"We are potentially the most dangerous agency in the country." -- FBI Director Louis Freeh, to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, 1997

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Democrats have aggressively targeted over 400 Republican lawyers and politicians with criminal charges, civil lawsuits, and disbarment proceedings ahead of the upcoming presidential election. They have successfully jailed Peter Navarro, with Steve Bannon expected to join him shortly. In multiple states, Democrats have pursued criminal charges against dozens of Republican lawyers and politicians, including:

  • Georgia: 19 Republicans arrested and charged
  • Arizona: 18 Republicans arrested and charged
  • Michigan: 16 Republicans arrested and charged
  • Nevada: 6 Republicans arrested and charged
  • Pennsylvania & Wisconsin: Are still conducting criminal investigations into as many as 30 Republicans who have yet to be charged

In addition to these criminal trials, Democrats are pursuing numerous efforts to have Republican lawyers disbarred. The Soros-backed 65 Project has filed disbarment proceedings against more than 100 Republican lawyers, which prevent many of these lawyers from working until the proceedings are concluded. In almost every case, the charges lack merit, but they have three primary impacts: a chilling effect that discourages other Republican lawyers and politicians from helping Trump, a financial drain on the resources of Republicans who might otherwise use their funds to help elect Trump, and a time drain that physically keeps them busy during the campaign.

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It has come to light that a series of experiments were conducted on the global population under the guise of "vaccination" to protect from COVID-19. A whistleblower from Pfizer leaked an internal company email dated January 8, 2021, explicitly stating that the COVID-19 vaccines provided to Pfizer employees were distinct from those offered to the general public. The email, addressed to Pfizer employees and contractors at the Pearl River research site in Rockland County, New York, announced the commencement of COVID-19 vaccinations for eligible on-site essential colleagues and contractors.

The email's assurance that the vaccine doses for the employee program were “separate and distinct” from those committed by Pfizer to governments worldwide, and would not impact the supply to national governments, raises serious concerns. It hints at a potential dehumanization of individuals by the federal government, facilitating multiple vaccine experiments that could have unforeseen and harmful effects.

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Comedian Bill Maher recently struck down those outraged on the left who have been critical of Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker. The comedian said he does not understand why there is such pushback.

Butker, who is Catholic, made a series of remarks during his commencement speech at the private Catholic school Benedictine College. As a result, many on the left have been outraged, claiming that Butker should lose his job as a professional football player for the remarks.

Webmaster addition: Democrats are opposed to free speech and religious freedom.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the prevalence of autism among U.S. children has risen significantly in recent years. While 6.7 in 1,000 children were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in 2000, that number had risen to 27.6 in 1,000 children by 2020. This means that currently 1 in 36 children in the U.S. get diagnosed with ASD, up from 1 in 150 children 20 years ago.

The reasons for this increase in prevalence are not fully understood and likely complex. Some possible factors that have been proposed include better awareness and screening for autism, changes in diagnostic criteria and environmental or genetic factors. Regardless of the reasons, this rise in the number of children with autism highlights the importance of early identification and intervention to help children with ASD reach their full potential.

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It’s not just Florida where this is happening. I encountered this before out of Ohio. In Ohio what they were doing was to register their vehicles in a company name. Now, the owner of the company (often in landscaping or drywall) would be an illegal alien and unable to get a driver’s license, but nothing said that he couldn’t register a vehicle despite not being in the country legally. Florida may have passed some tough measures against illegal aliens that does things like preventing them from getting driver’s licenses, but nothing says they cannot register their vehicles in their own names. So, they are doing that—with the help and encouragement of the Mexican Consulate.

I spent a lot of time running license plates when I was on the job, so, this is actually a useful tool in identifying illegal aliens.

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A former member of the Israeli spy agency has described as “futile” the regime’s ongoing war in the besieged Gaza Strip, stressing that Tel Aviv is on the losing end.

Ram Ben-Barak, a member of the Israeli parliament who served as deputy director of the Mossad, made the remarks in an interview with Israeli public radio on Saturday.

“This war lacks a clear objective, and it’s evident that we’re unequivocally losing it,” Ben-Barak said.

“We are forced to engage in fighting in the same areas and end up losing more soldiers. We’re also facing setbacks on the international stage, our relations with the US deteriorating significantly, and the Israeli economy in decline,” he said.

“Show me one thing we have succeeded in,” Ben-Barak added.

His remarks came after al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, said they have killed 15 Israeli soldiers east of the Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah earlier in the day.

According to Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Obeida, in the past 10 days, Palestinian fighters have targeted 100 Israeli military vehicles, including tanks, armored personnel carriers as well as bulldozers. They have inflicted heavy casualties on Israeli soldiers by blowing up tunnels, launching rockets and mortars, and through sniping and close-quarters combat.

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wrongthink —Beliefs or opinions that run contrary to the prevailing or mainstream orthodoxy. 

Synonyms: badthink, thought crime

Usage notes

With its Orwellian roots, use of the word implies that freedom of opinion is being suppressed.

NFL star Harrison Butker has come under withering criticism and calls for his expulsion from the NFL for espousing the virtues of marriage and family at a commencement address. Here is the text of his address.

We have entered Orwell’s 1984. This is a Satanic Jewish solipsism (Communism, wokeness) that is being imposed on Reality with the purpose of inverting good and evil, truth and lies, and enslaving the human race. People must adhere to this false narrative or face derision and joblessnes. 

Other examples of “wrongthink.” Europeans have the right to be a majority in their own countries. The Israeli genocide of Gaza is disproportionate and based on a false flag. “There are only two genders.” etc. (Boy suspended for wearing a shirt that said this.)

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A Congolese man who was previously held up as an example of successful migrant integration has been jailed for only nine years in Germany for raping his own mother and beating her almost to death.

The German outlet Nuis reports that 30-year-old Moise Lohombo was sentenced by the Wiesbaden District Court, with the judge barely being able to believe what he had read in the case file.

The report notes that Lohombo, just been released from prison for drug offences last August, returned to an apartment he shared with his mother, who is only 12 years older than him, and proceeded to threaten her at knifepoint to have sex with him.

In an act of desperation, the mother offered him money to spend on a prostitute, the report further notes.

Lohombo then proceeded to rape his own mother while punching her repeatedly in the face. He then called an ambulance and fled.

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It is extremely difficult to discern what might be the thinking behind the clueless President Joe Biden and his Blinken-Austin-Mayorkas foreign-policy-plus national security team. Or rather, the problem is that there does not appear to be any thinking about it at all if one measures it by what benefits it brings to the American people. It all actually seems to derive from a desire to construct a narrative that will win the presidential election coming up in November, which will fortunately be run against a deeply flawed GOP candidate named Donald J. Trump. But look at what is on the Biden record: the country’s southern border with Mexico is a porous as a Swiss cheese, allowing literally millions of illegal immigrants into the USA since Biden took office; Washington is both de facto and de jure simultaneously fighting and losing two unnecessary wars involving nuclear powers which has cost a nearly bankrupt Treasury well into the hundreds of billions of dollars; and the White House is needlessly sanctioning non-hostile competitors like China while also making illegal popular social media sites like TikTok which have committed the sin of reporting and disseminating accurate narratives about good old “best friend and closest ally” Israel. Predictably, neither of the assertions about the value of the Jewish state is true, nor is it a democracy, but who cares when you’re having fun shooting people and spending someone else’s money?

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A popular French radio station has claimed that Turkey is suspected of stirring unrest in the overseas French territory of New Caledonia, an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean near Australia.

"Both Azerbaijan and Turkey are suspected of exploiting the Caledonian separatists," Europe 1 reported on Wednesday. "It is no longer a secret for the DGSI [French intelligence], which sees the hand of Baku or Ankara behind the Caledonian separatists."

Unrest erupted on the islands on Monday after French lawmakers pushed forward plans to allow citizens who have lived in New Caledonia for at least 10 years to vote in the territory’s elections.

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Rescuers in Iran are trying to reach a helicopter involved in "an incident" while traveling with an entourage including President Ebrahim Raisi, state television reported Sunday.

Iranian state television says helicopter carrying President Ebrahim Raisi had a 'hard landing'. There was no immediate elaboration on what happened to the helicopter, nor who was on board. Semiofficial news agencies offered varying explanations for what was happening.

Raisi had been in Azerbaijan early Sunday to inaugurate a dam with Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev. The dam is the third one that the two nations built on the Aras River.

Iranian state media has reported the incident occurred near Jolfa, a border city around 375 miles north west of capital, Tehran.

Iran flies a variety of helicopters in the country, but international sanctions make it difficult to obtain parts for them. Its military air fleet also largely dates back to before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

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The billionaire owner of Total Wine left his House seat in Maryland’s 6th district to run for Senator. On Tuesday night, he lost the Democratic primary to George’s County executive Angela Alsobrooks by double digits.

Trone pumped more than $60 million into his campaign, spending almost ten times more than Alsobrooks.

In Congress, Trone was a staunch opponent of the BDS movement and even stopped donating to the ACLU over their defense of boycotts. He was an AIPAC donor, contributing at least $100,000 to the lobbying organization every year.

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ou’ve heard the latest about Ukraine, right? It turns out that a good chunk of the billions upon billions we’re funneling over to them are actually going into “get rich quick” scams. Who woulda thunk it, right? Well, Revolver sure did.


According to reports, officials in Kharkiv have been using our hard-earned US tax dollars in a get-rich-quick scheme with fictitious companies. But your government is keeping quiet about this. The Biden regime would rather have you believe that Ukraine still stands a chance to win this conflict.

Spoiler alert: They don’t.


Antony Blinken is desperately hoping you don’t find out where your money is actually going in Ukraine, which is probably why he looks like a deer caught in headlights.

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