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"Conspiracy is usually a better explanation and closer to the truth than incompetence and fraud in most human activity." -- Mark Twain

In crisis after crisis, Western narrative control kicks into overdrive to shift blame, whitewash culprits, or make sure inconvenient lines of questioning are never pursued

Soon after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent descent on Taiwan, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, called out Nicholas Burns, America’s ambassador to China, for “keeping an embarrassed silence” regarding the “insolent stunt.”

The silence was quite a change from how vocal Burns had been a mere month prior at the World Peace Forum in Beijing, where he demanded that China stop relaying “Russian propaganda” by “accusing NATO of starting” the conflict in Ukraine. He used the opportunity to accuse the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson of “telling lies about American bioweapons labs, which do not exist in Ukraine.”

But that was then and this is now in the West’s ‘rules-based order’, where each occasion requires a new set of rules. Thus, it goes without saying that, for the time being, Burns will also keep an ‘embarrassed silence’ about another potentially tectonic event – the latest, even more damning statement regarding alleged US-run biolabs in Ukraine made by the Russian Defense Ministry on August 4. Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, the head of the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces, said Moscow was assessing the possibility of US involvement in the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as investigating US-funded research of various other pathogens.

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The now officially ‘communist’ far-left is having a hissy fit over Breitbart doxing the names of a couple of the FBI agents who stormed the President’s house Mar-a-Lago on Monday.  Yet they are happy when this happens to Conservatives. 

The far-left is complaining that Breitbart released a document from the Mar-a-Lago raid on Monday that shows the names of a couple of the FBI agents who led the raid.

Posted on: Aug 13 09:44

On Friday, the authorities released the search warrant filed to search former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. That warrant was filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida and was issued last week.

According to the warrant the FBI was on a fishing expedition hoping to find ANYTHING incriminating against the cleanest American President in US history.

After six years of investigations, harassment, leaks and conspiracies the wicked DC establishment has yet to uncover ONE SINGLE ACT that President Trump took that broke US law.

Posted on: Aug 13 09:43

By now you’ve seen the federal government’s classy help-wanted ads seeking new recruits for the Internal Revenue Service.

The list of qualifications is quite interesting.

These recruits must be willing to carry a firearm and “use deadly force, if necessary.” And not just any firearm. As you’ll see later in this article, they want to impress you with a grand display of shock and awe.

I’m not sure how often your typical IRS agent faces scenarios that require them to fire on a fellow American with deadly force, but apparently the Biden administration anticipates this being a more frequent occurrence than in the past.

Posted on: Aug 13 09:40

Florida federal magistrate judge Bruce Reinhart, the Jeffrey Epstein-linked judge who signed off on the raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, is a victim of anti-Semitism according to Politico.

The Miami Herald reported in 2019 that Reinhart went from prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein with kid gloves to representing his accused accomplices in one year and helped them "receive federal immunity for allegedly trafficking underage girls."

As The Daily Mail reported:

Reinhart was made a magistrate judge four years ago after spending 10 years in the private sector where he worked with Epstein's staff.
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Today’s successful SpaceX Falcon-9 launch of 46 Starlink satellites from Vandenburg Space Force Base in California follows hard on the heels of this past Tuesday’s launch of 52 Starlink satellites from Cape Canaveral, Fla. It’s the second of seven launches scheduled this month as SpaceX continues to relentlessly expand its global internet network.

Fully reusable Falcon-9 first-stage boosters are retrieved immediately after launch, and the process of refurbishing begins even before the payloads reach their final orbits. With a ready inventory of affordable and reusable rockets, SpaceX has increased its launch cadence over three short years from monthly to weekly and now every few days. Averaging fifty satellites per launch, that’s a lot of metal in low Earth orbit.

And that’s just from SpaceX. Although Elon Musk pretty much owns low Earth orbit, not to mention more than half of all functional satellites orbiting Earth (Starlink will account for over 3,000 by the end of this month), there are other players. Dozens of space agencies and communications conglomerates are actively placing and expanding their own orbital networks.

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The FBI shocked America this week by raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. This unprecedented move astonished Republicans and conservatives and united them behind Trump. Even the average Fox News Talking Head sees the raid as an outrageous abuse of power [Supporters, GOP lawmakers rally behind Trump amid FBI search, CBS News, August 10, 2022]. But Trump is not the only victim of America’s ongoing  communist coup. The Biden Regime increasingly uses its legal powers at the bidding of its hysterical coalition of activists, who demand that it imprison their enemies. American patriots must awake to the danger posed by the communists’ control of the Department of Justice.

Posted on: Aug 13 09:34

Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration passed new rules Thursday that will obstruct healthcare providers from billing Medicaid to cover transgender surgeries.

Posted on: Aug 13 09:22

FBI agents seem to have been looking for classified documents linked to nuclear weapons during their raid of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort on Monday, according to a report.

Sources told the Washington Post that such classified information was among the items agents looked for in the search but declined to speak about any other materials that may have been sought. It remains unclear whether they found any nuclear documents, but experts cited in the report said this adds credence to fears by government officials that they could be obtained by bad actors.

Posted on: Aug 13 09:15

 In a brief statement at the Department of Justice on Thursday afternoon, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he had personally signed off on the FBI’s request to seek a warrant to search Mar-a-Lago, former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida, estate.

By: orraz
Posted on: Aug 13 09:12

 Late last year, government employees forged a copy of a license to buy hazardous, radioactive material. They created shell companies, then placed orders, generated invoices and paid two U.S.-based vendors.

The scheme worked. The employees successfully had the material shipped, complete with radioactive stickers on the side, then confirmed delivery.

But the workers were actually investigators from the Government Accountability Office, the congressional watchdog, and they were testing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s ability to regulate the sale and procurement of dangerous materials.

The act, and a subsequent report from the GAO, alarmed Rep. Ritchie Torres, D-N.Y., who is now calling on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to overhaul its licensing system as a way to avoid a national security disaster.

“Anyone could open a shell company with a fraudulent license to obtain dangerous amounts of radioactive material that could be weaponized into a dirty bomb,” Torres told Defense News in an interview on Wednesday. “Disperse radioactive material in a city as densely populated as New York, and it could cause catastrophic damage.”

Posted on: Aug 13 09:04

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the immediate impacts on inflation from the Inflation Reduction Act will be continuing Obamacare premiums that already exist right now and energy costs, although we’ll have to “get this bill passed, and then we’ll see how the mechanics and all of that’s going to work” on energy.

Co-host Brianna Keilar asked, “How does it bring it down right now, though? Americans need it right now.”

Jean-Pierre responded, “So, for ACA, those premiums, those 800 — about — average about $800 a month savings for Americans, that’s going to continue. That is something that we were fighting for for the past year. And so, you’ll have that. When you think about the energy costs and utility bills because of the investments that we’re making, that’s going to — they’re going to feel that right away.”

After Jean-Pierre re-iterated that people will feel the impact on energy costs “right away” Keilar asked, “How soon?”

Jean-Pierre answered, “Well, let’s get this bill passed, and then we’ll see how the mechanics and all of that’s going to work through. But those are things, specifically, that America’s going to feel right away. When it comes to lowering prescription drugs, that will be earlier in the year next year.”

Posted on: Aug 13 09:03

Update (1537ET): Politico reports that based on the search warrant, the FBI is investigating former President Trump for "removal or destruction of records, obstruction of an investigation, and violating the Espionage Act," while Breitbart has the actual statutes from the warrant.

NEW via Breitbart: Trump under investigation per search warrant for:
18 USC 2071 — Concealment, removal or mutilation
18 USC 793 — Gathering, transmitting or losing defence information
18 USC 1519 — Destruction, alteration or falsification of records in Federal investigations

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Webmaster addition: Looks nice, but I think the days of human-piloted fighter aircraft are coming to an end.

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All it takes to obtain enough radioactive material to build a dirty bomb is a fake company and forged licenses, according to a new government watchdog report. 

Posted on: Aug 13 08:54

The deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, has accused the Ukrainian authorities and the West of an attempt to stage a Chernobyl-like disaster at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. With a capacity of around 6,000 megawatts, the Zaporozhye NPP generated a fourth of Ukraine’s electricity. Since 1996, it has been part of Ukraine’s Energoatom generating company. In March 2022, Russian forces established control of the facility. Now, the NPP is operating at 70% of its capacity due to the oversupply of electricity on the liberated territories of the Zaporozhye region.

"The scumbags in Kiev and their Western backers seem to be ready to stage another Chernobyl. Rockets and shells are falling ever closer to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant’s reactors and radioactive isotope storage facilities," Medvedev wrote on his Telegram channel on Friday. He dismissed the allegations Russia was behind these attacks as "one-hundred-percent nonsense."

"Even the UN does not believe this," Medvedev stressed.

Posted on: Aug 13 08:53

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has no choice other than to face a tribunal or play secondary roles in comedy shows, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with journalist Nadan Fridrikhson, which was posted on his Telegram channel on Friday.

Medvedev’s secretariat has confirmed to TASS the authenticity of the interview.

Thus, when asked what he thinks about Zelensky’s future, Medvedev said, "Either a tribunal or secondary roles in comedy shows again."

He said he had visited Lugansk on Thursday to discuss what can be done more to defend people living in the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, and on other liberated territories.

According to Medvedev, he was not afraid to visit the zone of combat operations. "It is they who should be afraid of us," he stressed.

Posted on: Aug 13 08:53

A former British Prime Minister has called for the nationalization of energy utilities that cannot offer their customers lower electricity prices.

In an op-ed for The Guardian, Gordon Brown wrote that the energy cap on electricity bills needs to be removed before it is updated later this month, and energy firms’ “windfall profits and bonuses have to be properly taxed now before the money flees the country.”

The “government should pause any further increase in the cap; assess the actual costs of the energy supplies being sold to consumers by the major companies; and, after reviewing the profit margins, and examining how to make standing charges and social tariffs more progressive, negotiate separate company agreements to keep prices down,” Brown argued.

If any energy companies failed to comply with these requirements, he continued, they had to be nationalized, as a last resort, “until the crisis is over”.

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Democrats are defending the unprecedented raid on Trump’s home. They claim  President Trump “violated” the law by taking documents with him from the White House.

Can Democrats explain why they didn’t do this to Obama—even though he took millions of documents with him?

Will they break into Obama’s “mansion” in Martha’s Vineyard?”

When Barack Obama left office, he took 30 million pages of documents with him.

The New York Post’s James Bovard recently chronicled the numerous flagrant violations of the Public Records Act by the Obama administration, including now-president Joe Biden himself.

Posted on: Aug 13 08:51

 On Friday, the authorities released the search warrant filed to search former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. That warrant was filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida and was issued last week.

By: orraz
Posted on: Aug 13 08:50

The regular Military Industrial Banking (MIB) lies of gold have become even more ridiculous than usual, especially those forwarded by the mass media.   BTC maximalists have always deemed gold “worthless” , and thus BTC maximalists have always failed to understand the central role of  sovereign gold reserves in all economic and military wars, In any war provoked and started by the MIB complex, they have always looted gold, when substantial amounts existed to be looted, because of their vulnerable state as a consequence of war. No one knows exactly what happened to Saddam’s alleged substantial amounts of gold beyond the credible assumption that US military forces loaded it onto a cargo plane for a final destination of US Central Bank vaults.

Perhaps the Germans received illegally looted Iraqi gold when they requested repatriation of their gold because US Central Bankers certainly did not return the original gold Germans vaulted with them after World War II (you may read more about this case here if you would like). During the NATO operation to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi, Western military forces also were the main culprit in the theft of Libya’s very substantial 144 tonnes of disappeared gold, and after NATO forces disposed of yet another democratically elected leader in Ukraine, the Wester MIB complex looted almost all of Ukraine’s 42.3 tonnes of gold reserves once again.

After the illegal 2014 US government led coup that overthrew democratically elected Ukraine President Victor Yanukovych and replaced him with a US hand-picked puppet, Yatsenyuk, to turn Ukraine from a pro-Russia to an anti-Russia state, the head of Ukraine's National Bank, Valeria Hontareva, stated in an interview with Ukraine's Kharkiv TV, “Official statistics of the National Bank show that the amount of gold in the vaults drastically fell, and it is unclear where it went. At the beginning of this month, the volume of gold was about $1 billion, or 8 percent of the total gold reservesin the vaults of the central bank there is almost no gold left. There is a small amount of gold bullion left, but it's just 1% of reserves." And this event marked the real beginning of the NATO Russia ware being waged in Ukraine, as even confirmed by US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland’s admission that the US government has spent billions of dollars in Ukraine to change the “hearts and minds” of Ukrainians.

Posted on: Aug 13 08:49

 Was President Joe Biden’s administration overselling the position of IRS agent — or is something more sinister brewing in Washington, D.C.?

By: orraz
Posted on: Aug 13 08:49

Those who've seen or spoken to Donald Trump this week say he's more energised and confident about a political comeback than at any time since he reluctantly left the White House in January 2021, falsely claiming to have won the presidential election.

Far from being cowed by Monday's FBI raid on his Florida home, he's buoyed up by the Republican party rallying behind him with one voice, boasting that even long-standing critics in his own party have publicly condemned the FBI and backed him.

The gerontocracy that controls the Democrats was hoping the FBI raid would discredit Trump and deter him from another bid for the presidency. They couldn't have been more wrong.

Posted on: Aug 13 08:44