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"All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms." -- Diane Feinstein 

Elon Musk denounced President Joe Biden’s push to free WNBA player Brittney Griner from Russia for a drug offense while thousands of Americans are locked up at home for similar crimes.

Griner was sentenced to 9 years in a Russian jail late last week after Russian prosecutors had claimed that Griner, who was convicted of deliberately sneaking marijuana vaping materials into the nation, should serve 9 1/2 years in prison.

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Fox News weekend host Dan Bongino went ballistic on the network after news broke that the FBI raided the residence of Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

“This is some third-world bullshit right here,” Bongino declared on Monday’s Jesse Watters Primetime. “Let me say it again: third-world bullshit. I mean every word of that I don’t care that it’s cable news.”

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The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) filed a formal legal petition to the United Nations Human Rights Committee against the current Canadian federal government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The formal legal complaint, filed on September 9 with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, outlines the Canadian government’s discrimination against Canada’s off-reserve Status and non-Status, Métis, and Inuit Indigenous peoples based on their indigeneity. The legal filing clearly makes the case that the Canadian government’s discrimination is based on the inaccurate and stereotypical assumption that Canada’s off-reserve Indigenous peoples are less Indigenous than their reserve-based counterparts, and that federal government programs and policy fails to meet their needs.

CAP said at the core of the UN legal action is the idea the Trudeau government denies rights to CAP and its constituents, Canada’s off-reserve Indigenous peoples. This was done by failing to involve them adequately, or at all, in consultation or negotiations about self-government, land claims, healthcare, education, infrastructure, or natural resources.

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Webmaster addition: millions of illegal immigrants using water have taken their toll!

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 The Earth often has ways of making the “science” of climate change seem a bit ridiculous in the face of the great power of nature, and this year the eruption of Tonga’s Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano is only the latest example of that might.

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It’s actually fun to watch Elon Musk run free on Twitter, had this been anyone else, Twitter would have censored them and kicked them off.  But yet again, Musk has Twitter in a position where it can’t kick Musk off the site because he is the potential new owner.

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Posted on: Aug 09 09:59

Woke General Mark Milley drafted a cringeworthy letter of resignation after President Donald Trump ordered Lafayette Square cleared of violent Black Lives Matter rioters in June 2020.

After BLM rioters set fire to the historic St John's Church across from the White House and started looting local shops and attacking people in the street, Trump reportedly asked Milley to "take personal charge" of putting the riots down.

As a woke coward and BLM supporter focused solely on the evils of "white rage," Milley turned him down and instead scuttled himself off to his office in the Pentagon to write and rewrite a letter of resignation he never had the balls to actually present.

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Prominent Jewish liberal Democrats took to social media yesterday to accuse Marco Rubio of anti-Semitism for the most ridiculous and inane reason.

Senator Marco Rubio simply made the modest proposition that Soros prosecutors should be forced by the United States to actually enforce the law.

First, it was Randi Weingarten kvetching. Remember, Randi is the head of the extremely powerful nationwide teacher’s union, the American Federation of Teachers.

Randi is not worried about whether the charges are true or not, she’s only interested in using her privilege to silence a United States Senator from the great state of Florida.

Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York City couldn’t help himself and had to join in on the fun.

Fred Guttenberg of Florida couldn’t help himself and also had to get his woke Twitter dopamine rush.

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77 years ago (August 9, 1945) an all-Christian bomber crew dropped an experimental plutonium bomb on Nagasaki City, Japan, instantly incinerating, asphyxiating and/or vaporizing tens of thousands of innocent civilians, mostly women and children. Very few Japanese soldiers were killed by the bombs.

Japan’s major religions are Shitoism and Buddhism, but a disproportionate number of the dead at Nagasaki were Christian. The bomb also wounded uncounted tens of thousands of other victims who suffered the blast trauma, the intense heat and/or the radiation sickness that killed and maimed so many of the survivors.

Image: Another Irradiated and Charred Victim of the Nagasaki Bomb

In 1945, the US regarded itself as the most Christian nation in the world and the bomber crew reflected that reality. The small United States Army Air Force (USAAF) unit that was charged with dropping the atomic bombs (the 509th Composite Group) even had two Christian military chaplains assigned to it. They all were products of the type of Christianity that failed to teach what Jesus taught concerning homicidal violence (ie, that it was forbidden to his followers).

Of course, ignoring the powerful pacifist teachings of Jesus has been the norm for the vast majority of Christian theologians, clergy and lay-leaders for the past 1700 years. Indeed, it is often said that the only group that doesn’t know that Jesus was a pacifist is that group known as Christian. And the church’s leadership is most responsible for that erroneous stance.

Nagasaki was the most Christian city in Japan, and the city’s massive Urakami Cathedral was the largest Christian church in the orient – both in membership and physical structure. The cathedral was so large that it was visible at 31,000 feet, making it an easy aiming point for the Nagasaki bombardier.

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Cruz shared the comments throughout a Senate floor speech this weekend that noted Americans are not looking for more IRS agents as an answer to the nation’s problems.

“There are a lot of bad things in this bill, but few are worse than the proposal by Democrats in this bill to double the size of the IRS and create 87,000 new IRS agents,” Cruz announced throughout his Senate floor speech.

Webmaster addition: Looting the people is now the major priority of the government!

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The European Union is in the throes of an unprecedented energy crisis after taking steps to reduce dependence on Russian oil, natural gas, and coal to “punish” Moscow for its military operation in Ukraine. Skyrocketing energy prices and falling availability have sparked growing concerns about bloc countries’ fate come winter.

European countries are resolving the energy shortfall at home by outbidding developing nations for gas contracts, “increasing the misery of millions of people,” and threatening to plunge entire countries into chaos, Handelsblatt reports.

“While Europe fears supply shortages in winter, the energy crisis has already hit other parts of the world with full force. In Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, power supply is not guaranteed even in hospitals. Young mothers report on how they torment themselves with their newborns during hot summer nights because even fans cannot be switched on,” Handelsblatt contributor Mathias Peer wrote.

A similar situation is seen in Pakistan, which has experienced “one power blackout after another,” and “also as a consequence of Europe’s failed energy policy,” Peer indicated.

The observer explained that the EU’s headlong rush to reduce dependence on Russian gas has triggered “massive turbulence on global energy markets,” with fleets of liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers which ordinarily carry cargoes to Asia diverted to Europe instead.

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If the longest recession since the financial crisis and deepest fall in living standards since the 1960s were not bad enough, Britain is also facing economic humiliation on the international stage – if you believe Government critics.

Keir Starmer last month accused former chancellor Rishi Sunak and Prime Minister Boris Johnson of leaving the UK with an “appalling joint economic legacy of the highest inflation and the lowest growth in the G7”.

The G7 comparison paints Britain’s painful 9.4pc annual price rise in June as a remarkable outlier, but that does not depict the full picture.

Firstly, much of the G7 is in a very similar position: US inflation is at 9.1pc and Germany at 8.2pc.

Secondly, the UK is suffering less inflation than the average EU nation – price rises averaged 9.6pc in June across the bloc.

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Western countries should close their borders to all Russians, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told The Washington Post newspaper.

According to him, "the most important sanctions are to close the borders — because the Russians are taking away someone else’s land." He said that Russians should "live in their own world until they change their philosophy." In his opinion, this should also involve those Russians who left the country protesting the government’s actions. "Whichever kind of Russian <… > make them go to Russia," he said.

In his opinion, the entire Russian population should be held responsible. "The population picked this government and they’re not fighting it, not arguing with it, not shouting at it," he noted. Zelensky also criticized the current sanctions as weak and ineffective.

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You may recall Jose Alba, the Manhattan bodega worker charged with murder after grabbing a knife and killing the violent ex-con who attacked him.

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In China, 35 people have been reported as infected by the new henipavirus which appears to be potentially deadly. The virus which spreads from animals to humans has set off the alarm in the Chinese region of Taiwan.

Webmaster addition: Biological warfare???

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While the United States and Europe flood Ukraine with tens of billions of dollars of weapons, using it as an anti-Russian proxy and pouring fuel on the fire of a brutal war that is devastating the country, they are also making plans to essentially plunder its post-war economy.

Representatives of Western governments and corporations met in Switzerland this July to plan a series of harsh neoliberal policies to impose on post-war Ukraine, calling to cut labor laws, “open markets,” drop tariffs, deregulate industries, and “sell state-owned enterprises to private investors.”

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Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Monday said the Kiev regime ‘effectively takes all of Europe hostage’ by shelling the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

"Murders from around the corner and under the cover of night are a distinctive modus operandi, if not to say the essence, of adherents of Bandera's ideology, which has been known since the Great Patriotic War. But now they have chosen as a target not only the peoples of Russia and Ukraine. They are effectively taking all of Europe hostage and, apparently, are not averse to ‘setting it on fire’ in favor of their Nazi idols," the diplomat said in a statement commenting on the shelling of the Zaporozhye NPP by Ukraine.

She said Ukrainian armed forces are making the situation around the power plant "more and more dangerous" by the day. Maria Zakharova said by directing artillery fire toward active reactors and spent nuclear fuel storage facilities, "the Ukrainians are taking aim at themselves."

"We regularly send the IAEA updated information ‘from the scene,’ which is reflected in the information circulars of the agency, which clearly expose the criminal actions of the Ukrainian armed forces, the command of which has completely lost the ability to think straight," the statement said.

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How many Americans have known someone who died from heroin or fentanyl overdose in the last 15 years?

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France began its military operations in the Sahel in 2013 to crush a rebellion in the North of Mali, a former French colony. The rebel and terrorist groups then reorganized to attack the center of the country which initiated a full blown rebellion. After nearly a decade, the rebels were still not contained and the numbers of terrorist attacks in the country rose steadily and the violence spread to neighboring countries.

The rising tensions eventually led to the complete deterioration of the relations between the two countries.

Mali expelled the French ambassador last January and on 31 July 2022, on National Television, the government of Mali demanded that the French President Macron abandon his “neocolonial, paternalistic and patronizing posture” towards Mali.

During this time, Mali accused France of violating its airspace several times, of spying, subversion and of trying to divide the country.

Eventually, Mali called for the help of Russian private security contractors to fill the vacuum that France left behind while France retreated to Niger and Burkina Faso after being expelled from the country.

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After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi provocation, tensions have escalated, with China firing missiles near the island in drills on August 4 and, for the first time, five Chinese missiles landed in Japanese waters. Washington’s new pro-secessionist instance on this issue violates its own “One China” foreign policy and brings the world closer to further conflict. These developments are unfolding while the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war threatens global food security. For a number of reasons, the US-led West is largely to blame for the 2014 Ukrainian crisis and this is still the case regarding the current proxy war between Washington and Moscow in Ukraine. According to University of Chicago political science Professor John Mearsheimer, NATO enlargement was and is the tap root of the trouble. Now, many concerned observers fear that recent history could somehow repeat itself in Asia over Taipei. Could this double crisis crystallize the current new Cold War into a new bipolarity, thus bringing the world closer to global war?

Washington has broadened its engagement in South Asia as part of its wider Indo-Pacific vision to counter Beijing. Tensions have also been on the rise on the Korean peninsula amid concerns over a “new Asian NATO”. Moreover, in May, US President Joe Biden pledged to militarily defend Taiwan against China. In addition, Washington has been selling arms to Taipei (as it has been doing with Kiev).

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Regional alliances should, for the most part, remain regional.  Areas of the globe can count on a number of such bodies and associations with varying degrees of heft: the Organization of American States; the Organisation of African Unity; and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.  Only one has decided to move beyond its natural, subscribed limits, citing security and a militant basis, for its actions.

On April 27, the UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, prime ministerial contender, made her claim that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization needed to be globalised.  Her Mansion House speech at the Lord Mayor’s Easter Banquet was one of those unusually frank disclosures that abandons pretence revealing, in its place, a disturbing reality.

After making it clear that NATO’s “open door policy” was “sacrosanct”, Truss also saw security in global terms, another way of promoting a broader commitment to international mischief.  She rejected “the false choice between Euro-Atlantic security and Indo-Pacific security.  In the modern world we need both.”  A “global NATO” was needed.  “By that I don’t mean extending the membership to those from other regions.  I mean that NATO must have a global outlook, ready to tackle global threats.”

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“Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before,” President Trump said in a statement. “After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate.”

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Before and during Donald Trump’s time in the White House, powerful federal agencies aligned to sabotage his candidacy and then his presidency. Once-trusted entities such as the FBI, the intelligence community, and even parts of the U.S. military have burned their credibility by abandoning their missions to instead try to end Trump’s political career.

Does this include the Secret Service?

Unfortunately, the scandal over deleted texts related to January 6 demands the question. 

Last month, the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security, the agency that houses the Secret Service, officially informed Congress that text messages the office sought as part of its investigation into the Capitol protest were gone. 

Posted on: Aug 09 09:39

Farmers around the globe are feeling unfairly targeted and unfortunately, they are right. From the Netherlands to Ireland to Canada, nations are increasingly targeting their respective agriculture sectors under the banner of climate change. Going after farmers could not come at a worse time as the war in Ukraine has triggered an international food shortage, which one United Nations official recently stated is “threatening global hunger on an unprecedented scale.” 

For example, the Netherlands, while a relatively small country, is the second-largest agricultural exporter in the world, the largest exporter of meat among all EU nations, and the third largest dairy exporter in the world. The Dutch climate proposal up for consideration would close up to 30% of their farms and force farmers to kill off livestock in order to comply with European Union (EU) environmental rules. When the newly created Dutch Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy announced the plan, local farmers were given three options—(1) Comply; (2) Relocate; or (3) Shutdown. There was no sleight of hand, the government made it clear “there is not a future for all [Dutch] farmers within [this] approach.” 

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