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"No one ever is selected by the puppet master to be the POTUS unless they agree to carry out an essential piece of the agenda.  Once they sign the contract to become President of the U.S. Corporation, they work for the Federal Reserve not the American People.  So, it's the foreign owners of the FED who always choose the POTUS.  However, that does not mean a POTUS, once installed in the Oval Office, cannot go rogue.  JFK did just that.  So did DJT." -- Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer

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Further Israeli raids on Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque under Israel's incoming far-right government could further undermine the Status Quo and explode into a regional conflict, the Palestinian Authority's Foreign Ministry warned on Sunday.

The Ramallah-based ministry said that the Status Quo on the holy sites is under particular threat given the agreements made between incoming prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and far-right lawmaker Itamar Ben-Gvir, who is set to become Israel's Police Minister.

“Making any changes to the status quo at al-Aqsa Mosque is a direct threat that will blow up the conflict across the entire region,” the ministry said in a statement reported by the Palestinian Authority's official Wafa news agency.

Posted on: Nov 28 07:28

Hundreds of attacks with thousands of settlers beating Palestinians and smashing their homes as soldiers stand by and Netanyahu puts extremist hate preacher in charge of occupied territories – to deafening silence from UK ‘msm’

Far-right Israeli settler groups have mounted mass attacks on Palestinian villages, beating Palestinians and smashing their homes in recent weeks, with the escalation of violence reaching such a level last weekend that it was described as a ‘pogrom’ by a Jewish critic.

The violence – which saw over a hundred attacks in just one ten-day period by large crowds protected by Israeli soldiers – has been reported in the Israeli press, but ignored in the UK media, with the BBC News site, for example, showing no recent results:

Posted on: Nov 28 07:27

 Egon von Greyerz, Managing Partner at Matterhorn Asset Management:  With US and Global debt exploding prior to both assets and debt imploding, let us look at the disastrous consequences for the world. 

Debt explosion leading to the currency becoming worthless has happened in history for as long as there has been some form of money whether we talk about 3rd century Rome, 18th century France or 20th century Weimar Republic and many many more. 

The current monetary era started with the foundation of the Fed in 1913 and the acceleration of debt and currency debasement since 1971 when Nixon closed the gold window. With just over 100 years into this era, it is now approaching the end, like they all do.

Global currencies are already down 97-99% since 1971 and we can now expect the final 1-3% decline for all money to become virtually worthless. This is of course nothing new in history since every single currency has always gone to ZERO. We must of course remember that the final 1-3% move means a 100% fall from today. The final collapse is always the quickest so it could easily happen in the next 2-5 years…

Posted on: Nov 28 07:27

Not surprisingly, Ukraine suffered far more damage to their utilities than the government and media let on.  Later estimates ranged from 60% to 80% of the nation's grid destroyed or unusable and the latest satellite photos of active lights at night support this.  Below, we can see lights across Ukraine on February 24th at the start of the war. 


Next, we have an image taken from November 24th.

More than half the nation is in total darkness and the comparison to neighboring countries is stark.  For the majority of the war Ukraine enjoyed near full use of their power grid, internet, water, gas, and other amenities, which is highly unusual during an invasion.  The reasons for Vladimir Putin seeking to avoid damage to infrastructure are unknown, but public optics are the most likely explanation.  With power resources nearly destroyed, the citizenry of Ukraine is facing a long cold winter with little to no relief in sight.

Posted on: Nov 28 07:26

Breaches of safety rules were documented in high-security laboratories at universities of Washington, Minnesota and Illinois, Chief of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov said on Saturday ahead of the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

"Research conducted in high-security laboratories (BSL-3 and BSL-4) at the universities of Washington, Minnesota, and Illinois resulted in internal laboratory infections and increased the risk of further spread of genetically modified viral fever pathogens, severe acute respiratory syndrome, highly pathogenic avian influenza, and other infections," Kirillov said.

Posted on: Nov 28 07:23

Most Israelis have embraced a multi-tiered state with Israeli Jews at the top of the hierarchy, prominent Israeli intellectual Yoval Noah Hariri said earlier this week.

In an interview with CNN aired on Wednesday, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem history professor said that this gradual acceptance of an unequal race-based system has come as Israelis abandon the two-state solution.

"A lot in the Israeli public has gradually switched from a belief in the TSS to an implicit belief in the '3 Classes Solution' that you have just one country between the Jordan and Med, with three classes of people," Hariri said.

This includes “Jews, who have all the rights; some Arabs, who have some rights; and other Arabs, who have very little or no rights,” he added.

Posted on: Nov 28 07:23

Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s. They continue to do so today.

None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true.

What follows is a collection of notably wild predictions from notable people in government and science.

More than merely spotlighting the failed predictions, this collection shows that the makers of failed apocalyptic predictions often are individuals holding respected positions in government and science.

While such predictions have been and continue to be enthusiastically reported by a media eager for sensational headlines, the failures are typically not revisited.


Posted on: Nov 28 07:20

The Earth’s climate has undergone some big changes, from global volcanism to planet-cooling ice ages and dramatic shifts in solar radiation. And yet life, for the last 3.7 billion years, has kept on beating.

Now, a study by MIT researchers in Science Advances confirms that the planet harbors a “stabilizing feedback” mechanism that acts over hundreds of thousands of years to pull the climate back from the brink, keeping global temperatures within a steady, habitable range.

Just how does it accomplish this? A likely mechanism is “silicate weathering” — a geological process by which the slow and steady weathering of silicate rocks involves chemical reactions that ultimately draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and into ocean sediments, trapping the gas in rocks.

Scientists have long suspected that silicate weathering plays a major role in regulating the Earth’s carbon cycle. The mechanism of silicate weathering could provide a geologically constant force in keeping carbon dioxide — and global temperatures — in check. But there’s never been direct evidence for the continual operation of such a feedback, until now.

Posted on: Nov 28 07:20

Leftists around the world are now in MELTDOWN over a tweet from the Russian Embassy in Canada.

Posted on: Nov 28 07:15

Shanghai authorities ramped up security in the city on Monday after hundreds of people protested against COVID-19 measures.

There was no sign of fresh protests on Monday in Shanghai as barriers were placed around the city center.

On Sunday, protesters chanted slogans against President Xi Jinping and the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Demonstrations spread to various cities outside of China on Monday, as people showed solidarity with the protesters. Small-scale vigils and protests, organized by Chinese expats and overseas students, were seen in cities including London, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney.

Posted on: Nov 28 07:13

Protests against stringent COVID restrictions have intensified across China - as a British journalist was beaten and kicked by police.

Demonstrators and police clashed in Shanghai on Sunday night, despite being forcibly removed by officers using pepper spray only a few hours earlier.

Sky's Helen-Ann Smith described the atmosphere in Shanghai this morning as "very, very tense", adding that it is not currently safe to film near the main site of the protests due to the police presence.

She said she witnessed a person being "dragged away" from the area and was unsure what he had done.

Posted on: Nov 28 07:13

On November 23, 2022, the very same day White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha stated unequivocally that “If folks get their updated vaccines and they get treated … we can prevent essentially every COVID death in America,” the Washington Post reported a CDC-financed study showing that by August 2022 more people were dying from COVID who had gotten the jab than those who had not.

For the first time, a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine.

Fifty-eight percent of coronavirus deaths in August were people who were vaccinated or boosted, according to an analysis conducted for The Health 202 by Cynthia Cox, vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

It’s a continuation of a troubling trend that has emerged over the past year. As vaccination rates have increased and new variants appeared, the share of deaths of people who were vaccinated has been steadily rising. In September 2021, vaccinated people made up just 23 percent of coronavirus fatalities. In January and February this year, it was up to 42 percent, per our colleagues Fenit Nirappil and Dan Keating.

“We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Cox told The Health 202.

In other words, Jha was lying, and he was doing so in plain defiance of the data that has been accumulating exponentially in the past year. The COVID shots do nothing to prevent you from getting COVID, and the data now shows that these shots also do nothing to prevent the virus from killing you. (This ineffectiveness is why the shots are not a vaccine, and why legitimate journalists, doctors, researchers, and politicians should stop calling them that. At best, the jab is the equivalent of a flu shot, which might help but often does little to prevent the flu.)

Posted on: Nov 28 07:12

In an interview with The Financial Times, Zelensky said that he could understand how puzzled everyone was about the situation around the peninsula.

"If someone offers us a way that will help return Crimea by non-military means, then I will only be up for it. If a possible solution does not provide for all the Russian military to leave the territory of Crimea, then there is no need to waste time on this," Zelensky said.

Zelensky also spoke about possible negotiations with Russia. In his opinion, Russia will freeze the conflict. "It is a matter of time when the hostilities resume,” he added.

See more at

Posted on: Nov 28 06:57

Far-right lawmaker Itamar Ben Gvir said Sunday that security forces’ open-fire regulations should be relaxed to permit them to shoot anyone holding stones or Molotov cocktails, representing a potential threat.

Current rules are more stringent, requiring the threat to be immediate and serious.

“Whoever holds a Molotov cocktail needs to be shot,” the Otzma Yehudit chief told Army Radio. “What does ‘hold’ mean? A stone is murderous. A Molotov cocktail is meant to murder.

Posted on: Nov 28 06:56

The commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) ground force, General Muhammad Pakpour, announced on 25 November that troops will be sent to the country’s Kurdish border regions in order to prevent “the infiltration of terrorists” from the Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR).

“Some armored units and special forces of the [IRGC] ground forces are currently heading to the border provinces in the west and northwest of the country,” Pakpour said.

“The measure taken by the ground force of the Revolutionary Guards is based on strengthening the units stationed on the borders and preventing the infiltration of terrorists affiliated with separatist groups stationed in the northern region of Iraq,” he added.

A few days earlier, the IRGC commander had warned residents living near the positions of the separatist militias “to evacuate them so that they would not be injured during the operations of the Revolutionary Guards.”

Posted on: Nov 28 06:56

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev has said his country does not want France to take part in its peace talks with Armenia, calling off a four-way meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and European Council head Charles Michel in Brussels on December 7.

Aliyev said on Friday that Macron had “attacked” and “insulted” Baku and should not act as a go-between.

Posted on: Nov 28 06:55

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan has called off the ‘long march’ to the capital Islamabad fearing chaos and announced his party would resign from state assemblies in a new bid to push for early elections.

“I have decided not to go to Islamabad because I know there will be havoc, and the loss will be to the country,” Khan said in his first public address in the garrison city of Rawalpindi, near the capital since an assassination attempt earlier this month.

Posted on: Nov 28 06:54

There’s a nonsensical statement appearing in The Washington Post (November 23, 2022)

“a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine.”

Dying from Coronavirus?

We should question the validity of this statement. Amply documented, the official data pertaining to alleged Covid-19 deaths are totally invalid.

The official covid mortality data are routinely used to obfuscate the REAL CAUSES of vaccine related deaths.

“The More Often Than Not” Diktat

While the CDC acknowledged the issue of comorbidities, it nonetheless enacted totally invalid instructions with regard to the death certificates.

Barely a week following the historic March 11, 2020 lockdown, specific guidelines were introduced by the CDC pertaining to death certificates (and their tabulation in the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS)).

According to the CDC

“The underlying cause depends upon what and where conditions are reported on the death certificate. However, the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID-19 being the underlying cause more often than not.”

The certifier cannot depart from the CDC criteria. COVID-19 is imposed as a “More Often Than Not” Cause. There are no loopholes. There is no Autopsy.

Two fundamental concepts prevail throughout:

1. The “underlying cause of death”
2. The “More Often than Not” clause which falsifies the cause of death

Posted on: Nov 28 06:54

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has defended his decision to invoke emergency powers to disperse anti-vaccine protesters who blocked Canadian border crossings with the United States and occupied the capital earlier this year.

Trudeau, testifying on Friday before an independent commission of inquiry in Ottawa, said it was up to him and his cabinet to determine whether the threshold had been met to declare a “public order emergency”, which is necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act.

Posted on: Nov 28 06:53

New data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” were launched, the birth rate Down Under has plunged by an astounding 63 percent.

From October to November in 2021, there was a 21 percent decrease in births compared to the average over a 10-year period. From November to December 2021, just one month later, there was a 63 percent decrease in births.

“December was about nine months after the roll-out of the COVID vaccines,” notes LifeSiteNews‘ David James about the rough time period from conception to birth. (Related: Taiwan saw a similar 23 percent plunge in births following the launch of Operation Warp Speed.)

“It is possible that some of these numbers will be revised, but should the trend continue Australia will finish up with empty maternity wards. Even the propagandists running government media departments, and the so-called journalists mimicking everything they say, will have trouble hiding that problem.”

Posted on: Nov 28 06:49

NATO allies the UK and Belgium are at loggerheads as Belgium's green party coalition is using Brexit rules to block the export of critical nuclear arms technology to the UK.

The technology at the centre of the row plays a vital role in the maintenance of the UK's nuclear deterrent, with Belgium insisting the UK needs an 'export licence' to obtain it post-Brexit.

However, though both nations are NATO allies, Belgium's deputy prime minister Georges Gilkinet, member of the green coalition-member Ecolo party has blocked the licence due to 'opposition to nuclear weapons and the arms industry,' the Times reported.

Posted on: Nov 28 06:48

There is a deepening division on the J6 Committee as staffers turn on Liz Cheney over the final report on the January 6th riot. Angry rhetoric is flying with staffers accusing the Committee of becoming a “Cheney 2024 campaign” while both the Cheney spokesperson and Committee spokesperson lashed out at the staff members as “disgruntled” and producing shoddy or biased work. The underlying issue, however, is important and revealing. The Committee’s color coated teams include a “Blue Team” on the failure to prepare adequately for the riot. That part of the investigation is reportedly being dumped or reduced.  Members of the “Green” and “Purple” teams are also reportedly irate.

Cheney was soundly defeated in her primary in Wyoming and will soon leave Congress. She is being pushed by some Democrats as a possible surprise candidate for House Speaker if they could get a few Republican votes. That seems highly unlikely. The Republicans are likely to end up with the identical margin held by the Democrats for the past two years. Alternatively, some Democrats want Cheney to run for president either to dog Donald Trump in the primary debates or to run as an independent to siphon off votes in the general election.

Posted on: Nov 28 06:47

Furious Texans have blasted city officials in Houston for issuing a boil water notice after power outages at a purification plant.

More than 2million residents were ordered to boil water before drinking it or washing in it after the failures at the East Water Purification Plant caused water pressure to drop.

Public schools will be closed in the state's largest city today after the announcement late Sunday, as angry homeowners slammed Texas as 'less than a third world country'.

Posted on: Nov 28 06:46
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Posted on: Nov 27 12:36
Nina Jankowicz, who was supposed to be the Biden administration’s “disinformation czar,” has officially registered as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).
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Posted on: Nov 27 12:36
The Kroger grocery store chain has been ordered to pay $180,000 to two of its former employees who were fired from their jobs for refusing to wear a company apron that contained an LGBTQ symbol.
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Posted on: Nov 27 12:36
A trans athlete, that couldn’t make it anywhere near the podium on the boy’s track team, not only broke a Seattle high school’s 5000-meter girls’ record, but ended up on the winner’s block in a recent competition.
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Posted on: Nov 27 12:34