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"All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms." -- Diane Feinstein 

Here is a collection of quite curious slip ups and accidental admissions. It’s funny how the truth seems to “leak out” at times.

How much longer can they try to hide his ever growing senility? 

Posted on: Aug 07 07:37

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg said last week that former President Donald Trump did in fact request National Guard troops be deployed in Washington D.C. before the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Kellogg said he was present at the time of Trump’s request, and Congress should release his testimony to the public.

Trump has repeatedly claimed he requested National Guard troops be activated in D.C. to provide security as he called on supporters to gather in D.C. to protest the certification of the 2020 election results for Joe Biden. Trump’s claim has been substantiated by members of his administration, but rejected by some members of Congress.

Kellogg, who was serving as Vice President Mike Pence’s National Security Advisor at the time of the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol breach, tweeted last week, “To be clear on 6 Jan/NG. Pg 199 of my book, ‘On 3 Jan the President asked the Def Dept to deploy NG troops’ into DC for J6 contingencies. OK for J6 Cmte to publicly release my full sworn testimony. Release Army Guard and DC Mayor J6 testimonies as well. Would be illuminating.”

Posted on: Aug 07 07:35

The Ukrainian land reform law, which after 20 years was passed by the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada in 2021, made it possible for international agricultural conglomerates – belonging to the western zone of influence – to buy up large amounts of Ukrainian soil. At the same time, ordinary people were led to believe that ultimately the opposite was true: The sponsors of the bill brazenly lied about the alleged protection of Ukrainian farmers and their fertile land.

The international players involved in getting the law passed are agribusiness and biotech giants Cargill, DuPont and Monsanto. Together, these US companies bought about 17 million hectares in eastern and southern Ukraine. These are the regions with by far the most fertile soil, not only within Ukraine but even in this world.

The Australian National Review recently provided an illustrative comparison: The 16,7 million hectares already make up the entire cultivated area of Italy. In short, the stakes are high.

Webmaster addition:" So, all the billions of dollars taken from you and poured into Ukraine has nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with protecting corporate profits?

Posted on: Aug 07 07:33

After being the West’s only mediator in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, France has just been declared an “unfriendly” country by Russia. The countries and territories mentioned in the list imposed or joined the sanctions against Russia after the start of the military operation in Ukraine.

Russia has announced that - due to their “hostile” actions and commitment to sanctions over the unrest in Ukraine - France has joined the Kremlin’s Western-dominated list of “unfriendly” countries. Russia’s official spokesperson added that discussions between the two are now “unnecessary.”

Moscow’s decision comes after they revealed that there has been no bilateral communications for the past 10 weeks. Since Emmanuel Macron’s re-election, the presidents of the two countries have spoken only twice.

Macron has been the only prominent European leader to regularly engage in diplomacy, but he was widely accused in France of showing such an interest in Ukraine only to avoid campaigning for re-election.

Posted on: Aug 07 07:32

US Senate Democrats on Saturday moved ahead on a bill to address key elements of President Joe Biden's agenda - tackling climate change, lowering the cost of energy and elderly people's medications and forcing some corporations and wealthy Americans to pay more taxes.

In a key first test of the ability of Democrats to win passage of the sweeping legislation, the Senate voted 51-50 with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie during a rare Saturday session to begin what could be an extended debate on the measure. All 50 Republicans voted against moving forward with the legislation.

The procedural vote set up an arduous process with senators set to offer amendment after amendment in a time-consuming "vote-a-rama."

The Senate parliamentarian determined that the lion's share of the healthcare provisions in the $430 billion bill could be passed with only a simple majority, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said, bypassing a filibuster rule requiring 60 votes in the 100-seat chamber to advance most legislation and enabling Democrats to pass it over Republican objections.

Posted on: Aug 07 07:31

The US may try to use the persisting security crisis in Ukraine as a pretext to deploy armaments -- including nuclear weapons -- in space, Russia’s deputy UN envoy has warned.

 “It is impossible to directly link the risks of the deployment of weapons in space to the [Russian] special military operation on the territory of Ukraine,” said Russian Deputy Representative to the United Nations Andrei Belousov on Friday in remarks to reporters on the sidelines of the Tenth Review Conference of the Parties of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons as quoted in an RT report.

“However, the fact remains that the United States and its allies will use the Ukrainian playing card as an additional argument in favor of implementing their military plans not only on land, at sea and in the air, but also in space,” he then emphasized, insisting that the US-led bloc of countries will most likely use Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine “as a pretext for the faster practical implementation of these plans.”

Pointing to Washington’s refusal to discuss a legally binding means to prevent an arms race in outer space over the past decade-and-a-half, the senior Russian diplomat then noted that such fact “speaks for itself.”

Posted on: Aug 07 07:31

In addition to spreading its wanton “freedom and democracy”, usually with ample quantities of bombs and cruise missiles, the United States is also “exporting” its economic and financial issues, causing a cascading effect of economic and, consequently, general instability. One of those “export products” is inflation. With the USD as the primary global reserve currency, the US, although in decline, is still in the position to make sure its economic problems affect the rest of the world, causing global economic and financial crises whenever this is suitable for Washington DC, but also keeping all of the very real benefits when “times are good”. And the world has been paying for it at least since the end of WWII.

Charles Hugh Smith, an independent journalist focusing on global finance, energy, culture and political economy, as well as the geopolitical impact of all those factors, recently published an analysis on how the US is conducting its policy of “inflation export”. According to Smith, a strong currency exports inflation to those nations which do not issue the currency. He identifies three major factors:

Posted on: Aug 07 07:28

1. The overthrow of Yanukovych in Ukraine in February 2014 was a U.S. coup, and definitely not a democratic revolution there.

2. The U.S. Government and its ‘news’-media lied — didn’t merely “err” —to deceive the U.S. public to believe the “Saddam’s WMD” falsehoods that were used to ‘justify’ criminally invading Iraq on 20 March 2003.

3. The U.S. Government and its OPCW lied — didn’t merely “err” — to say that Assad was using chemical weapons, so as to ‘justify’ America’s criminal invasion and occupation of Syria.

4. The war between Russia and Ukraine is actually the war by America against Russia in the battlefields of Ukraine and started not on 24 February 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine but even well before America’s criminal February 2014 coup in Ukraine and was already secretly in the planning stages in the Obama Administration by no later than June 2011.

5. The claim that Taiwan isn’t and hasn’t even been a part of China is a blatant lie about history, to deceive U.S.-and-allied publics and aiming to enable the U.S. regime to grab China too.

Posted on: Aug 07 07:26

Something weird is happening at WHO headquarters in Geneva. On Saturday, July 23, 2022, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus held a press conference in which he declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) pertaining to the monkeypox virus.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, took this decision unilaterally against a majority vote of the Second Meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) Emergency Committee (9 against, 6 in favor)  held on Thursday, 21 July 2022, in Geneva (from 12:00 noon to 19:00pm Geneva Time CEST), two days prior to Dr. Tedros’s Press Conference which was held on Saturday, 23 July 2022: 

“We have an outbreak that has spread around the world rapidly through new modes of transmission…I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern.”

Did Tedros have the support of  his colleagues? Is he in conflict of interest? According to Bloomberg:

“The declaration from Tedros … underscores divisions within the organization over the severity of the threat. The pathogen typically causes flu-like symptoms, followed by a rash that often starts on the face and spreads down the belly.  (Bloomberg, emphasis added)

What Bloomberg failed to mention is Dr. Tedros’s Bombshell Statement: 

“An outbreak that is concentrated among men who have sex with men”:

Posted on: Aug 07 07:19

“Have you seen the document dump on the Pfizer vaccine data? It’s a bombshell. No wonder the FDA fought to keep it hidden for 55 years.

Here is the quick takeaway:

By February of 2021, Pfizer had already received more than 1,200 reports of deaths allegedly caused by the vaccine and tens of thousands of reported adverse events, including 23 cases of spontaneous abortions out of 270 pregnancies and more than 2,000 reports of cardiac disorders. 

Bear in mind, this is Pfizer’s own data.” Election Wizard

Posted on: Aug 07 07:19


"Highly respected Dinesh D'Souza, working together with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, just released a trailer to their new movie, "2,000 Mules," that shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. The movie exposes the lies of the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News who say it was the "most secure election in history." It was, perhaps, the least secure in history. The ballot box was stuffed, and stuffed like never before—and it's all on video. Ballots were trafficked and sold in a massive operation in each Swing State. The evidence is so damning, what will the cowards who sat and did nothing about the stolen election say now? The way our votes were taken away is a disgrace to our Nation. It must be fixed."

Posted on: Aug 07 07:15

The two photographs below originated from a source in Taiwan. The circled man in the photo on the left is the same man labeled as Paul Pelosi Jr., Nancy Pelosi’s son, in the photograph on the right. That man is clearly part of Nancy Pelosi’s inner entourage, but, strangely, he does not appear in any other photographs circulating on the internet.

By: orraz
Posted on: Aug 06 20:58

Governor Ron DeSantis this week suspended Soros-backed Florida prosecutor Andrew Warren.

DeSantis suspended the state attorney because he refused to enforce Florida’s abortion laws.

By: orraz
Posted on: Aug 06 20:58

An 11-year-old black boy was part of a group of ‘youths’ that brutally beat a 70-year-old Asian woman in San Francisco last Sunday.

By: orraz
Posted on: Aug 06 20:58

A reporter confronted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on President Biden’s executive order using Medicaid to cover abortion-related costs for people crossing state lines to have the procedure.

The President announced his actions on Wednesday.

The order directs Secretary of HHS Xavier Becerra to “consider actions to advance access to reproductive healthcare services, including, to the extent permitted by Federal law, through Medicaid for patients traveling across State lines for medical care.”

ABC News reports that Biden’s executive order leaves things “unclear” as to how “Medicaid coverage would avoid legal run-ins with the Hyde Amendment.”

The Hyde Amendment is a legislative provision passed in 1976 that prevents the use of federal funds for abortions, except to save the life of the woman or if the pregnancy arises from incest or rape.

Posted on: Aug 06 17:05

Economic analyst Charles Payne is warning that the jobs report that the government released early Friday doesn't say exactly what Joe Biden apparently wants it to say.

That's because of the "new jobs" created, 384,000 of them are part-time.

Posted on: Aug 06 17:04

Russian forces delivered strikes by precision-guided weapons to eliminate about 150 Ukrainian militants, two US M777 howitzers and 1,500 ammunition rounds in the Zaporozhye Region in their special operation in Ukraine, Defense Ministry Spokesman Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov reported on Friday.

"The Russian Aerospace Forces delivered strikes by air-launched precision missiles against the temporary deployment sites of two howitzer artillery battalions of the Ukrainian army’s 44th artillery brigade and missile/artillery arms depots in the area of the settlement of Novoivanovka in the Zaporozhye Region," the spokesman said.

The strikes wiped out American M777 howitzers and shells for Grad multiple launch rocket systems, the general said.

Posted on: Aug 06 17:03

Twitter last week suspended Prof. Shmuel Shapira for a tweet in which the premier scientist and retired Israeli colonel suggested monkeypox is a side effect of the COVID-19 injections, according to KanekoaTheGreat. 

Prof. Shmuel Shapira, MD, MPH served as the Director General of the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) until last year.  

He is founder and head of the Department of Military Medicine of the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine and IDF Medical Corps.  

He is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at Reichman University in Israel. 

He previously served as Director of the Hebrew University Hadassah School of Public Health and Deputy Director General of the Hadassah Medical Organization.  

He also served as the IDF Head of Trauma Branch and is a Full Colonel (Res.) in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). 

He has published over 110 peer-reviewed articles. 

Posted on: Aug 06 16:53

The energy crisis that is unfolding in Germany and other parts of Europe has prompted Austrian oil and gas company OMV AG to halt all crude product deliveries indefinitely.

OMV Germany, which operates two storage facilities in the southern part of the country, says a “run” on supplies has created a situation in which operations must be temporarily suspended in order to secure supplies in the short and medium term.”

The “current run on heating oil,” OMV says, “is possibly due to crisis-driven market shortages and thus excessive speculation and stockpiling.” (Related: Germany is slated to run out of gas this winter due to conflicts with Russia.)

Loading of crude supplies will remain offline until the Burghausen refinery “has resumed production,” the company added in a statement.

Both Burghausen and Feldkirchen, the two storage facilities in question, are scheduled to restart deliveries on August 15. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen.

Posted on: Aug 06 16:48

Taiwan says China's military has upped the threat level against it as People's Liberation Army (PLA) planes pressed ahead with their largest ever drills surrounding the island, following Thursday's ultra-provocative launch of eleven ballistic missiles in area waters, some of which were reported to have flown over the island and population of some 23 million.

On Saturday Taiwan's defense ministry said it observed Chinese planes and ships conducting attack simulation exercises while operating in the Taiwan Strait. "Multiple batches of Chinese communist planes and ships conducting activities around the Taiwan strait, some of which crossed the median line," it said in a statement. 

Posted on: Aug 06 16:47

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday updated its monkeypox advice to suggest people most at risk, namely men who have sex with men, “take a temporary break” from those behaviors to help “contain … the outbreak.”

Among the updates are suggestions that people “take a temporary break” from sexual activity until considered vaccinated; limit their number of sexual partners; avoid “spaces” for anonymous sex with multiple partners; use condoms; and wear gloves during particular sexual activities.

These five suggestions to reduce the chance of spread were added to the seven that appeared on the webpage when it was updated on July 12. In that previous update, the CDC offered suggestions for sexual activities for people who have (or think they have) “monkeypox and … decide to have sex.”

Friday’s update contains stronger messaging, with the CDC now saying “the best way to protect yourself and others is to avoid sex of any kind … while you are sick.” People should especially “avoid touching any rash.”

Posted on: Aug 06 16:46

Since the start of Friday's fresh Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, ostensibly toward decapitating the leadership of the Islamic Jihad following the Monday night arrest of its senior commander Bassem Saadi, the death toll has continued to rise, with Gaza's health ministry saying 15 Palestinians have been killed in the attacks so far.

As we previously detailed, the Israeli strikes were 'pre-emptive' in that they were not a response to initial rocket fire from Gaza, as is the usual case, but were launched with a declared intent to degrade the militant group Islamic Jihad's capabilities after days of security incidents along the border with Gaza. 

Posted on: Aug 06 16:42

Due to catastrophic rainfall and record flash flooding on Friday (August 5), Death Valley National Park was forced to shut down entirely, trapping roughly 1,000 individuals (500 visitors and 500 staff members) inside.

The park experienced “unprecedented amounts of rainfall” of 1.46 inches, which caused substantial flooding that swept away cars, leaving at least 60 vehicles buried in mud and debris.

That amount of rainfall represents nearly 75% of a year’s worth of total rain for the area, which sees an average precipitation of 2 inches per year.

“Entire trees and boulders were washing down,” said John Sirlin, a photographer.

Sirlin shared videos and pictures on social media that showed swiftly moving water, uprooted palm trees, and cars wedged in a pile of debris.

Webmaster addition: There is no drought. The infrastructure to move the water from where it is to where it is needed has been allowed to fall into disrepair!

Posted on: Aug 06 16:39

Dwarf planet Ceres is abuzz with geological activity. Researchers at Virginia Tech’s Department of Geosciences, together with members from the United States Geological Survey and the Planetary Science Institute have now gained an understanding of what exactly drives the body’s surprising geological life.

Dwarf planet Ceres. Image credits NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Flickr.

Humanity didn’t get any good views of the surface of Ceres until 2015, when NASA’s Dawn mission snapped the first (relatively) close-by images of the dwarf planet. With these, came the revelation that Ceres’ surface is surprisingly diverse in terms of structures and composition. In turn, this pointed to unexpected levels of geological activity brewing unseen below the crust.

This came as a surprise to scientists everywhere; Ceres, as its classification of a dwarf planet suggests, is very small. So small, in fact, that researchers were absolutely convinced that it had cooled down completely all the way to its core and that it was, geologically speaking, a dead world. What Dawn was telling us of the surface of Ceres revealed that it was anything but that.

Posted on: Aug 06 16:38

Mainland Chinese warships have pressed deep into Taiwan’s territorial waters for the first time as Beijing kept up military and diplomatic pressure on the island over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

On Saturday, the third day of its unprecedented military drills around Taiwan, state news agency Xinhua released a photo taken the previous day showing a marine monitoring the coastline of Taiwan.

While the People’s Liberation Army did not specify where it was taken, a white structure that appeared to be the chimney of the Ho-Ping power plant in Hualien country on the east coast of Taiwan could be identified.

Xinhua also released footage of a PLA fighter jet flying along the coastline of the island.

Posted on: Aug 06 16:38

A Russian national, Alexander Vinnik, who now faces more than 50 years in prison, has been arrested in the United States. On Thursday, he was actually fraudulently taken out of Europe to San Francisco in violation of all international legal norms. Apparently, this is how Washington responded to the verdict of the Brittney Griner, convicted in the Russian Federation for drug smuggling. Why is Washington abducting Russian citizens and is there a way to stop this, in fact, hostage-taking?

Alexander Vinnik, whom the United States accuses of cybercrime, was taken from Greece to the United States. “Everything happened and was staged as a kidnapping,” RIA Novosti reports the words of one of Vinnik’s family members. Relatives reported that the Russian citizen was taken from Greece to Boston on a private plane in violation of all legal procedures. “Alexander was allowed to call home from Boston,” a member of Vinnik’s family said. Later, the Russian was transported on a company plane to San Francisco.

The police at the Athens airport on Thursday evening claimed that they knew nothing about Vinnik’s extradition and that he had been taken to Athens. Employees of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Greece were not allowed to see a Russian citizen, although he asked for a meeting. The Kremlin is monitoring the fate of Vinnik, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Posted on: Aug 06 16:37

Manchin, who surprised Washington last week after announcing an accord to advance a green energy and pharmaceutical spending bill called the Inflation Reduction Act, got around $6.1 million from individual patrons who gave more than $200 to add to his campaign between January 2021 and June 30, 2022, according to Federal Elections Commission (FEC) filings.

Of that amount, only about $65,000 donations came from individuals residing in West Virginia, while over $6 million came from individuals in other states. Manchin also received around $176,000 in small-dollar donations, but

it's uncertain how much of that came from people in West Virginia since campaigns are not required to report donor information on contributions under $200.

Posted on: Aug 06 16:35

What used to be an advantage in our Constitutional Republic, a free society, is the ability to change direction almost immediately.  It worked for much of our history when both political sides had the best interests of the country at heart. No longer.

Change direction we did. Biden (Obama) took us from a strong growing economy, energy independence,  cheap gas & diesel, a growing manufacturing sector, a rebuilt military, a real border, a stable international sphere, to the exact opposite…with an economy on the verge of collapse, weak and dependent.  Please spare me the pandemic speech.  If anyone, by now, is still thinking COVID-19 was a natural event, you have not been paying attention.  How did it happen so quickly?

After Trump, Russia and China were once again busy gathering for themselves the spoils of ‘toxic masculinity,’ while the Democrats were absorbed in trying to define what a woman is, teaching children about changing genders, and feminizing men.  What Democrats refuse to understand is…the world is merciless toward weakness.

Posted on: Aug 06 16:34