"... somehow we find it hard to sell our values, namely that the rich should plunder the poor." -- former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles

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A dramatic scene unfolded at the UN as numerous envoys walked out in protest during a speech by an Israeli representative, signalling a significant diplomatic snub. The mass walkout underscores rising tensions and differing global perspectives on the Israel-Palestine conflict, according to Lebanon's caretaker labour Minister.

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Federal transportation officials are investigating how titanium sold with phony documentation made its way into parts used in making Boeing and Airbus planes. 

The Federal Aviation Administration and Spirit AeroSystems, a supplier of fuselages to Boeing and wings for Airbus, said Friday they are each investigating the scope and impact of the issue, which could raise potential concerns about aircraft safety. First reported by the New York Times, the problem came to light after a parts supplier found tiny holes from corrosion in the titanium, according to the newspaper.

"Boeing reported a voluntary disclosure to the FAA regarding procurement of material through a distributor who may have falsified or provided incorrect records," the agency said in a statement. "Boeing issued a bulletin outlining ways suppliers should remain alert to the potential of falsified records."

Spirit said it is working to determine the origin of the titanium and that it removed the affected parts from the company's production line for testing. 

Webmaster addition: Counterfeit parts have been a big problem for the aviation industry for a long time and are even mentioned in Michael Crichton's book "Airframe."

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The government's confiscation of Trump's cellphone unprecedentedly undermines the president’s immunity. In fact, Trump's Jan. 6 trial is indefinitely postponed until the Supreme Court decides on presidential immunity. The high court's ruling is expected this month and could come any day.

But there’s another underlying problem with the Justice Department’s prosecutorial scheme.

Democrats utterly dismissed the legitimacy of geotracking in "2000 Mules," the banned film documentary in which the conservative group True the Vote used the technology to showcase with precision how many times "community organizers" stuffed the ballot boxes in battleground states with illegal ballots for Democrats to systematically rig the election for Joe Biden in 2020.

True the Vote paid $2 million through commercial brokers for the cell phone "geotracking" or "geolocator" data from swing states leading up to the presidential election. Using the pinpoint precision of the forensic technique of geotracking, ballot "mules" – like "drug mules" who carry illegal drugs across the border for criminal cartels – took sacks of ballots provided by leftwing political activist organizations and repeatedly dumped those ballots in collection boxes. Over 2,000 of the tracked phones were geolocated in the immediate vicinity of 10 or more ballot drop boxes.

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Do Michigan residents need permission from elected and appointed officials in Lansing, their capital city, in order to practice their religious faith?

That's the issue in dispute in a case being handled by Becket for a St. Joseph Parish, and the legal team is arguing against the idea.

The Catholic parish, helped by Becket, is challenging a state law that makes it illegal for the Catholic church and school to hire staff based on their agreement to uphold Catholic religious beliefs and practices.

Becket senior counsel William Haun got right to the point, stating, "Michiganders don’t need a permission slip from bureaucrats in Lansing to practice their religious beliefs. The court should reject this irresponsible law and let institutions like St. Joseph get back to freely serving in their schools, churches, and communities."

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When we read about ancient societies that worshipped their gods by conducting child sacrifices, many of us recoil in horror. But the truth is that far more children are being murdered in our time, and the vast majority of the population is perfectly okay with that. In ancient times, in most cases it wasn’t children that were wanted that were brought to the child sacrifices. Instead, in most cases such ceremonies were a perfect opportunity to get rid of children that were not wanted. Today, unwanted children are discarded behind closed doors at an abortion clinic. This is being done on an industrial scale, but since we never have to see it happening most of us are able to ignore the slaughter most of the time. Of course that doesn’t make our society any less guilty than the ancient societies that performed child sacrifices publicly.
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Donald Trump was on Capitol Hill Wednesday, meeting with congressional Republicans en route to the real reason for his trip: the Business Roundtable.

It was the former president’s first trip to D.C. since leaving office, and it was less a chance for substantive discussions than an opportunity to get the band back together. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) attended. The Senate Republican leader notably delivered one of the most fiery addresses of his career against Trump after the January 6 Capitol riot, and the two reportedly haven’t spoken since. Nothing like a family reunion.

The Republican Party’s friendship with Big Business hasn’t been reciprocated for decades now, but for Trump it never existed.

That wasn’t the only unspoken tension, of course. Republican leaders are eager for Trump’s sign-off on their plan to pass an omnibus spending bill this fall, covering into 2025. They’re selling it as “clearing the deck” for a potential Trump presidency, so he won’t have to deal with all the nasty bits of negotiations and can get right down to the business of governing.

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Republicans have prioritized election integrity this year with new laws, lawsuits, and congressional investigative subpoenas ahead of the November general election. And they have already scored some wins against Democratic-led jurisdictions.

The multifaceted approach in 2024 contrasts with the GOP strategy four years ago that mostly focused on litigation only.

In 2020, there were as many as 400 lawsuits brought by both Republicans and Democrats regarding election procedures and laws as election administration was quickly changed during the COVID-19 lockdowns leading up to the presidential election.

In September 2022, The Amistad Project reviewed the 400 cases and found that a greater percentage of lawsuits brought by Republicans were won on the merits than those brought by Democrats. Overall, Republicans brought fewer cases to court (132) than Democrats (180) regarding the 2020 election as Democrats sued to change election laws before the November election.

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Lara Trump, daughter-in-law to former President Donald Trump, provided a big update on his personal well-being during an exclusive interview with Breitbart News during a Turning Point USA event earlier this week in Texas.

The Republican National Committee co-chair spoke with the news outlet on the sidelines of the event, which was held in San Antonio, saying that Donald Trump is “thriving” despite his historic felony conviction in New York last month and the ongoing legal and political assaults against him.

“I can’t even tell you how impressed I am with this man on a daily basis. He’s my father-in-law. And obviously … he holds a very dear place in my heart, but as just a human being, I don’t know anyone who could not just survive the things that he’s gone through but be thriving and really still be fighting and still be willing to take more,” she told the outlet, explaining that the former president knows there will be more “coming his way.”

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Police have released an update following a vehicular accident involving Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) and his wife, Gisele, and another as-yet-unidentified 62-year-old woman.

According to a police report, Sen. Fetterman was driving “well over” the posted 70 mile-per-hour speed limit when the accident occurred and has been determined to be “at fault,” Newsweek noted.

All three were taken to a local hospital, examined, and released, according to USA Today.

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Hunter Biden is dropping his lawsuit accusing Rudy Giuliani and the former New York City mayor’s ex-lawyer of manipulating data found on his infamous laptop

Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell filed the stipulation for dismissal Thursday in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. 

The attorney asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit against Giuliani and Robert Costello “without prejudice, with each party bearing its own attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses.”

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A Southwest Airlines Boeing plane experienced a rare Dutch roll at 32,000 feet in the air that resulted in significant damage to the aircraft that left it out of service, officials said.

Southwest flight N8825Q, a Boeing 737 carrying 175 passengers,  was traveling from Phoenix to Oakland on May 25 when its tail began to wag left and right, causing the plane’s wings to rock from side to side.

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Jesse Morgan drove a tractor trailer for a contractor working for the U.S. Postal Service. Shortly after the 2020 election, Morgan made these claims at a press conference held by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society:

  • On October 21, 2020, Jesse drove his truck and trailer from Bethpage, New York, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, loaded with as many as 288,000 completed ballots. In addition, there were two large trays of mixed mail, bound for Lancaster. Those were in the front of the trailer.
  • Jesse drove the trailer to Harrisburg, but was not allowed to unload. After a six-hour wait, he was told to drive to Lancaster, without unloading at Harrisburg. In addition, the supervisor in Harrisburg refused to give him any paperwork to document his arrival in Harrisburg or his six-hour wait, which normally would justify extra compensation.
  • Jesse Morgan was perplexed by these instructions because “95 percent” of the load was for Harrisburg, and that mail would have to be unloaded before anyone could get access to the Lancaster mail bins. After that, the Harrisburg mail would have to be returned to the trailer and driven back to Harrisburg. Even for the government, that is slightly inefficient.
  • As instructed, Morgan drove the tractor trailer to Lancaster, and parked it in his usual spot. The next morning, the trailer had disappeared, without explanation. The trailer and the ballots were gone, and no one would explain to Morgan, or anyone else in this world, what had happened.
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Fetal deaths and miscarriages, sudden cardiac arrest, sudden death and suicides — these are some of the causes of death listed in reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) on children who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Yet, these reports do not count toward the total number of child deaths listed in VAERS data because the victims’ ages are officially listed as “unknown,” according to VAERS analyst Albert Benavides.

Benavides reviewed the data for his website, VAERSAware.com, and provided links to many of these “unknown age” child death reports on his site.

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