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"Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks." -- Doug Larson, English middle-distance runner who won gold medals at the 1924 Olympic Games

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Elections come and go, but the relentless toll of black-on-white homicide rolls on. As usual, white women died at the hands of black Significant Others, but we also have one case where a white woman was killed for rejecting a black coworker’s advances. Drug deals continue to be dangerous. We count at least two instances of carjackings and one possible home invasion. Additionally, in October three killers appear to have been African immigrants, something the Regime Media is especially anxious to suppress.

Most troubling is the massacre of five white men by a black suspect (subsequently arrested after trying to rob a convenience store) in Spartanburg, SC. This too appears to have been drug-related, but we don’t know because, incredibly, the atrocity has been completely suppressed in the New York Times, the nation’s alleged “newspaper of record.”

Not all of this month’s white victims appear on the website, because they died of being “struck by a vehicle,” “beaten to death with a tire iron,” “fatally stabbed,” “hacked to death,” and “being beaten and thrown around a room ‘like a rag doll.’” Needless to say, if the police had intervened, they would be accused of shooting “an unarmed black man.”

Posted on: Nov 07 12:37

 Kansas Democratic Lt. Gov. David Toland appears to have dressed in a “drag” costume for a 2010 charity event amid accusations that the state funded an “all-ages” drag show, according to archives from the Iola Register.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 07 12:37

Police are investigating after multiple Kari Lake campaign staffers were exposed to a suspicious white powder. One of the staff members has been put under medical supervision.

The substance spilled out of an envelope in the Republican candidate for governor’s headquarters on Saturday.

Lake campaign spokesperson Colton Duncan provided the press with an update on Sunday: “Yesterday, a member of the Kari Lake staff opened an envelope delivered to our campaign office that contained suspicious white powder. It was one of two envelopes that were confiscated by law enforcement and sent to professionals at Quantico for examination, and we are awaiting details.”

Posted on: Nov 07 12:36

Controversial MSNBC host Joy Reid has claimed that the word 'inflation' is not a standard part of the 'normal lexicon' of Americans, and that most people using it learned it from political operatives during this midterm cycle.

Speaking with her network colleague Nicole Wallace, Reid said the 'only people I've ever heard use the word inflation are journalists and economists.'

The progressive host added that most people have 'never used that word ever in their lives' prior to this election cycle, in which Republicans are heavily favored for several reasons including the bleak economic forecast and rising cost of household goods.

Posted on: Nov 07 12:36

 Elon Musk has defended the layoff of half of Twitter’s 8,000 employees, saying that “unfortunately, there [was] no choice” due to the company’s financial losses.

Posted on: Nov 07 12:35

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan traveled to Kyiv on Friday to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and announce a new $400 million military assistance package the United States is sending amid the Russian invasion.

The new security assistance package includes refurbished T-72 tanks, which is the first time the U.S. is sending tanks to Ukraine, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles and the refurbishment of 250 HAWK surface-to-air missiles for eventual transfer to Ukraine, according to the White House.

Posted on: Nov 07 12:35

President Biden joked that he has a 'shotgun' waiting for the 'wolf' referencing media reports calling the October jobs report a 'Goldilocks report.' 

'New York Times reports, media reports, they call the report the Goldilocks report,' Biden said in remarks on the CHIPS Act in San Diego on Friday. 'I have my shotgun waiting for the wolf,' he added. 

The president had seemed to mix up his fairytales. In Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a girl eats three bowls of porridge - one too hot, one too cold and one just right. Little Red Riding Hood is the tale about a young girl and a wolf. 

Posted on: Nov 07 12:34

The commander that oversees US nuclear forces delivered an ominous warning at a naval conference last week by calling the war in Ukraine a “warmup” for the “big one” that is to come.

“This Ukraine crisis that we’re in right now, this is just the warmup,” said Navy Adm. Charles Richard, the commander of US Strategic command. “The big one is coming. And it isn’t going to be very long before we’re going to get tested in ways that we haven’t been tested [in] a long time.”

Richard’s warning came after the US released its new Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), which reaffirms that the US doctrine allows for the first use of nuclear weapons. The review says that the purpose of the US nuclear arsenal is to “deter strategic attacks, assure allies and partners, and achieve US objectives if deterrence fails.”

Posted on: Nov 07 12:33

Hunter Biden's former business partner is ready to testify with thousands of new call recordings, text messages, photos, emails and documents to a congressional probe investigating the First Son – if the Republicans win the House, sources told

Whistleblower Tony Bobulinski had a front-row seat to the Biden family's deal with their Chinese government-linked business partners, and his explosive trove could expose alleged criminal activity by the First Family.

A source close to the congressional investigations shared some of Bobulinski's unseen cache of documents exclusively with

Posted on: Nov 07 12:32

It has been five years since police in Laredo, Texas, mocked and jeered at Priscilla Villarreal, a local journalist often critical of cops, as she stood in the Webb County Jail while they booked her on felony charges. Her crime: asking the government questions.

That may seem like a relatively obvious violation of the First Amendment. Yet perhaps more fraught is that, after all this time, the federal courts have still not been able to reach a consensus on that question. Over the years, judges in the 5th Circuit have ping-ponged back and forth over whether jailing a journalist for doing journalism does, in fact, plainly infringe on her free speech rights.

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas awarded those officers qualified immunity, the legal doctrine that allows state and local government officials to violate your constitutional rights without having to face federal civil suits if that violation has not been "clearly established" in case law. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit forcefully overturned that: "If [this] is not an obvious violation of the Constitution, it's hard to imagine what would be," wrote Judge James C. Ho.

Last week, the full spate of judges on the 5th Circuit voted to rehear the case in a rare move that signals some discontent with Ho's majority conclusion. Put differently, it's not looking good for Villarreal, nor for any journalist in the 5th Circuit who would like to do their job without fear of going to jail for it.

Posted on: Nov 07 12:31

Do you remember in early 2020 when they told us that the shortages that we were experiencing would just be temporary?  Of course some of them were, but then more shortages just kept on erupting.  That wasn’t supposed to happen, and now it appears that our supply chain problems could potentially get a whole lot worse.  In just a few short months, we will be three years away from the beginning of the pandemic in the United States.  But instead of a “return to normal”, more shortages are on the way.  And in some cases, they could even be life threatening.

Let me give you an example.  We need Amoxicillin to treat some of the most common infections that our children experience.  Unfortunately, the FDA is warning us that we are now facing a very serious shortage of Amoxicillin…

Posted on: Nov 07 12:30

Neighborhoods in southeastern Georgia were ordered to evacuate Monday as "multiple explosions" at a chemical plant on Colonel’s Island have led to a fire, police say. 

The blaze is impacting the Symrise Chemical Plant outside of Brunswick, according to the Glynn County Sheriff’s Office. 

"The plant has been evacuated, and multiple explosions have been reported," the sheriff’s office said. "There is a multi-agency fire detail on scene with more en route." 

Posted on: Nov 07 12:27

 Just weeks after Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping threatened to resolve the “Taiwan issue” with force, eleven of China’s naval and aircraft vessels were detected in and around the Taiwan strait Saturday, prompting Taipei to scramble defenses.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 07 12:26

 North Korea said Monday its recent spate of missile launches served as a practice run for invading South Korea in the future, according to a statement published in state media.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 07 12:26

 Elective offices are places where we need representatives to use their strong constitutional powers against others in government to limit governments. 

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 07 12:25

 While low-income households are feeling the greatest strain from extreme inflation, the share of high earners reporting financial stress due to inflation nearly doubled from March, according to a poll by The Wall Street Journal released Monday.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 07 12:24

 President Joe Biden labeled protestors gathered outside an Illinois venue Saturday by while on a campaign stop.

Posted on: Nov 07 12:23

Joe Biden was sent to the podium by his handlers on Wednesday to proclaim the following: “We know that more and more ballots are cast by early voting or by mail in America…. That means in some cases we won’t know the winner of the election for a few days…. That’s how this is supposed to work.”

Biden didn’t explain how he happened to know that ahead of Tuesday’s election.

And many, many election officials and political historians will agree that is not how it is supposed to work.

White House Chief of Staff Ron “Fluffer” Klain followed Biden’s proclamation with a threat to the American voter:

“The president’s been talking about the threat to our democracy since he launched his campaign way back in 2019 and again on January 6th and again in September in Philadelphia, at Independence Hall. And I think the president decided a few days ago that it was important to issue one final warning on this issue, to make very clear, to leave no doubt that we have people out there still peddling the big lie, people now raising the issue of election denial in this election, and of course the horrible incident involving Speaker Pelosi and her family, you know, showing the rising threat of political violence,” Klain told MSNBC (emphasis added).

Biden and Klain couldn’t have been more obvious, ordering Americans to stop questioning the nation’s election system.

According to the First Amendment, Americans can question the election system until the cows come home.

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Posted on: Nov 07 12:18

Are eight billion humans too many for planet Earth? As we reach this milestone on November 15, most experts say the bigger problem is the overconsumption of resources by the  wealthiest residents.

A crowded street is seen in the city of Changsha in China's Hunan province in September 2020

A crowded street is seen in the city of Changsha in China's Hunan province in September 2020© Hector RETAMAL

"Eight billion people, it is a momentous milestone for humanity," said United Nations Population Fund chief Natalia Kanem, hailing an increase in life expectancy and fewer maternal and child deaths.

Posted on: Nov 07 12:16

The UK Government announced its latest, sweeping steps designed to reign in the Russian oil industry in support of the initiatives of the G7, EU, and the U.S. The UK Treasury announced a ban on the provisioning of services including critical insurance for ships transporting Russian oil while reiterating support for the G7’s attempts to impose a price cap on Russian oil ahead of the winter months in Europe.

The move follows the decision made by the G7 finance ministers in September who committed to the price cap as a way of undermining Putin’s ability to fund the war in Ukraine through inflated global oil prices. The Treasury noted that the UK and its coalition partners will not make use of the price cap, as they have introduced an import ban on Russian oil. 

“Insurance is one of the key services that enable the movement of oil by sea,” the Treasury highlighted in announcing the new legislation. They pointed to the importance of protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance noting that the UK is a global leader in the provision of P&I coverage, writing 60 percent of the global policies. The legislation effectively blocks access to the Lloyd’s of London market for Russia’s energy cargos being transported by ship.

Posted on: Nov 07 12:15

Any move by the incoming government to allow Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount “will lead to war,” Ra’am party leader Mansour Abbas has said.

Abbas told Channel 12 on Thursday that he was “worried” about the apparent new government, which is expected to be the most religious in Israel’s history and include members of the far right.

With members of Religious Zionism and Otzma Yehudit often speaking of seeking greater Jewish clout in Jerusalem and taking actions Arabs view as provocative in the Old City, Abbas said allowing Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount — as desired by some on the religious right, notably including Otzma Yehudit leader Itamar Ben Gvir, a likely minister in the new coalition — “will lead to war.”

Posted on: Nov 07 12:13

 The damnedest thing is happening in the Empire State. Election Day is Tuesday, and Democrats aren’t smiling.

For the first time in almost 30 years, all the momentum is on the Republican side in New York, and that’s not normal.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 07 12:13

The vast herd of investors are a deluded crowd.  Following the Federal Reserve’s much anticipated 75 basis point rate hike on Wednesday the major stock market indexes jumped upward.

Optimistic investors keyed in on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) statement and, in particular, the remark that the Fed, “will take into account the cumulative tightening of monetary policy, the lags with which monetary policy affects economic activity and inflation and economic and financial developments.”

Posted on: Nov 07 12:13

 Former President Donald Trump mocked Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by calling him “Ron DeSanctimonious” at a campaign rally Saturday. 

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 07 12:12

 West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin demanded President Joe Biden apologize for promising Friday while on the campaign trail to shut down coal plants “all across America.”

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 07 12:11

The EU is “in good shape” in terms of energy reserves this winter, however, a real risk of a shortfall lies ahead in 2023, major oil and gas executives have warned.

The region is facing an unprecedented energy crunch following a drop in imports from Russia. The oil and gas shortages, and record-high inflation, have resulted in an overall cost-of-living crisis across the bloc.

But while concerns are focused on the turmoil of the coming winter, it is the next cold season that they should really worry about, CEO of major oil trader Vitol, Russell Hardy, has said.

Posted on: Nov 07 12:11

 Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not attend the COP27 United Nations Climate Conference, even though their nations are two of the world’s top three carbon emitters.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 07 12:10

Washington, DC, is the home base of the most powerful government on earth. It’s also home to 690,000 people—and 29 obscure algorithms that shape their lives. City agencies use automation to screen housing applicants, predict criminal recidivism, identify food assistance fraud, determine if a high schooler is likely to drop out, inform sentencing decisions for young people, and many other things.

That snapshot of semiautomated urban life comes from a new report from the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). The nonprofit spent 14 months investigating the city’s use of algorithms and found they were used across 20 agencies, with more than a third deployed in policing or criminal justice. For many systems, city agencies would not provide full details of how their technology worked or was used. The project team concluded that the city is likely using still more algorithms that they were not able to uncover.

The findings are notable beyond DC because they add to the evidence that many cities have quietly put bureaucratic algorithms to work across their departments, where they can contribute to decisions that affect citizens’ lives.

Government agencies often turn to automation in hopes of adding efficiency or objectivity to bureaucratic processes, but it’s often difficult for citizens to know they are at work, and some systems have been found to discriminate and lead to decisions that ruin human lives. In Michigan, an unemployment-fraud detection algorithm with a 93 percent error rate caused 40,000 false fraud allegations. A 2020 analysis by Stanford University and New York University found that nearly half of federal agencies are using some form of automated decision-making systems.

Posted on: Nov 07 12:10

 A Philadelphia election official said Saturday that 3,400 mail-in ballots could potentially be rejected due to incorrect information and missing dates.

Posted on: Nov 07 12:09