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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that President Joe Biden is making a mistake delaying a shipment of bombs to his country to help fight their war against Hamas.

The president, last week, delayed the delivery of 3,500 bombs to the U.S.'s Middle East ally. It was the first time he used his executive power to influence Israel's approach to its war. 

Speaking to Dr. Phil on his primetime talk show Thursday, Netanyahu is clearly not happy with the president's actions. 

'I've known Joe Biden for many years, 40 years and more. We often had our agreements, but we've had our disagreements. We've been able to overcome them. I hope we can overcome them now,' Netanyahu said.

Biden on Wednesday said U.S. bombs have been used to kill civilians in Rafah and that he would pause more arms shipments to Israel if Netanyahu launches a full-scale invasion.

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A Tennessee woman marched her daughter to the police station after seeing security video of the aftermath where a man was shot and killed over $60 in Memphis.

The Memphis Police Department said the body of the deceased man was found near Filmore Avenue in Cherokee Park on Monday just before 8 a.m. Security video showed a woman running way from the park about the time that they believe the man was killed.

That evening, Shante Jones was watching the news and was shocked to find that the woman caught on video looked just like her daughter.

“I don’t condone violence. I don’t. If you do something, you will pay for it,” said Jones to WHBQ-TV.

The next day, she brought her daughter to the office of the homicide detectives.

Court records say that 26-year-old Kenyetta Hayes told police that the man had offered to pay her $60 for oral sex when she saw him at the Marathon gas station on Lamar Avenue. She said she intended to rob him and not participate in oral sex.

Police said that when Hayes and the man got to the park, she shot and killed him in order to take his $60. She reportedly told police she was "thirsty for money" and used the money to buy two hot wing combo meals for herself and her boyfriend.

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Two weeks before the 2016 election, I unwittingly played a bit part in Stormy Daniels’ shakedown of Donald Trump. I ran FoxNews.com as Stormy and her cohorts pushed us to write a story about her affair with him.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes story that few people know.

Stormy's actions were textbook extortion, which, unlike records violations, is an honest-to-goodness felony in New York.

Team Stormy wasn’t after a Pulitzer. They were after a payday, and they were using the media as leverage to force Trump’s hand in the final stretch before Election Day.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer, had already promised to pay Stormy $130,000 to keep her mouth shut about the alleged fling from a decade earlier. But he was stalling on cutting the check as negotiations dragged on. She was smart enough to know that Trump often stalled payments forever, and that if, as most expected, he lost the 2016 race, she’d never see a penny.

So, Stormy’s crew started shopping the story to outlets like us at Fox, Slate, and others. They knew we would contact the campaign for a response, which we did, and that it would ramp up the pressure on Cohen to finally pay up.

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The Biden administration hopes to dispense thousands of ID cards to migrants in the coming weeks as part of an effort to update the documentation that US government agencies provide illegal border-crossers. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is planning on a “limited rollout” of its Secure Docket Card program this summer that would see roughly 10,000 ID cards distributed to migrants in as many as four US cities, according to Fox News.

Two potential locations are Houston and Atlanta, a source told the outlet.

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Authored by Douglas French via The Mises Institute,

Economics trumps sentimentality, and gold’s elevated price has some people raiding the family jewelry box to pay bills. 

“Young people are not wearing grandma’s jewels. Most of the young people, they want an Apple watch. They don’t want a pocket watch,” Tobina Kahn, president of House of Kahn Estate Jewelers told Bloomberg.

“Sentimental is now out the door.”

When times are tough, treasures change hands, the late Burt Blumert, once a gold dealer and Mises Institute Board Chairman, used to say.

“Prices are high, and I need cash,” Branden Sabino, a thirty-year-old information technology worker said, adding that with the cost of rent, groceries, and car insurance rising, he doesn’t have any savings. He sold a gold necklace and a gold ring to King Gold and Pawn on Avenue 5 in Brooklyn.

“People are using gold as an ATM they never had,” said store owner Gene Furman.

At King Gold, fifty-five-year-old Mirsa Vijil pawned a bracelet to pay her gas bill.

“Gold is high,” she said, adding she’d never pawned her jewelry before but will do it again if she needs to.

Adrian Ash, director of research at online gold investment service BullionVault says there is twice as much selling as a year ago on BullionVault’s platform. “People are very happy to take this price.”

“It’s very busy and we are getting more calls than ever before about clients wanting to bring in their jewels,” Kahn said.

“I’m telling the clients to bring them in now, as we are at unprecedented levels.”

So while there is plenty of liquidating to pay the bills, demand at the United States Mint is tepid, with sales in March the worst since 2019 for its American Eagle gold coin

Claire's Observations:  If Bidenomics actually was "working", would people really need to do this?!?  Folks, the short answer is, "Hell, no!!"

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Authored by Kit Knightly via Off-Guardian.org,

The British government has issued a new guidebook to all sitting MPs to help them spot “conspiracy theories”.

Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt  MP, who commissioned the guide, has warned that:

The proliferation of conspiracy theories across the UK is deeply disturbing. They are deliberate campaigns to spread disinformation and fear

If they go unchallenged we risk the public being conned and their wellbeing potentially damaged. These campaigns are also a threat to the health of our democracy.

It is essential that we give the public and their representatives the tools they need to combat this phenomenon.”

And claimed the aim of the new guide was to:

protect the public from the damaging effects of misinformation and safeguard the integrity of our democratic process,”

Which sounds just lovely, doesn’t it?

Oh, and just in case any of you are still caught up in the party politics illusion, the guide has full cross-party support, the Shadow Leader of the House called it “a must-read”.

The report was co-written by “experts” representing several non-governmental organisations, and fact-checkers including:

  • FullFact – funded by (among others) Google, Facebook and the Open Society Foundation.
  • The Institute for Strategic Dialogue  – funded by (among others) the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Facebook, over a dozen national governments and the UN.
  • Global Network on Extremism and Technology  – The academic research arm of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, a thinktank “designed to prevent terrorists and violent extremists from exploiting digital platforms”…and which is funded by (among others) Facebook, Amazon, Youtube and Microsoft.

In short, it’s all a rather incestuous funding pool of the same handful of tech giants and billionaires paying “experts” to tell them what they want to hear.

But we probably shouldn’t judge until we’ve read the “guide” itself, which is tricky because it doesn’t seem to be publicly available (seriously I looked everywhere, if you’re aware of a copy online post it in the comments and we’ll add it the link here).

Fortunately, our old friends at the Guardian have given us a little taste, here’s three things they’re warning about

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Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Modernity.news,

Foreign migrant suspects are responsible for nearly 6 in 10 violent crimes in Germany according to new figures released by the federal government.

Despite comprising roughly 14.6 per cent of the population, foreign migrants were responsible for 58.5 per cent of all violent crimes.

Foreigners without a German passport make up 111,517 suspects alleged of violent crimes out of the total 190,605 suspects for the country as a whole.

The statistics were released by the Federal Criminal Police Office and reported by broadcaster NTV.

The number of non-Germans suspected of violent crimes rose by 14.5 per cent over the previous year, while foreign migrants also account for 187,000 out of the total 424,000 suspected thieves.

“Excluding immigration crimes, the number of non-Germans suspected of any crime rose by 17.8 per cent in 2023 to 923,269 suspects, representing nearly half of the 2.25 million total suspected criminals last year,” reports Breitbart.

NTV tried to justify the criminality of foreign migrants by asserting that they have experienced violence in their homes countries, which “lower(s) the threshold for using violence.”

Notably, the figures don’t include foreign migrants who later obtained German citizenship or those with a foreign migration background via one of their parents.

Andrea Lindholz, a member of the Bundestag parliament for the centre-right Christian Social Union (CSU) party, said Germany is reaching its “limit” in its “ability to integrate” migrants, adding that integration comes with a high cost.

As we highlight in the video above, there is now majority opposition to mass migration amongst Germans, despite the establishment demonizing those who hold such views as right-wing extremists.

The German government previously vowed to increase deportations of foreign criminals after a huge increase in migrant crime.

The anti-mass migration AfD is the second biggest party in Germany and the most popular amongst young people, but the federal government is trying to ban it in the name of ‘preserving democracy

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by Tyler Durden
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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on Thursday as part of a probe into whether the Biden DOJ coordinated with Trump prosecutors.

"The investigations and subsequent prosecutions of former President Donald J. Trump appear to have been conducted in coordination with the United States Department of Justice," Baily posted in a lengthy thread on X.

"This is demonstrated by the move of the third-highest ranking member of the Department of Justice, Matthew Colangelo, to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in order to prosecute President Trump in December 2022," Baily continues.

What's more, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg worked hand-in-hand with NY Attorney General Letitia James in pursuing civil litigation against Trump, which he used to campaign on.

Claire's Observations:  Just when I think the Dementocrats cannot possibly get more crooked and vile in their lawfare jihad against President Trump, they amaze me yet again!!!!

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Biden, talking to CNN’s Erin Burnett, made light of America’s struggles with Bidenflation (higher home prices, higher mortgage rates, higher energy and food costs, higher …) caliously saying that “they can afford it.” Well Joe, your big donors (the top 0.5% can afford it! But not the middle class that you have abandoned. In fact, much of America has drained their savings and run up massive debt to cope with your terrible economic policies.

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In the financial landscape of commercial real estate (CRE), looming debt obligations signal a potential crisis, with nearly $929 billion in commercial mortgage loans set to mature by the end of 2024. This staggering sum, outlined in the Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA) 2023 Commercial Real Estate Survey, underscores the mounting pressure on America's small- and medium-sized commercial banks and private mortgage lenders.

Entrepreneur Tom Ellsworth, echoing concerns shared by many industry experts, warns of an impending banking system crisis. Against the backdrop of a high-interest-rate environment, the Federal Reserve's recent pronouncement of prolonged rate increases adds further strain. With interest rates poised to remain elevated, the specter of bank failures and commercial real estate entering receivership looms ominously.

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Weeks after a Republican election official in Georgia raised questions about the outcome of the 2024 elections, it appears the state will be implementing reforms to ensure that the questionable results aren’t repeated in the future.

The Georgia Election Board on Thursday agreed to a series of measures intended to provide oversight in Fulton County, home to notorious anti-Trump prosecutor Fani Willis and the site of so many votes in 2024 that they outnumbered actual residents, according to one official with the county’s election board.

The Georgia Recorder reported that the board agreed in a 2-1 vote to provide an election overseer this year who will independently monitor Fulton County’s election procedures. The change comes four years after county officials double-scanned 3,075  ballots during a statewide recount, according to the Western Journal. Another complaint stated that 17,000 ballots went missing. However, investigators within the office of Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger concluded the errors would not have changed the outcome of the election where President Joe Biden defeated former President Donald Trump by a margin of 11,779 votes.

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Dr. Mercola says he strongly recommends getting sensible sun exposure each day, and one of the reasons why is because it helps naturally optimize your vitamin D levels. Low vitamin D levels are linked to an increased risk of cancers,1 while vitamin D can attach to the vitamin D receptor (VDR) in your cells, setting off a series of signals that may affect how they grow, develop and survive.2

In this way, vitamin D acts like a brake on the process of cell growth in many tissues of the body, helping to control the speed at which cells multiply. This is particularly important when it comes to cancer because one of the key features of this disease is cells growing out of control. Moreover, vitamin D has been observed in animal studies to help delay some age-related changes by activating another important pathway via the vitamin D receptor.

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The “36 inconsistencies” consisted of double and triple-counted batches of ballots that accounted for over 6,000 ballots incorrectly counted and reported.  Based on the analysis, Rossi stated there would be a net gain of 4,081 votes for President Trump in Fulton County’s 148k absentee ballots alone if the incorrectly counted Biden votes were removed.

Despite over-counting by more than 6,000 ballots, a 4% difference from the machine-counted absentee ballots, the hand-count “audit” somehow matched the machine count (742 vote difference out of all ballots cast).  This has never been explained nor corrected by the Georgia SOS.

On November 17th, 2021, Governor Kemp sent a letter and report outlining his office’s findings and confirming Rossi’s report to the SEB for further review.  In the letter, Kemp stated that “the 36 inconsistencies…are factual in nature, pose no underlying theories outside of the reported data, and could not be explained by my office after a thorough review.”  Kemp’s office spent almost seven weeks reviewing Rossi’s data and findings.

Webmaster addition: See HOW TO HAVE HONEST ELECTIONS

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Lawyers for former President Donald Trump presented compelling evidence to a Manhattan jury on Thursday, suggesting that Stormy Daniels’ attorney Keith Davidson engaged in potential extortion. In a recorded phone call from April 2018 between Davidson and Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, Davidson is heard claiming that Daniels berated him and pressured Cohen for money, indicating a desire for it “more than anything.”

The recording, rife with explicit language, featured Davidson saying that Daniels was furious with him, allegedly calling him a “p—y” and urging Cohen to resolve her claims promptly. “She wanted this money more than you can ever imagine,” Davidson told Cohen in the call as reported by The New York Post. “I remember hearing her on the phone saying, ‘You f–king Keith Davidson. You better settle this goddamn story.’” Davidson added that Daniels was fearful that if Trump lost the election, “we lose all f–king leverage” and “this case is worth zero.”

Daniels, however, firmly denied berating Davidson. “No, I did not, actually; I never yelled at Keith Davidson,” she testified in court, adding, “It sounds like a threat from Keith Davidson.”

The phone call and ensuing testimony form part of a larger narrative being crafted by Trump’s legal team, which aims to cast doubt on the credibility of Daniels’ account of her relationship with the former president. Daniels herself is at the heart of the trial against Trump, offering what she characterized as a consensual yet uncomfortable account of her alleged encounter with him.

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