"You only have power over people so long as you don't take everything away from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything, he's no longer in your power - he's free again." -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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The Irish government is now at war with its own people as clashes grow between police and Irish citizens who are protesting against over thousands of unchecked/unvetted migrants literally being ‘forced’ into their small communities. Government statistics show that 87% of the migrants are intentionally destroying their passports upon entry to avail of ‘asylum seeker’ status, therefore nobody know who these people are and whether, or not, they have a criminal record. Furthermore, most of the migrants seeking ‘asylum status’ are from countries that have no war. The migrants are eligible for free accommodation, free social welfare, free medical care, food, clothes, and various other perks. Whilst at the same time that the Irish government is facilitating mass immigration there are 14,000 Irish homeless people on the streets, and the Irish face a very serious accommodation crisis as the cost of renting has sky-rocketed. Make no mistake about it this could turn very nasty.

The following shocking video of Irish villagers being attacked and pepper-sprayed by government police is an example of what is happening throughout Ireland (and the UK) as the Irish government, which for years has been little more than a puppet of the EU, turns, yet again, on the Irish people. Irish people, renowned for their friendly nature of ‘100,000 welcomes’ have in general been very welcoming to migrants. However, now after years of blatant ‘unvetted’ migration, increased crime, and a serious accommodation crisis for Irish people, it appears many Irish have simply had enough.



Literally hundreds of IPAS migrant centres are being ‘planted’ throughout Ireland and the UK. The influx has coincided with an acute housing crisis that has driven up rents and homelessness and fueled anti-immigrant sentiment. The ‘Irish is Full’ #tag has become popular, and over the past year there have been over 600 protests against mass immigration throughout Ireland.

The complex situation raises serious questions – where is the line drawn between:

  • compassion for genuine refugees of war on one hand,
  • and ‘violent police-enforced plantation of ‘unvetted unchecked migrants that are not fleeing war’ into small Irish towns and villages’ on the other?

It is clear opinions on this subject vary wildly depending on your ‘politics’.

Government statistics actually show that 87% of the applicants are destroying their passports upon entry therefore nobody know who these people are and whether, or not, they have a criminal record. In doing so, as part of the ‘process’ the applicants can then avail of government international protection status, i.e., this often means free benefits, free housing, free social welfare, free medical care, free food, etc. The vast majority of the migrants are not fleeing war as they are from countries where no war is taking place. Irish people are asserting that people arriving without a means of identification should never ever be allowed to be free amongst Irish citizens, and that it is a huge safety concern.

Newtown Mount Kennedy, a small village in Ireland has become a focal point of local resistance. Riot police have been deployed and there were people, men, women, and teenage boys have been physically beaten, and an independent media journalist was pepper sprayed just for reporting. A local woman at the protest describes (on radio) her horrific experience being attacked by police HERE.

In addition, my contacts assert that many of the Irish police in balaclavas that are enforcing these tactics against the Irish people are not Irish at all, but are more akin to non-Irish hired mercenaries, or more like an EU army. Two days ago, army water cannons were deployed to the small village of Newtown Mount Kennedy, where the sinister force of concerned Irish mammies and teenagers had joined the peaceful protest, but were nevertheless left with facial wounds and injuries due to police brutality.

More Irish towns and villages are standing against the EU / new world order plantation of Ireland. Whilst some people are genuine refugees, it is clear that most of these international protection applicants are unchecked/unvetted, and are not fleeing war. So, what is actually going on here?

Claire's Observations:  In an interview, the late Frank McCourt, the Pulitzer Prize winner for literature with the memoir, "Angela's Ashes", made the following observation (and I'm paraphrasing like crazy, but here goes):  "When the Irish came to America, their question was not  "Where can I work". but "Where can I vote?!?"  The issue of "one person/one vote" was almost a sacred value to them, after centuries of oppression by the UK.

Well, unfortunately, in the UK and Ireland, and in the US, voting doesn't mean "diddly squat" when it comes illegal immigration, foisted on all of us courtesy of the "New World Orderists/Soroists".  People, and particularly our brothers and sisters in inner cities in the UK and US, are seeing unprecedented  spikes in crime; rampant drug-distribution;  courtesy of embedded cartels; and the re-emergence of diseases both the US and UK thought they had overcome decades ago.

So, to pols in the US, UK and Ireland;  you had better "read the room", and right the hell now.  People born in these countries, and legal immigrants, are slow-boiling on this issue, and sometimes that slow boil, boils over into physical confrontations, as has happened in Ireland.    And there will be a point, where you  most likely won't have enough law enforcement to stop it, because the police may well join in these protests.  So what do you do then, bomb your constituents with your military??!?  And will your military follow such orders to bomb civilians?!?


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Rebecca Weiner is a Columbia U. professor who also serves as intelligence director of the NYPD. Mayor Eric Adams credits her with spying on anti-genocide student protesters and directing the militarized raid that dislodged them from campus.

The violent crackdown carried out on Columbia University students protesting Israel’s genocidal assault on the Gaza Strip was led by a member of the school’s own faculty, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has declared.

During a May 1 press conference, just hours after the New York Police Department arrested nearly 300 people on university grounds, Adams praised adjunct Columbia professor Rebecca Weiner, who moonlights as the head of the NYPD counter-terrorism bureau, for giving police the green light to clear out anti-genocide students by force.

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An Israeli private investigator wanted by the United States was arrested in London over allegations that he carried out a cyberespionage campaign on behalf of an unidentified American PR firm, a London court heard on Thursday.

But an initial attempt to extradite Amit Forlit to the United Sates was thrown out by a judge at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Thursday on a legal technicality.

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On Tuesday night local time, New York City Police officers wearing riot gear descended upon Columbia University to break up a student encampment set up in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Dozens of students were arrested, as police used an armoured vehicle to gain entry into one of the university buildings. Officers also used flash bangs to disperse the crowds.

While in many ways Columbia University has been the epicentre of these student demonstrations and the subsequent police crackdown, the scenes of police repression of American students demonstrating in support of Palestine have been mirrored all across the country over the past few weeks.

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At the entrance of the pro-Palestine encampment at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) on Wednesday, events proceed in an orderly and quiet fashion, save for the constant buzz of a police helicopter hovering overhead.

Those wishing to enter formed a queue, and organisers instructed them on the ground rules: Don’t engage with police or journalists. Ignore the counter-protesters. Don’t litter. No smoking or drinking.

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Borrowing a page from 1960s science fiction programming, officials at DARPA (the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) released the first pictures of Manta Ray, an in-development extended duration uncrewed undersea vehicle (UUV). They confirmed that contractor Northrop Grumman completed full-scale, in-water testing in February and March and that further testing is continuing on an energy harvesting system developed by PacMar Technologies.

The government confirmed the program had begun in 2020 and at the end of 2021 awarded Phase 2 contracts to perform subsystem testing followed by fabrication and in-water demonstrations of full-scale integrated vehicles.

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Footage obtained by Al Jazeera from a downed Israeli drone reportedly shows Israeli soldiers in Gaza using a Palestinian man as a human shield.

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In the April 18 I had mentioned a recent color revolution attempt in Georgia:

U.S./EU Lobby Against Georgian Law That Would Reveal Their Secret Influence

Those organization who currently receive money from the various U.S. or EU government or non-government organizations are of course not amused that they will have to reveal their association with such sources. They want to lobby for foreign positions without being identified as foreign influencers.

They have therefore launched protests against their country’s government and parliament which has passed the law in the first reading. Two further readings will be required to finalize the law.

The protesters against the law claim that it is a “Russian law” against “foreign agents”.


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Iraq’s Islamic Resistance has carried out a series of daring strikes against the Israeli regime in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, whom the regime has brought under a genocidal war.

The umbrella group of anti-terror fighters announced the strikes in separate statements on Friday.

The coalition said it had hit Mossad’s “Glilot” intelligence center in Tel Aviv with advanced al-Aqrab cruise missiles.

Using the same type of projectile, the group also targeted the “Abraham” intelligence headquarters in the city of Beersheba in the southern part of the occupied territories, it added.

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There truly seems to be an epidemic of sudden deaths in schools across USA and Canada recently. Here are the most recent tragic cases.

Jena, LA – 15 year old Jena High School student Kameron Shelton died in class at 11am on April 18, 2023 (click here)

Milwaukee, WI – 19 year old Marquette University Student Kamrin Ray was found dead in residence on April 17, 2023

A Marquette University student died at a residence hall Monday night. First responders found him unresponsive on the bed by his roommate and pronounced him deceased. (click here)

Charlotte, NC – 18 year old Myers Park High School Senior Barron Alexander Harris died early morning of April 16, 2023 (click here)

Barron Alexander Harris was known by friends for “his loyalty, engaging personality, and loving spirit.” It’s not known how Harris died.

Montague, PEI – 16 year old high school (Ecole Francois-Buote) student Samuel Russell Campbell, died suddenly in school on April 14, 2023. (click here)

The École François-Buote community continued to mourn Saturday after a student at the Charlottetown school suffered a “sudden and unexpected death” on Friday.

Tipp City, OH – 17 year old Tippecanoe High School student Carson Robbins died on April 14, 2023 after a “brief illness” (click here)

Ithaca, NY – 19 year old Cornell University Student Matthew Friedman was found unresponsive in residence and died on April 12, 2023 (click here)

Bethesda, MD – Unnamed student at Walter Johnson High School passed away “very suddenly and unexpectedly” on April 12, 2023 (click here)

Boise, ID – 17 year old Timberline High School tennis player Justin Smith collapsed unexpectedly during tennis practice on April 10, 2023 and died in ER at 6:20pm. (click here)

Dallas, TX – Episcopal School of Dallas Student died overnight on April 5, 2023 (click here)

Berkeley, CA – 16 year old Berkeley High School student Lillia Bartlow went home from school on March 24, 2023 after suffering a migraine and died unexpectedly at home

Mukilteo, WA – 18 year old high school student Chloe Nuttbrock died suddenly of aneurysm in early March 16, 2023 (click here)


Rice Lake, WI – 6 high school student deaths (posted on April 21, 2023)

My Take…

Found dead in dorm or residence. Cardiac arrest and died while at school.

Died after having migraine at school.

Died in early morning hours.

Died after “brief illness”.

Died during tennis practice at school.

None of this is normal. All these deaths must be investigated for the possibility of post COVID-19 mRNA vaccine sudden cardiac death or any role that the jabs may have played in these deaths

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By Jeremy Kuzmarov




Israel’s Claim To Be a Great Democracy is Undermined By Its Mistreatment Not Only of the Palestinians But Also of Jewish Writers and Intellectuals Who Exposed the Ugly Truth Behind Israeli Policies and Strove For Peaceful Cohabitation with the Palestinians

*On September 22, 1967, three months after Israel’s stunning victory over Egypt in the 6-Day War in which Israel acquired Gaza and the West Bank, members of Matzpen, an Israeli socialist organization supported by Arabs and Jews, placed an ad in the Ha’aretz daily newspaper explaining their opposition to the occupation. It read:

“Our right to defend ourselves against annihilation does not grant us the right to oppress others. Conquests brings in its wake foreign rule. Foreign rule brings in its wake resistance. Resistance brings in its wake oppression. Oppression brings in its wake terrorism and counter-terrorism. The victims of terrorism are usually innocent people. Holding onto the territories will turn us into a nation of murderers and murder victims. Let us leave the Occupied territories now.”[1]

These words appear especially prophetic in the wake of the Tribe of Nova massacre and Israel onslaught on Gaza, which have very clearly turned Israel into a nation of murder victims and murderers.

Matzpen activists unfortunately were attacked by state media within Israel at the time that the statement was issued and the organization was identified as a national security threat and disbanded by the 1980s.

0 R

Matzpen activists Moshé Machover, Akiva Orr and Dina Hecht, demonstrating in the 1960s. [Source: platypus1917.org]

Daphna Levit’s book, Wrestling With Zionism: Jewish Voices of Dissent (Northampton, MA: Olive Branch Press, 2020) contextualizes Matzpen as part of a tradition of Jewish dissent that was marginalized or suppressed within Israel and failed to change the self-destructive trajectory of Israeli policies.

The tradition harked back to the prophets of ancient Israel like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Malachi who criticized kings, the wealthy and corrupt courts for violating the Mosaic commandments to create a fair and equitable society.[2]

Levit shows that in the early 20th century such Zionist luminaries as Ahad Ha’am (Asher Ginsberg), Martin Buber and Albert Einstein supported Jewish settlement in Israel on the condition that the Jews would treat the Palestinians respectfully and live in harmony with them—ideally in a binational state.

The Zionist wing was divided between these liberals and the antecedents of members of the modern Likud Party, who saw the Palestinians as a barrier to Jewish settlement and regional dominance and supported the forced removal and brutalization of the Palestinian people as in the Nakba, or ethnic cleansing of Palestinians which was carried out when Israel was first established as a state in 1948.

A group of people walking on a road Description automatically generated

Palestinians displaced in 1948 Nakba, or ethnic cleansing operations that were ordered by Israeli leaders. [Source: arabcenterdc.org]

Sadly, the hard-liners won out and viewed the liberal/humanitarian Zionists as threats, treating them at times almost as poorly as they did the Palestinians, whose lives they had no regard for

Claire's Observations:  To my American brothers and sisters;  after the AAA act is signed into law, articles like this can no longer be posted, or commented upon, because it will be illegal to do so, under US law.

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Someone please ask fat retarded Republican Jew-lovers if they want millions more Arab immigrants.

Because that is what their lunatic support for the mass murder of children in Gaza is going to lead to.

How stupid? How fat?

What is the purpose of supporting Israel? Why would you support the sickening Jews of all people? If you were going to support anyone murdering children, why the Jews, who hate you, who think you’re an animal that was born only to serve them?

If it’s “Evangelical Christianity,” you can forget it, because I know for a fact no one believes that horseshit anymore, save maybe the fattest of the fatties. All of these Zionist mega-churches are either closed down or filled with Mexicans, and Mexicans don’t have opinions on anything.

From the beginning of this nightmare, it was obvious that the government was going to move towards massive immigration of the Palestinians. The Jews are telling you “these are human animals and they’re all terrorists” – then the Jews turn around and tell you they’re sending them over to move in next door to you.

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Republican US senators are no better friends of the US Constitution than the administrators at Columbia University, Netanyahu and the Israel Lobby, the NYPD, and the whore media. For example, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R, TN) labeled as “terrorists” students who protest against Israel’s destruction of Palestine. In order to protect Israel from students protesting genocide, Blackburn wants the students added to the terrorist watch list and prohibited from flying:

“Any student who has promoted terrorism or engaged in terrorists[sic] acts on behalf of Hamas should be immediately be [sic] added to the terrorist watch list and placed on the [Transportation Security Administration] No Fly List,” Blackburn wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday. https://sputnikglobe.com/20240502/us-senator-calls-for-palestinian-protesters-to-be-added-to-terrorist-no-fly-lists-1118220031.html The stupid US senator sees the students as acting “on behalf of Hamas” and not on the basis of their moral conscience.

Senator Rick Scott (R, FL) accuses protesting students of violating Israel’s right to commit genocide and wants the US Justice (sic) Department to investigate the students for “conspiring to violate the civil rights of a religious minority.” US senators are falling all over themselves pimping for Netanyahu’s final solution to the “Palestinian Problem.”

One can see American conservatives supporting these demands, not realizing that their own Constitutional rights are in the crosshairs.

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Russiagate, documentsgate, insurrectiongate, pornstargate and the phony civil and criminal trials being orchestrated against President Trump demonstrate that Democrat attorney generals, prosecutors, and judges have no integrity, no respect for law, and regard law as a weapon to be used against those who stand in the way of their agendas.

Consider, for example, the 34-count indictment brought by black Trump-hater New York city district attorney Alvin Bragg solely on the basis of Bragg’s assertion that Trump falsified business records by reporting extortion payments to an aging pornstar, who apparently threatened to make accusations to disrupt Trump’s presidential campaign unless Trump paid her off, as a legal expense instead of a campaign contribution to his campaign.

It is an absolute fact that business owners and business executives do not make decisions about how expenses are reported. Such decisions are the responsibility of accountants and attorneys. All Trump did was to sign papers prepared by accountants and attorneys, but of course Bragg, a quota-hire, is too stupid to understand how business functions.

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Police have moved in on the "Anti-Capitalist" Antifa demonstration in Montreal, where buildings were being vandalized.

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Military Industrial Complex



Killer AI is a patriotic duty? Silicon Valley comes to Washington

Connor Echols

It’s only been six years since thousands of Google employees forced their employer to pull out of an AI contract with the U.S. military. At the time, it seemed like a watershed moment: Despite long historical links to the Pentagon, Silicon Valley appeared poised to shake off its ties with the world’s most powerful military.

But a lot can change in half a decade, as Palantir CEO Alex Karp gleefully reminded his audience in the U.S. Capitol Wednesday. “I historically would have been one that would rage against Silicon Valley venture [capitalists],” Karp said, joking that he used to have “all sorts of fantasies of using drone-enabled technology to exact revenge.”

Now, patriotic investors and officials are “coming together around some obvious truths,” he argued. In Karp’s telling, these principles include a realization that Western values must be protected against burgeoning threats from America’s adversaries in China and Russia as well as the dangerous “pagan” forces behind pro-Palestinian protests.

Karp’s free-wheeling presentation was the most entertaining of Wednesday’s Hill and Valley Forum, a four-hour-long event featuring a who’s-who of the growing defense tech ecosystem. But, rhetorical flourishes aside, the series of talks gave a unique window into the increasingly porous border between Silicon Valley’s most hawkish entrepreneurs and their ideological allies in Washington.

Above all, the two groups came together around their shared hatred for the Chinese Communist Party and its various nefarious doings. Panelists called for everything from slashing regulation of the weapons industry to fielding fully autonomous weapons, lest our enemies get a chance to do it first.

“Technology is moving extremely quickly, and you have your adversaries that are moving super quickly as well,” remarked Alex Wang of Scale AI. “We’re in a moment where we have to act really quickly.”

Claire's Observations:  Sorry, folks, but we're in "Terminator Territory" here, and the rush to employ AI as a sexy  "kill factor" in future weapons, is going to have issues, the magnitude of which we cannot comprehend at the moment.

How is command and control going to be handled here?!!?  How do we insure innocent civilians aren't hit?!?  And very importantly, how do we insure that these weapons will not turn on their managers or users?!?  The speed with which science fiction is morphing into science fact is nothing short of amazing, but we have to insist that safety factors be as stringent as possible, and that these units are utterly incorruptible from malicious code interfering with them.

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President Joe Biden said Thursday that protests at college campuses across the country have not caused him to reconsider his policies in the Middle East.

After a press conference addressing the widespread anti-Israel protests at college campuses over Israel’s war with Hamas and its effect in Gaza, a reporter asked Biden if the “protests forced you to reconsider any of the policies with regard to the region.”

“No,” Biden responded before walking away from the podium.

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The Pentagon has spent more than $26million treating transgender troops since 2020, official records show.

The number of US army staff with gender dysphoria has doubled in that time — from around 1,800 to 3,700, according to DoD data seen by DailyMail.com.

In the past three years, $17.5m in taxpayer money was spent on psychotherapy for trans service people and $1.5m went towards hormone drugs.

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