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"The problem we face today is that the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living." -- George Bernard Shaw (1856- 1950)

Following a hearing on Thursday, federal Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart will be unsealing several documents associated with the FBI raid at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence last week.

According to War Room reporter Jayne Zirkle, Reinhart will be unsealing the Department of Justice’s motion to seal the warrant documents, an order granting the sealing request, and a criminal cover sheet from the warrant application.

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Time Magazine reports there is an internal struggle among teachers and school systems across America—in an attempt to turn back the clock and teach the basics of reading to first and second grade students.

It seems that phonics was dropped by the side of the road years ago, because many teachers didn’t have the patience for it. They wouldn’t go through the laborious step by step process of imparting the basic sounds of letters and letter combinations to young minds.

And trying to read without learning those sounds is a complete failure for all but a relatively few students.

But now, phonics is on the way back in some school districts. I guess it’s too embarrassing to show parents reading-test scores that come in lower than sea-bottom.

I recall learning phonics day after day in the first and second grade, in 1943 and 1944.

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Meet Noella, the youngest transgender model to ever walk the runway in New York Fashion Week.

At just 10 years old, Noella has hit the catwalk for Mel Atkinson, the designer behind Trans Clothing Company.

‘It feels good that I’m already inspiring trans kids to be themselves,’ said the mini model.

Her parents Dee McMaher, 35, and Ray, 32, are incredibly proud of their daughter who began socially transitioning aged four.

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 A student at the University of Southern California reportedly earned $110 million on Tuesday by selling his shares in Bed Bath & Beyond at the height of a meme stock craze.

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 Bryan Watkins, a former contestant on the reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and current performer in Las Vegas, is defending himself over a viral video clip that allegedly shows him stealing money from a woman’s purse.

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 Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott expressed his anger when federal Border Patrol agents reportedly unlocked a gate that the Texas National Guard had closed to prevent immigrants from crossing the southern border and entering Texas.

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Teachers face a harsh lesson as inflation drives up the cost of everything from paper to pencils before the school year begins, leading some to cut back on supplies - or substitute with cheaper items.

"If you ask any teacher, Ticonderoga pencils are it," said Kristina Eisenhower, 35, an instructional facilitator. Yet a 12-pack of that popular brand costs $3.99, up nearly 25% from a year ago, on Inc.

In parts of Arkansas, where Eisenhower works, teachers' annual $500 stipend for classroom materials has not increased in 15 years. "They're buying cheaper pencils, cheaper supplies, which in reality are not going to last as long as the name-brand supplies they've bought in the past," she said.

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Apparently, European countries are understanding that the path to peace in Ukraine requires stopping military aid. Data show that in July the six major European powers abstained from making new military agreements with Kiev. It was the first month without European aid pledges to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian special military operation, in February. In fact, this indicates that Western support is on decline, leaving only Kiev to decide whether or not to continue with the conflict.

The news was announced by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy – more specifically through Ukraine Support Tracker, which operates within the Institute. According to the researchers, European authorities have become unable to keep up with the speed with which the US, UK and Poland send military aid. This situation has led to a slow decline in the supply of money, weapons and equipment, resulting in July’s absolute absence of support contracts. 

The decline has been occurring since April. Looking from a realistic point of view it is possible that the Russian advance may have discouraged European leaders from maintaining high spending on the conflict, considering it as simply “lost”. Also, the discouragement may have been intensified especially after the Russian victory at the battle of Azovstal in May, when Western analysts finally began to admit that Kiev is losing the conflict.

More than geopolitical realism, there is also the direct pragmatic factor: Europe cannot promise Kiev more than it currently promises simply because it cannot give Kiev more than it currently does. Americans, British and Poles are managing to fulfill their promises because they have taken the Ukrainian situation as a national emergency and are mobilizing their productive forces to meet this demand. However, the EU has many other priorities that make it impossible to give more help to Kiev. In other words: whatever is happening at the front, Europe is not promising Kiev any more aid simply because it can no longer help.

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At the beginning of this week the North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had exchanged letters with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The report stated both countries had agreed to “expand the(ir) comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations with common efforts”.

Matching the anniversary of Korean independence on August 15th, Putin’s outreach comes as Russia seeks new partners away from the West. It also follows reports that North Korean expatriate workers would be assisting in the reconstruction of liberated territories in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, to which it recently granted diplomatic recognition.

But it’s also an indication that the world has changed, significantly. Only a few years ago Russia, as well as China, were at least somewhat willing to cooperate with the United States in imposing sanctions on the DPRK in the bid to curb its nuclear and missile development.

That situation no longer exists. The outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, combined with America’s bid to try and contain the rise of China, now means we exist in a multipolar international environment where multiple great powers are competing for influence.

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The vast majority of Americans trust no one now, and largely for very good reason. Americans have been openly betrayed by politicians in all political parties, every news outlet, the social media CEOs, church leaders, “patriot” group leaders, Hollywood, and due to COVID, even their friends and family, all of it one great big “cancel culture” designed to divide and conquer the USA. If you don’t buy into their blatant lies, or participate in their mass divisions, you’re a conspiracy theorist or domestic terrorist, maybe both.

The USA is on the verge of collapse, not for one reason, but for two. Indeed, we are currently ruled by the most maniacal cadre of totally insane criminal politicians in history. They are a combination of tyrannical criminals and outright idiots, often those who are both, like Biden and Harris. But this problem could be solved, if not for a society full of equally insane people.

How many examples do I need to provide before the light bulb goes on for you? Frankly, the list of examples could be nearly endless today. But under current mental conditions in the country, allow me to keep this very simple.

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 The British Royal Air Force (RAF) has allegedly hit an “effective pause” on offering jobs to white male recruits to keep up with diversity quotas, according to a report from Sky News.

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Must Watch: Biden's COVID Czar Admits Draconian Liberal Policies Of Last Few Years Were Just WrongThroughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the guidance from health officials and specialists focused mainly on avoiding contact with different people. Calls of "six feet apart" and "stay safe, stay home" were constantly coming from those with authority.

On Tuesday, however, Biden's Covid czar Dr. Ashish Jha admitted that social distancing is "not the right way to think about" mitigating the spread of the virus, stating that different factors, like air quality, play a larger role than previously thought.

"There's a new way of thinking about who is gonna get infected," Jha began.

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 Federal law enforcement officials reportedly opened a gate on private property to allow illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. after Texas National Guard troops locked the gate to deny their entry into the country.

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Mask On - Mask Off: The Great Mask Debate Continues As The School Year Is Set To Begin

Students and staff in Philadelphia have to wear masks for the first ten days of the school year, while pre-kindergarten students have to mask up all year — even while kids are extremely doubtful to be affected by Covid.

Officials from the School District of Philadelphia announced in a letter to parents on Friday, Fox News reports.

Students and staff at the district's Pre-K Head Start program will be asked to wear a mask for the entire 2022-2023 school year, the letter said.

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We Know How Many On Terror Watchlist Were Caught At Border, But How Many Got Through Undetected?

The US Customs and Border Protection agency reported that Border Patrol agents apprehended ten people on a US terror watchlist in July.

The CBP enforcement statistics for the Fiscal Year 2022, which has seen over 1.8 million total Border Patrol encounters with border crossers, revealed that 66 people had been apprehended thus far that was on the Terrorist Screening Dataset used by the FBI, reports Fox News.

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No Choice: If A Soldier Wants To Travel, The Army Requires Them To Be Vaccinated

The U.S. Army restricted unvaccinated soldiers from engaging in any official travel without express permission from the upper echelons of the Army.

Fox News Digital exclusively obtained a pair of U.S. Army fragmentary orders (FRAGOs) from multiple sources detailing COVID-19 guidance issued on July 8 and 19, 2022.

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Politico published a piece early Thursday morning, admitting the fact that Democrats are potentially headed for a “November wipeout” come the midterm elections, and highlighted how much money liberals are willing to spend to mitigate the potential red wave on the horizon — which is seemingly headed straight for them.

The article referred to the s0-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” as “landmark legislation” which Democrats are now trying to jam down voters’ throats.

This, in a likely effort to offset any damage done by skyrocketing gas prices, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, a recession, higher taxes, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax police expansion, a radicalized Justice Department and Biden’s rapidly detartrating physical and mental condition.

“A trio of Democratic groups — Climate Power, the League of Conservation Voters and Future Forward USA Action, a nonprofit backed by several major Democratic donors — is dropping $10 million on a national TV ad campaign to define the legislation in the minds of voters,” the article read. “It’s the largest paid ad effort to bolster the legislation so far, as an array of Democratic groups and candidates kick off a 90-day sprint to promote the package and defy a brutal electoral environment for the party.”

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Popular MSNBC host Rachel Maddow recently returned from her nearly two-month hiatus to reveal that she’s going to be taking more time off and only be on air once a week.

Since then, Maddow has returned to the network on a new schedule. Instead of going on air every weeknight, she’s airing only one night per week to make time for other projects — and she just gave a big update on her new plans.

Specifically, Maddow is working on a narrative podcast about World War II, she said in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine shortly after announcing her hiatus.

The magazine reported:

Maddow talked about the project that had been consuming most of her bandwidth, a historical-narrative nonfiction podcast in the vein of Bag Man, except this time set in World War II–era America. She led me to a second-floor annex that doubles as [her partner] Mikula’s art studio and Maddow’s home office, with stacks of archival documents neatly arranged on the floor and a whiteboard scribbled with plot points.

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Rep. Liz Cheney appears to have latched on to the role of sore loser as she ripped into her own party following a massive GOP primary loss on Tuesday.

In an appearance Wednesday morning on NBC’s “Today” show, Cheney reflected on her loss to Wyoming attorney Harriet Hageman, who was backed early on by former President Donald Trump, while also ripping her party and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) for aligning with the former president publicly following the Jan. 6 riot after criticizing Trump in private.

“I think what we have seen, not just in Wyoming but across the country, is that Donald Trump has betrayed Republican voters. He’s lied to them. Those who support him have lied to them. And they’re using people’s patriotism against them. They’re preying on people’s patriotism,” she claimed, according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

“This is a great, a special, exceptional nation, and we need leaders who have reverence to our Constitution, are faithful to our Constitution, and will do what’s required to abide by our oath no matter whether it’s politically convenient. Kevin McCarthy does not fit that bill,” she added.

Webmaster addition" Leave the GOP, dummy!

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 In a defiant social media chortle, former President Donald Trump revealed Tuesday how one major FBI demand was foiled during the Mar-a-Lago raid.

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Yesterday, Fox News captured Border Patrol agents opening a gate that was locked by the Texas National Guard to stop illegal immigrants.

According to Fox News:

The illegal immigrants were then seen standing outside the gate waiting to be allowed in, with the Texas National Guard watching on. A short time later, Border Patrol agents appeared with a key and opened the door, allowing the migrants to get through and be processed into the U.S. immigration system.

The incident demonstrates the stark contrast in approach between Texas authorities and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). 

Under Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas has surged law enforcement to the border under Operation Lone Star. That included a focus on stopping migrants from entering the U.S. with Texas now returning recently-entered illegal immigrants to the border, and its own border wall construction under way.

Border Patrol agents, meanwhile, have been increasingly made to focus on processing migrants into the interior, with migrants frequently not seeking to escape Border Patrol -- instead seeking them out so they can be processed and quickly released into the U.S.

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While the FBI raid on the home of President Donald Trump has captured most of the news over the past week, there's another story that we have to take a look at here because it perfectly captures the insane 'essence' of liberal politics, particularly their endless calls for 'public safety' and the tyranny that has resulted. 

And even though that story happened in another country, a radical far-left country at that, the story of the brutal slaughter of 'Freya the Walrus' recently in Norway in the 'name of public safety' has united millions in outcry against animal control authorities there who claimed they 'humanely killed' the 1,300 lb sea creature seen in the photograph below because of what MIGHT HAPPEN to a human being if they got too close to the magnificent creature. 

A perfect illustration from the animal kingdom on the ludicrousness of 'precrime,' if you haven't yet heard this story we'll have to warn you here, it's heartbreaking and as the top-voted comment on the story pointed out, "What a sad ending for this intelligent creature. Killed by the authorities due to dumb humans continually getting too close."

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Republicans in Alaska passed rank choice voting in 2020. This confusing system is only being pushed by RINOS and radicals in conservative red states. It allows Democrats to even the playing field when they have no chance of winning.

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 Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey took measures to fill in gaps at the border near Yuma last week by stacking a line of shipping containers, but portions of these new barriers have already been knocked over.

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Fewer voters are identifying as liberal and more voters are identifying as moderate or uncertain, according to a new poll released Thursday.

Morning Consult poll found that the percentage of voters self-identifying their ideological affiliation as “somewhat liberal,” “liberal” or “very liberal” has dropped 7 points over the last five years the survey was conducted.

Liberals have made up a little over or a little under a third of U.S. voters over the last five years, while conservatives have maintained the majority at just under 40 percent.  

From 2017 to 2022, the share of voters identifying as liberal dipped from 34 percent to 27 percent, while those identifying as conservative rose from 38 percent to 39 percent. 

However, voters identifying as moderates or uncertain about their ideological affiliation have increased.

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