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"What happens if a politician drowns in a river? That is pollution. What happens if all of them drown? That is solution !!" -- Unknown

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 Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended selling $58 sweatshirts after Twitter CEO Elon Musk trolled her.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 04 12:01

 A Maryland public school is silent after a viral video appears to show students inappropriately touching in the classroom of a teacher who was suspended one month ago, according to parents in the district.

Posted on: Nov 04 11:59

 Pharmaceutical firm Pfizer and food manufacturer General Mills are joining a growing number of companies that have temporarily suspended their advertising on Twitter following Elon Musk’s purchase of the company, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter. 

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 04 10:28

“The View” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin sparred with Sunny Hostin Thursday after she compared women voting Republican to “roaches voting for raid.”

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 04 10:27

James Hordan Meek is an ABC producer that seemingly went under the radar after an FBI raid that destroyed his career.

The FBI raided Meek’s apartment. He even had to withdraw from accepting an award for a report detailing the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Meek went missing for a spell but was recently seen at his mother’s home. Meek had all his things packed up by the FBI and taken by law enforcement during the raid.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:27

 Late night host Stephen Colbert falsely claimed that Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon “made up” a story about inappropriate pornographic content in school libraries.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 04 10:26

 House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans are gearing up to investigate the Biden administration over a variety of issues should the GOP retake the House in the midterms this November, according to several discussions with ranking members of Congress and McCarthy.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 04 10:25

The latest Drought Monitor shows nearly 75% of the winter wheat acres in the U.S. are in some level of drought.  As a result, winter wheat condition ratings this week were well below last year’s 45% good to excellent and were at a record low for this time of year.  This was USDA’s first crop rating of the season for winter wheat and the crop came in at only 28% good to excellent, with 35% of the crop rated poor to very poor.  The last time they were this low was in the drought year of 2012 at 40% good to excellent. 

Randy Martinson with Martinson Ag says, "But we are looking at pretty poor conditions the crop rates at 28% good to excellent, that’s 13% less than expected like you saw a record low for this timeframe, so we’ve got a way to go to dig this crop out of it.  2:38   Of course emergency is still behind the five-year average, planting is still taking place."

When the ratings are plugged into Pro Farmer’s Crop Condition Index the Hard Red Winter wheat crop starts the growing season with the lowest initial rating ever and the lowest on record for any week ahead of dormancy.   In Oklahoma only 11% of the crop is rated good to excellent, only 24% in Kansas, and in Texas only 4% is rated good, with none of the crop in the excellent category.  

Posted on: Nov 04 10:24

 MSNBC host Joe Scarborough appeared on TV Friday looking like he could compete with former President Donald Trump on who is the most orange.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:23

Significantly few people would have predicted that the Governor's race in New York would be tight in this cycle.

Democrats have been dominated in the state for decades, but that might be about to change.

Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin is the GOP candidate for Governor of New York and has now taken the lead in a Trafalgar poll. This is a big moment for the candidate, as it has been challenging for any Republican to gain traction in New York for a long time. The fact that Zeldin has found a way to do so speaks volumes about who he is as a candidate and what people think about the state of the country right now.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:18

Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) allegedly funneled $60,000 of campaign funds to make child support payments. This is based on his Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings that he must put out periodically.

The campaign released those documents, and many people zeroed in on the $61,959.40 spent on "childcare" expenses. No further details are listed in the report as to what those payments are about. It seems to many that Warnock is using campaign funds to take care of child support payments that he is allegedly making to women who were involved with in the past. If that is true, it opens a whole can of worms about why Warnock needs to make such payments and why he has not been forthright about it.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:17

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi responded to Biden’s promises to “free Iran,” giving the US leader a history lesson on when the Islamic Republic gained true freedom.

“I was informed a few hours ago that the president of the United States had uttered some words due to distraction, he said [the US was] aiming to ‘free Iran’,” Raisi said in a speech in Tehran on Friday marking the anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the US Embassy, which the Islamic Republic celebrates as the ‘National Day of the Fight Against Global Arrogance.’

“Iran was freed 43 years ago and is determined not to be occupied by you. And we will never be your milk cows,” Raisi said, referencing the Iranian Revolution which overthrew the country’s US-backed dictator, the Shah.

Biden made the provocative comments at an election stump speech in California on Thursday. “Don’t worry, we’re gonna free Iran. They’re gonna free themselves pretty soon, you’ll see,” Biden said.

The president did not elaborate, and it’s not clear what prompted him to make the comments, given that the part of his speech immediately preceding the “free Iran” comments was devoted to injuries suffered by US troops in US wars of aggression over the past two decades.

“You know, we found out that a lot of our soldiers, more people were coming back from Iraq, Afghanistan with serious brain injures and tumors, than any other war in American history. Other than the Civil War. Maybe more amputees are coming back than in any wars in American history. And those burn pits. Those burn pits,” Biden said.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:16

Rock The Boat: Musk Swiftly Swaps Tesla Employees For Twitter

Elon Musk, the South African-born American billionaire, has fascinated the world by launching rockets into space and building electric cars.

However, his recent acquisition of Twitter, the controversial social media platform, has caused a media firestorm that has dwarfed anything that has happened before.

According to Breitbart, to make Twitter his own, Musk has brought in a group of software engineers from Tesla, his electric car company, to take a deep dive into the social media code to figure out how it works.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:14

 Democratic Rep. Kathy Castor entered a library in Tampa, Florida, on Monday, Oct. 24, in violation of a state ban on electioneering inside polling stations, according to a ticket taken by a Hillsborough County elections worker.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 04 10:13

 Ted Wheeler, the Democratic mayor of Portland, Oregon, is working to implement some major changes to the city’s Laurelhurst Park, including allegedly installing pickleball courts in a location known as a major homeless encampment.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 04 10:12

Republican senatorial candidate Herschel Walker is now seven points ahead of his Democratic rival, incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock, according to a Thursday poll.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 04 10:11

 The Biden administration’s reported conversation with Saudi Arabia on delaying oil reduction until after the midterms is a “direct comparison” to the phone call that got Donald Trump impeached, a key witness in Trump’s impeachment trial told the Daily Caller on Friday.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 04 10:10

Back in 2002, the way that the New York Times deceived its readers to believe that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein still had a weapons-of-mass-destruction (WMD) program was to stenographically quote the officials of the George W. Bush Administration who alleged he did, and never to cite the evidence that cast doubt on, or (in some instances) outright disproved, it. For example, when Bush announced on 7 September 2002 that the IAEA had just come up with a “new report” saying that Saddam was only 6 months away from having a nuclear bomb, not only did their reporters convey to their readers that he had made this frightening allegation, but when the IAEA itself immediately and repeatedly denied his allegation and said that there was no such new report from them, neither the NYT nor any other than just one minor U.S. newspaper ever reported that fact (that America’s President had lied there); and, so, virtually the entire American public were being intentionally deceived to believe a lie, which lie produced on 20 March 2003 America’s invasion and destruction of Iraq — with the overwhelming approval of the deceived American public.

However, it didn’t even start with Bush. Here is a great news report from Andrew Cockburn that was published in the short-lived UK news-site “The First Post” on 23 April 2007, last web-copied (or “Saved”) on 12 August 2011, and then taken down, after having been successfully “Saved” only 5 times during those 4.3 years — so, seen by almost nobody, and forgotten since then. It’s titled “Iraq’s WMD myth: why Clinton is culpable”, and maybe tell me in your comments below whether (and, if so, how) you had ever known about this obscure but historically enormously important news-report that was published 15 years ago and then removed from the Web:

Posted on: Nov 04 10:10

Shepard Smith’s primetime CNBC show was canceled as the network reshuffles its evening programming.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:09

China has condemned a recent trip to Taipei by lawmakers from several European nations and the EU itself, insisting all foreign efforts to assist “Taiwan independence” are “doomed to fail.”

Meeting with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday, the delegation included officials from Britain, Ukraine, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Kosovo, the Netherlands and the European Parliament. Two of the lawmakers are currently under sanctions by Beijing in retaliation for previous EU measures. 

Asked about the visit during a Thursday press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian claimed the lawmakers in question “have often deliberately hyped up issues and spread falsehoods and rumors against China.”

“They have little credibility to speak of and are not worth taking up your attention. The farcical political stunt of these few MPs will lead nowhere but only invite disgrace,” Zhao said, adding “a word of advice” to Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party: “to collude with external forces and seek ‘Taiwan independence’ is doomed to fail.”

Posted on: Nov 04 10:09

Switzerland has banned Germany from supplying ammunition for the Gepard anti–aircraft tank, according to Die Zeit. Germany is eager to supply its tanks in Ukraine with ammunition, but the cartridges are made in Switzerland which refused to allow Berlin to supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with these weapons.

The Swiss Ministry of Economy stated that the country cannot agree to a request for the transfer of military equipment of Swiss origin to the third parties involved in an international armed conflict due to the neutrality law.

As a result of the Sweden’s refusal, the batch of ammunition promised by Berlin for the Gepards will not get to Ukraine and Kiev will have to look for shells for very voracious anti-aircraft installations somewhere else. It is not an easy task as the 35x228mm ammunition for Oerlikon GDF 35mm automatic guns which are installed in the Gepard tanks is reportedly produced only by Switzerland.

The Gepard 1A2 has a firing range of up to 5 km, and an altitude of up to 4 km, the radar detects targets at a range of up to 18 km.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:08

Every politician in the world knows who committed sabotage in the Baltic Sea against the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, but everyone hypocritically stays silent, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told the media on Thursday.

The Serbian leader recalled that his country had accumulated 667 million cubic meters of gas in gas storage facilities.

"No politician in the world is ignorant of who committed sabotage in the Baltic, but we all pretend to be imbeciles and keep silent so as not to harm the interests of our countries. Hypocrisy is everywhere. Even if this happens to the Balkan Stream (Turk Stream - TASS), we would somehow survive. The people can stay calm," Vucic said.

Earlier, Nord Stream AG reported unprecedented damage that occurred on September 26 on three strings of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 offshore gas pipelines. One leak was detected at Nord Stream 2 near the Danish island of Bornholm. Two more were spotted on Nord Stream. Later, Swedish seismologists said that they had registered two explosions on the gas pipelines’ routes. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, classified those incidents as sabotage, saying that any deliberate violation of European energy infrastructure was unacceptable and would entail the most decisive response.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:08

 The US, by refusing to investigate the activities of its biological laboratories and putting pressure on the positions of other countries, confirms the danger of its military-biological project in Ukraine, Russian State Duma Deputy Speaker and Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Commission on Investigation of US Biological Laboratories in Ukraine Irina Yarovaya said on Thursday, commenting on the UN Security Council's refusal to adopt a Russian draft resolution to create a commission to investigate the activities of such biolabs.

"The US refusal to investigate and its pressure on the positions of other countries is another stark confirmation of the danger of the US bioweapons project in Ukraine. In addition, this is a dangerous signal to the whole world about the hidden military-biological threat developed and implemented by the Pentagon," the State Duma press service quoted Yarovaya as saying. According to her, the document was supported by Russia and China, while "Kiev's partners: the UK, the US and France" were against it with other countries abstaining. Yarovaya also recalled that the research of German scientists had already proved the artificial origin of the COVID-19 virus, which only confirmed the need for further investigation into US biolaboratories.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:07

Sowing The Wind

Many Western commenters on the war in Ukraine–including, unfortunately, American Congressmen–seem unfamiliar with what led up to it. A key precursor was the color revolution in 2014 that removed the Ukraine’s elected President Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych had extended Russia’s lease on the home port of its Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, Sevastopol. With Yanukovych deposed, and its access to the naval base and city it had founded in 1783 at risk, Russia annexed Crimea, which was populated mostly by ethnic Russians.

In response, the new government of Ukraine dammed the North Crimean Canal, cutting off 90% of Crimea’s fresh water supply. Current Ukrainian President and then-comedian Vladimir Zelensky joked about Crimea’s fresh water shortage in the TV skit below in 2015.

In it, Zelensky played a Crimean tourist visiting Kiev who is obsessed with a pitcher of fresh water.

One of Russia’s first acts after invading Ukraine in February was to blow up the North Crimean Canal Dam, restoring fresh water to Crimea.

Reaping The Whirlwind

Fast forward to this week, and Kiev residents and other Ukrainians are waiting in long lines for water, due to recent Russian strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:07

In the last days before Tuesday’s midterm elections, the polls have increasingly reached a consensus on the state of the race: Republicans lead.

Most pollsters over the past few weeks have found Republicans opening a modest but consistent lead when they ask voters whether they’ll back Democrats or Republicans for Congress.

The results are a reversal from polls conducted just over a month ago, when Democrats seemed to have the advantage.

If the recent polls are right — and they may not be — Republicans will almost certainly take the House. The big question on election night would be whether and where individual Democratic candidates could withstand a hostile political environment. Control of the Senate would depend on it.

Posted on: Nov 04 10:04

A 29-year-old homeless man was arrested on Thursday for raping and attacking a female jogger.

By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 04 09:57