"Finally, history has shown that all opposition to entrenched oligarchy arises from the middle classes, who have the surplus of funds needed to challenge the ruling classes. Communism survived for as long as it did because their system designed the middle class out of existence at the very start. The New World Order will have to, indeed already is, following the same model. If the general population only has enough to pay for the next day's rent and food, they will do as they are told." -- Michael Rivero

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To understand the impact the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) proposed International Health Regulations (“IHR”) amendments will have on every person on Earth, we have to get to grips with what totalitarian rule is – because should the amendments proposed by WHO be accepted next month, the people of the world would be subjected to unadulterated totalitarianism.

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The WHO is pushing through the Pandemic Agreement and IHR amendments unlawfully as the key deadline to publish the drafts ahead of the World Health Assembly has passed, says Dr David Bell.

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Thanks to Net Zero, the U.K. has some of the highest electricity prices in the world, paying more than five times as much as China and twice as much as the U.S., says Dr. John Fernley. And it's getting worse.
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An extraordinary story suggesting that male prostitutes in Indonesia self-identifying as ‘trans women’ are struggling to make a living due to climate change has been doing the rounds of mainstream media. The online Independent reported one sex worker complaining that “no one is coming out during the longer rainy season’, while another noted, “I no longer want to endure the heat and rain on the streets”. Needless to say, the actual data fail to give much credence to their weather woes. 

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Media personality Alex Jones declared his intention to file lawsuits against the FBI and CIA during an appearance on the Benny Johnson show.

This announcement followed the release of an undercover video by Sound Investigations, which featured a CIA officer purportedly admitting to federal agencies targeting conservatives, including Jones.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on the footage in which Gavin O’Blennis, a Contracting Officer for the CIA, was caught on hidden camera by an undercover journalist claiming that the FBI could imprison anyone by setting them up, a method he referred to as a “nudge.”

O’Blennis singled out right-wing journalists, specifically Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones, as being problematic and suggested that the FBI “took [Jones’] money away” and “chopped his legs off” as a means of crippling his operations.

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A CIA Officer/former FBI official is on an undercover video boasting about using the might of the federal government to ‘jail anyone’ by ‘setting them up.’ Gavin O’Blennis, a Contracting Officer for the CIA told an undercover journalist with Sound Investigations that the FBI “can put anyone in jail…set ’em up!” “We call it a nudge,” O’Blennis said, adding the FBI can put “problematic” right-wing journalists like Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones in jail. O’Blennis said of Infowars founder Alex Jones: The FBI “took his money away,” and ‘chopped his legs off.’ Gavin O’Blennis said at least 20 undercover FBI agents were at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.
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As lithium ion battery use surges with the growth in the electric vehicle market, a new multi-chemistry battery recycling facility has been opened in Kilwinning near Glasgow. The site will play an important part in Fenix Battery Recycling’s plans to develop facilities to offer on-site recycling for multiple battery types, with this site specialising in recycling Electric Vehicle Batteries (ELV), amongst other battery types

The news comes after Fenix Battery Recycling, Ever Resource and the University of Birmingham received significant grant funding to develop an innovative technology to make lithium ion battery recycling cleaner and more sustainable. 

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TERRIFIED residents were evacuated from their homes as fire crews battled a massive blaze at a battery recycling plant in Ayrshire through the night. Hundreds of people living beside the Fenix Battery Recycling plant in Kilwinning had to flee their homes as the inferno ripped through the factory at around 10.05pm.
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"The View" co-host Sunny Hostin blamed Monday's solar eclipse, Friday's earthquake and the expected cicada breeding season on "climate change."

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The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg argued on Monday that abortion is “not mentioned” in the Ten Commandments while discussing former President Donald Trump‘s social media video stating his stance on abortion.

“I want to make sure that if you decide this is what you need to do, I’m going to get behind you because I don’t know your life, and if you say this is what you need, that’s what I’m going to do,” Goldberg said to her co-hosts.

She added that it’s “nobody’s business.”

“It’s you, your doctor, and God. That’s who you have to be conversational to, and it’s not mentioned in the big ten, I’m just going to say,” she explained.

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   You shall have no other Gods before me
   You shall not make for yourselves an idol
   You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God
   Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy
   Honor your father and your mother

   You shall not murder < -----------------------------------

   You shall not commit adultery
   You shall not steal
   You shall not give false testimony
   You shall not covet

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Webmaster addition: Can you imagine the fear?

Maybe you don't have to. Maybe you are old enough to remember Three Mile Island, or Chernobyl. Maybe you're one of the people living around the Pacific where the radiation meters have been singing their songs of death since Fukushima.

Can you feel the horror? There is an invisible killer dancing in the air. Maybe hiding in that rain drop. You cannot know for sure.

That metallic taste in your mouth; is it being that scared? Or is it something ... worse?

You cannot know for sure. There is an invisible killer dancing in the air.

You wish you could stop breathing, but of course you can't. And with each breath comes an unspoken question; Is this the breath during which I inhale my own end? Is there an irrevocable link between this breath and my final breath to come? Is this the breath that deforms my unborn child? Is this the breath that transforms my future from an old age filled with family and friends, to loneliness, lingering pain, and a horrible death?

You cannot know for sure. There is an invisible killer dancing in the air.

Or maybe it was on that stamp you licked, or in the wine you drank, or the cookie you ate.

Maybe you showered with the killer, slept with the killer, shared your clothes with the killer.

You cannot know for sure. There is an invisible killer dancing in the air.

Now imagine living with that fear, day after day after day; fear for yourself, fear for the lives and health of your loved ones. Imagine the long sleepless nights wondering if the next day will invite the killer into your home; if the rain will wash the killer onto the food you will eat.


Then imagine a monster so evil they would inflict that endless fear onto innocent and unoffending people.

Then stop imagining, because it really happened, but just once but twice.

What happened by accident at Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima was done intentionally by Israel to the people of Iraq, when Israel bombed the nuclear power plant at Osirik in the erroneous assumption that Iraq was building nuclear weapons. Then Israel did it again in Syria. Thankfully, there were no nuclear weapons at the Iraq or Syrian targets, or the people of Iraq and Syria would have suffered what those people living downwind from Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima (and indeed the whole northern hemisphere) all suffered.

But no doubt, those innocent and unoffending Iraqi and Syrian people knew the fear of wondering whether the silent killer was there in their homes moment to moment, just as you are wondering whether the silent killer is in your home this very moment, even as you read these words.

Israel did that to those people; cursed them with that endless dread that lingered for months on end.

And now Israel wants to bomb more nuclear facilities in Iran or infect it with a computer virus to cause a melt-down, so that what happened by accident at Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, will be done deliberately to the people of Iran, who have not invaded or threatened anyone.

There are indeed monsters living among us.

And we know them by their deeds.

Just think about that when you are lying in the dark, afraid to breathe.

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