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This past week’s water woes in Atlanta are indicative of infrastructure issues impacting broad swaths of the country, experts say. 

Late last week, three water mains in the Georgia city broke, leaving numerous residents without water. One major pipe has already been repaired, but many residents still remained under a boil water order for days. 

The issue is just one example of the problems caused by the nation’s aging and often brittle water systems.

“A lot of our water infrastructure was built between 50 to 100 years ago, so there’s quite a bit of it that’s at the end of its service life and we see this in water main breaks,” said Richard Luthy, a civil and environmental engineering professor at Stanford University. 

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French President Emmanuel Macron said he won’t resign if his party suffers a poor result in a snap parliamentary election as he appealed to voters not to succumb to the “fever of the extremists.”

French bonds tumbled on Tuesday following a report that the president had discussed resigning if he suffers a second big defeat in succession with investors on edge about a potential takeover by Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally.

“I will kill this false report,” the French leader said at a press conference presenting a hastily assembled campaign program. “It’s absurd.”

The 46-year-old president caught investors by surprise on Sunday night when he dissolved the National Assembly in response to a crushing defeat by Le Pen in elections for the European Parliament.

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On June 14, 2024, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed a ceasefire to permanently end the war in Ukraine and initiate negotiations. Putin’s plan includes a full cessation of hostilities and requires Ukraine to withdraw troops from the Porosha and Kherson regions as well as the People’s Republic.

Putin addressed reporters, stating, “Today, we’re making another real peaceful proposal, a proposal of peace. If they refuse once again in Kyiv, it is their business.” He emphasized that this proposal is not intended to create a frozen conflict but to achieve a lasting resolution. Putin accused the West of seeking only a temporary truce to rearm Ukraine and prolong the conflict.

NATO swiftly rejected the proposal. NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg responded on behalf of Ukraine, refusing to consider Putin’s terms. This immediate dismissal has led to discussions about the West’s role in the conflict and its strategic interests in the region.

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President Joe Biden’s condition during the G7 summit in Puglia, Italy, has shocked diplomats and allies, with reports describing it as the “worst he has ever been.” According to diplomatic sources, Biden appeared to lose focus during the meetings, which some attendees labeled as “embarrassing.”

A notable incident occurred during a parachute display when Biden seemed confused and wandered away from the group of leaders. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to guide him back, after which he awkwardly saluted her. This behavior has intensified concerns about Biden’s mental acuity and overall health.

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Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) has expressed strong opposition to a provision in the proposed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2025 that would require women to register with Selective Service. According to the Senate Committee on Armed Services’ executive summary, the NDAA aims to amend the Military Selective Service Act to include women, and the Committee voted 22-3 to advance the NDAA to the Senate floor.

Currently, only men aged 18 through 25 are required to register with Selective Service. The agency’s mission is “to register men and maintain a system that, when authorized by the President and Congress, rapidly provides personnel in a fair and equitable manner while managing an alternative-service program for conscientious objectors.”

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When it comes to global disasters, few things are more terrifying than the prospect of nuclear war. The devastation wrought by even a single atomic bomb is unparalleled, and the thought of an all-out nuclear conflict is enough to send anyone running for cover.

Fortunately, there are still some places on Earth that would be relatively safe in the event of a nuclear war. These countries have either developed extensive anti-nuclear capabilities or are geographically isolated enough that they would be unlikely targets for a nuclear strike.

So, what is the safest country in case of nuclear war? Here are top 20 candidates for surviving a nuclear war.– See Video!

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FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr on Friday wrote that President Joe Biden has not connected one American with high-speed internet with $42.5 billion in funding from the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill.

“In 2021, the Biden Administration got $42.45 billion from Congress to deploy high-speed Internet to millions of Americans. Years later, it has not connected even 1 person with those funds. In fact, it now says that no construction projects will even start until 2025 at earliest,” the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner wrote.

“Meanwhile, the Biden Admin has been layering a partisan political agenda on top of this $42.45B program – a liberal wish list that has nothing to do with connecting Americans. Climate change mandates, tech biases, DEI requirements, favoring government-run networks + more,” he continued.

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“The proposal that President Biden laid out 12 days ago was virtually identical to one that Hamas had accepted and put forward itself on May the 6th.  So there’s no reason why this agreement should not be reached.  The only reason would be Hamas continuing to try to change the terms.”

So said U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in an interview with Al Jazeera on Wednesday. The statement is part of an extended campaign of deception that Blinken has spearheaded. It featured President Joe Biden’s dramatic unveiling of a ceasefire proposal, followed by a U.N. Security Council resolution and Blinken’s latest tour of the Middle East — all ostensibly to reach a ceasefire.

The subtlety hidden in the term “virtually identical” that Blinken used attempts to hide some crucial differences, and betrays the real point of Blinken’s public relations sojourn. 

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Central banks around the world are now starting to cut interest rates. With the Bank of Canada and the ECB being the first two central banks to cut. Does that mean that the Federal Reserve might be next?
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Enough denialism: Democrats (and their media enablers) need to face the facts on President Biden’s cognitive decline.

After The Post reported on Biden wandering away from the pack of G-7 leaders watching a parachuting demonstration, the White House jumped into “fake news” mode; Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates called it a “lie,” claiming the prez was just “saying congratulations to one of the divers and giving a thumbs up.”

Thing is, Biden wasn’t supposed to do that, but to stay with the group, an instruction every world leader but him seemed to remember.

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Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich shredded the January 6 committee as “fraudulent” and recommended that the GOP majority move to disavow it.

“This committee, the J6 committee, was so fraudulent, that the current House should repudiate it, define it as an illegal or unethical, runaway investigation of no standing,” he said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “[A]nd [it] should send a letter to both the Department of Justice and to the appropriate judges, saying that any action based on the J6 committee should be considered null and void and that people like Steve Bannon should not be going to jail because they want to fight with a committee which was literally operating outside the law.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin's clear and fair peace proposal has made the forthcoming Ukraine conference in Switzerland meaningless and cornered NATO, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter told Sputnik.

President Vladimir Putin has outlined another proposal to solve the Ukraine crisis once and for all at a meeting with top diplomats at the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow, making clear that Moscow is not interested in freezing or postponing the conflict.

According to the president, Russia is ready to cease fire and start negotiations once Ukraine begins to withdraw from the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions within their administrative borders and officially renounces plans to join NATO. Additionally, Russia requires Ukraine to adopt a neutral, non-aligned, and non-nuclear status.

Webmaster addition: Kiev has already refused.

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We’re going down! Moments ago the University of Michigan released the latest “report card” on Bidenomics, and to nobody’s surprise – except perhaps a certain senile teleprompter reading, diaper-wearing puppet in the White House – it was another disaster.
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Almost $500 million in aid given to Kyiv to construct anti-Russian fortifications has reportedly been embezzled, according to a Ukrainian lawmaker.

People's Deputy (PD) Mykhailo Bondar revealed this corruption during a closed-door meeting of the Investigative Commission on Fortifications (ICF) of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's unicameral parliament. Media outlets were quick to report on his disclosures on June 9. As a result of the absence of these defensive fortifications due to the money being stolen, Russian forces have made rapid advances in Ukraine – particularly in the northeastern area of Kharkiv.

According to Bondar, Ukrainian law enforcement authorities have launched around 30 criminal proceedings linked to the embezzlement of 20 billion hryvnias ($491 million). This money was originally earmarked for fortifications meant to stem the Russian advance, but eventually went to the pockets of corrupt officials.

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An illegal alien "gotaway" who successfully crossed the U.S.-Mexico border without being detected by law enforcement has been arrested and charged with raping a child in Massachusetts, a self-proclaimed "sanctuary state" for illegals.

A June 10 press release by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed the arrest of Yader Alexander Morales-Quevedo. The 24-year-old Guatemalan national unlawfully entered American soil "on an unknown date at an unknown location, and without being inspected, admitted or paroled by a U.S. immigration official." According to Breitbart News, Morales-Quevedo entered the U.S. "as one of the millions of 'got-aways' whom the federal government has little to no information on."

The New Bedford District Court arraigned the Guatemalan for the offense of raping a child in August 2022, with the lower court upgrading the charges to be heard by the Bristol County Superior Court. In turn, the higher court arraigned him for the same offense – plus an additional charge of posing or exhibiting a child in a state of nudity or sexual conduct– in January of last year.

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Biden plans to legalize illegal aliens who have lived in the country for ten years and are married to US citizens. The authoritarian president is creating laws from the White House for nefarious reasons, and he is clearly breaking the law. Biden should be impeached immediately. He is laughably labeling this lawbreaking action a policy.

A program being developed by White House officials would offer work permits and deportation protections to illegal aliens married to U.S. citizens here for ten years.

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The Biden government’s border crisis has allowed a flood of foreign criminal gangs to infiltrate the United States. Tren de Aragua, a brutal Venezuelan gang, has attained footholds in several major Texas cities, as well as Chicago and New York City. Meanwhile, Mexican drug cartels are driving human smuggling over the southern border largely unchecked. Even more concern, The National Pulse reported on Tuesday that eight alleged ISIS operatives were detained across the United States, including in Los Angeles, New York City, and Philadelphia.

Joe Biden‘s illegal immigration crisis exposes America to ‘ghost’ criminals, paramilitary operatives, and potential terrorists. Tren de Aragua has used the crisis to grow from a Venezuelan prison gang into a severe threat in both the United States and their home country. This gang is implicated in human smuggling and sex trafficking, often identifiable only by tattoos depicting AK-47s and gas-masked skulls.

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