I’ve written and spoken at length over the past several years about the dangers of vesting the power in the state, or in tech monopolies, to determine what is true and false, or what constitutes permissible opinion and what does not. I will not repeat those points here.

Instead, the key point raised by these last threats from House Democrats is an often-overlooked one: while the First Amendment does not apply to voluntary choices made by a private company about what speech to allow or prohibit, it does bar the U.S. Government from coercing or threatening such companies to censor. In other words, Congress violates the First Amendment when it attempts to require private companies to impose viewpoint-based speech restrictions which the government itself would be constitutionally barred from imposing.

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Generally speaking, The Federal Reserve cuts rates as a recession approaches. But not this time!
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Because he hates Americans, President Joe Biden is shipping much-needed American oil to foreign countries, including… China.

The whole idea of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), which is owned by the U.S. government, specifically the U.S. Department of Energy, is to hold on to about 700 million barrels of oil in the event of an emergency or disruption.

But now, because His Fraudulency Joe Biden has closed pipelines, killed oil and gas leases, refused to allow refining to expand, and has gone to war with affordable energy; the SPR is releasing about a million gallons a day into the U.S. economy.

Instead of doing something permanent and useful; instead of solving the crisis he created (that put a gallon of gas over five dollars), he’s looking to steady gas prices his collapsing poll numbers by squandering our reserves.

That’s bad enough, so bad the SPR is now at its lowest level since 1986.

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Every element of broad student-loan relief is fodder for debate, from how much to forgive to who should receive forgiveness. And right now, the impact debt cancellation could have on the economy is adding another layer to the mix.

On the campaign trail, President Joe Biden pledged to voters with federal student debt that they would see a $10,000 reduction of their balances — but it's been over two years, and millions of borrowers are still waiting for that relief. Most recent reports have suggested the president is considering $10,000 in forgiveness for borrowers making under $150,000 a year. Forgiving $10,000 per borrower would wipe out $321 billion in federal student loans, according to researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. 

But with the US facing 40-year-high inflation, that potential burst of new spending power from consumers who'd instantly see their net worth jump by thousands of dollars could send the cost of common goods and services even higher. Prices soared 8.6% in the year through May, powered by an abundance of consumer demand and woefully insufficient supply.

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President Joe Biden’s administration is still refusing to address what many Americans believe could have been a pivotal issue in the 2020 election had most of the media not ignored the story.

Despite the fact that new information about presidential son Hunter Biden’s laptop has been revealed in recent weeks, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly refused to address questions regarding those findings on Tuesday, according to reports.

Several media outlets have verified the contents of the first son’s laptop in the months after they were released just a few weeks ahead of the November 2020 election; the New York Post was the first outlet to report on the laptop’s contents.

Information from the laptop that has been revealed more recently includes a voicemail left by Joe Biden on his son’s phone in 2018 indicating that he did indeed have knowledge of his son’s business dealings, though the president has repeatedly claimed he did not.

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As we head into the hot summer… the situation could get much worse before it improves… or maybe it will never improve.  5 out of 17 generators operational seems like a critical situation.

Looks like they are allowing the public in, after this report:

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Supermarkets have been spotted adding security tags to basic food items like cheese, as the cost of living crisis sees pricing spiralling.

Britons took to social media to share pictures of tags more commonly used on bottles of alcohol attached to £3.99 blocks of Aldi cheddar.

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It was a remarkable show of unity in Likud’s top ranks.

On June 30, Likud MK Yuli Edelstein, the party’s no. 2, announced he was withdrawing his bid to challenge Benjamin Netanyahu in the coming party primary for the leadership.

“At this time, ahead of an election critical for this country, I can’t drag the Likud movement into a confrontation within its ranks, so I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for party leader in the coming election…. This is the time for unity,” Edelstein wrote.

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Progressives are badly split over how to deal with President Biden‘s constant rebuke of their agenda, with some demanding a hard-line approach and others skeptical of doing anything that will further harm his already poor standing with voters.

Following 18 months in office, far-left Democrats explain that Mr. Biden not just rebuffed calls to cancel student debt or back single-payer health care, yet he further is actively ignoring progressive solutions to the country's most pressing matters.

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The US carried out a strike in Syria's Idlib province on Monday on a senior leader of an Al Qaeda-aligned militant group, the American military said.

The strikes were aimed at Abu Hamzah Al Yemeni, a "senior leader" of Hurras Al Din, while he was travelling alone on a motorcycle, the military said.

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Well over 3 million people have been killed by COVID-19 around the world, including over half a million in this country. (One new study says the 3 million number is an underestimate, and that the real number is 7 million.) India is undergoing a horrific national nightmare, and Indian author and activist Arundhati Roy writes that it is “hard to convey the full depth and range of the trauma, the chaos and the indignity that people are being subjected to.” The deaths are only part of the true costs. There is also the economic cost, the joblessness, and the terror, as well as the trauma of watching relatives die excruciating deaths. 

Yet we still don’t know how it all started. Searches for the animal that transmitted COVID-19 to humans have turned up nothing. The theory that the virus originated in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market has been abandoned, but nobody knows exactly how it did start infecting humans. We know it first showed up in Wuhan, China and that it probably originated in a bat. There are those who believe that the virus escaped from a lab, and those who insist it passed directly from animals to humans. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) most recent report on COVID’s origins suggests it’s “very likely” the virus passed from bats to humans through another animal, but also “likely” that it might have directly spread from bats to humans. The WHO calls the theory that it leaked from a lab “extremely unlikely.” 

It’s easy to think that, given the reality we are stuck with, the question is mostly of interest to research scientists. Obviously, those who want to prevent another pandemic want to know exactly how this one started. But for the rest of us, why should we care very much? The virus is here, no fact about how it got here is going to change that. Many of the people pushing the theory that the virus came from a lab in Wuhan (e.g. Donald Trump) have been clearly ideologically opposed to China already. If it turned out the virus did come from a lab, there is a risk that the already Sinophobic political climate in the U.S. and elsewhere would get significantly worse. I have not been particularly interested in the origins of COVID-19 myself, even though I want researchers to find out the truth in order to improve future pandemic preparedness. 

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In response to the scrutiny her video garnered, Tiara Mack inquired whether media could cover her other accomplishments as well.

Tiara Mack, a 28-year-old Rhode Island state senator, attracted quite a bit of attention to herself online over a certain TikTok video she recently posted.

The video features Mack clad in a bikini and shaking her derriere while standing upside down on a beach, while facing away from the camera.

The video was posted on Mack’s campaign account, MailOnline notes, while the WQHT radio station suggests that the state senator was “promoting herself to get votes.”

Quite a few social media users, however, did not appear particularly impressed by the stunt.

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When Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador meets with United States President Joe Biden on July 12, he plans to once again urge the US government to drop the charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Obrador is one of the few presidents in the world, who has expressed genuine support for Assange and even offered to engage in talks about asylum in Mexico.

“If they take him to the United States and he is sentenced to the maximum penalty and to die in prison, we must start a campaign to tear down the Statue of Liberty,” Obrador said, as he referred to Assange during a press conference on July 4.

According to El País, Obrador insisted that the Statue of Liberty would “no longer be a symbol of freedom” if Assange was extradited. He maintained there could be “no silence” on the matter.

The UK government authorized Assange’s extradition on June 17. Assange’s legal team appealed the decision.

While it is a welcome development that an ally and neighboring country is challenging the US to uphold press freedom, the remarks from Obrador apparently came while deflecting criticism of Mexico from Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Mexico is one of the more dangerous countries in Latin America for journalists. RSF, which also supports Assange, condemned Mexico after “Yesenia Mollinedo, the founder and editor of the Facebook news outlet El Veraz, and Sheila Johana García, a video reporter for El Veraz,” were “gunned down in broad daylight in Cosoleacaque, in the eastern state of Veracruz.”

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Posted on: Jul 06 13:41

In the fall of 2019, Facebook announced that it would be writing selected media outlets some very big checks. The launch of Facebook News was billed as a way to give consumers more access to information, but it was actually an attempt at appeasing big media companies.


Facebook, with its older and more conservative user base, had become the epicenter of election conspiracies from the Clinton campaign and its media allies. While Hillary Clinton and her associates were eager to shift the blame for her defeat by relaunching their existing Russiagate smears with false claims that Russian Facebook ads had tilted the election to Donald Trump, the media's obsession with Facebook was even more corruptly self-interested.

About a third of Americans regularly get their news through Facebook. The tech giant's algorithms had the ability to make or break the news media, and would go on to break the digital media empires of the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and others in the lefty clickbait brigade.

While Hillary wanted someone to blame for her failures, the media wanted leverage over the company that controlled its fate. The invention of a "fake news" or "misinformation" crisis, the term that the media pivoted to once President Trump made "fake news" his own, was used to persuade Big Tech companies to censor conservatives and promote media content.

Facebook News was a walled garden that pushed the content of the major papers behind Russiagate conspiracies and misinformation alarmism while profiting massively from it. The Russiagate Facebook conspiracy theories provided the rationale for censoring conservatives and for rewarding the media outlets spreading them with special promotions and lots of money.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook paid over $20 million to the New York Times and $15 million to the Washington Post in annual feesEven more valuable than the big checks was Facebook's ability to push media content to its users. Last year, sources at several publishers were crediting Facebook News with massive traffic surges, but not everyone was equal.

"Many other U.S. news publishers are getting payments from Facebook to have their content featured in its news tab, but they only get a fraction of the sums paid to the Washington Post, the New York Times," the Wall Street Journal noted.

Facebook and the media had created a cartel in which media sites created paywalls to raise the value of their content and gain better deals with the social media monopoly. Zuckerberg's company offered its biggest media critics big checks in exchange for exclusive deals. Both sides claimed that they were "fighting misinformation" with what was really a shakedown and a cartel.

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Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is attempting to strike a more civil tone just days after cursing out Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 

Speaking at an event on Tuesday, Lightfoot decried attacks on police officers in her city, suggesting it's a sign of people "losing respect for the institutions of our democracy."

"That says to me that the people who are acting so brazenly have no not only no respect for themselves, but they don't have respect for the institution like the police department, who men and women every single day on every watch, are literally risking life and limb for our safety," Lightfoot said. 

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I’ve been called the most vile, hateful things, accused of inciting violence and spreading hate myself, all for sharing videos freely posted to TikTok by progressive leftists who are proud of their words and actions.

It’s a simple concept: Use their own words and actions to expose them. It works because this is the first time these people, who are living out their fantasies in their intolerant, liberal bubbles, have had to face reality. Under the account Libs of TikTok, I just repost what they’ve already posted themselves. It’s like holding up a mirror. And it infuriates them.

For this I’ve gotten death threats, hate messages, and most notably, doxxed by the Washington Post.

Whether they are groomer teachers, race-baiting grifters, or pronoun-projecting non-binary omni-sexual xe/xems, they don’t like to see their reflection in the mirror of reality. The videos shared on Libs of TikTok might have been the first time regular Americans had a chance to see on a recurring basis what these people believe, and what they’ve been up to.

I just repost public posts and share them with the normal people who work for a living, who don’t have time to imagine themselves as a rainbow gender unicorn puking up glitter sprinkles.

The TikTok posters state the way they want others to treat them yet are entirely unaware of how badly they treat people themselves. Many of the teachers featured are self-centered narcissists who get their validation for their sexuality from their 8-year-old students. Other TikTokers demand we adhere to their new set of pronouns, or else. We are constantly being told in a demeaning way, to change our language, feelings, and thoughts.

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The attorney general of Kansas is running to unseat Democrat Governor Laura Kelly who is increasingly unpopular with Sunflower State voters. Challenger Derek Schmidt is advancing his gubernatorial campaign amid favorable polling for the Republican candidate.

Schmidt’s message focuses on him being a Kansas native who aims “to bring common sense and conservative leadership to Kansas,” which resonates well with voters. The Republican attorney general said Kansas is where five generations of his family have learned the value of hard work as well as the importance of faith and family.

“I believe in a bright Kansas future with a climate of opportunity that grows our state, and encourages our children to stay in Kansas and pursue their dreams,” Schmidt. “Where we proudly stand up for Bedrock constitutional principles like free speech, religious freedom, the rule of law, life and our Second Amendment.”

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 The parents of Robert Crimo III, who has been charged with seven counts of murder in the Fourth of July parade shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, made their first public comment on Tuesday.

By: orraz
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Election analyst Nate Silver is accusing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of lying to Democrat donors about her party’s chances of winning the Senate in the 2022 midterms.

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Biden is considering removing President Trump’s tariffs on China.  President Trump knows they help America.  Biden doesn’t seem to care. 

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According to Operation Rescue’s first-hand investigation, over 49 abortion clinics have either halted abortions or have been forced to close their doors altogether since last Friday when the U.S. Supreme Court released its decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case.

The decision effectively overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and its companion case, Casey v. Planned Parenthood (1992), placing the issue of abortion in the hands of the states.

More abortion mills will close in the coming days and weeks as state laws go into effect. Although efforts are being made in some states to block pro-life laws, the U.S. Supreme Court has already begun to bring correction to the methods used for years by the abortion industry to nullify state laws that protect life in the womb.

On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court threw out three cases wherein lower courts had ruled to block enforcement of state pro-life laws passed in Arkansas, Arizona, and Indiana. The lower courts were instructed to reconsider those decisions in light of Roe’s overturn.

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Absent regulatory approval, the Biden administration struck a $3.2 billion deal last week with Pfizer and its partner BioNTech for 105 million doses of experimental genetic therapeutics for Covid (aka “vaccine”), which could be delivered as soon as later this summer and continue into the fourth quarter of the year.

According to the June 29 announcement on Pfizer’s website, the doses will come in 3, 10, and 30 milligrams, which suggests that they will cover all “eligible” demographics for the shot, including toddlers as young as six-month-old. The shipment will likely include the adult dose, which will be designed to tackle the Omicron strain of Covid.

Reportedly, the average price per dose in the new deal has increased from the $19.50 per dose the government paid in its initial contract with Pfizer, and reached more than $30.47 per dose.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer Albert Bourla said that the shots “may provide protection against current and future variants,” adding that “Vaccines have been and will remain critical to protecting people of all ages against COVID-19.”

That is certainly not the case. Since the very beginning of the pandemic, it has become clear that the virus poses a real threat to the very elderly and those with frail health. Even the advent of the new Covid strains that evolved to be more transmittable did not make the virus more deadly see here and here). Finally, the availability of truly safe and effective Covid early treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin reduces the risks of severe Covid outcomes to a minimum.

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The attack left 47 Afghan civilians dead, including women and children. Fourteen years on, relatives of the victims say they are still grieving their losses in what they call a horrific and unjustified attack.

Almost all of the people there, including the bride and her two sisters, were killed, and a few people who were critically injured survived. We were quite far from the hospital and some died on the way to health centers. The attack ruined the lives of dozens of innocent families. We can never forget that bloodshed as we are still bearing its effects.

The attack stoked anger among Afghans. At that time, the Afghan government tasked a group of lawmakers and experts with investigating the incident. A member of that group says that all of the victims were civilians. He says no US military personnel were punished for the killing.

After decades of war on Afghanistan, the US and allies hastily abandoned the country in August 2021. People in Afghanistan associate the US invasion of their country with destruction, night raids and mass killings.

The 20-year invasion of Afghanistan by the US has left Afghans with sad and heartbreaking memories. People here say they will neither forget nor forgive the US crimes and its rights violations in their country.

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