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"The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets." -- Will Rogers

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Speaking to the Rossiya-24 TV channel on Thursday, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov hit out at the West’s hypocritical claims that there are restrictions to the list of weapons supplied to Kiev, emphasizing that Russia sees nothing of the sort.

"The Western [establishment] is rapidly moving towards expanding the range of supplies of increasingly heavy, long-range weapons. They cunningly, and eventually deceptively, characterize things as if there is a kind of a limit, some kind of self-restraint in this respect. We see nothing of the kind," the diplomat stressed.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:11

NATO was aware of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s preparations for drone attacks on Russian airfields, head of Russia’s delegation to the Vienna talks on military security and arms control Konstantin Gavrilov said.

"Provocations against Russia’s Dyagilevo and Engels strategic airfields, which involved Tu-141 Strizh jet combat drones, could have created serious nuclear security threats," the diplomat pointed out at a plenary session of the OSCE Forum on Security Cooperation. "NATO was aware of the preparations for the recent Ukrainian attacks on Russian military airfields. We immediately responded to them by conducting a massive strike on Ukraine’s military command system, defense industry facilities and related energy sites. No one should have any doubts that this is what will happen every time if Ukraine continues to carry out terrorist attacks," Gavrilov added.

He noted that work had been done in 2022 to restore and upgrade the Soviet-made drones that Ukraine had used in the attacks. The activities involved experts from the Kiev-based Luch Design Bureau and the United States’ Raytheon Technologies. "The drone was turned into a combat weapon with a range of action of up to 1,000 kilometers, capable of carrying out a high-explosive warhead weighing up to 80 kilograms and using the US Global Positioning System (GPS) for targeting," Gavrilov explained.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:11

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday announced that the Florida Disaster Fund has raised $59.2 million for Hurricane Ian emergency relief, after claiming that the Biden administration denied funding assistance.

$25 million came from the state of Florida, while donors provided $35.2 million, DeSantis' office said in a press release. The state funds will be used to acquire building materials, while donations will enable "verified nonprofit organizations to conduct critical temporary repairs on homes damaged by Hurricane Ian," according to the press release, and reported by the Daily Caller.

Webmaster addition: So Biden allowed his personal dislike for DeSantis to override helping the victims of the Hurricane. Not exactly wise rulership, is it?

Posted on: Dec 09 07:09

Russia would like the EU to be an equal part of a multipolar world, but in this case it must not be 100% dependent on the US, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the Primakov Readings forum on Wednesday.

"Of course, we would like the EU to be one of the poles of the new multipolar world, it still has all the opportunities for it. <...> The European Union will be able to participate equally in these processes when it realizes that it does not have to say 'I agree' to the United States 100% of the time," he said.

"But India, Brazil, Persian Gulf countries, regional associations in Africa and Latin America have more reasons to be part of the multipolar world, an equal part, than the EU," the top diplomat added.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:09

The Texas legislature has subpoenaed investment firm BlackRock, together with its subsidiaries and affiliate entities in the state, for documents related to the institution’s promotion of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies.

The subpoena was issued by the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs last month and asks the sergeant-at-arms for the committee or any peace officer of the state to summon BlackRock and associated entities to appear before the committee on Dec. 15. The summoned entities are expected to produce for committee inspection “books, papers, documents, or other tangible things in the said corporation’s possession, custody, or control” which are related to “ESG factors” or “ESG integration practices,” the subpoena stated.

“The reason the committee is requesting the production of documents is to evaluate the investment practices of a financial services firm with a presence in Texas and how those practices affect the state’s public pensions,” it said.

In a statement to Fox, Texas Republican state Sen. Bryan Hughes, chairman of the committee on state affairs, said that the subpoenaed documents are necessary to “uncover” the extent to which investment entities like BlackRock have been “playing politics using Texans’ hard-earned money.”

Back in August, the committee sent letters to BlackRock, as well as other investment firms like State Street, Vanguard, and Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), to provide documents related to their ESG decision-making.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:08

President Biden on Wednesday renewed a push to ban so-called 'assault weapons' during remarks at the 10th Annual National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence.

While discussing his meetings with the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims, Biden said he was able to get "the most significant gun law passed in 30 years," but that it was not enough.

"...Our work continues to limit the number of bullets that can be in a cartridge, the type of weapon that can be purchased and sold, the attempt to ban assault weapons, a whole range of things that are just common sense, just simple common sense," he said. "But you know, we did it before, you may remember, in the nineties we did it…And guess what, it worked. The number of violent mass murders reduced were significant, a lot of people’s lives were saved. You know, we can do it again."

Posted on: Dec 09 07:07

New York City judge has once again refused to put an anti-Semitic thug accused of plotting violent attacks on synagogues back in jail.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Neil Ross ruled on Wednesday Matthew Mahrer, 22, can continue to walk free around the city after his family posted a $150,000 bail last month — despite the District Attorney's office arguing disturbing new facts about his plans were enough of a reason to keep him behind bars.

Mahrer was arrested last month with Christopher Brown, 21, after authorities found they made a sting of 'credible threats' at synagogues across the Big Apple.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:07

Scientists have a new understanding about supermassive black holes thanks to data gathered by the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia.

Supermassive black holes are located deep within the center of galaxies in areas where temperatures run up to 50 million degrees Celsius. The black hole will sometimes reheat the gas surrounding it in violent bursts - 'burps' - from its center.  

These gas jets carve out immense cavities within the hot cluster, which then pushes hot gas farther from the center and replaces it with radio-emitting bubbles. If they can learn more about what’s left behind filling in these cavities, scientists can begin to understand what made them in the first place.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:05

President Joe Biden on Thursday celebrated the news that his administration had successfully secured the release of WNBA basketball player Brittney Griner, who was detained in Russia.

“Brittney is an incomparable athlete,” Biden said, noting she was a two-time Olympic Gold medalist for the United States.

Griner was arrested in February at a Moscow airport by Russian officials for possession of cannabis vape cartridges.

“She represents the best about America — just across the board, everything about her,” Biden said.

Webmaster addition: Does that include kneeling for the National Anthem?

Posted on: Dec 09 07:04

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) predicted on Thursday that leftist President Joe Biden’s decision to trade imprisoned basketball player Brittney Griner for notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, known as the “merchant of death,” would result in people dying as rogue states interpreted the move as open season to arrest Americans.

Posted on: Dec 09 07:03

The far-left Hollywood Reporter thinks it’s doing journalism with this hilarious story about how all the major entertainment multinationals are freaking out over the fact that cord-cutting is accelerating, and streaming revenue is failing to make up for that shortfall.

Here’s what’s happening…

About 3.5 million people are canceling their cable/satellite packages per year. That is a massive loss of revenue for entertainment outlets. Why? Well, as I have been explaining for 15 years now, merit has nothing to do with cable TV profits.

Whether you watch the Disney Grooming Channel, MTV, CNNLOL, TBS, TCM, MSNBC, Fox News, ESPN, or all those other well-known networks, the providers/studios that own those networks all get a piece of your monthly bill. For example, just because you (like the rest of America) do not watch CNN, because it is still part of your cable package, you are subsidizing CNN. Every month, something like a dollar of your cable bill goes to CNN’s parent company. Same with all the other networks you don’t watch. Now do the math. Twelve dollars a month times 100 million households equals $1.2 billion for CNN per year, even though no one watches CNN.

The whole cable game is rigged.

Webmaster addition: Get ready for a rant! I am very unhappy with streaming. Months ago our local provider canceled their cable TV offering, and now all we use them for is internet access. We switched to streaming and it has been a very unsatisfying experience. I am sick and tired of watching dancing dots and spinning circles all the time while waiting for a program to start. One of the channels supported by commercials fails to come back from the commercials and the program has to be re-started from the beginning. Prime is decent and so is Paramount and so is Discovery. HBO is a total train wreck in terms of being able to watch a program and the user interface, reportedly purchased from another system and hastily modified, has more problems than I care to list here. And as this article mentions, the content is still dominated by wokist programming I do not care to watch.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:55

A new felony arrest warrant has just been issued for Sam Brinton, the senior Department of Energy official who just weeks ago confessed to stealing luggage at the Minneapolis airport on Sept 16.

Now, the ostentatiously "non-binary" deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition stands accused of perpetrating the same crime at the Las Vegas airport, according to KLAS. The date of the alleged Vegas theft has not yet been publicized.

Brinton's January 2022 appointment to a sensitive nuclear post was hailed as a shining example of the Biden administration's "inclusivity," with Brinton claiming the crown tiara as the barrier-breaking first openly "gender fluid" person to have a federal leadership role.  

Brinton's no gender studies grad -- he has dual masters degrees in nuclear science and engineering from MIT. His appointment raised eyebrows, however -- and not only because of his fabulous cross-dressing, which includes wearing stiletto heels to work.

Webmaster addition: Who vetted this clown before he was hired?!?

Posted on: Dec 09 06:53

Elon Musk, the freshly anointed owner of Twitter, took to Twitter Spaces over the past weekend to discuss, among other things, the “Twitter Files.” This is an inquiry into Twitter’s suppression of the alleged contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop in the lead up to the presidential election in 2020. The investigation has been met with mixed reception.

Musk has promised several installments to the files, and the first one dropped on Friday. However, episode two has been delayed.. During his Spaces appearance, the Chief Twit claimed that the release of the probe may put his life in jeopardy, despite the fact that many outsiders had described it as lacking, considering the media already widely publicized in 2020 that posts related to this very thing were being suppressed.

“At the end of the day, we just want to have a future where we’re not oppressed, [where] our speech is not suppressed,” telling his audience why he decided to make the Files public, he added, “and we can say what we want to say without fear of reprisals.”

“Frankly the risk of something bad happening to me, or even literally being shot, is quite significant,” he continued.

He added that he’s “definitely not going to be doing any open-air car parades, let me put it that way.”

It’s true that famous individuals often become the targets of stalker, so Musk has a point there. Musk is the wealthiest person in the world, but his turbulent, outspoken presence on the social media network he now controls makes him an unusually prominent — and contentious — figure. As a general rule, he has good reason to fear for his safety, and such worries are to be expected.

Webmaster addition: The government, feeling cornered, might assassinate Musk and then purchase Twitter from his estate to bring it back under the dictatorship.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:42

 U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Thursday said she was "open" to visit China as she seeks to deepen economic engagement with Beijing after the leaders of the world's two largest economies met last month, signaling a possible easing of tensions.

"I have no definite plan to visit China, but I am certainly open to it and look forward to more intense interactions than we've had over the last year or two," Yellen said.

Yellen told reporters after a visit to a Bureau of Printing and Engraving currency plant in Texas that a potential topic for future meetings with Chinese officials was the need for China to participate more fully in debt restructurings of distressed poor and developing countries that had borrowed heavily from Chinese state lenders.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:40

Argentina's Foreign Ministry has summoned the UK ambassador to the country, Kirsty Hayes, on Thursday to protest against a series of military exercises carried out near the Falkland Islands.

In a statement, the Argentine Foreign Minister, Santiago Cafiero, expressed his "categorical rejection" of the idea of "introducing new military actors" in the Malvinas, a statement which also alluded to the possible presence of soldiers from Kosovo.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:38

China has deployed a new generation of submarine-launched ballistic missiles, for the first time placing the West Coast of the United States within credible striking range. The new Ju Lang-3 (JL-3) missile replaces the older JL-2 on China’s ballistic missile submarines. However, Chinese submarines cannot reach the continental U.S. from their existing patrol areas, and China would have to switch things up to hit targets as far as Salt Lake City.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:38

The United States hopes to reach agreement on "top line" numbers for assistance to three Pacific island countries by the year end, a State Department official told Reuters on Thursday, part of negotiations critical to shoring up U.S. strategic interests in a region courted by China.

The Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and Palau are sovereign nations that agreed Compacts of Free Association, or COFAs, in the 1980s, under which the United States retained responsibility for their defense and exclusive access to huge swaths of the Pacific.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:36
Posted on: Dec 09 06:35

Just an ancillary side note to the U.S-Russia prisoner exchange.

According to an original article from NBC, the negotiations for the prisoner swap included an exchange for either LGBTQ+ hero Brittany Griner or U.S. former marine Paul Whelan.

The Russians would swap either U.S. citizen for the return of arms dealer Viktor Bout; however, the White House would have to decide which American they wanted in return.  The White House decided there was greater benefit to getting LGBTQ+ hero Brittany Griner returned, and left Paul Whelan in a Russian prison.

Obviously, this context of the NBC report makes the Biden administration look bad.

A political and ideological decision within the selection of the Biden administration preference.   Realizing this, perhaps after contact from the White House, NBC stealth edited their story after publication in order to eliminate the political problem.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:33

Anew report lists the Land of Lincoln as the least tax-friendly state in the nation for middle-class families.

The report was done by Kiplinger and ranked the 10 worst states for middle-class families when looking at the state's overall tax burden.

"Sorry, Illinois, but you're the least tax-friendly state in the country for middle-class families," the report said.

Illinois finished poorly on the list due to the impact on the middle class from the state's flat income tax rate, average combined state and local sales tax and its high property tax burden that ranks second highest in the country.

Webmaster addition: Maybe that's why Lincoln's family left Illinois and moved here to Indiana!!! :)

Posted on: Dec 09 06:31

For several weeks, President Pedro Castillo of Peru has been at war with the Legislature, and they finally had enough of the leftist's ways.  So they took action today:

Peru's Congress voted to oust President Pedro Castillo in an impeachment trial on Wednesday, hours after he plunged the country into a constitutional crisis by attempting to dissolve the legislature by decree.

Ignoring Castillo's attempt to shut down Congress, lawmakers moved ahead with the previously planned impeachment trial, with 101 votes in favor of removing him, six against and 10 abstentions. The result was announced with loud cheers and the legislature called Vice President Dina Boluarte to take office.

Peru's national police shared an image on Twitter of Castillo sitting unrestrained at a police station after the vote to remove him and said that it had "intervened" to fulfill its duties. It referred to Castillo as "ex-president". It was unclear if he had been detained.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:30

Local and federal authorities were investigating threats in an angry message to kill Kentucky school children as well as Sen. Rand Paul and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, both of who hail from the state. 

The message, which was obtained by Fox News Digital, warned of targeting both Republican lawmakers and appears to insinuate the killing of children who voted for them in threats sent to the Bowling Green Independent Schools, the Warren County Schools and the Allen County School systems. 

"U want to vote mich mcconnell and rand paul then u all deal with what comes with that," the threat states. "And the only way ur gonna learn is when ur f******* racist cracker kids are on the ground bleeding out. Then you'll know what the rest of us have to live with on a daily basis because of the fascists you voted in." 

Webmaster addition: Feels like another psyop.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:29

Seven Republican U.S. senators who slammed former President Trump for suggesting that new censorship revelations warranted a reconsideration of the 2020 presidential election results have no plan to address the First Amendment-violating censorship Trump was reacting to in “The Twitter Files.”

More and more evidence is exposing how our corrupt FBI brazenly violated the Constitution by dictating to social media monopolies what speech to censor from public and private discourse ahead of the 2020 election. Yet GOP senators are more preoccupied with Trump talking about altering the Constitution than they are with the deep state committing actual violations of it.

After revelations uncovered that Twitter colluded with the Biden campaign to censor content in the lead-up to the election and misused its “hacked material policy” to annihilate the Hunter Biden laptop story, Trump posted to Truth Social:

So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!

Webmaster addition: The obvious next question is whether these 7 Senators were also beneficiaries of social media censorship!

Posted on: Dec 09 06:25

ACanadian fashion company published an ad last month that had nothing to do with fashion. At the end of the advertisement, it turns out the star, 37-year-old Canadian Jennyfer Hatch, is dead.

“Last breaths are sacred. Even though as I seek help to end my life,” she says in the 30-second montage of her final days as if it’s a lucid dream. “With all the pain and in these final moments, there is still so much beauty.”

According to the National Post, a Candian newspaper popular west of Ontario, Hatch was terminally diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare and painful condition that compromises connective tissues. She turned to medical assistance in dying (MAID) after she failed to secure medical assistance in living.

“I feel like I’m falling through the cracks so if I’m not able to access health care am I then able to access death care? And that’s what led me to look into MAID,” she told CTV under a pseudonym last year. “It is far easier to let go than keep fighting.”


California, Oregon, D.C., Hawaii, Washington, Maine, Colorado, New Jersey, and Vermont have each legalized assisted suicide.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:24

Texas Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled their legislative framework for fixing President Joe Biden’s crisis at the southern border on Thursday while blasting the Democrat commander-in-chief for failing to address the ongoing disaster.

Spearheaded by Rep. Chip Roy, the outline includes several policies aimed at stymying the mass influx of illegal immigration at the southern border. Among the key tenets of the agenda are plans to complete physical border infrastructure, as well as rectify existing enforcement policies neglected by the Biden administration. Cracking down on cartels and criminal organizations is also a core component, according to the delegation.

“With this new Republican majority in the House, our Texas delegation is committed to using every tool and authority at our disposal to hold President Biden, Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas, and this entire administration accountable for their dereliction of duty,” said Rep. Jodey Arrington.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:23

Emergency departments in NHS is observing a jump in young patients, as the death toll from invasive Strep A illness rose to 15.

The infection has hit the NHS during its busiest period time, with pharmacies struggling with localised shortages of antibiotics – leaving parents struggling to find medicine for their sick children.

NHS trust directors and doctors have warned of accidents and emergencies (A&Es) overflowing with children attending with winter viruses such as flu, RSV and now Strep A.

Group A strep bacteria can cause many different infections, ranging from minor illnesses to deadly diseases.

It comes as NHS England has sent a warning to healthcare leaders over the increased demand driven by Strep A concerns on Thursday with A&Es observing record delays as one-third of patients waited more than four hours to be seen, while NHS 111 services saw a spike in calls last weekend.

Experts have warned the NHS is “bursting at the seems” with staff demoralised at the standards of care.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:17

Additives in junk food can seep into babies in the womb and trigger changes linked to the development of allergies, a study claims. 

The finding — based on a review of around 170 studies — may partly explain why allergy rates have rocketed in the US and Britain over the past two decades.

Researchers found that tiny particles added to sugars, sweeteners and preservatives used to make sweets, cakes and syrups can cross the placenta and reach the fetus. The nanoparticles accumulate in the gut and disrupt the babies' microbiome, they say.

Posted on: Dec 09 06:15