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"Experience teaches us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficent." -- Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis

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Representative Bob Good (R-VA) joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Friday to discuss his movment to persuade fellow Republicans to vote against Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 26 08:55
The global luxury group that owns world-renowned Houses in fashion, leather goods, jewelry, and watches, has ties with the globalist World Economic Forum.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 26 08:55
A Texas teacher and her two aides have been arrested for allegedly isolating a 5-year-old kid with special needs for so long that he began eating his own feces and drinking his urine out of desperation.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 26 08:54
GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy worked to crush the MAGA movement in Congress but now he wants their votes for speakership.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 26 08:54

Chair of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Bill Gates delivered multiple updates on the status of the 2022 Election in the county during the delayed counting of the ballots.  After massive complications and corrupt acts on Election Day, many across the country believe the election is being stolen like it was in 2020.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:54

An ancient virus that has lain frozen in the Siberian permafrost for 48,500 years has become the oldest ever revived so far, scientists say.

It is among seven types of viruses in the permafrost that have been resuscitated after thousands of years. 

The youngest had been frozen for 27,000 years and the oldest, called Pandoravirus yedoma, has been frozen for 48,500 years.

Although the viruses are not considered a risk to humans, scientists warn that other viruses exposed by melted ice could be 'disastrous' and lead to new pandemics.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:22

Once upon a time, the Soviets had a tightly controlled network of internationalists known as the COMINTERN to promote their communist model to Europe and beyond.

As it stands now, the Red Chinese have gone them one better: They've got Klaus Schwab.

According to Fox News:

World Economic Forum founder and Chair Klaus Schwab recently sat down for an interview with a Chinese state media outlet and proclaimed that China was a "role model" for other nations. 

Schwab, 84, made these comments during an interview with CGTN’s Tian Wei on the sidelines of last week’s APEC CEO Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Schwab said he respected China’s "tremendous" achievements at modernizing its economy over the last 40 years. 

"I think it’s a role model for many countries," Schwab said, before qualifying that he thinks each country should make its own decisions about what system it wants to adapt. 

"I think we should be very careful in imposing systems. But the Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries," Schwab said. 

A role model? A country of zero freedom, low social mobility, social credit scores, and constant government surveillance? Who the heck, even among the revolutionary wokester crowd, is openly calling for a Chinese model for their own countries?

China in fact is a giant prison, complete with slave labor, sweatshops, low wages, continuous lockdowns and actual laogai, or Gulags. Challenge the government in any way and you'll be packed off to one for years upon years in no time. In the case of the Uighurs, just being the wrong nationality is enough for such punishment.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:20

Exactly half a year ago, on May 23, we warned that as the "bullwhip effect" was set to end with a bang, and as inventories were set to go from zero to massively overstocked, prices were "about to fall off a cliff." Well, with purchase orders having fallen off a cliff, and with containership rates crashing at the fastest pace on record as demand for Chinese imports has evaporated in the US...

... this is precisely what we are now seeing, and as the FT reports, with US inventories in freefall amid a collapse in domestic demand, clothing is instead piling up at warehouses in Bangladesh as consumers tighten belts in the US, Europe and other big markets.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:20

On Tuesday, the Department of Labor finalized a rule that provides regulatory cover for retirement plan sponsors who want to emphasize environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in plan management. 

Since 1974, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) has rightly required that plan sponsors act "solely in the interest" of employees and beneficiaries when selecting and monitoring investments and casting shareholder votes.  

The Trump administration reinforced that principle by prohibiting retirement plans from considering investment attributes that aren't material to risk or performance. Trump's DOL explicitly prohibited funds with ESG principles from being used as the default investment for plan participants.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:19

Just days after suggesting that the United Arab Emirates could anchor a crypto bailout fund, billionaire Changpeng “CZ” Zhao further outlined his plans to backstop the stricken industry, pledging to amass at least $1 billion for buying distressed assets and saying Binance will make another bid for bankrupt lender Voyager Digital.

Zhao himself moved to Dubai last year and has built close ties with the UAE leadership. After FTX’s bankruptcy, Zhao tweeted that Binance would form a recovery fund “to help projects who are otherwise strong, but in a liquidity crisis.”

“There are still players with very strong financials and we should band together to try to help the projects in need, especially if it’s only financial need,” he said on the sidelines of Abu Dhabi Finance Week last Wednesday.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:18

Ford Motor Company waited until Thanksgiving morning to announce a sizeable recall of more than 500,000 Bronco Sport and Escapes for possible cracked fuel injectors that could cause fuel and/or fuel vapor to leak onto a hot engine and cause fires.

The Dearborn, Michigan, automaker said Bronco Sport and Escape owners with 3-cylinder, 1.5L engines are "urged" to visit the closest dealership for inspection.  

Posted on: Nov 26 08:14

The man's attorney now insists that his client fell asleep at the wheel, causing the accident.

In total, the vehicle ran into 75 recruits who were out for a morning jog. This resulted in severe injuries for many of those officers, and some even lost limbs due to the situation.

Witnesses to the situation say that suspect Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez appeared to be driving his Honda CR-V between 30 to 40 mph when he collided with the recruits. His vehicle slammed into a pole at 6:30 am on November 16, 2022.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:12

The Donbass republics should probably have rejoined Russia sooner, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the mothers of troops involved in the military operation in Ukraine on Friday. In such a case, fewer lives might have been lost, the president stressed.

“There might not have been so many casualties among civilians, there would not be so many children killed,” the Russian leader suggested. He maintained, however, that back in 2014, Russia did not have a full understanding of the situation in Donbass or of the true sentiments of the locals.

“[We] believed that we might still be able to reach an agreement and … reunify Donetsk and Lugansk with Ukraine within … the Minsk Agreements,” Putin noted, adding that Russia was “genuinely working towards that.” 

Posted on: Nov 26 08:12

For the better part of two years, Liliu Ross had lived in a one-room tin-roofed shack in the rural outer reaches of Hawaii’s Big Island. It had no running water and no electricity. But it provided shelter for Ross as she raised sheep and grew crops on land that her Native Hawaiian ancestors once called home. From the open fields and gentle slopes of her five-acre farm lot, she marveled at the stunning views of nearby Mauna Kea, one of the world’s tallest island mountains. Still, there were challenges to living under such conditions. At night she read by candlelight, and during the day she bathed outside with water she warmed in a pot over a fire.

So, in 2014, Ross secured a loan under a special program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to help Native Hawaiians build or purchase homes on Native lands. An architect created drawings for a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house, complete with energy-efficient appliances and a covered lanai. And she even picked the location for the new home.

Within months, though, her plan collapsed. Ross learned in a phone call from her builder that HUD had imposed a freeze on federal housing funds throughout the region. As it turned out, her property had been part of the Waikoloa Maneuver Area, a 185,000-acre site that was used by the U.S. military for live-fire training in the 1940s. Troops had fired an unknown number of grenades, mortars and other munitions that failed to explode, and many of the potentially deadly weapons remained, hidden beneath years of soil and vegetation buildup. Federal authorities wanted to ensure the land was safe to use.

But the funding freeze had sweeping consequences. Other prospective borrowers on Native lands soon found they could no longer obtain government-insured mortgages, the only type available on such properties. The freeze also meant that local and state governments could not tap the main sources of federal funding to develop affordable housing in the region — a critical need in a state with one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation. The action effectively thwarted a century-old promise by the federal government to return Native Hawaiians to their ancestral lands.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:11

The Republicans are investigating the Hunter “Baaaden” affair, to imitate the repetitive intonations emitted by Fox News’ Australian journalist, about the ‘Baaaden’ laptop.

Deplorables, don’t be misled into this dummies-and-ditto-heads dead-end. This is vintage lightweight, GOP tit-for-tat distraction, on par with the Democrats’ ongoing January 6 production.

The Hunter Biden preoccupation amounts to, “They (Democrats) do January 6; we (Republicans) hack away at—or hit back with—Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.”

The outcome: The Democrats get what they want: détente. They neuter Deplorables, sending us down a political rabbit hole.

We gain nothing from such a foray. It’s zero-sum for Deplorables.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:06

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro filed a complaint on Tuesday contesting the results of the run-off election he lost more than three weeks ago. In it, Bolsonaro’s lawyer Marcelo de Bessa claims that a “software bug” on 59% of the voting machines used across Brazil invalidates many ballots, according to a report from the Associated Press.

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — More than three weeks after losing a reelection bid, President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday blamed a software bug and demanded the electoral authority annul votes cast on most of Brazil’s nation’s electronic voting machines, though independent experts say the bug doesn’t affect the reliability of results.

Such an action would leave Bolsonaro with 51% of the remaining valid votes — and a reelection victory, Marcelo de Bessa, the lawyer who filed the 33-page request on behalf of the president and his Liberal Party, told reporters.

The electoral authority has already declared victory for Bolsonaro’s nemesis, leftist former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and even many of the president’s allies have accepted the results. Protesters in cities across the country have steadfastly refused to do the same, particularly with Bolsonaro declining to concede.

Liberal Party leader Valdemar Costa and an auditor hired by the party told reporters in Brasilia that their evaluation found all machines dating from before 2020 — nearly 280,000 of them, or about 59% of the total used in the Oct. 30 runoff — lacked individual identification numbers in internal logs.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:06

Moon of Alabama has proven to be a reliable source of reporting on the conflict in Ukraine. The posting of November 23 indicates that some part of the Russian government or military has finally realized that Russia is at war. You can read the account here:

The eight-month old Kremlin policy of protecting Ukraine from attack, thus helping Ukraine to conduct war against the Russian forces, seems to have come to an end. The infrastructure–power, transportation, water–of Ukraine is being shut down. The real war Russian attacks on Ukraine’s ability to function have gradually escalated, resulting in wider and more serious damage. It seems that the Russians don’t want to destroy everything unless the West and its puppet Ukraine government fail to come to their senses.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:05

A Texas middle school teacher has been caught boasting about “indoctrinating” children with her “woke” gender identity agenda, according to reports.

Kelsey McCracken teaches math at W.A. Meacham Middle School, located in the Fort Worth Independent School District.

Fox News identified McCracken as the teacher that features in a video that emerged on social media.

In the video first posted to TikTok, McCracken gloats that she interrogated each of her classes about whether they believed a non-binary identity made them uncomfortable.

“Indoctrinating the youth,” she said in the classroom, adding that kids were “lining up at my door.”

Posted on: Nov 26 08:04

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley has issued a warning to Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) over her actions as a member of the Democrats’ anti-Trump Jan. 6 Committee.

Reports suggest that Cheney is trying to use the Jan. 6 Committee as a launching point for her own 2024 presidential campaign.

Turley responded by warning Cheney that “angry rhetoric” is being used by her own “disgruntled” staffers over the reports.

“There is a deepening division on the J6 Committee as staffers turn on Liz Cheney over the final report on the January 6th riot,” Turley said.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:03

Women who accused Jeffrey Epstein of abuse filed a lawsuit against two banks they claim benefited financially from his sex trafficking system. 

Two separate lawsuits, filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, are headed by women who remain anonymous in the filings and are suing Deutsche Bank AG and JPMorgan Chase & Co. The allegations include a claim the banks are at fault for "assisting, supporting, facilitating, and otherwise providing the most critical service for the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking organization to successfully rape, sexually assault, and coercively sex traffic." 

The accusers claim the banks had knowledge of the pattern of sex trafficking from Epstein — an allegation denied by Deutsche Bank.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:02

Corporate media outlets have been ramping up their attacks against Elon Musk as he continues to roll out his free speech plans for Twitter.

Prominent leftist media darlings are smearing Musk as a “superspreader of hate” who is “opening the gates of hell” by reinstating accounts banned under the old Twitter management.

The media has joined “woke” celebrities in a collective meltdown over Musk’s latest announcement that he will restore all banned Twitter accounts that had not broken the law or aggressively posted spam.

Musk’s plan for a Twitter “amnesty” has alarmed several mainstream outlets which reported on how “harmful” the move would be to society.

Posted on: Nov 26 08:02

The US has seen an elevated level of illegal immigration at the southern border since Joe Biden took a seat in the Oval Office. Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) used border security as a main component of his reelection campaign, which he easily won, beating his Democratic contender Beto O’Rourke. Now, not even two weeks after the midterms, Abbott has declared there’s an invasion at the southern border, asserting that he’s taking action to address the issue.

Invasion of the US Homeland

On November 15, Governor Abbott tweeted that he called on the Invasion Clauses of both the Texas State Constitution and the US Constitution. The Republican leader asserted he was using the available power at his disposal to keep the Lone Star State and America safe. Abbott explained he was using his constitutional authority to allow Texas to take measures, which he described as unprecedented, in order to defend his territory from invasion.

Posted on: Nov 26 07:39

United States Marines Thanksgiving Day arrested Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on charges of treason and child endangerment, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

The arrest took place at Cardona’s Connecticut home, one of several properties he and his wife Marissa Pérez, a former beauty pageant winner, sometimes share with their two children, Miguel, Jr., and Celine.

At around noon, Marines stormed the Cardona residence as Mr. Cardona and his wife were putting a turkey in the oven and preparing a green bean casserole. Specifics of the arrest are unclear, but JAG sources told RRN the couple shrieked when they found themselves staring down the business end of the Marines’ M27 rifles. Perez, too, was apprehended, and will remain in military custody while JAG investigates whether she played a role in her husband’s crimes. The couple’s adult children were not home at the time of the arrest, sources said.

Cardona became a target of opportunity in September, after White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command “obtained” disturbing, confidential letters Cardona had authored and sent to school district superintendents in Arizona, California, Michigan, and New York. In the correspondence, Cardona brazenly encouraged districts to hire non-binary teachers, writing, “Modern youth must adopt the principles of a modern world, at an early age. Not every boy is a boy and not every girl is a girl. Exposure to non-binary faculty will help today’s students—tomorrow’s leaders—understand gender is a choice and not mandated at birth.”

Posted on: Nov 26 07:39

The really stunning thing about Elon Musk’s campaign to clean up the back-stage rats’ nest at Twitter is that he’s the lone authority figure in the land who dared to act against the degenerate political Left’s impudent and remorseless cancellation of everything that held together America’s consensual reality.

Think of it: all the college presidents and deans, all the corporate CEOs, all the judges, all the governors, mayors, and agency heads, all the news editors and network producers who did nothing and said nothing about the wholesale demolition of truths, values, and principles carried out by Woke-Jacobin maniacs under their watch. And what’s more appalling: they all pretended not to notice each other’s craven inaction and silence.

And now, Mr. Musk strikes a blow almost every day, and with amazing insouciance, as if his effort to re-ignite free speech is the most self-evidently natural thing anyone in-charge might seek to do. And let’s face it: whatever Twitter started out as, however seemingly trivial this Internet app for social chit-chat was conceived to be, it evolved into an essential arena for public argument — especially as the old leaders in the American news business slouched into routinely retailing every sort of lie possible about public affairs that matter. (And as that happened, Twitter became for a number of years Mainstream Media’s enabler and chief enforcer of programatized untruth.)

Posted on: Nov 26 07:37

This summation is from Infowars. Using The Pi&$zzaga%$e word in the headline is problematic despite being accurate. Lots of programming in words like that and also in the name of InfoWars host. We have to operate between weaponized word spells, which is how I view the occultism of what we call “woke.”

Who else noticed how quickly sexualization of children became part of the “woke” spectrum—inside that whole tent? I don’t mean it was hard to “notice” this agenda being forced upon us wherever we looked.

Somehow or other, the Perfect People got to engage in open pedophilia promotion and keep the “moral high ground?”

By that I mean, they were the Federal Reserve issuing the bank notes. Who’s good who’s bad, who’s in trouble, who’s canceled, according to them.

Is Balenciaga/Adidas disaster the beginning of the end?

Posted on: Nov 26 07:36

The entire nation of Brazil is in a citizen uprising over allegations of a rigged presidential election. Millions have taken to the streets in protest of President-elect Lula da Silva, a far-left socialist and convicted criminal who was sentenced to 12 years in prison on corruption charges.

But because of the country’s corrupt Supreme Court, the case was annulled and Lula was freed from prison to seek another presidential term after previously serving for eight years before Bolsonaro was elected. Brazilians from across the country have been peacefully protesting for more than 20 consecutive days. Rain or shine the citizenry is rejecting communism, and living in South America, they know the dangers that communism brings all too well. They say that they are ready to go to war if the election is certified.

But if you don’t pay attention to world politics, you might not even be aware of the protests happening in Brazil…since journalists are being jailed and mainstream media refuses to report on the uprising, running cover for the globalists. Even conservative congressmen are being put in prison for speaking out against Lula.

Posted on: Nov 26 07:34