical center for the entire business.

Ever since Asian countries banned commercial surrogate motherhood in 2015, exposing the exploitation of the system by foreigners and the abuse by intermediary agencies, the Ukrainian surrogacy industry has been thriving. According to the Medical and Reproductive Law Center in Kiev, in 2019 hundreds of children were born via surrogate motherhood. Ukraine is one of the few countries where surrogate motherhood is legal and commercial.

Posted on: Aug 14 08:46

Ukraine remains one of Europe's most notorious sources of human trafficking.

Since 1991, more than 160,000 men, women and children have been exploited for labor, sex, forced begging and organ removal, according to a mid-2015 report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Ukraine's Ministry of Social Policy, with recommendations from domestic and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), is currently in the final stages of updating the country's five-year action plan on combating human trafficking.

Posted on: Aug 14 08:44

CBS Mornings blamed climate change for the epidemic of fat kids in America today.

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Posted on: Aug 14 08:44

The Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada plans to adopt most bills Ukraine needs to enter into the European Union by the end of this year, Rada Speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk said.

"We are expecting EU membership negotiations to begin. This means there will be talks on each of the 35 chapters [...] of EU laws, such as energy, public health, agriculture, social policy, finance and ecology. [...] Therefore, each of the 35 negotiating chapters needs to be implemented and finalized by Ukraine. [...] We have made a list of priority bills in the field of European integration and intend to approve most of them by the end of this year," Stefanchuk said at the national televised marathon on Friday, as quoted by the Ukrainian media.

Both the swift adoption and the quality of laws are important to Ukraine, Stefanchuk said.

Posted on: Aug 14 08:44

 Braden Wallake, the lachrymose CEO of marketing service firm HyperSocial, became an instant internet meme earlier this week when he posted a picture of himself crying on LinkedIn to announce layoffs at his company.

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Posted on: Aug 14 08:43

“If you would know who controls you,” Tacitus, the Roman historian and politician once advised, “see who you may not criticize.”

“If you would know who controls you,” Tacitus, the Roman historian and politician once advised, “see who you may not criticize.” For a long time that unspeakable persona was none other than the billionaire financier George Soros, and despite the fact that his political protégés have gone on to radically alter the political landscape of the country. Now, as cracks are beginning to appear in the foundation of his vast franchise, dissenting voices are becoming more commonplace.

Last week, for example, in a move torn from the playbook of the Democratic Party, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent state police to physically remove Soros-supported State Attorney Andrew Warren from his office, “with access only to retrieve his personal belongings, and to ensure that no files, papers, documents, notes, records, computers, or removable storage media are removed from the Office of the State Attorney…”

Posted on: Aug 14 08:40

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) said that it would be good if the “four infantry divisions of IRS agents” that the Inflation Reduction Act hires were primarily used to get people their refunds faster, that would be beneficial, but instead, “they’re going to be going after hardworking Americans.”

Mace stated, [relevant remarks begin around 2:20] “The 3rd Infantry Division is about 21,000 soldiers. So, we’re talking about four infantry divisions of IRS agents that are armed, that are spying on your Venmo, your bank account. They say they’re not going to go after those making less than 400,000 a year. We’ve been told a lot by the Biden administration that just hasn’t been true over the years. And people are really angry about this. If they were hiring them to get their refunds faster, I think we’d all be cheering for joy. Because there’s a huge backlog at the IRS. I get calls every single day about it. But, instead, they’re going to be going after hardworking Americans. And if you’re a small business making $400,000 a year as an S corp for example, you’re going to have less money to reinvest in your business, in your employees, or research and development. And it’s just going to make inflation worse. Inflation’s caused by spending. You can’t solve it by just more spending.”

Posted on: Aug 14 08:39

French President Emmanuel Macron signed protocols on NATO accession for Finland and Sweden on Saturday, AFP reported with reference to the Elysee Palace.

"This sovereign choice by Finland and Sweden will strengthen their security in the face of the existing threat in their immediate vicinity and will make a significant contribution to the collective position and our European security," the press service of the French leader's administration was quoted as saying.

On August 3, the National Assembly (lower house of parliament) of France ratified the protocol on the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO. The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO must be ratified by all members of the bloc. To date, more than 20 of the 30 countries that make up the alliance have done that.

Posted on: Aug 14 08:39

China's second-hand luxury goods market crashed in the last two months amid economic turmoil that has curbed discretionary spending among wealthy folks. 

Financial Times said prices for some of the most popular brands of luxury watches and designer handbags (such as Rolex watches and Hermès bags) on secondary markets have plunged between 20% to 50% since Shanghai imposed strict Covid lockdowns earlier this year. 

China's deflating property bubble and President Xi Jinping's controversial zero-Covid policy in Shanghai and dozens of other regions have sent the economy into a tailspin, denting consumer sentiment. 

With China's economy decelerating, Watcheco, an industry portal for used luxury watches, said the price of second-hand Rolex Submariners has crashed by 46% since March. Luxury bag shops in Shanghai and Hangzhou have slashed the prices of Hermès Birkin bags by 20% over the same period. 

Webmaster addition: I'll take my iWatch over a Rolex any say!

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Thousands of Hungarians have protested against an easing of logging rules to meet increased demand for firewood amid the worsening fuel crisis in Europe.

Earlier this month, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's cabinet decided to ease the rules on logging, citing the effects of the war in Ukraine on oil and gas prices.

But this action was met with the clear opposition of many environmental activists because they believe that the decision could accelerate deforestation and cause irreparable damage to the environment.

"This is our common future. We all feel the effects of the climate change on our skins and cutting down trees will only make it worse," said protester Fanni Fodor.

The rally on Friday was organized by the green liberal LMP party, which has five opposition lawmakers in the 199-member parliament.

Posted on: Aug 14 08:37

The next food insecurity problem that may impact the way Americans eat could be an emerging potato shortage that began last year when yields were depressed due to a heatwave, according to Boise State Public Radio

"I'm not sure if you remember last June, but we had some just unbelievably hot temperatures here in Idaho. It did a number on our potato crop," Jamey Higham, president and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission, told the Idaho-based media outlet. "And so, our yields were significantly down last year."

Boise State Public Radio pointed out that last year's potato crop cycle should last through August, though the lack of the starchy vegetable has already presented consumers with higher prices at the supermarket.

"There is not a gap. There are just less potatoes being shipped right now than there normally are this time of year because of the shorter supply that we started the season with," said Higham.

He said Idaho produced the most potatoes in the county last year, and what happens to crop yields in the state will influence prices across the country. 

Posted on: Aug 14 08:28

A Children’s Protective Services (CPS) employee was caught on camera telling a 14-year-old girl in foster care at a Harris County hotel to become a prostitute.

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Posted on: Aug 14 08:28

A California teacher who bragged about using his position to radicalize students into far-left “revolutionaries” has been given three years of pay by his school district to resign, according to a report.

People hold Antifa flags in a file photo. (David Dee Delgado/Getty Images)

Gabriel Gipe, a teacher of Advanced Placement government at Inderkum High School, agreed in January to leave his post with a $190,000 payout from the Natomas Unified School District, according to The Sacramento Bee, citing district records.

Gipe, whose annual base salary is about $60,000, received a final paycheck of about $100,000 after taxes were withheld, according to the newspaper.

The teacher drew outrage from the school district community last year after he was featured in a video by undercover news organization Project Veritas.

In the video footageGipe says he gave students extra credit for them to attend left-wing events, including counter-protests to the “right-wing rallies.” He also allegedly kept track of his students’ political inclinations to make sure they drifted further left as time went on.

Posted on: Aug 14 08:27

 Vice President Kamala Harris has broken the silence of the Biden administration on this week’s FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. Harris seemed to giggle in spite of herself as she answered a question about the raid.

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Posted on: Aug 14 08:27

Not even the U.S. Postal Service is immune to the effects of inflation.

The consistently under-funded and mis-managed government-run service filed a notice of a "temporary" price hike for this year's holiday season.

We'd be willing to bet whatever we can get our hands on that this "temporary" hike very quickly becomes a "permanent" hike. 

Posted on: Aug 14 08:26

The ministry said Russian tourists shouldn't visit Crimea unless they want an 'unpleasantly hot summer break'

by Dave DeCamp Posted onAugust 11, 2022CategoriesNewsTagsRussiaUkraine

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry on Thursday made a veiled threat against Russian tourists in Crimea in a video posted to Twitter, which came a few days after a series of explosions at Russia’s Saki Air Base in the peninsula.

The ministry wrote on Twitter: “Unless they want an unpleasantly hot summer break, we advise our valued russian guests not to visit Ukrainian Crimea.”

Posted on: Aug 14 08:25

The Swedish government announced Thursday that it has decided to extradite a man to Turkey who is wanted for fraud, a move that comes after Sweden and Finland signed a deal with Ankara to cooperate on extradition to join NATO.

After signing the deal and lifting its objection to the Nordic nations joining NATO, Turkey submitted a list of dozens of suspected "terrorists" that it wants to be extradited, including suspected members of the Kurdish militant group PKK.

Posted on: Aug 14 08:24

A Russian diplomat warned that if his country is declared a state sponsor of terrorism, it could not only harm US-Russo relations but potentially sever them completely. 

On Friday, Alexander Darchiyev, director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's North American department told the TASS news agency: 

"I would like to mention the legislative initiative currently being discussed in Congress to declare Russia a 'country sponsor of terrorism.' If passed, it would mean that Washington would have to cross the point of no return, with the most serious collateral damage to bilateral diplomatic relations, up to their lowering or even breaking them off. The US side has been warned."

Posted on: Aug 14 08:24

A drug used to prevent epileptic seizures and migraine has been found to double the chances of a child developing autism if their mother takes it while pregnant.

An urgent review has been launched into topiramate, known by the brand name Topamax, which has been prescribed for decades.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has begun a safety review to assess the ‘benefits and risks’ of the drug, which is likely to raise the odds of other intellectual impairments, as well as congenital birth defects. 

Posted on: Aug 14 08:23

The Biden junta is using thousands of Syrian refugees held hostages in the infamous Rukban concentration camp in the depth of the Syrian desert as his blackmailing card against the Syrian state.

More than 1400 families are still held against their will in horrible living conditions in the desert held hostages by an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group that operates under the protection of the US army illegally deployed in the furthest southeastern Syrian Al Tanf region at the cross borders with Jordan and Iraq.

Just like the thousands of Syrian families held captive against their will by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in the other infamous Al Hol concentration camp in the Hasakah countryside in northeastern Syria along with the families of ISIS terrorists.

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A new Dark Age is upon us. An unelected shadow government consisting of billionaires, multinational corporations, and international non-governmental organizations like the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation has seized power without a shot being fired, without a drop of blood being shed.

All nations have been corrupted. Elected officials, public health authorities, and the mainstream media can no longer be trusted. Phony pandemics like COVID-19 along with the fear of AIDS, monkeypox, and whatever else they can dream up are being used as an excuse to replace freedom, democracy, and national sovereignty with a global dystopian surveillance state. Welcome to the abyss.

The majority of people go about their lives wrapped in a cocoon of complacency and indifference, blissfully unaware of the fate that awaits them if they don’t wake up. Instead, they either flat out deny reality or fritter away their time on trivial issues as well as major issues while failing to see the big picture.

Some sit on their mystic futons with their Quartz crystals and think happy thoughts while others go on moral crusades freaking themselves out over children at drag shows, transsexuals in bathrooms, and people who didn’t get a COVID jab, while still others absorb themselves with sports, celebrity gossip, and wondering if Jeffrey Epstein is still alive. But that’s the whole idea. Distract the masses. In ancient Rome it was bread and circuses, now it’s pandemics, transsexuals, and cell phones.

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