"Globalism is the curse of the modern era, a means of taking the same Federal Reserve scam that ruined the United States and shoving it down the throats of the rest of the world." -- Michael Rivero

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President Joe Biden went viral on Twitter after he made yet another call for Congress to enact an assault weapons ban across the United States. 

"It's time for Congress to ban assault weapons," Biden tweeted Tuesday. 

"It’s time for your nap," WalkUp Foundation founder Ryan Petty wrote back. Petty lost his daughter, Alaina Petty, in the Parkland, Florida, shooting and has previously told Fox News Digital that more gun control would not make students safer in a February interview.

"Criminals don’t obey gun laws," Petty said. 

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Left-wing activists masquerading as judicial reform advocates are trying to dilute the conservative majority of the U.S. Supreme Court by using the pretext of stricter “ethics codes” to force recusals.

The net result could be eroding the power of the current 6-3 Republican-appointed majority without expanding the court — a radical move many liberals have been pushing to make the court swing left.

The guidelines in the “Model Code of Conduct for U.S. Supreme Court Justices” could have forced Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from cases involving the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion because his wife, Ginni, had advocated for the 2020 election to not be certified because she believed the results were marred by fraud.

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“Lmfao this is so fake that it’s embarrassing Biden’s handlers even thought anyone would think it was real,” State Freedom Caucus Network Comms Director Greg Price tweeted.

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Rep. George Santos (R-NY) filed paperwork for a re-election bid on Tuesday, signaling the controversial Republican will fight for another term in office as he faces an ethics investigation and calls to resign from within his own party.
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President Joe Biden issued an executive order Tuesday aimed at keeping firearms out of “dangerous hands” by expanding background checks on gun sales and increasing the use of so-called red flag laws.
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Students at a woman-only private liberal arts college in Massachusetts supported a non-binding referendum on Tuesday that would allow women who identify as men and “non-binary” individuals to apply to the institution.
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Michael Irvin and his attorney held a press conference on Tuesday where they released security camera footage from inside a Marriott hotel in Arizona where a female employee claimed that Irvin acted inappropriately toward her by making crude remarks and touching her in an unwanted manner.
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Actor Alec Baldwin has dodged a bullet in his legal efforts to avoid prison time for the accidental shooting death of a movie set staffer.

Special prosecutor Andrea Reeb from the Santa Fe District Attorney’s office has voluntarily stepped down from the case to hold Baldwin accountable for the death of Halyna Hutchins after Baldwin pointed and allegedly fired a loaded gun at the cinematographer after being told the gun did not hold live rounds.

Baldwin’s attorney in February filed a motion to dismiss Reeb relating her position in the New Mexico state legislature, arguing that it would be unconstitutional for a lawmaker to serve in another branch of state government.

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A top House Republican called for the federal government to temporarily insure all bank deposits at all banks around the country.
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A prominent Boston Black Lives Matter organizer has been slapped with additional fraud charges, this time in relation to alleged schemes to defraud the city out of Covid relief and rental assistance funds, federal officials said.

As WCVB  reported, Monica Cannon-Grant, 42, and her husband Clark Grant, 39, were charged on Thursday with three counts of wire fraud conspiracy, 17 counts of wire fraud, one count of conspiracy and one count of making false statements to a mortgage lending business by a federal grand jury. Additionally, Cannon-Grant was individually hit with charges of mail fraud, filing false tax returns, and failing to file tax returns. 

The married couple are the founding executives of Violence in Boston, a purported "nonprofit" that aimed to create "social, political and economic change to communities across the world" until it permanently shut down in July 2022 after five years. 

In June of 2020, Violence in Boston partnered with the local Black Lives Matter chapter to organize a George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmad Arbery that drew out "thousands" of participants, the outlet reported.

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Maricopa County attorneys have responded to Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s election lawsuit, which she brought to the state Supreme Court, arguing that her legal team has not presented any new arguments after the state Court of Appeals rejected her case a few weeks ago, The Epoch Times reports.

“Lake’s Petition utterly fails at fulfilling its limited task,” the county lawyers stated. “It does not present any argument illustrating a need for this Court to review the court of appeals’ opinion. It does not identify a single novel legal issue that this Court needs to clarify. And it does not identify any legal precedent that should be overturned or abrogated.

“Instead, the Petition is almost entirely a regurgitation of petitioner Kari Lake’s failed arguments before the trial court and the court of appeals,” they wrote.

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U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz has testified that his agency does not have “operational control” over the nation’s borders after months of a record surge in migration.

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The sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank was supposed to have been fixed by Sunday afternoon when federal regulators said they would make depositors whole starting Monday.

But early this week, some companies were still left hurrying to make sure they could make this week’s payroll. In biotech—a sector where many startups relied on SVB—some were still finalizing the opening of new checking accounts to pay their employees from; and many of those who tried to move their funds out of their SVB accounts were unable to do so because the bank’s website kept crashing.

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Two elderly Florida residents have been arrested by Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents on voter fraud charges.

The agents arrested Ocala resident Donna Prentes Brady on March 13th, and booked her in the Marion County Jail, based on evidence that she voted in both the 2020 New Jersey state primaries and general elections-n person in Marion County and by mail in Sussex County, New Jersey.

Both counts are third-degree felonies.

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The White House says Harris will meet with local leaders to discuss reproductive rights during her visit to Des Moines on Thursday — an extension of her nationwide tour following the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade last summer, leaving abortion restrictions to the states.
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Two Boston police officers are out of the job in an apparent crackdown on vocal opposition to COVID vaccine mandates and January 6 social media posts.
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Artificial intelligence software development firm OpenAI released GPT-4, its latest AI language model, with a massive array of new capabilities.
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The state of Ohio filed a lawsuit against rail company Norfolk Southern in federal court on Tuesday over the train derailment in East Palestine and subsequent chemical fallout.
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California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom cheered the federal government’s decision to protect Silicon Valley Bank’s depositors without mentioning that he is one of them.
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Over the weekend, the Trump Administration made a strong move to re-establish law and order in the face of violent, far leftist “protests.” The flash point is Portland, aka Antifa central.

Over the past 50 days, Antifa has established ground superiority over Portland. The Trump Administration, no longer willing to tolerate the constant violence and destruction, against the wishes of local authorities, sent the specially trained law enforcement BORTAC- Border Patrol Tactical Unit- to defend areas within Federal jurisdiction.

Not surprisingly, the Democratic Party chose the side of Antifa, claiming what was occurring in Portland were peaceful protests that were winding down, only now to be stoked back up by the President’s actions.

Though laughably brazen, the Democrats’ bizarre claims could not have come as a shock to Americans who had been following as events unfolded. With media allies, the Democrats were asking Americans to trust their voices and those of the media, and not believe their own “lying” eyes.

Did we really not see with our own eyes this hammer attack on a Federal officer?

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On Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson released his results from a lengthy questionnaire that he sent to each declared and potential Republican candidate both on his show and on his official Twitter account. The Twitter thread garnered millions of views by giving unprecedented insight into how the 2024 GOP field would handle the war in Ukraine and American support of it.

That thread, however, has seemingly disappeared as of Wednesday morning. The disparity was first noticed by Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern who wrote, “Hey, [Elon Musk]… Why is [Tucker Carlson]’s main account banned from the search results, and why are the answers to his questions about Ukraine being censored?”

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Over 9 million AT&T customers have been notified of a data breach exposing their data shared with the company. Those that use its services have likely received an alert detailing the attack. We recommend checking your inbox to see if you’ve gotten the message.

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve been affected.

Is your personal information in jeopardy?

According to AT&T’s data breach notification, the problem began when a third-party marketing vendor was attacked by hackers earlier this year. Fortunately, much of the data procured through the breach appears only to include customers’ business with AT&T. 

Data in the breach includes first names, wireless account numbers, phone numbers and email addresses.

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The collapses of Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank are like icebergs calving off from the Antarctic glacier. The financial analogy to the global warming causing this collapse is the rising temperature of interest rates, which spiked last Thursday and Friday to close at 4.60 percent for the U.S. Treasury’s two-year bonds. Bank depositors meanwhile were still being paid only 0.2 percent on their deposits. That has led to a steady withdrawal of funds from banks – and a corresponding decline in commercial bank balances with the Federal Reserve.

Most media reports reflect a prayer that the bank runs will be localized, as if there is no context or environmental cause. There is general embarrassment to explain how the breakup of banks that is now gaining momentum is the result of the way that the Obama Administration bailed out the banks in 2009. Fifteen years of Quantitative Easing has re-inflated prices for packaged bank mortgages – and with them, housing prices, stock and bond prices.

The Fed’s $9 trillion of QE (not counted as part of the budget deficit) fueled an asset-price inflation that made trillions of dollars for holders of financial assets, with a generous spillover effect for the remaining members of the top Ten Percent. The cost of home ownership soared by capitalizing mortgages at falling interest rates into more highly debt-leveraged property. The U.S. economy experienced the largest bond-market boom in history as interest rates fell below 1 percent. The economy polarized between the creditor positive-net-worth class and the rest of the economy – whose analogy to environmental pollution and global warming was debt pollution.

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“We’ve got strong financial institutions…Our markets are the envy of the world. They’re resilient, they’re…innovative, they’re flexible. I think we move very quickly to address situations in this country, and, as I said, our financial institutions are strong.” – Henry Paulson – 3/16/08

The next financial crisis: Why it looks like history may repeat itself Silicon Valley Bank is shut down by regulators in biggest bank failure since global financial crisis

“I have full confidence in banking regulators to take appropriate actions in response and noted that the banking system remains resilient and regulators have effective tools to address this type of event. Let me be clear that during the financial crisis, there were investors and owners of systemic large banks that were bailed out . . . and the reforms that have been put in place means we are not going to do that again.” – Janet Yellen – 3/12/23

With the recent implosion of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, the largest bank failures since 2008, I had an overwhelming feeling of deja vu. I wrote the article Is the U.S. Banking System Safe on August 3, 2008 for the Seeking Alpha website, one month before the collapse of the global financial system. It was this article, among others, that caught the attention of documentary filmmaker Steve Bannon and convinced him he needed my perspective on the financial crisis for his film Generation Zero. Of course he was pretty unknown in 2009 (not so much anymore) , and I continue to be unknown in 2023.


The quotes above by the lying deceitful Wall Street controlled Treasury Secretaries are exactly 15 years apart, but are exactly the same. Their sole job is to keep the confidence game going and to protect their real constituents – the Wall Street bankers. And just as they did fifteen years ago, the powers that be once again used taxpayer funds to bailout reckless bankers. Two hours before the only solution the Feds know – print money and shovel it to the bankers – Michael Burry explained exactly what was about to happen.

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Moody’s Investors Service, one of the three prime rating services, downgraded its rating of the entire banking system from stable to negative in response to the SVB banking crisis.
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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suggested that the Biden administration needed to start shooting down Russian military aircraft after a Russian-provoked incident on Tuesday led to the destruction of a U.S. military drone over international waters.
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TikTok could separate from ByteDance, the Chinese technology firm which controls the exceedingly popular social media platform, in an effort to ease American lawmakers’ concerns about national security risks and data privacy.
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