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"The growth of the Internet will slow drastically, as the flaw in ‘Metcalfe’s law’ becomes apparent: most people have nothing to say to each other! By 2005, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine," -- Paul Krugman

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In response to the announced production cut of two million barrels of oil daily by OPEC+ nations on Wednesday to stabilize prices and maintain them above production costs, a White House statement roared disapproval, saying:

The move will “have the most negative impact on lower-and middle-income countries” — ones hegemon USA and its Western vassals exploit by plundering their resources and immiserating their people.

In response, dominant Biden regime hardliners in cahoots with their congressional co-conspirators will retaliate in their customary heavy-handed ways.

Posted on: Oct 06 15:24

An explosion at a Bulgarian weapons factory has left at least three people dead and one other injured, destroying much of the facility and prompting a full evacuation of the premises, according to local officials.

District prosecutors said the blast occurred on Tuesday at a plant run by weapons maker Arsenal in the city of Kazanlak. Though officials initially said the explosion had claimed the life of a 55-year-old man who worked at the factory, they have since confirmed the deaths of two female employees aged 53 and 43. One other woman remains in the hospital after suffering serious injuries in the explosion; none have been named. 

“In the workshop where the accident took place, products with… explosive mixtures are produced,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement, adding: “The workers from the neighboring premises were evacuated. A large part of the workshop was destroyed.”

Posted on: Oct 06 15:07

In March, the US banned all imports of Russian oil and gas as part of America’s sanctions against Moscow over its special military operation in Ukraine. As for Iran’s oil industry, it has for years been operating under US sanctions over what Tehran says is a purely peaceful nuclear program.

Moscow and Tehran continue to discuss swapping supplies of oil and gas, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak told reporters on Thursday, as Russia is challenging Western sanctions introduced over its ongoing special military operation in Ukraine.

"We are already working with them [the Iranian side] in this direction, hammering out separate routes and mechanisms pertaining to oil and gas swap deals,” Novak said.

Posted on: Oct 06 15:06

During an online conference at Australia's Lowy Institute, Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky called on NATO to carry out "preventive nuclear strikes" on Russia in order to "deter" Moscow from using nukes. The Russian side has repeatedly stressed that there can be no winner in a nuclear war, and it should never be unleashed.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has urged the entire world to take note of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's call for a preventive nuclear strike on Russia.

Peskov told Sputnik that Zelensky's statements about "preventive nuclear strikes" against Russia cannot be ignored by the international community, since they are nothing short of a call to start a World War, which will entail catastrophic repercussions.

The Kremlin spokesman stressed that the United States and the UK, which "de facto run Kiev," should bear responsibility for Zelensky's statements.

Posted on: Oct 06 15:06

Earlier in the day, Israel said that it would reject Lebanon's amendments to a US-brokered proposal on resolving a long-running maritime border dispute over gas-rich waters off the countries' Mediterranean coasts.

The IDF has been put on standby in the north after Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned of a possible escalation with Lebanon, as talks on a maritime border deal have apparently fallen through.

“The Defense Minister directed the IDF to prepare for a scenario of escalation in the north, both offensively and defensively, given the developments in the negotiations on the maritime border,” a statement from Gantz’s office said.


Posted on: Oct 06 15:05

Seoul scrambled 30 fighter jets in response to North Korea flying 12 warplanes near the border that separates the two countries on Thursday, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said.

According to a statement quoted by Yonhap news agency, eight North Korean fighters and four bombers were spotted at around 2pm and “conducted air-to-surface firing drills for about an hour.”

South Korea immediately sent 30 fighter jets and other planes, the Joint Chiefs of Staff revealed. There was no clash, it added, as North Korea, aircraft did not cross the “tactical action line.”

Posted on: Oct 06 15:05

The United States has fast-tracked hundreds of millions of dollars worth of private weapons sales to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s special military operation in February, The New York Times reported on Thursday.

The US expedited over $300 million in private arms sales to Ukraine, reducing approval times from weeks to hours, in just the first four months of 2022, the report said.

The State Department authorized less than $15 million in such sales to Ukraine throughout the entirety of fiscal year 2021, the report noted.

However, weapons sold through private brokers are more likely to end up on the black market than their government-provided counterparts, according to the report.

Webmaster addition: Gee, I wonder where Ukraine gets that kind of money?

Posted on: Oct 06 15:03

Members of the US Marine Corps are drowning while swimming at sea due to an inadequate focus on water survival during the branch’s training, the Marine Corps Times reported on Thursday.

Three Marines have drowned so far in 2022 – two while recreationally swimming and another during training in Hawaii, according to the Naval Safety Center. A total of 39 American troops have died off the coast of Okinawa in particular since 2000, the report also said.

"Especially in Okinawa, Japan, you know, Marines have a little alcohol in their system, and they want to touch the water… And then no one sees them again," Marine Corps water survival instructor Sgt. Kenneth Wilson is quoted as saying in the report. "So [Marines] learn enough to survive in a controlled environment. But what happens when you really hit the real thing?"

Webmaster addition: Gender pronouns make lousy life preservers!

Posted on: Oct 06 15:02
By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 06 14:26

 Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), a candidate for election to the U.S. House to represent Alaska’s At-Large Congressional District, said in an interview published Tuesday on Breitbart News editor Adrienne Ross’s eponymous podcast that political corruption of “public schools” can become a catalyst across America by invigorating “Mama and Papa Grizzlies” to protect children.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 06 14:24

  Conservatives the world over — people who eschew left-wing pseudo-science and cultural extremism like 16 genders and new types of pronouns — need to come to grips with the reality that, if leftists had their way, conservatives would be locked up in prison camps — or worse.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 06 14:23

 Once again, left-wing extremists who are taking over the Democratic Party are proving that it is they, not conservatives, who are blatant bigots and racists.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 06 14:22

  A public school teacher in Oklahoma who was fired back in April from one school system for brainwashing students into extremism is back at it again in another.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 06 14:21

  It looks like there might not be enough energy to go around in Germany this winter after all, according to federal economy minister Robert Habeck.

Posted on: Oct 06 14:20

  Footage of illegal migrants enjoying the high life aboard a five-star cruise ship moored in the Netherlands caused outrage on social media as Dutch citizens continue to suffer from high food and energy prices.

Posted on: Oct 06 14:20

 Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs (D) was a no-show at a town hall event hosted by Spanish-language media Wednesday, while her Republican opponent Kari Lake not only came to the event but was a hit with the crowd.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 06 13:48

There is no doubt that people are becoming more stupid.

Yesterday I saw a photo of a girl carrying a sign which said: ‘Follow the science’.

Sadly, and rather comically, she was wearing a mask.

Like the royal family, whose motto is: ‘everyone should stop flying except us’, she obviously didn’t believe in practising what she preached.

Posted on: Oct 06 13:48

Female athletes in Florida high schools who are asked to report information about their periods and menstrual cycles on their annual physical forms will now have their sensitive medical data farmed out to a third party.

Florida's school system has for decades required all student athletes to complete an extensive paper form with a physician on an annual basis to ensure they are fit and healthy to play, but unlike other in states, this information is shared with school administrators.

Female athletes are also asked to complete five questions - marked as optional - about their menstrual history. 

Posted on: Oct 06 13:47

 On Wednesday afternoon, a University of Arizona professor was shot and killed inside a campus building by a former graduate student.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 06 13:46

The outrage mob can’t really be mad at Kanye West for speaking out. They should be mad at themselves for ignoring an outrageous controversy for so long.

On Monday, as only as he could, Kanye exposed the rank emptiness of ‘Black Lives Matter.’

Pictures circulated showing him, conservative commentator Candace Owens and models at his Paris fashion show wearing White Lives Matter T-shirts.

On Tuesday, Kanye stoked the outrage again by posting on Instagram: ‘Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a scam. Now it’s over. You’re welcome.’

And on Wednesday he leaned in once more, posting another photo of his shirt with the caption: ‘Here’s my latest response when people ask me why I made a tee that says white lives matter … THEY DO.’

Is he wrong? Not really. 

Posted on: Oct 06 13:46

 When it comes to big financial predictions, renowned financial analyst Jim Rickards doesn’t mince words.

By: orraz
Posted on: Oct 06 13:46

Pfizer has partnered with Marvel to create a comic book to urge people to get their Covid booster vaccines and be an 'everyday hero'.

The PR stunt comes amid a sluggish autumn jab rollout that has seen less than one in 20 eligible Americans receive their Omicron-specific shot. 

Pfizer is also pushing for its new bivalent booster vaccine to be approved for children aged five to 11. 

Posted on: Oct 06 13:46

President Joe Biden tore into 'MAGA Republicans' and their 'extreme agenda' after a court ruled a program protecting millions of migrants from deportation is unlawful.

The setback for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) scheme - which shields more than 600,000 migrants known as 'dreamers' - means new applications will no longer be accepted in a blow to the Biden administration's liberal immigration policy.

'My Administration is committed to defending Dreamers against attacks from Republican officials in Texas and other States. This challenge to DACA is just another example of the extreme agenda being pushed by MAGA-Republican officials,' Biden said in a statement late Wednesday.

Posted on: Oct 06 13:45

In a letter to BlackRock chairman and CEO Larry Fink, Louisiana state Treasurer John Schroder, a Republican, noted that $560 million has already been divested and eventually $794 million will have been yanked out of BlackRock.

Posted on: Oct 06 13:44

Louisiana State Treasurer John Schroder announced on Wednesday that the Pelican State will withdraw $794 million in treasury funds from BlackRock over its ESG green energy activism.

Schroder announced that $560 million had already been removed from BlackRock and $794 million will be removed from the world’s largest asset manager by the end of 2022.

“This divestment is necessary to protect Louisiana from mandates BlackRock has called for that would cripple our critical energy sector,” Schroder said in a statement. “I refuse to spend a penny of Treasury funds with a company that will take food off tables, money out of pockets and jobs away from hardworking Louisianans.”

Schroder serves as the incoming chair of the national State Financial Officers Foundation. He explained that his action was in response to BlackRock’s embrace of “net zero” Energy, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment strategies that would harm the oil and natural gas industry. Louisiana is a large producer of oil.

Posted on: Oct 06 13:44

General Electric is laying off 20% of its U.S. onshore wind workforce, which equates to hundreds of jobs, according to a person familiar with the matter who declined to be named.

A note was sent out to employees Wednesday.

“We are taking steps to streamline and size our onshore wind business for market realities to position us for future success. These are difficult decisions, which do not reflect on our employees’ dedication and hard work but are needed to ensure the business can compete and improve profitability over time,” a spokesperson for GE Renewable Energy told CNBC.

GE is said to be examining its onshore wind footprint in Europe and Asia as well.

GE’s renewable energy business faces a trifecta of challenges: Rising input costs, supply chain issues and competition from the likes of Siemens. While demand for clean energy options is rising as energy shortages continue to wreak havoc, analysts say it’s been difficult to make wind energy a cost-effective option. The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act does restore a tax credit for onshore wind, but some experts worry it came too late.

Posted on: Oct 06 13:43

Less than one month after armed FBI agents handcuffed and dragged Mark Houck, a pro-life activist and father, out of his home in front of his wife and children, the FBI raided another pro-life activist for his involvement in a peaceful protest outside a Tennessee abortion facility.

FBI agents, with weapons drawn, swarmed Chet Gallagher’s home on Tuesday night, reported, for allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, a law designed to keep people concerned with protecting unborn life away from abortion facilities. Gallagher was not home at the time of the raid so the FBI “demanded his whereabouts from Gallagher’s family” and his neighbors.

Gallagher is one of 11 activists devoted to defending unborn life who were federally indicted by the Department of Justice this week for allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act by standing in a hallway outside the Carafem abortion facility in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, in March 2021. Gallagher and six others were also charged with civil rights conspiracy.

You wouldn’t know it from the DOJ’s press release, which claims the 11 individuals “aided and abetted by one another, used force and physical obstruction to injure, intimidate and interfere with employees of the clinic and a patient who was seeking reproductive health services,” but the Christian pro-lifers spent most of their time peacefully praying, singing, and crying in the hallway leading to the abortion facility. Footage of the gathering eventually shows local police escorting several handcuffed members of the group out of the building and into a police van.

Posted on: Oct 06 13:43

Footage of a Chinese-made drone carrying a ‘robot dog’ that is armed with a machine gun has started to make its rounds on social media, and it looks like it was taken straight out of a dystopian war movie. It isn’t immediately clear if the video was recorded as part of a Chinese military exercise or rather in an effort to demonstrate how the pairing will operate, but even without that context, the clip could serve as a foretelling of the technology that may populate future battlegrounds.

The one-minute video was originally posted yesterday to Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging website, by a user either affiliated with or representing the local defense company that reportedly develops the drone being used to deploy the robodog

The footage begins with a shot of the drone as it approaches the rooftop of a building in a nondescript urban area with the compact armed robot dog being carried under the drone’s frame. The drone, acting as a robotic dropship of sorts, then lands atop the roof, releases the robodog, and flies away. Shortly thereafter the robodog unfurls from its folded position and begins navigating its new surroundings with what looks to be a Chinese QBB-97 light machine gun (designated as Type 95 LGM in the United States) mounted on its back.

Posted on: Oct 06 13:42