"The First Amendment says that you can say whatever you want. However, decency and common sense require that one carefully consider their words and ideas before opening their mouth (or hitting that keyboard). There are too many people in America who think the First Amendment is a license to simply be outrageous." -- Michael Rivero

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The designer of Abprallen has many Instagram posts with “pro-satan” messages on them and questionable comments. Johnson drew people’s attention to the comments with her Twitter thread, and many have retweeted and expressed their concern. 

By all metrics, this line of clothes and accessories espoused a very anti-Christian, pro-Satan message along with its promotion of the LGBTQ movement. One post on the designer’s Instagram account says, “Ho ho ho! Santa loves all the good boys, girls and non-binary people (and the bad ones too) and he hopes this holiday season treats you well, that your family don’t misgender you, and that you feel the love and support you deserve!” Underneath in a different paragraph, the designer explains, “Of course, this piece based on my infamous “satan respects pronouns” design, but with a Christmas twist! (twistmas?)” 

Earlier this week, in another Instagram, the designer said, “Being able to sell my stuff at Target stores is incredibly exciting, knowing that people are seeing it without (necessarily) explicitly seeking LGBT-related stuff is wonderful, and see it, and I hope that in some way they’ll feel a bit more comfortable in themselves, as we all deserve to feel.” 

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 Robert Gates, who served as Secretary of Defense under former President Barack Obama, said during an interview over the weekend that he believes the extreme political polarization in the U.S. is the greatest threat the country faces.

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Have you noticed that the president of Ukraine (or, governor of America’s fifty-first state), Mr. Zelensky, has been globe-trotting for weeks: London, Helsinki, Paris, Hiroshima? That’s because this is one of those months when years happen; the world is changing at hyper-speed. He seems to be running scared, a little bit, trying to keep ahead of the changing game. What sounded like a great idea to a certain claque of so-called neo-cons in our country — to use Ukraine as a bear trap — has instead rather suddenly revealed Europe’s and America’s manifold bankruptcies and revolted the whole rest of the world outside of Western Civ. Oh, the wonder and nausea!

     Try to imagine Mr. Zelensky’s predicament. Mighty America and redoubtable Europe conned the former comedian to thinking that if he went along with a genius scheme to ruin Russia and knock Vlad Putin off the global gameboard, his sad-sack country would be transformed into something like Ukro-Disneyworld, while he, Mr. Z, would be lionized and made rich beyond his wildest imaginings. His backup was the greatest hegemonic power the world has ever seen. The game was called Let’s You and Him Fight.

     The poor schlemiel fell for it. He let NATO (that is, the USA) set-up, equip, and train the largest army in Europe, including battalions of bad-ass, hard-core Ukro-Nazis — who had previously been so useful in the American-sponsored 2014 Maidan “color revolution.” Mr. Z followed the US State Department’s orders to rain down rockets and artillery on Russian-speakers who lived in his own eastern provinces. He formally applied for membership in the NATO club. His country received billions of US dollars without audit oversight, just screaming to be creamed off by Ukraine’s leadership — who, after all, deserved a little something for all these goings-along. What could go wrong?

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AT&T and other entities are trying to block the SpaceX/T-Mobile plan to provide Starlink satellite service directly to cell phones.

In a filing yesterday, AT&T urged the Federal Communications Commission to reject the SpaceX/T-Mobile proposal. "The FCC's rules do not permit SpaceX's proposed use of T-Mobile's terrestrial spectrum, and Applicants fail to even request—much less justify—rule waivers that would be necessary to authorize their proposed SCS [supplemental coverage from space] authorizations," AT&T said.

AT&T said it is interested in the proceeding because it has a license to use adjacent spectrum in the PCS C Block. AT&T says the SpaceX/T-Mobile plan, which was announced in August 2022, could "jeopardize or inhibit the delivery of terrestrial wireless services," including mobile broadband.

SpaceX and T-Mobile's "technical showings are woefully insufficient regarding the risk of harmful interference posed by their planned SCS deployments," AT&T told the FCC. "SpaceX and T-Mobile's applications fall far short of meeting the threshold for waiver and cannot be granted in their current state."

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At the end of the meeting of G7 nations in Japan, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Sunday that Ukraine currently does not meet the requirements to join the NATO alliance.

The expansion of the American-led NATO alliance into Ukraine does not seem to be on the cards any time soon, with Chancellor Olaf Scholz downplaying the idea after meeting with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Hiroshima, Japan over the weekend.

While the trip was successful for the Ukrainian leader in terms of securing additional military aid commitments — with President Joe Biden committing to send another $375 million in American tax dollars to the war zone — as well as getting the go-ahead from Washington for Western allies to supply American-made F-16 fighter jets, it does not appear that Zelensky has come any closer to his long-stated goal of joining NATO — a move that is considered a “red line” for the Kremlin.

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We’ve seen all sorts of stories about Joe Biden and his family. None of them good. There are so many reports of their supposed corruption, that some Americans call them the “Biden Crime Family.” But the man who takes the cake must be Hunter Biden, the son of Joe.

Plenty of information has come out suggesting Hunter used his father’s influence to land deals with foreign countries. Joe Biden himself has been implicated, trading favors with the White House in exchange for big bucks. But now, legal experts are weighing in on one revelation. This could send old Hunter to jail.

From Breitbart:

Hunter Biden could be charged with violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) after securing an alleged meeting for a foreign national with then-Vice President Joe Biden, legal experts say based upon recently reported emails between the president’s son and family business associates.

Webmaster addition: Joe Biden will just pardon Hunter.

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While special counsel John Durham's investigation of the investigators concluded there was no "actual evidence" to justify spying on the Trump campaign, Victor Davis Hanson said the reality is there was evidence to spy on the Hillary Clinton campaign.

But they refused to, fearing Clinton was about to become president and turn the tables on the FBI, the historian and fellow at the Stanford University's Hoover Institution surmised to the "Mark Levin Show" podcast, shared Saturday on Rumble.

"I think it's so overwhelming and so existential, because it essentially said that far from being a Trump-Russian connection, there was a Hillary Clinton-Russian connection," Hanson said of the Durham report's findings.

Breaking down the detailed findings of the 306-page Durham report, Hanson said the FBI pursued investigations into the Trump campaign despite evidence pointing the need to investigation the Clinton campaign.

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Like the casino gambling scene in “Casablanca,” the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court is “shocked, shocked” that the Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to ravage the privacy of vast numbers of Americans.

For each American the FISA court permitted the FBI to target, the bureau illicitly surveilled almost 1,000 additional Americans.

The court’s just-revealed ruling signals the FBI presumed any American suspected of supporting the Jan. 6, 2021, protests forfeited their constitutional rights.

FISA was enacted in 1978 to curb the rampant illegal political spying exposed during the Nixon administration.

After the 9/11 attacks, the George W. Bush administration decided the president was entitled to order the National Security Agency to vacuum up Americans’ and foreigners’ emails and other data without a warrant.

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A psychiatrist who has presided over youth gender transition treatments for more than a decade says “four out of five” gender-questioning children eventually accept their bodies if no medical interventions are carried out.

Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala — described as “Finland’s leading expert on pediatric gender medicine and chief psychiatrist at its largest gender clinic” — made the claim in an interview with the liberal newspaper Helsingin Sanomat earlier this week, according to Tablet. The doctor said data from 12 separate studies supported her claim.

Kaltiala’s comments come just days after a “progressive whistleblower” at a St. Louis kids’ gender clinic spoke out against the facility’s trans treatments, saying what she witnessed was “morally and medically appalling.”

Last week, the left-leaning New York Times published an op-ed defending J.K. Rowling, who has publicly been accused of transphobia. The paper’s brass also rebuked staff and contributors who accused the newspaper of anti-trans bias in its coverage.

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Scientists in Shanghai say unhealthy lifestyles are fuelling a 'health timebomb' - with crisps, biscuits, pizzas and ready meals being partly blamed for the rise

...don't mention the clot shot.

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In a significant turn of events, the estranged husband of California Democrat Representative Linda Sanchez and former board chairperson of a Connecticut energy cooperative has been sentenced to prison in a Connecticut fraud case, AP reported.

James Sullivan, 56, was sentenced Wednesday to six months in prison after being convicted of involvement in a fraudulent scheme. The details of the fraud case reveal that he used public funds to pay for lavish trips to places like the Kentucky Derby and a high-end golf resort.

Sullivan is required to report to prison on July 12.

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Former President Barack Obama has urged the Biden regime to declare a national emergency and use its powers to eradicate all independent media online ahead of the 2024 election.

Speaking to CBS News on Tuesday, Obama warned that the mainstream media has lost its control over the narrative and said the only solution is for the U.S. government to step in and take drastic action.

“The thing that I’m most worried about is the degree to which we now have a divided conversation, in part because we have a divided media, right?” Obama told Nate Burleson.

“I’m much older than you… when I was coming up, you had three TV stations and people were getting a similar sense of what is true and what isn’t, what was real and what was not.”

Webmaster addition: And I recall those three TV stations insisting Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and that there were torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin. The three TV stations were under the control of CIA's Operation MOCKINGBIRD going back to WW2.

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 Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen views mid-June as the likely time period when the United States can no longer pay all its obligations without a debt ceiling deal.

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 President Joe Biden said he would discuss the debt limit with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) via telephone from Air Force One as he returns home from Japan after the top Republican accused him of being beholden to “radical socialists” as a potential default looms.

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 Nebraska state Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh (D) exploded during a session late this week after the state banned controversial transgender medical procedures for minors, shouting, “We need trans people!”

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 Ty Cobb, a former White House lawyer for President Donald Trump, said that he believes that the former president will get convicted in the federal criminal investigation into his handling of classified materials and that he will ultimately go to prison over it.

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 Target is facing backlash over a designer featured in the company’s “Pride” collection who appears to have created products with Satanic imagery.

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The GOP-controlled House continued on Wednesday to dismantle years’ worth of Democratic control by moving against a “wokeness” office created by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California.

Specifically, Republicans stripped out funding for the “House Office of Diversity and Inclusion” in the 2024 Budget Appropriations bill currently being negotiated with the Democrat-controlled Senate and the White House.

According to a description of the office: “The House of Representatives is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce. In one of the first acts of the 116th Congress, the House established the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. ODI’s mission is to foster diversity among House employing offices so that the House workforce reflects the diversity of America.”

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The Pentagon has found $3 billion in unspent funds directed toward Ukraine due to an accounting error and apparently they are going to use this newfound cash to send it to Ukraine anyway.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan spoke to CNN host Jake Tapper on the network’s Sunday show “State of the Union” where he was grilled on the error.

“You were talking about aid to Ukraine a minute ago. There was this very bizarre admission from the Pentagon this week of an accounting error that suggested that the U.S. has at least $3 billion that it didn’t know it had that it can use for Ukraine aid. That’s a hell of an accounting error, and it provides a lot of fodder to critics of U.S. aid to Ukraine and critics who say there’s not enough oversight going on. Are you concerned about this accounting error?” the host said.

“Well, one thing I just want to make clear, that is not money that went out the door and disappeared. That is not a waste of that $3 billion,” the National Security Adviser said.

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Let’s summarize what we now know of the negative efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, and why vaccinated people—not the unvaxxed—suffer frequent bouts of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 vaccines—and the new bivalents, of which they are a part—are alarmingly and irredeemably unsafe, as well as ineffective for the advertised purposes. It is increasingly recognized by laypeople, physicians, and scientists throughout the world that the COVID-19 vaccines are neither safe, nor effective, nor reversible.

In this article, I show irrefutable proof that the COVID-19 vaccines are irredeemably ineffective. (See many dozens of my other Substack articles, and my book, “Neither Safe Nor Effective,” on how dangerous these vaccines are.)

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Special Counsel John Durham breached neither ethics nor etiquette when he highlighted the difficulty of obtaining a conviction in a politically charged case when the jury holds opposing partisan views. He merely stated the reality on the ground in D.C.-area federal courts. And by his own actions prosecuting the J6 defendants solely in the nation’s capital, Attorney General Merrick Garland has confirmed that assessment by proving the corollary: Criminal cases against individuals viewed by the local populace as political pariahs make for easy convictions. 

“Did the Durham Report’s Criticism of Juries Go Too Far?” The Washington Post’s headline from last week asked rhetorically. It was quite an ironic concern coming from the legacy outlet serially guilty of publishing fake news to propagate the Russia-collusion hoax. A better question for the “democracy dies in darkness” rag would be: Did Clinton and Democrats’ Dirty Politics Go Too Far?

But no, instead of focusing on the substantive content contained in the 300-plus pages of Durham’s report detailing malfeasance by the Department of Justice and FBI and the Clinton campaign’s responsibility for the scandal, The Washington Post focused on Durham’s introductory remarks explaining the “special care” the special counsel’s office used in making criminal charging decisions — decisions Durham stressed were “based solely on the facts and evidence developed in the investigation and without fear of, or favor to, any person.”

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History unequivocally proves that the Nazis expanded the rights of gun owners and removed any regulation as to an overwhelming majority of the population. The result was a dramatic increasing in both the number of guns on the street and the number of persons openly carrying. Doing so was essential in the reorganization of almost every segment of Nazi society according to militaristic principles. Easy access to guns fueled the growth of the world’s largest standing army and resulted in the most heavily armed non-army population in the world.

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More Americans than ever rely on alarm systems, gates or doorbell cameras to help protect their families. But statistically, you are now more likely to be the victim of theft online than a physical break in at home.

A new report from the FBI reveals that Americans lost more than $10 billion last year to online scams and digital fraud.  

People in their 30s - who are among the most connected online - filed the most complaints. But we were surprised to learn the group that loses the most money to scammers… is seniors.  

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Two police officers heard the desperate screams of an Asian woman who was stalked by a homeless African-American man and murdered in her apartment during an attempted sexual assault. They even spoke with her killer through the door and failed to help, the victim’s family claims in a lawsuit.

It was most likely Christina Yuna Lee’s duty to be killed in this situation. Owning a firearm is a form of “white supremacy,” and defending herself is also a form of “white supremacy,” according to talking points by anti-gun advocates.

Her duty was to call the police and wait for help to arrive. It didn’t, so her only option was to die.

Christina Yune Lee, 35, was attacked by an assailant who snuck in behind her as she entered her Chrystie Street building around 4:20 a.m. on February 13, 2022. Her neighbors heard her cries for help “for at least five minutes” and immediately called 911.

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 WNBA player Brittney Griner says her time in a Russian prison has changed her perspective on the American flag and the national anthem: after promising to protest the traditional pregame anthem in 2020, she said this season she is ready to stand.

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 Climate eco-anarchists in Rome turned the Trevi Fountain water black on Sunday after pouring diluted charcoal into the pool during a staged protest against public funding for fossil fuels they claim caused a recent flood that killed 14 people in northeastern Italy.

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 New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams has a new proposal for dealing with migrants crossing the border, and it involves the federal government dispersing them across America. 

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Texas is facing a laundry list of crises: housing, immigration, and weather, among others.

So, naturally, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is opening an investigation into Bud Light.

Social conservatives across the country continue to clutch their pearls over Bud Light's partnership with influencer Dylan Mulvaney, a 26-year-old transgender activist who has shaken the far-right's perception of reality by existing in the open.

Webmaster addition: The issue here is that Dylan Mulvaney was used to target a very young audience; too young to legally buy beer! Why? I agree with Cruz this is important.

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 The NAACP Board of Directors issued a statement on Saturday warning black Americans that the state of Florida was not a safe place for them and included an official “travel advisory” calling the state “openly hostile” – but the board’s chairman, Leon Russell, apparently lives in Florida himself.

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 Special counsel John Durham‘s long-awaited report serves as a guide for how Congress can further investigate the Russiagate controversy, according to a top GOP lawmaker.

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