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Billionaire and X, formerly known as Twitter, owner Elon Musk on Thursday accused news outlets of ignoring the crisis along the southern border because they were "instructed" not to cover it. 

FOX News national correspondent Bill Melugin posted on social media how local news networks are covering the migrant crisis more than other national news networks. 

"Watching the TVs at gym in Eagle Pass. Every single local news station in the San Antonio market, both English & Spanish, are leading their shows and have much of their A blocks centered on the border crisis and the mass illegal crossing in Eagle Pass today," he wrote. "National networks were MIA at the bridge today, other than @FoxNews."

Posted on: Sep 22 10:08

Writing in Newsweek magazine, Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, Senior Fellow at Defense Priorities think tank, acknowledged what Gateway Pundit has been reporting for months: That Ukraine’s “summer offensive” is “producing little to no meaningful progress toward the objective of evicting Russia from Ukraine’s territory,” even as “American politicians, generals, and pundits continue advocating for open-ended support to Kyiv in their war against Russia.”

Davis’ sobering assessment carries the headline “We Can No Longer Hide the Truth About the Russia-Ukraine War“.

It was not clear why anyone would want to “Hide the Truth” about the US taxpayer-funded border dispute in distant Eastern Europe.

“Despite great hopes for a rapid success, Ukraine’s months-in-the-making offensive has sputtered from the outset”, Davis writes, noting that “That shouldn’t have surprised anyone in the White House.”

Two months before the start of the offensive, Davis warned that “Zelensky’s troops—with little to no air power and a dearth in artillery ammunition—could suffer egregious casualties while gaining little,” he says.  “Five days later, The Washington Post revealed the contents of a leaked Top Secret U.S. intelligence assessment which likewise predicted the Ukrainian offensive would probably fall ‘well short’ of expectations, and that ‘enduring Ukrainian deficiencies in training and munitions supplies probably will strain progress and exacerbate casualties during the offensive.’”

Posted on: Sep 22 10:01

Former President Trump announced his plans to carry out "the largest domestic deportation operation in American history" if he is elected to a second term in the White House.

Trump, who leads the 2024 Republican primary field by a massive margin, delivered a speech in Dubuque, Iowa Wednesday evening, blasting President Biden for the "nation-wrecking catastrophe on our southern border."

"Under my leadership, we had the most secure border in U.S. history. Now, we have the worst border in the history of the world," Trump said Wednesday— the same day that more than 4,000 predominantly Venezuelan adult illegal migrants crossed the border into Texas.

Trump, in Iowa, said that if elected, his second term would begin by "immediately" terminating "every Open Borders policy of the Biden Administration."

Posted on: Sep 22 10:00

A surge in lab-grown diamonds flooding the market, coupled with a decline in luxury spending, has forced Russian mining giant Alrosa PJSC to temporarily suspend rough diamond sales to prevent prices from crashing further.

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All Democrats do to win elections….other than rigging and fixing them with mail-in ballots…no Voter ID…ballot harvesting…ballot drop boxes…no signature match…dirty voter rolls that haven’t been cleaned in years…illegal aliens voting by the millions…and counting fake ballots for days beyond Election Day…

Other than all of that…

Democrats win elections by bribing the voters. It’s called “Highway Bribery.” They bribe the poor with welfare, food stamps, free healthcare and a hundred other government handouts.

They bribe illegal aliens with open borders, no deportation, lots of welfare, free healthcare and free school for their kids.

And they bribe young voters by erasing student loan debt. This is the craziest bribe of them all. Students beg for a loan to attend college, sign personally, agree to pay it back, and now it’s all erased- with the implicit understanding they will vote Democrat as a thank you. And of course, they do.

I say two can play at that game.

If President Trump and GOP candidates up and down the ticket play it right…with my idea…we will win a sweep of all major offices in 2024…even with rigged elections. Because Democrats cannot overcome a landslide.

Democrats bribe young voters. It’s time for Trump and Republicans to play the same game- except aim our bribery at Americans who actually earned it (senior citizens). So, my idea is not actually bribery. It’s a reward for a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice.

Here is the idea. President Trump, please announce if you are elected in 2024, you will lead the fight to end all taxes on Social Security. Announce this fight will be your #1 priority.

Posted on: Sep 22 09:59

The CDC has just quietly admitted that over 99% of reported “Covid deaths” were faked in order to scare the public into taking the experimental Covid jab.

Newly released data from the CDC reveals that most recorded fatalities that were blanket-blamed on Covid were caused by something else.

According to the CDC’s Covid dashboard, just 1.7% of the 324 “Covid deaths” registered in the week ending August 19 had Covid as the primary cause of death.

Disturbingly, the vast majority of people who were labeled as “Covid deaths” actually died of other causes such as cancer and heart disease – many of which could have been caused by the Covid jab itself.

Slaynews.com reports: Separate data from the agency shows that, so far in August, the largest cause of death in the U.S. has been cancer, followed by heart disease.

This latest admission from the CDC means that only a fraction of the claimed number of American lives are being lost directly to the virus each week.

According to the CDC’s own data, 99 percent of “Covid deaths” have been faked.

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I was on financial journalist Charles Payne’s show recently talking about the progressive collapse of the once-great city of New York. Charles brought up parallels with Edward Gibbon's classic book on the Fall of Rome.

What led to this was New York announcing it would cut police funding to spend $12 billion on an apparently endless flood of migrants. Migrants who have been pulled in by open borders and generous benefits including being put up at luxury hotels at taxpayer expense, apparently forever.

Zooming out, late Rome is almost a perfect fit for New York. What was once the greatest engine of prosperity in the world, of history-changing innovation, a global center of culture, has now become a crumbling parody of itself.

A two-tier society with obscene wealth at the top fueled largely by parasitic finance. Set against a rapidly growing lower class living in progressive misery and insecurity.

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The Big Apple migrant crisis is an emergency situation for New York Governor Kathy Hochul and NYC Mayor Eric Adams. Now, Governor Hochul says it’s time to end the controversial “Right to Shelter” law.

Hochul says the Big Apple is “at capacity” and will rescind a mandate that requires the city to provide a bed for anyone who requests on.

“The original premise behind the right to shelter was, for starters, for homeless men on the streets, people experiencing aids that was [then] extended to families,” she said.

“But never was it envisioned being an unlimited universal right, or obligation on the city, to house literally the entire world.”

From The New York Post:

The Adams administration is currently challenging the “right to shelter” rule in the state Supreme Court, arguing they need to turn some people away because the city’s resources have already buckled with the arrival of more than 110,000 asylum seekers since spring 2022.

Legal Aid, however, has challenged the push, claiming, in part, that it would only result in more people sleeping on Gotham’s streets.

Posted on: Sep 22 09:50

Arizona Republican Kari Lake will be announcing sometime shortly that she’s running for U.S. Senate.

Lake, a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump, has been hinting at a run for months. She’s been active in national politics since her loss in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial race, and she’s headlining events in Iowa and Michigan this week.

“Her interest has largely frozen the GOP field for the seat, which is currently held by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.). Blake Masters, the state’s 2022 Senate nominee, appears to be lingering on the sidelines after preparing to enter the race in September,” Politico reported.

“There is no specific date set for Lake’s launch but it will almost certainly come in October, according to a person familiar with her plans who was granted anonymity to speak candidly. The Arizona race is a crucial swing state that could determine control of the Senate. Sinema’s switch to become an independent last year roiled the race for her seat. She has not said whether or not she will seek reelection and Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego already launched a Senate campaign,” the outlet added.

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Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul said he would move to hold up any spending bill providing more money to Ukraine as the deadline for Congress to fund the federal government approaches.

Paul, a frequent critic of foreign aid, announced on Wednesday that he would not allow an expedited funding bill that includes financial support for Ukraine to make it quickly through the Senate. 

“Today I’m putting congressional leadership & [Joe Biden] on notice that I will oppose any effort to hold the federal government hostage for Ukraine funding. I will not consent to expedited passage of any spending measure that provides any more US aid to Ukraine,” he said

In an op-ed published on Wednesday, Paul said he had concerns over what approving more aid would do to the national debt and voiced skepticism about U.S. strategy and interests in Ukraine. 

Posted on: Sep 22 09:49

In a fiery post shared Monday on X, formerly Twitter, Hollywood star John Cusack launched a scathing critique of Democrat Party elites.

The 57-year-old actor, best known for iconic roles in films such as “Say Anything” and “High Fidelity,” accused the party of abandoning the working class and “creating the precise conditions for fascism to flourish.”

“They have played a major part in creating the precise conditions for fascism to flourish – Obama corporatist democrats – are to the right of Richard Nixon on domestic policy – Don’t believe me – look it up – and Dems have sold out the working class for decades,” Cusack remarked.

Posted on: Sep 22 09:48

The Pentagon will exempt its Ukraine operations from a potential shutdown if lawmakers can’t agree on a deal to fund the government by the end of the month, allowing key training and other activities in support of Kyiv’s forces to move ahead uninterrupted, according to a Defense Department spokesperson.

Washington is more resigned to the looming government shutdown every day. As the Sept. 30 deadline approaches, congressional leaders showed little progress this week in moving a stopgap funding bill to avert that scenario. The House was in chaos on Thursday as a group of GOP hardliners tanked a vote that could have offered a path to fund the government.

But if lawmakers fail to reach an agreement and government appropriations lapse, DOD has decided to continue activities supporting Ukraine, DOD spokesperson Chris Sherwood told POLITICO Thursday — just hours after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley and other senior leaders at the Pentagon.

Posted on: Sep 22 09:47

Attorney Edward Berkovich submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stating, “I request emails sent by and received by Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, Sherri A. Berger, and Kevin Griffis (all of whom are CDC personnel) on dates beginning February 1, 2021 through May 31, 2021, containing the word myocarditis.DailyClout reported on the initial 472-page production from that FOIA on August 29, 2023.

Mr. Berkovich recently received 46 additional pages, over 80% of which were fully redacted, involving other government entities such as the White House and Executive Office of the President, as part of this production. Of the 46 pages, only two pages were released without any redactions. Seven pages were partially redacted pages, and 37 pages were fully redacted. The redactions were “pursuant to 5 U.S.C. §552 Exemptions 5 and 6.” According to the CDC cover letter accompanying this production:

  • Exemption 5 protects inter-agency or intra-agency memorandums or letters which would not be available by law to a party other than an agency in litigation with the agency. Exemption 5 therefore incorporates the privileges that protect materials from discovery in litigation, including the deliberative process, attorney work-product, and attorney-client privileges. Information withheld under this exemption was protected under the deliberative process and presidential communications privileges.

    The deliberative process privilege protects the decision-making process of government agencies. The deliberative process privilege protects materials that are both predecisional and deliberative. The information that have been withheld under the deliberative process privilege of Exemption 5 are both predecisional and deliberative, and do not represent formal or informal agency policies or decisions. Examples of information withheld include recommendations, comments, opinions. The presidential communications privilege protects documents solicited and received by the President or his immediate White House advisers who have broad and significant responsibility for investigating and formulating the advice to be given to the President.

  • Exemption 6 protects information in personnel and medical files and similar files when disclosure would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. The information that has been withheld under Exemption 6 consists of personal information, such as a telephone number. We have determined that the individual(s) to whom this information pertains has a substantial privacy interest in withholding it.”

Posted on: Sep 22 09:46

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has issued a second subpoena to FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan, after a scheduled Sept. 15 interview 'fell through,' (the FBI sent him somewhere) according to the Daily Caller, which obtained a letter from Jordan.

Chan, the primary conduit between the FBI's Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF) and social mediua platforms leading up to the 2020 US election (aka the Hunter Biden damage control operation), appears to have lied under oath about his meetings with tech companies regarding the laptop story.

Posted on: Sep 22 09:40
Posted on: Sep 22 09:39

Newly released images from a government investigation have revealed the squalid conditions of the country's military barracks. 

Images of overflowing sewage flowing through bathrooms, moldy ceilings and pest infected bedrooms show the poor quality housing for the serving military despite an annual Pentagon budget of $831 billion. 

The shocking report, titled 'Poor Living Conditions Undermine Quality of Life and Readiness' was released after an investigation conducted by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office. 

The investigation, conducted over 10 military bases in California, Colorado, Texas, and D.C, also revealed broken windows, busted A.C. units, black mold. 

Investigators concluded that the Pentagon simply does not know where its money is being spent. 

Posted on: Sep 22 09:37

Apple has released emergency security patches for its core products just days after rolling out brand new versions of their operating systems.

On Thursday, the company updated iOS 17/iPadOS 17 and WatchOS 10 with fixes aimed at squashing several zero-day vulnerabilities that could leave a device open to malicious attacks. On its support pages for the iOS/iPadOS updates and the WatchOS update, Apple revealed that the vulnerabilities may have been actively exploited on versions prior to iOS 16.7.

iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch owners are urged to update their devices with this latest round of security fixes. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, select General, tap Software Updates, and then tap the Update Now button. For an Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your phone. At the My Watch tab, head to General, select Software Update, and install the latest update.

Posted on: Sep 22 09:34

The United States will provide an additional $116 million in humanitarian aid for Myanmar, Bangladesh and the surrounding region to support Rohingya refugees who fled Myanmar, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement on Thursday.

With this new funding, the United States' total assistance for those affected by the crisis in Myanmar, Bangladesh, and the region totals more than $2.2 billion since August 2017, when over 740,000 Rohingya fled genocide, Blinken said.

Webmaster addition:When did the American taxpayer become the piggy bank for the rest of the world?

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South Korea’s opposition-controlled parliament has passed a motion urging President Yoon Suk-yeol to sack his prime minister over alleged incompetence and policy failures.

Lawmakers on Thursday voted 175-116 in favour of pushing for Han Duck-soo’s dismissal.

Posted on: Sep 22 09:05

Bulgarian police on Thursday scuffled with supporters of the ultra-nationalist Vazrazhdane (Revival) party protesting against the policies of the pro-Western government, calling for the government to resign and for the closure of NATO military bases.

Hundreds of protesters opposing the EU member's support for Ukraine in its war with Russia gathered in front of the parliament building, waving Bulgarian and Russian national flags, blowing whistles and demanding an early election in the country which has gone through five polls in the past two years.

Many shouted "Resignation", while fully equipped riot police protected the government buildings, including the defence ministry at which some protesters threw eggs.

Bulgaria, which has sent arms to Ukraine, lifted its ban on Ukrainian grains last week.

Posted on: Sep 22 09:04

The long-awaited meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took place on Wednesday. It hardly looked like what one might have expected years ago, but the tone and tenor should be cause for concern for many reasons.

Meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session, both leaders were trying to balance the reality of significant differences over policy and their desire to maintain a strong U.S.-Israel relationship despite the fact that many of their constituents have lost faith in that relationship. Netanyahu leads a far-right Israeli coalition that wants to continue receiving the lavish gifts of military aid and other means of financial support, as well as defense cooperation and strategic alignment with the world’s sole military superpower. But that sector of the Israeli right only wants the gifts if they are completely free, and chafes at paying even the nominal price — often merely rhetorical, symbolic, or, at best, window-dressing “concessions” — Biden and his Democratic party demand. 

Posted on: Sep 22 09:04

A suspect believed to be one of the masterminds behind the 9/11 attacks has been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial by a military judge following on from a medical panel recommendation.

The panel announced earlier this week that Ramzi bin al-Shibh, 51, had become psychotic and diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after being 'tortured' by the CIA in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

His pre-trial hearing was set to begin on Friday, he was facing trial alongside four others. Colonel Matthew McCall agreed with the panel's findings that al-Shibh's mental state meant that he would not be able to participate fully in his own defense or even to enter a plea. 

A medical board said that the suspect had been rendered 'delusional and psychotic,' reports The New York Times.  

Defense lawyers argue that the best hope of al-Shibh, a Yemeni accused of organizing one cell of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers, regaining competency to stand trial is a step that some Americans are likely to find distasteful: for him to be provided with post-torture trauma care and no longer subject to solitary confinement. 

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A group of Venezuelan migrants were repelled from reaching a small Texan border town after border agents re-installed razor wire as the local mayor blamed President Joe Biden for the crisis that has seen thousands of migrants make it through. 

Border agents have been left scrambling after 9,000 migrants and counting crossed the Rio Grande river from Mexico to reach the town of Eagle Pass on Friday. 

Rolando Salinas, the mayor, blasted Biden for the influx of migrants on Thursday that has seen 'robberies and violence' skyrocket in the usually quiet town after 11,500 migrants flocked to his town in the last 10 days.

But for one group of Venezuelan migrants, their attempt to reach the town, home to 29,000 permanent residents, was blocked by re-installed razor wire. Video shows the group of men stranded on US side of the Rio Grande river after they were unable to cut through the wire.

However, they told another group of migrants attempting to cross to go back and cross in another area they thought would have weaker reinforcements. 

The unfolding response in Eagle Pass, where Salinas declared a state of emergency, illustrates how Border Patrol agents have become overwhelmed in recent days by asylum-seekers on parts of the U.S. border with Mexico. 

Posted on: Sep 22 09:00

President Joe Biden mistakenly praised the 'Congressional Black Caucus' during a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. 

The 80-year-old made the blunder during a speech in Washington on Thursday at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 46th Annual Gala. 

He had celebrated Sister Norma Pimental, executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, for her gala award win moments before the mistake. 

Biden praised her for living the lessons based on the Gospel of Matthew before adding: 'The Congressional Black Caucus embodies all those values.'

The incident sparks further concern about his age and health after he seemingly wandered off a stage failing to shake hands with Brazil's president and repeated the same story within minutes at a private fundraising event on Wednesday. 

Posted on: Sep 22 08:57

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is meeting Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa today as he scrambles to rally more international support for his troops fighting Russia. 

Mr Zelensky landed in the capital late on Thursday, and will today have talks with Mr Trudeau before addressing the Canadian parliament.   

The Ukrainian leader will hope for a positive outcome after a difficult visit to Washington, where US president Joe Biden offered warm words of support and weapons - but rejected a request for longer range ATACMS missiles.

Mr Zelensky also faced skeptical Republicans who want to cut off aid to his country amid concerns over the slow progress of Ukraine's counteroffensive.

Some Republicans are threatening to block Mr Biden's funding requests, with one senator openly declaring that Congress 'should not be sending another blank check to Zelensky'.

It came just one day after Poland's prime minister announced he would no longer arm Ukraine amid a row over grain exports - in a move sure to delight Russian president Vladimir Putin

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Most Americans have absolutely no idea how close we are to the unthinkable. Even though leaders all over the globe have developed a really bad case of war fever, the vast majority of us here in the United States are entirely convinced that everything will be okay somehow. Most of us believe the talking heads on television when they assure us that our politicians have everything under control and that it is extremely unlikely that a nuclear conflict will happen. But on the other side of the globe they see things very differently. On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the United Nations that the world is being pushed to the brink of the “final war“…

The chilling remarks by the Ukrainian president were aimed at countries that have been ambivalent about who’s side they’re on since the conflict began in February 2022 and nations that were with him in the beginning but have pulled back on their support.

Russia’s invasion of his country is pushing the world to the “final war,” the Ukrainian president told world leaders attending the annual gathering in New York.

For once, I actually agree with Zelenskyy.

We are literally on the verge of an apocalyptic global conflict in which billions of people could die, and so we need to find a way out while we still can.

But during his speech, Zelenskyy made it abundantly clear that he has absolutely no intention of ever negotiating with Vladimir Putin

Posted on: Sep 22 08:52

Just 55% of the Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter fleet was mission capable as of March 2023, a disappointing statistic driven by factors like a lack of depot capacity, insufficient supply of spare parts and overreliance on contractors, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office. 

The watchdog’s assessment — published days after a Marine Corps F-35B went missing for over 24 hours in South Carolina — highlights a complaint frequently aired by government officials: prime contractor Lockheed Martin, along with its countless subcontractors, were given too much control over sustaining the stealth fighter, a situation officials told GAO is untenable for the program’s future.

“According to DOD officials, over the last several years program officials realized that contractor-led sustainment for the F-35 program was unsustainable due to high costs. Several DOD officials we spoke to during the course of our review expressed significant concern over the costs of contractor labor in the F-35 program,” GAO wrote in its expansive 96-page report [PDF] on sustaining the Joint Strike Fighter. 

The fleet’s average mission capable (MC) rate of 55%, defined as when the aircraft can perform one of its tasks, is well below targets of 90% for the F-35A and 85% for the fighter’s B and C variants. Newer aircraft tend to have much better MC rates, but even they are well below the Pentagon’s targets and average closer to 60% for the fleet, according to figures compiled by GAO. 

Webmaster addition: The Littoral ships, the Zumwalt, the F-22, the F-35; all this money spent on junk!

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Millions of federal employees and active military service members will stop receiving paychecks — but many will be forced to report to work anyway.

Some national parks may close, museums could shutter and airports nationwide might see new disruptions and delays.

And the most pivotal federal aid programs — including those assisting the victims of the deadly wildfires in Maui — could struggle to provide urgently needed support.

In only eight days, the U.S. government is set to shut down, unleashing real and wide-ranging financial hardship on American families, workers and businesses. The lapse in funding would mark a fundamental breakdown in an ever-divided, intransigent Washington, where lawmakers this year have struggled — time and again — to fulfill their most basic fiscal responsibilities.

At the heart of the stalemate are renewed Republican demands for deep federal spending cuts, more than three months after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) finalized a deal with President Biden that was supposed to prevent this very brinkmanship. Far-right lawmakers have blocked the House this week from adopting a short-term measure that would sustain federal spending at its existing levels and buy more time for the two parties to work out a longer-term arrangement.

Posted on: Sep 22 08:49

Russia, the United States and China have all built new facilities and dug new tunnels at their nuclear test sites in recent years, satellite images obtained exclusively by CNN show, at a time when tensions between the three major nuclear powers have risen to their highest in decades.

While there is no evidence to suggest that Russia, the US or China is preparing for an imminent nuclear test, the images, obtained and provided by a prominent analyst in military nonproliferation studies, illustrate recent expansions at three nuclear test sites compared with just a few years ago.

One is operated by China in the far western region of Xinjiang, one by Russia in an Arctic Ocean archipelago, and another in the US in the Nevada desert.

The satellite images from the past three to five years show new tunnels under mountains, new roads and storage facilities, as well as increased vehicle traffic coming in and out of the sites, said Jeffrey Lewis, an adjunct professor at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

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