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"It has become apparent that whole masses of human population are, as a whole, inferior in their claim upon the future, to other masses, that they cannot be given opportunities or trusted with power as the superior peoples are trusted, that their characteristic weaknesses are contagious and detrimental to the civilizing fabric, and that their range of incapacity tempts and demoralizes the strong. To give them equality is to sink to their level, to protect and cherish them is to be swamped in their fecundity. " -- H.G. Wells' in "Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon Human Life and Thought" 1901

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 Several residents in the Mid-City neighborhood are upset and furious as they say a homeless man has been vandalizing their street.  

The homeless man has been caught on video multiple times damaging water pipes, cutting electrical and internet wires, and even defecating near homes.  

He’s been caught walking around with a wrench, sometimes a pair of pliers and a hammer.  

"Just noticed that the lights have been off on 21st and Highland Drive. It’s been like that for over a month," said one resident.  

"He has cut our Internet wires, so our Internet goes off multiple times," said another resident.  

Multiple people have called the police, but they say nothing can be done.

Posted on: Sep 18 15:48

In August 2021, the Biden regime illegally froze Afghan funds held at the New York Fed, totaling around $9 billion — including $2 billion held by complicit Western vassals. 

The diabolical action was and continues to be a scheme to deny Taliban authorities access to the nation’s money.

At the time, Biden regime dark forces ordered the IMF and World Bank to deny financial aid to Afghanistan — with more greatly immiserating its people in mind beyond unspeakable horrors they endured for 20 years of US war and occupation.

Illegally imposed sanctions on the country remain in place — with no likely prospect of easing them, more likely to be imposed.

The Biden regime’s so-called “commitment to the Afghan people” is all about no end to imperial ruthlessness as long as Taliban authorities remain free from hegemon USA control.

Posted on: Sep 18 15:48

Win For Virginia Schools: Transgender Policy Replaced With Parents Rights Policy

After control of the Virginia state legislature went to the Democrat Party in 2020, a law passed that required public schools to adopt policies in line with a document created by then-Governor Ralph Northam. The paper, “Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools,” promoted “a specific viewpoint aimed at achieving cultural and social transformation in schools,” said officials. “The 2022 Model Policies also disregarded the rights of parents and ignored other legal and constitutional principles that significantly impact how schools educate students, including transgender students.”

The officials said that in publishing the 2022 Model Policies, the Department withdrew the controversial 2021 policies “which shall have no further force and effect.”

The old policy noted that events such as father-daughter dances and crowning homecoming kings and queens should cease to “eliminate gender-based practices.” Hence, do not leave out transgender students. The policy also stated that school districts should allow transgender students to bunk with children of the opposite biological sex during sleepover events, create gay clubs, and it demands LGBT+affirming training for teachers.

Posted on: Sep 18 15:46

In 1993 I wrote a book, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, in which I said at the outset I was not going to try to solve the mystery of JFK’s murder but to examine the politics of it.

I wish to argue here for similar research into the politics of 9/11. For the political consequences of 9/11 have been toxic, regardless of how the towers fell or who was responsible. The unusual process of their implementation deserves close study, a study which I believe will cast more light on 9/11 itself.

Image removed.

Vice President Cheney in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC)

I hope in this paper to show that Dick Cheney responded to 9/11 by using devious means to install a small cabal of lawyers – most notoriously John Yoo – who proceeded conspiratorially in the next weeks to exclude their superiors, while secretly authorizing measures ranging from warrantless surveillance and detention to torture.

Some of these were measures which Cheney and Rumsfeld had previously been preparing for almost two decades, as central figures in the secret agency planning for so-called Continuity of Government (COG). It was revealed in the 1980s that these plans aimed at granting a president emergency powers, uncurbed by congressional restraints, to intervene abroad, and also to detain large numbers of those who might protest such actions.

On 9/11, the 9/11 Report confirms, COG was implemented. As we shall see, Cheney promptly ordered the three top figures in the Justice Department out of Washington to a designated COG site buried deep underground.

Posted on: Sep 18 15:45

Bryan Sacks’ and Nicholas Levis’ breaking story on the amazing disappearing black box recorders from the WTC site was picked up and expanded by the Philly Daily News’ Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Will Bunch below.

Two men who worked extensively in the wreckage of the World Trade Center claim they helped federal agents find three of the four “black boxes” from the jetliners that struck the towers on 9/11 – contradicting the official account.

Both the independent 9/11 Commission and federal authorities continue to insist that none of the four devices – a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and flight data recorder (FDR) from the two planes – were ever found in the wreckage.

But New York City firefighter Nicholas DeMasi has written in a recent book — self-published by several Ground Zero workers — that he escorted federal agents on an all-terrain vehicle in October 2001 and helped them locate three of the four.

His account is supported by a volunteer, Mike Bellone, whose efforts at Ground Zero have been chronicled in the New York Times and elsewhere. Bellone said assisted DeMasi and the agents and that saw a device that resembling a “black box” in the back of the firefighter’s ATV.

Their story raises the question of whether there was a some type of cover-up at Ground Zero. Federal aviation officials – blaming the massive devastation – have said the World Trade Center attacks seem to be the only major jetliner crashes in which the critical devices were never located.

Posted on: Sep 18 15:44

According to a report from Infowars, the Idaho state government was apparently sold on the idea of encouraging minors in K-12 schools to consume pornography unashamedly via a curriculum dubbed “porn literacy.”

This porn literacy program was reportedly put together and purchased from a progressive nonprofit dubbed Education, Training, and Research (ETR), with videos have surfaced online of ETR representatives openly discussing how underage porn consumption should be destigmatized.

Posted on: Sep 18 15:37

The Idaho state government is encouraging K-12 minors to consume pornography without any shame.

Even though it is illegal for adults to show children under the age of 18 pornographic material, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) is reportedly purchasing so-called “porn literacy” materials from ‘Education, Training and Research’ (ETR) a nonprofit progressive organization.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) first exposed the IDHW for its radical agenda. By purchasing materials from ETR, Idaho students will be subject to a curriculum that pushes instruction of “kink and power, pleasure, sexual identity, sexual acts, and sexual exploration in relation to pornography.”

The IWW said ETR is an “interest group that promotes queering education and normalizing the consumption of pornography.”

Posted on: Sep 18 15:36

Attorneys have filed three lawsuits against hospitals for forcing the use of Remdesivir and respirators to treat people for Covid-19, oftentimes against the wishes of the patients and their families. They claim that doctors, hospitals, and even states were given ample incentive by the federal government to use the ineffective and dangerous protocols instead of treatments that were more effective but less profitable.

It was a blockbuster interview all the way through, but there was one comment in particular that should chill Americans to the bone. As the attorneys claim in their lawsuits, the unvaxxed were primarily targeted.

According to Infowars, attorneys Michael Hamilton and Dan Watkins joined The Alex Jones Show to break down their fight against medical tyranny and the deadly Covid protocols, such as the Remdesivir and respirator campaign.

Posted on: Sep 18 15:36

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) revealed Wednesday he received information from an FBI whistleblower accusing the bureau of labeling a veteran-led group and others as domestic terrorist organizations after they were found not to be a threat.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) speaks at a press conference following a Republican caucus meeting at the U.S. Capitol in Washington on June 8, 2022. (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

In a letter (pdf) to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Jordan wrote that a whistleblower said the FBI labeled American Contingency as a “domestic violent extremis[t]” organization despite the bureau clearing it in 2020.

The “domestic violent extremism” designation against American Contingency “is striking in light of new whistleblower disclosures that show that the FBI had concluded as recently as 2020 that the group was not a threat,” Jordan wrote.

A background investigation and review of Glover’s social media failed to support the allegation that Glover is a threat to the United States or its citizens,” the letter continued.

Posted on: Sep 18 15:35

Livestock farming has been at the forefront of media and environmentalist attacks for decades. That’s because many researchers insist the United States has reached a tipping point with animal husbandry, citing extended drought conditions as evidence.

Cows grazing at the Hickok Ranch. (Courtesy of Hickok Hamburger)

This year, overly dry weather across the United States broke records. In February, findings from a UCLA-led study suggest drought conditions in the American West are the worst in 1,200 years.

Subsequently, livestock farmers have found themselves in a hotbed of environmentalist ire.

The drought crisis has drawn heavy frowns and finger wags from the orthodox scientific community, which points to livestock grazing as a significant part of the problem.

Because for the majority of scientists, there’s a formula: more animals grazing equals worse climate effects, period.

However, advocates of regenerative grazing have been gathering data and coming forward. They’re sharing evidence that shows holistic grazing methods can actually improve soil quality, health, and water retention in grassland ecosystems.

Further, when done correctly, some evidence suggests livestock grazing can even reverse the effects of desertification.

Posted on: Sep 18 15:34

Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to criticism about his sending illegal aliens to affluent Martha’s Vineyard by calling out the cities that “beat their chest” proclaiming they’re a sanctuary for those crossing the border illegally.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at an event in Pittsburgh, Pa., on Aug. 19, 2022. (Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

“All those people in DC and New York were beating their chests when Trump was president saying they were so proud to be sanctuary jurisdictions— saying how bad it was to have a secure border. The minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door, they all of a sudden go berserk and they’re so upset that this is happening,” DeSantis said at the press conference on Sept. 15 in Okaloosa County. “It just shows, you know, their virtue signaling is a fraud.”

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  A former employee for social media giant Twitter revealed that staff members were afraid that a Chinese agent among their ranks could collect user data.

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Posted on: Sep 18 13:55

 Kanye West ended his relationship with the Gap and said that he will be able to manufacture his clothing line in the U.S.

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Posted on: Sep 18 12:13

Governors Abbott, Ducey and DeSantis need to keep busing and flying illegals to Democrat sanctuary cities.

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Posted on: Sep 18 10:33

Biden’s Secretary of Defense sat on a report from the Department of Defense’s Inspector General for three months and did nothing.  The report related to actions by the military related to its COVID mandates that violated the law. 

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 18 10:33

While many countries in Africa are experiencing energy poverty, suffering from electricity cuts, and are working on regional energy projects, the West appears to be skeptical of African nations’ strive for self-sufficiency in this area.

The Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline (NMGP) project, an initiative of Nigeria and Morocco that was initially proposed in December 2016, officially kicked off with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Nigeria, Morocco, and the Economic Community of West African States on Thursday in Rabat.

“Once completed, the project will supply about three billion standard cubic feet of gas per day along the West African Coast from Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Senegal and Mauritania to Morocco,” a statement by the National Nigerian Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC) reads.

Webmaster addition: Don't blow out the candle until you have lit the next one!

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This topic is important not only for its own sake but because it provides linkages that help us to put other historical events in perspective, and even more because it is an astonishing, even astounding, example of how history is spun, of how the omission of only a few crucial facts can totally distort an entire vital segment of history. One result is that much of what we “know” of our history is factually wrong, but also it provokes us to despise innocent people while sympathising with the guilty.

Some years ago, Sever Plocker wrote an article for Israel’s Ynet News titled “Stalin’s Jews”[1]

 in which he stated , “We mustn’t forget that some of greatest [mass] murderers of modern times were Jewish.” This article is a testimony to his statements.

To quote Plocker, “We cannot know with certainty the number of deaths Cheka was responsible for in its various manifestations, but the number is surely at least 20 million, including victims of the forced collectivization, the hunger, large purges, expulsions, banishments, executions, and mass death at Gulags. Whole population strata were eliminated: Independent farmers, ethnic minorities, members of the bourgeoisie, senior officers, intellectuals, artists, labor movement activists, “opposition members” who were defined completely randomly, and countless members of the Communist party itself.

And us, the Jews? Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity. Dr. Halfin described the waves of soviet terror as a “carnival of mass murder,” “fantasy of purges”, and “messianism of evil.” Turns out that Jews too, when they become captivated by messianic ideology, can become great murderers, among the greatest known by modern history. Even if we deny it, we cannot escape the Jewishness of “our hangmen”, who served the Red Terror with loyalty and dedication from its establishment.

Posted on: Sep 18 09:57

On Thursday morning two busloads of over 100 illegal aliens were dropped off at Border Czar Kamala Harris’s residence in Washington DC.

Since Kamala won’t visit the border, the border was brought to her doorstep.

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Posted on: Sep 18 09:54

Here at we’ve had some sport over the years with the concept, originally coined by economists, of Revealed Preference. The general idea of Revealed Preference is that people’s beliefs, desires, and intentions are best judged not by what they say but by what they do.

Millions of Third Worlders in recent years have migrated to the white First World in both hemispheres: from South and Central America to the U.S.A. and from Africa and Islamia to Western Europe. They have done so in willful defiance of laws and regulations in the destination countries. Often they have paid their life savings to do so, and risked danger and disappointment.

Among those millions there must be many who, if questioned, would repeat the cant condemnations of White Supremacy and colonialism that are the common currency of the media and educational Establishments all over the globe.

Posted on: Sep 18 09:49

McDonald’s CEP Chris Kempczinski, who has shown a proclivity for bowing down to the woke mob, is saying the quiet part out loud.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 18 09:45

A crazy man at a McDonald’s took out an axe and demolished the restaurant during an altercation at 2:30 AM on Saturday morning.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 18 09:45

Students in Swedish schools are known for participating in mock elections. These elections help youth understand the voting process and give a crucial insight into which way they are leaning. The sudden shift in views is going to surprise you.

According to, “Students in high schools across Sweden are increasingly supporting right-wing parties. This is according to the results of this year’s school elections. Elections saw the conservative Moderates and the populist Sweden Democrats account for 48 percent of the overall vote.”

Posted on: Sep 18 09:25

When a government document mysteriously appeared earlier this week in the highest profile case in the federal court system, it had the hallmarks of another explosive storyline in the Justice Department’s investigation into classified records stored at former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate.

The document purported to be from the U.S. Treasury Department, claimed that the agency had seized sensitive documents related to last month’s search at Mar-a-Lago and included a warrant ordering CNN to preserve “leaked tax records.”

The document remained late Thursday on the court docket, but it is a clear fabrication. A review of dozens of court records and interviews by the Associated Press suggest the document originated with a serial forger behind bars at a federal prison complex in North Carolina.

The incident also suggests that the court clerk was easily tricked into believing it was real, landing the document on the public docket in the Mar-a-Lago search warrant case. It also highlights the vulnerability of the U.S. court system and raises questions about the court’s vetting of documents that purport to be official records.

Posted on: Sep 18 09:24

Virtually everyone working within the Health Freedom Movement and/or various Anti-Vaccine groups knows what SIDS really is.

Yes, SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, but that’s just a fancy (read fanciful) medical term for “infant death by vaccine”. See: The Plausible Connection between Vaccines and SIDS

Young children, from their infancy onward, are injected with so many different toxic vaccines these days that countless babies, in particular, are dying in their cribs from this routine medical assault (well informed folks call it medical rape).

Because the medical profession is paid handsomely by Big Pharma to never attribute these obvious vaccine-induced deaths to the utterly barbaric childhood vaccination schedules, they call it SIDS—Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—when consulting with the bereaved parents.

Posted on: Sep 18 09:22

“Looking back in history, it must be admitted that these lands are the ancient ancestral lands of the Jewish Khazaria, that is Israel, captured by Kiev’s Rus’ (the ancient state of Russia with the capital in Kiev) in the tenth century. The Slavs are temporary guests on these lands and are subject to eviction. We will return this territory, and build the Great Khazaria – the Jewish state –on these fertile lands the same way as, 50 years ago, we created Israel, squeezing the Palestinians out. Israelis will partially relocate here, and we will drive the Slavic cattle out far to the north, beyond Moscow. There will be a small Northern Territory, a reservation with a compact population — a reservation, like Indian reservations in America.”

— Quote from Menachem Mendel Schneerson, American Orthodox rabbi and foremost leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement

Posted on: Sep 18 09:21

Who doesn’t knows the self-evident adage of the Information Age: Garbage in, garbage out?  Well, the following [INCONCEIVABLE] testimony was just sent to SOTN for our edification and also, perhaps, for our much needed amusement.

Very few folks are aware, but all of the major institutions of the entire planetary civilization are now directed by the most technologically advanced form of AI ever created—Autonomous Superintelligence.

For example, this leading edge AI technology has been responsible for artificially propping up the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) which should have crashed and burned many years ago.  Which is also why the upcoming and long-predicted market crash will be conducted by Aladdin—the Autonomous Superintelligence entity made especially for the financial and economic management of the GE&FS.  As follows:

Posted on: Sep 18 09:19