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Earth could be hit by another powerful solar storm this week that is predicted to trigger radio blackouts and incredible northern light displays.

Earlier this month, the sun unleashed the most powerful streams of plasma, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs), in 20 years, causing communication disruptions worldwide.

The sunspot that caused the chaos has swung back around and released a powerful flare toward Earth's region on Monday.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) a 60 percent chance of radio blackouts on Tuesday and throughout the rest of the week.

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by Tyler Durden

More and more European officials and NATO countries are on board with allowing Ukraine to use Western-supplied weapons to strike deep inside Russian territory. Among the latest to speak openly about this are NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, and the government of Sweden, which is the NATO alliance's newest member state.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday issued one of his more dire warnings yet, putting Europe on notice by commenting on their possessing small land areas and dense populations. The veiled threat is very ominous especially in light of the fact that Russia just wrapped up tactical nuclear drills near Ukraine...

Putin told reporters gathered in Tashkent during an official visit to the central Asian country of Uzbekistan, which is a former Soviet Republic, "Constant escalation can lead to serious consequences."

He also hinted at the prospect of nuclear war in posing: "If these serious consequences occur in Europe, how will the United States behave, bearing in mind our parity in the field of strategic weapons?"

"It's hard to say - do they want a global conflict?" Putin questioned, warning that Ukraine hitting Russian territory with externally supplied long-range weapons would make the West directly involved in the conflict.

He also appeared to reference a new agreement between Kiev and Paris which will see French military trainers be deployed to Ukrainian soil. Putin remarked that this puts the situation a big step closer to major direct confrontation between Russia and France - and ultimately the NATO alliance. That's when he warned the following...

They... "should be aware of what they are playing with" as they had small land areas and dense populations

Claire's Observations:  There are two things you need to know about this guy.  First, he is a MASTER chess player, who looks at the |long road" consequences" of any military undertaking to which he commits, and secondly, he doesn't bluff. IF he is making statements like this, he will follow through.

So anyone foolish enough to say right now, "he's only bluffing" needs to look at his history, and the history of Russia and Ukraine;  if he tells that world that "something will be so", if certain red lines are crossed, the guy means it; and there will be no turning back, and there will be intense consequences.  

I am therefore asking the West and NATO not to push him past the point of no return; as they appear to be about ready to do.

Doesn't how completely expendable you have become to the Ruling Classes, astonish you right now?!?  After all, they have their bunkers; their champagne,  and their caviar; But whatever may happen to you, in a nuclear exchange, is utterly of no consequence to them.

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European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has backed Ukraine’s use of Western arms to strike targets in Russian, a day after a similar suggestion by the NATO secretary general.

“According with the law of war, it is perfectly possible and there is no contradiction,” Borrell said at the start of a meeting with European Union defense ministers on Tuesday.

“I could retaliate or I could fight against the one who fights against me from his territory,” he added.

He asked countries to “balance” the risk of escalation against what he called Ukraine’s need to defend itself.

This came a day after NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said “the time has come” for allies to consider lifting restrictions on Ukraine’s use of Western weapons in attacks on the Russian territory.

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According to a draft Russian defence ministry resolution published on Tuesday, Moscow plans to extend its territorial waters by changing its maritime borders with Finland and Lithuania in the Baltic Sea from January 2025. The redefined coordinates would see Moscow declaring Finnish and Lithuanian areas of the sea as Russian.

“This is an obvious escalation of tensions against NATO and the European Union that requires an appropriate firm response,” wrote Lithuania's foreign minister, Gabrielius Landsbergis, on X.

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Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) may be planning a coup to seize the Republican presidential nomination from Donald Trump at the party’s national convention in July.

Speculation about Haley’s intentions have been fueled by social media posts from her brother Mitti Randhawa who seemingly confirmed the existence of a “serious movement” to challenge Trump in Milwaukee.

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President Joe Biden, the guy everyone knows as “Scranton Joe,” is having a tough time winning over voters in Pennsylvania, a state that helped him clinch the White House back in 2020. Democrats are wondering what’s going on and why Biden’s support is slipping in a place he considers his second home.

A recent poll showed Biden’s support among young voters in Pennsylvania has tanked from 62% in 2020 to just 47% now. Even worse, his backing from Hispanic and Black voters has taken a nosedive from 71% to 57%. Yikes!

Former Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA) couldn’t believe it. “If there’s any place where he should be doing well or better than President Trump, it’s Pennsylvania,” he said. After all, Biden’s got a personal connection to the state and has been putting in the work there for decades.

Meanwhile, ad spending numbers show that Pennsylvania is the hottest battleground state right now. Nearly a third of all presidential ad dollars are being dumped into the Keystone State, which Trump narrowly won in 2016 before Biden snagged it back in 2020.

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The latest reboot from the "Mad Max" series was not enough to pull in moviegoers for Memorial Day weekend, marking another low point for the movie industry that saw the weakest numbers for Memorial Day in nearly 30 years.

"Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga" garnered fantastically little at the box office, especially for a special, four-day opening weekend. With just $26,300,000 in its first three days, the holiday opening added just a few million to its total, finishing the long weekend with only $32,000,000, according to Box Office Mojo.

This was barely enough to edge out "The Garfield Movie," with one stark difference. The reported budget for the lasagna-loving cat was around $60 million while "Furiosa" put up a tab of somewhere between $168-$233 million. As Screenrant reported, the movie would generally need to take in between $336-$466 million to be considered successful for studio Warner Bros., which may serve as a challenge.

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6 new COVID-19 Vaccine Turbo Cancer papers published in April 2024 - 26 total - the dam is breaking and it will take Pfizer & Moderna with it

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A floating pier assembled by the U.S. military meant to be bringing aid to desperate Palestinians in Gaza sustained damage in rough seas and will have to be towed away for repairs after a part broke off, the Biden administration said Tuesday.

Just two weeks after it opened, the pier's operations have been temporarily suspended and repairs could take more than a week. President Biden announced the project in March and White House touted it as a critical tool to get relief to the war-torn population. 

The Biden administration had announced the pier as at least a temporary solution to reports of mass suffering and starvation in Gaza. With an estimated $320 million price tag, it provides a way to bring in relief from Cyprus even as Israel resists U.S. pressure to open more land routes for delivery of supplies.

Now, it is set to be towed to the southern Israeli city of Ashdod for repairs which could take 'at least over a week,' Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told reporters Tuesday.

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Actor Dennis Quaid says he's voting for Donald Trump in November and blames Joe Biden's 'weaponization of the justice system' for swinging him to the right. 

Quaid, a two-time Golden Globe nominee, is currently promoting a biopic about Ronald Reagan set for release in late August.

While Quaid calls Reagan his 'favorite president,' he believes there's a lot to like about Trump as well.

'I think I'm gonna vote for him in the next election,' Quaid - who says he's voted for candidates in both parties - told Piers Morgan. 'It just makes sense.'

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Sharing some good news this Sunday! Arizona Republican Party passed the Ban the Jab Resolution declaring the COVID-19 injections biological weapons. A biological agent, toxin or device that does not prevent infection, does not protect against symptoms or disease, was not utilized under legal and safe human experimentation; is by 18 USC 175 definition a bioweapon. Pfizer and the FDA have admitted these statements are true in internal documents, government filings and court cases, and yet still are gaslighting global civilians claiming the mRNA shots are safe and effective. Maybe this story will inspire others to pass a resolution or ordinance, or submit a demand to ban the mRNA injections. God bless!

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Last week, several media reports suggested that Saudi Arabia was on the verge of a "mega deal" with the United States.

Bombastic phrases like a "mega deal" or a "grand bargain" are being used because the agreement would bring the US and the Saudis closer in significant ways, including in a mutual defense pact and through cooperation on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and a civilian nuclear program.

Such a deal was originally supposed to be closely tied to the normalization of Saudi Arabia's relations with Israel. However, with the Saudis insistent that any normalization include Israeli recognition of a path towards Palestinian statehood and the Israelis equally insistent that they don't want that, normalization has been put on hold.

Instead, according to various reports published by the likes of Reuters

The New York Times, the UK's Financial Times and The Guardian

since the start of May, the "mega deal" between Saudi Arabia and the US is likely still going ahead — just without Israel.

The exact details are not known, but any deal is likely to involve cooperation on Saudi Arabia's long-held ambitions for civilian nuclear energy, a way for the country to diversify away from oil. Many analysts say this is among the most likely-to-happen aspects of a "mega deal" — and also among the most controversial.

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Earlier this month, NYU Langone Health bestowed an award on a labor and delivery nurse for providing compassionate care to mothers who had lost babies. But shortly after, the nurse said, the hospital fired her over the speech she gave when she accepted the award.

In it, she spoke of the suffering of Palestinian women amid the Israel-Hamas war, which she called a “genocide.” The nurse, Hesen Jabr, is not the first medical worker to be fired at NYU Langone, a major New York hospital system, over commentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The hospital is currently embroiled in a lawsuit by a prominent cancer researcher, who was fired from his job as the director of its cancer center after he posted a variety of anti-Hamas political cartoons. Some included offensive caricatures of Arab people.

A young doctor-trainee was also “removed from service” at an NYU Langone hospital on Long Island, according to the hospital, after being accused of posting a message on Instagram defending the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel — though he was later quietly reinstated.

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Authored by Roger L. Simon via The Epoch Times 

Wouldn’t it be fascinating, actually tremendously heartening, if the man who was supposedly our most divisive politician was the man who ultimately brought our broken country together—former President Donald J. Trump?

People gather for an election rally for former President Donald Trump in Crotona Park in the South Bronx in New Yor City on May 23, 2024. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

America is often, justifiably, criticized for having been built to some degree by slavery. It was not alone in that, and it still exists in some places, but America fought its most painful war to abolish the practice. Years later, it enacted the Civil Rights Act, enshrining equality in our laws. Racism was diminishing.

Yet some people have what I called in one of my books a “nostalgia for racism.” They can’t live without it for reasons that range from comfort with old assumptions to the most cynical personal gain.

Consequently, for as long as I have been alive, which is the entire post-World War II era, it has been assumed that minorities voted Democratic, whether to their advantage or not.

So I was gladdened to see, watching on television, the throng of racially mixed Americans gathered in one of my childhood haunts from Yankee Stadium to the Zoo to Van Cortlandt Park—the borough of The Bronx.

No less than one of the most reactionary forces in our culture—identity politics—was under attack in the massive show of support from that mixed-race crowd given former President Trump at his surprisingly large rally in Crotona Park in the southern part of the borough.

I used the term reactionary above quite deliberately because it was and probably still is the most supreme insult one could give anyone leaning left. It signified they were behind the times, retrograde.

And much of the left has been that since they reversed the color-blind, character-based idealism of Dr. Martin Luther King in favor of the reactionary (that word again) dictums of critical race theory and so-called anti-racism that are themselves racist to the core. The latter two assert the primacy of race over character, something that is senseless to anyone who honestly observes actual human behavior in even slightly moral terms

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The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the ICC indictment of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Netanyahu's hysterical response.

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An F-35 military fighter jet has crashed into a hillside in New Mexico.

The fighter jet went down near International Sunport in Albuquerque while travelling to an Air Force base in California.

The pilot, the only person on board, survived the crash but was seriously injured, according to officials.

US manufacturer Lockheed Martin identified the downed plane as an F-35 that had left Fort Worth, Texas, earlier on Tuesday and was headed to Edwards Air Force Base near Los Angeles.

A spokesperson for Lockheed told The Associated Press that the fighter jet crashed after the pilot stopped to refuel at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico.

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Authored by Christopher Roach via American Greatness,

If we want our country to be safe and powerful, we should start on the firm foundations of respect for peace, human life, and other nations’ sovereignty.

During Bush’s years as president, Democrats frequently criticized his foreign policy, complaining that he acted like a cowboy, pursuing wars unilaterally without the imprimatur of the “international community.” Internationalism was a particular obsession of 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, who lambasted the Bush administration for snubbing the United Nations and upsetting France with its Iraq policy.

Obama was mostly a darling of foreign leaders, as he ceded American power and prestige in a bid to right what he considered the historic wrongs of colonialism and western chauvinism. This was evident in his obsession with completing the Iran deal, participating in the Kyoto accords, assisting NATO attacks on Libya and Syria, and in the general tone of public diplomacy during the Arab Spring.

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Authored by Andrew Korybko via Substack,

The Taliban remain international outcasts due to their refusal to implement a truly ethno-politically inclusive government per their prior promises as well as their treatment of women.

Although no tangible progress has been made on either of those two very sensitive issues, economic and security interests pushed regional stakeholders to enter into de facto relations with this group for pragmatic reasons.

Out of all those that have done so, Russia is far ahead of them all as proven by these latest developments:

* 16 May 2024: “Afghan Taliban no longer Russia’s enemy — Russian diplomat

* 17 May 2024: “Afghanistan to expand range of goods exported to Russia — deputy PM Overchuk

* 24 May 2024: “Taliban can stabilize Afghanistan if left to its own devices — FSB director

* 27 May 2024: “Russia invites Taliban to St. Petersburg International Economic Forum — Foreign Ministry

* 27 May 2024: “Russian ministries propose to Putin to remove Taliban from terrorist list — envoy

As can be seen, Russia’s previous threat perception of the Taliban has disappeared, and it now considers the group to be a regional security provider with respect to containing ISIS-K. Moreover, Afghanistan’s location enables it to facilitate Russian trade with Pakistan, both commercial and energy. These interests have combined to inspire Russia to more openly embrace this group, which comes ahead of next month’s investment forum and October’s BRICS Summit. Here are some detailed background briefings:

* 27 September 2021: “Comparing The Contours of Russia’s Ummah Pivot in Syria & Afghanistan

* 19 August 2022: “The Taliban Envisions Russia Playing A Big Role In The Group’s Geo-Economic Balancing Act

* 6 March 2023: “The Top Five Takeaways From The Russian Ambassador To Afghanistan’s Latest Interview

* 16 June 2023: “Russia’s Afghan Point Man Hinted At The Possibility Of Military-Technical Ties With The Taliban

* 19 May 2024: “Analyzing The Strategic Importance Of Russia’s Reportedly Planned Afghan Oil Hub

Basically, Russia sees Afghanistan as an indispensable part of its larger geostrategic reorientation to Muslim-majority countries, while the Taliban believes that Russia can help their country preemptively avert potentially disproportionate dependence on China and especially Pakistan. They also have shared economic interests with respect to facilitating trade between Russia-Central Asia and South Asia via Afghanistan from which that transit country can profit accordingly to help rebuild its economy.

Something big is obviously in the works between them judging by the timing of Russia’s deliberations on removing the Taliban from its terrorist list just before next week’s St. Petersburg International Investment Forum. In all likelihood, not only does Russia expect to make progress on its reportedly planned Afghan oil hub, but there might even be an update about President Putin’s envisaged delivery of Russian pipeline gas to Pakistan through Afghanistan that he mentioned only once in September 2022.

This doesn’t mean that a deal will be clinched on either since that involves Pakistan finally agreeing to conclude their long-running talks on a strategic energy one, which it’s thus far been reluctant to do under American pressure since April 2022’s post-modern coup. Nevertheless, even a Memorandum of Understanding between Russia and Taliban-led but by-then presumably terrorist-delisted Afghanistan on this and/or a parallel railway would be significant since it could help move Russian-Pakistani talks along.

Therein lies the larger goal being advanced through the latest developments in Russian-Afghan relations, namely the comprehensive expansion of Russian-Pakistani relations, which is considered the last piece of Russia’s Ummah Pivot and Greater Eurasian Partnership concepts to be completed

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A BS T R AC T: T h is a r t ic le presents fou r fac tor s to consider
in evaluating Taiwan’s strategic importance to the United States and
its allies and answers a question often raised at forums concerning
the Indo-Pacif ic: “Why should the United States care” about this
small island in the Pacif ic? The response often given is simply
US credibility, and while this is an important factor, this article
reviews a wider array of possible factors to consider when answering
that question. The study of these factors should assist US military
and policy practitioners in accurately evaluating the related strategic
environment. Through a sur vey of off icial US policy statements
and strateg y documents across administrations, part t wo of this
article (to be featured in a future issue) will examine the evolving
US perception of Taiwan throughout the aggressive strengthening
of China and during Taiwan’s domestic politica l development
into a full-f ledged democracy.

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Authored by Ayla Roberts via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

A new study has found that intermittent fasting may protect against liver inflammation and even liver cancer.

The study, conducted at the German Cancer Research Center and the University of Tübingen and published in the journal Cell Metabolism, aimed to understand more about how intermittent fasting can affect the liver. The researchers found that intermittent fasting can halt the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a precursor to chronic liver inflammation and liver cancer.

(Nok Lek Travel Lifestyle/Shutterstock)

Study Findings Explained

The researchers conducted their experiment by implementing a fasting regimen on mice with pre-existing liver inflammation. It was found that, after four months of intermittent fasting, the mice had improved liver function tests, less fat in their livers, decreased fibrosis, and were less likely to develop liver cancer in the future.

The mice followed a 5:2 fasting diet, meaning they fasted for two days, then were allowed to consume an unlimited number of calories for five days. The cycle was then repeated for four months until the study was concluded.

The researchers also discovered two proteins (known as PPAR-alpha and PCK1) within liver cells that seem to have contributed to the protective effects of intermittent fasting. The study supports March research that suggests fasting can have a powerful impact on one’s overall health.

“In recent years, caloric restriction and fasting studies have stumbled upon many positive health benefits. Some of the benefits include cancer prevention. It is well established that metabolic factors such as high levels of insulin and blood sugar, increase the risk of breast cancer.” Dr. Francisco Contreras told The Epoch Times in an email. Dr. Contreras is a board-certified oncologist who treats patients in California and Mexico.

Intermittent fasting has proven to reduce the incidence of this malignancy and also to reduce the risk of recurrence after treatment. Patients that could do intermittent fasting during treatment experienced relief of chemotherapy-induced adverse effects and cytotoxicity with significant improvement of their quality of life.”

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a type of eating pattern that involves alternating periods of eating and abstaining from food. Most people participate in intermittent fasting for health reasons and research supports intermittent fasting as a way to manage weight and some forms of disease, at least in the short-term.

During fasting days, your body runs off ketones derived from stored fats (triglycerides) in your body. But these ketones work as more than just fuel. They regulate the expression of many proteins and signaling molecules.” Dr. Caroline Walker told The Epoch Times in an email. Dr. Walker is a board-certified gastroenterologist based in Denton, Texas. “It is through these molecules that it is thought that intermittent fasting may have effects on cell growth and plasticity, tissue remodeling, decreased insulin exposure and decreased insulin resistance, improved lipid profile, improved blood pressure, and even improved asthma symptoms.”

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When Jews and pro-Palestinian advocates think strategically to form a coalition that organizes a 1963 MLK “March on Washington”-like demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial next June 16 at noon to force P. Biden to choose between a chance of reelection by supporting the coalition demands and appearing nationally and internationally as an unprincipled, hypocritical, and subservient non-leader incapable of asserting American values

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