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Stocks of Patriot systems in Germany are almost exhausted. It is necessary to check the availability of all Patriot systems in Europe and the world.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Annalena Baerbock, stated this, the German TV channel NTV reported on Tuesday, April 9.

Baerbock noted that she hopes for the results of the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Group of Seven countries (G7: USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan). According to her, later it will become clear which countries will be able to provide Ukraine with additional air defense capabilities.

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An information request filed by Matt Malone has brought to light a secret report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) warning that once Canadians realize just how broke they are, a massive revolt will ensue.

It may seem like things are still kind of hobbling along financially and economically due to political sleights of hand, but once that illusion fades, things “will probably deteriorate further,” according to the RCMP, which warns that all of this is coming to a head “in the next five years.”

The RCMP reportedly alerted Canada’s federal government about the strong possibility of civil unrest once Canadians come to realize what has been done to them by the powers that be. It will spell disaster for their families’ lives and livelihoods.

The Whole-of-Government Five-Year Trends for Canada study explains that “the coming period of recession will … accelerate the decline in living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared to earlier generations.”

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Authored by Bill Pan via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

President Joe Biden faces a fresh lawsuit from a seven-state coalition challenging his “most generous ever” federal student loan repayment plan, under which millions of borrowers would have a monthly bill of $0.

In their complaint, filed on April 8 at a federal court in Missouri, the states argued that what the Biden administration calls the SAVE plan is another unlawful attempt to force Americans who incurred no college debt to shoulder the bill for those who did.

Just last year, the [U.S.] Supreme Court struck down an attempt by the President to force teachers, truckers, and farmers to pay for the student loan debt of other Americans—to the enormous tune of $430 billion,” the complaint stated, noting that the high court’s 6-3 majority explicitly ruled that the president should not bypass Congress to implement a decision with such profound impact on the country’s economy.

“Undeterred, the President is at it again, even bragging that ’the Supreme Court blocked it. They blocked it. But that didn’t stop me,'” it added.

President Joe Biden speaks in the Indian Treaty Room of the White House on April 3, 2024. (Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)

The lawsuit was spearheaded by Missouri, along with Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota, Ohio, and Oklahoma. It comes just weeks after Kansas and 10 other Republican-led states filed a separate challenge to the same plan.

With the stroke of his pen, Joe Biden is attempting to saddle working Missourians with a half trillion dollars in college debt,” Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, a Republican, said in a statement on April 9.

“The United States Constitution makes clear that the President lacks the authority to unilaterally ‘cancel’ student loan debt for millions of Americans without express permission from Congress.”

Citing an estimate by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Bailey said the SAVE plan would cost Americans $475 billion over 10 years—$45 billion more than the initial student loan cancellation plan the Supreme Court shot down last June.

Specifically, according to the elite business school, about $200 billion of that cost will come from payment reduction for the $1.64 trillion in loans already outstanding in 2023. The remaining $275 billion comes from reduced payments for about $1.03 trillion in new loans that will be extended over the next 10 years.

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Authored by GoldFix ZH Edit

Yesterday Secretary Yellen said the following as her trip to China wrapped up:

   After wrapping up my meetings, I capped off a productive trip with a visit to the Imperial College, and a microbrewery in Beijing that imports American hops for their beers — a small representation of how the U.S.-China bilateral economic relationship can benefit both sides.

The implications of such a statement (if that’s the best we can hope for from our leaders as Gold soars, treasuries drop and industry flounders) are the following….

This is Reverse Economic Colonization... aka the circle of life. It was bound to happen as it always does to degrees. But this one is a wholesale reset of money, roles, and power sharing

It is Happening. And it's your future if you do not adjust and prepare. The wealthy have already carved out their roles and will survive just fine

Take care of yourself now.

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Well, that’s a relief. The Empire’s PR people came out right after the massacre at Crocus to tell us that it had nothing to do with Ukraine, much less with them. They said they warned Putin that an attack was likely at a music event or something. Of course, they couldn’t tell him where, because they didn’t know, you see.

The thing that comes to mind hearing The Empire’s solemn, baldfaced denials of responsibility for the Moscow mass murders is the story of the man caught by his wife in flagrante, and as she stares at him, naked and erect, he yells to her, “Hon, it’s not me!”

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Iran's foreign minister has accused the United States of approving a deadly strike blamed on Israel that destroyed Tehran's Damascus consulate last week after he inaugurated a new consulate in the Syrian capital.

Tehran, a key Damascus ally, has vowed to avenge last Monday's air strike on the Iranian embassy's consular section that killed seven Iran's Revolutionary Guard members, including two generals.

"America is responsible for this incident and must be held accountable," Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian told reporters in Damascus on Monday.

The strike came against the backdrop of Israel's ongoing war on Gaza.

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Moscow calls on all countries around the world to support Palestine’s application for the status of a permanent UN member, said Russia’s first deputy envoy to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky.

“Russia fully supports the initiative of the Palestinian side to renew its application for Palestine’s full membership in the UN. The fate of this application will become a measure of humanity and civilization of the modern-day world,” he said at a UN General Assembly meeting. “We urge all members of the international community to support Palestine’s application for UN membership.”

Palestine now is a permanent observer to the UN. In 2011, Palestine already applied for permanent UN membership, but it later decided to remain a permanent observer for some time. In April, Palestine sent a letter to the UN Security Council with a request to resume consideration of its bid to join the UN as a permanent member. Countries with this status can attend most meetings and have access to almost all relevant documentation, but have no voting rights. Apart from Palestine, only the Holy See, or the Vatican, has permanent observer status at the UN.

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Authored by Chris Morrison via DailySceptic.org,

An amount of land equivalent to the Isle of Wight has been added to the shorelines of 13,000 islands around the world in just the last 20 years. This fascinating fact of a 369.67 square kilometre increase has recently been discovered by a group of Chinese scientists analysing both surface and satellite records. Overall, land was lost during the 1990s, but the scientists found that in the study period of three decades to 2020 there was a net increase of 157.21 km2. The study observed considerable natural variation in both erosion and accretion. Of course, the findings blow holes in the poster scare run by alarmists suggesting that rising sea levels caused by humans using hydrocarbons will condemn many islands to disappear shortly beneath rising sea levels. By means of such flimsy scare tactics, as we have seen in many other cases, desperate attempts are made to terrify global populations to accept the insanity of the Net Zero collectivisation.

The scientists said their data suggested that sea-level rise has not been a widespread cause of erosion for island shorelines in the studied regions.

“Presently, it is considered one of the contributing factors to shoreline erosion but not the predominant one,” they explained.

Needless to say, none of this will detain the attention of climate hysterics in both mainstream media and politics.

The Guardian was in fine form last June stating that rising oceans will extinguish more than land.

“It will kill entire languages,” it added, noting the effect on Pacific islands such as Tuvalu. Those areas of the Earth that were most hospitable to people and languages are now becoming the “least hospitable”.

Silly emotional Guardianista guff of course, but happily it does not seem to apply to Tuvalu.

A recent study found that the 101 islands of Tuvalu had grown in land mass by 2.9%.

The scientists observed that despite rising sea levels, many shorelines in Tuvalu and neighbouring Pacific atolls have maintained relative stability, “without significant alteration”. A comprehensive re-examination of data on 30 Pacific and Indian Ocean atolls with 709 islands found that none of them had lost any land. Furthermore, the scientists added, there are data that indicate 47 reef islands expanded in size or remained stable over the last 50 years, “despite experiencing a rate of sea-level rise that exceeds the global average”.

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On Tuesday night, Israel and the mediators were still waiting for an answer from Hamas' leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, to the latest American compromise proposal submitted to the parties. But completion of the negotiations on the hostage deal is not only being delayed by stubbornness of Hamas, which has seen its position in the talks improved. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sent mixed messages about his willingness to reach an agreement and is maneuvering between pressure being applied by different wings of the coalition.

It's difficult to get the impression that Netanyahu has made a strategic decision in favor of a deal. It's possible that the situation is actually the opposite – under the cover of the pressure, he is avoiding a decision that could cost him a considerable political price.

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A prominent LGBT activist took to X Sunday with the bold claim that there are at least 18 species of "biologically trans" animals. Australian leftist Peter Tatchell may have grown accustomed to passing off many of his radical views in the current political climate, but this particular suggestion died on arrival.

Tatchell has been roundly ridiculed over his post, which was also slapped with multiple community notes.

A history of bad takes

Tatchell has long courted controversy with his extreme views on sexuality. In the late 1990s, he argued that the United Kingdom should reduce the age of consent to 14.

The Critic reported that Tatchell wrote a letter to the Guardian in 1997, noting, "Ros Coward thinks that it is 'shocking' that Gay Men's Press has published a book, 'Dare to Speak,' which challenges the assumption that all sex involving children and adults is abusive. I think it is courageous."

Tatchell went on to reference "societies where consenting inter-generational sex is considered normal, beneficial and enjoyable by old and young alike."

Later in the letter, Tatchell reportedly noted, "Several of my friends gay and straight male and female had sex with adults from the ages of 9 to 14. None feel they were abused."

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“[Amour] says, ‘I don't have all the answers, but I'm always looking for more of them.’ I've got one for you, Nancy: Shut the f*** up until you know what you're talking about because girls are getting hurt by male basketball players posing as girls,” Kelly fired.

“I have a daughter who played basketball,” she continued, “and the thought of her going up against a biological man on that court is terrifying.”

Dave, for one, loves Kelly’s rant, expletives and all.

“That’s momma bear right there,” he says.

“[The woke] are putting tolerance at the top so we are tolerant of everything, except the problem is, you're going to have to throw a lot of people under the bus,” he continues.

“And by the way ... how tolerant are the woke of everybody else?”

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Migrant Crime Explodes Higher In Germany In 2023, Violent Crime Hits 

Wednesday, Apr 10, 2024 - 01:00 AM

Authored by John Cody via ReMix News,

The number of foreign suspects soared to around 923,000 last year, representing a massive 18 percent increase in just one year nationwide, according to crime statistics from the German Interior Ministry released on Tuesday.

However, the even more shocking number may have to do with violent crimes, which soared to record levels in 2023.

The data from the interior ministry shows that 41 percent of all crime suspects are foreigners, with 2.246 million people in the country suspected of a crime in 2023, which is 7.3 percent more than in 2022, reports Die Welt,

Overall, foreigners only represent 15 percent of the population.

‘Completely lost contact with the population’

The shocking numbers have hit Germany like a thunderclap and could have a number of political implications.

The head of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt, slammed Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) after the drastic rise in foreign crime was revealed.

“The Federal Minister of the Interior is becoming more and more like ‘Nancy in Wonderland’ when she is astonished to discover that Germany has become more violent,” Wendt told Bild.

He argued that one would only be surprised with this outcome “if one has completely lost contact with the population.”

Faeser, for her part, has labeled “right-wing extremism” the biggest threat to the country, all while allowing violent crime and rape to explode under her tenure, especially from foreign criminals.

The government is now racing to naturalize millions of foreigners in order to ensure that they are not counted under “foreign” crime but are instead counted as “Germans,” as German crime statistics list anyone who commits a crime as “German” regardless of their migration background as long as they have a German passport.

Claire's Observations:  So THIS is how the German government deals with migrant crime;  wall-papering it over, to make it appear that absolutely nothing is wrong.

This is going to come back to bite the ruling party in a VERY sensitive part of the human anatomy, come the next election cycle.

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In midtown Manhattan on March 4, Google’s managing director for Israel, Barak Regev, was addressing a conference promoting the Israeli tech industry when a member of the audience stood up in protest. “I am a Google Cloud software engineer, and I refuse to build technology that powers genocide, apartheid, or surveillance,” shouted the protester, wearing an orange t-shirt emblazoned with a white Google logo. “No tech for apartheid!” 

The Google worker, a 23-year-old software engineer named Eddie Hatfield, was booed by the audience and quickly bundled out of the room, a video of the event shows. After a pause, Regev addressed the act of protest. “One of the privileges of working in a company which represents democratic values is giving space for different opinions,” he told the crowd.

Three days later, Google fired Hatfield.

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A Biden family-linked Ukrainian business has been named in a criminal probe into the financing of terrorism, Russia’s Investigative Committee announced on Tuesday. The industrial conglomerate Burisma Holdings, which employed Hunter Biden as a highly paid director in the 2010s, is included among several entities listed by investigators.

The focus on the company stems from a complaint filed by a group of Russian MPs and public figures in the aftermath of the deadly Crocus City Hall attack outside Moscow last month. The original petition claims that the US and its allies have allegedly organized a string of attacks on Russian soil.

So far, investigators have “established that the funds, flowing through commercial organizations, including the oil and gas conglomerate Burisma Holdings, operating in Ukraine, have been used in recent years to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia,” committee spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko said. Terrorist activities have also taken place in third countries, aimed at the “elimination of prominent political and public figures, as well as causing economic damage,” she added.

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The average U.S. taxpayer was forced to contribute more to militarized programs than to Medicare and Medicaid combined in 2023, according to a new analysis released Tuesday by the National Priorities Project.

Published ahead of Tax Day, the analysis sheds light on the extent to which the federal income tax dollars of ordinary Americans are fueling "militarism and its support systems" such as the Pentagon, which currently accounts for roughly half of the federal government's total discretionary budget.

"Overall, in 2023, the average taxpayer contributed $5,109 for militarism and its support systems—including war and the Pentagon, veterans' programs, deportations and border militarization, and federal spending on policing and prisons," according to NPP, which is a project of the Institute for Policy Studies.

By comparison, the typical U.S. taxpayer contributed $4,308 to Medicare and Medicaid, $346 to K-12 education, $516 to nutrition assistance for low-income Americans, and $58 to diplomacy-related programs.

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Authored by Steve Watson via Modernity.news,

The furore over Scotland’s draconian new hate crime law rumbles on, as First Minister Humza Yousaf has now stated that the only people who reported his infamous ‘anti-white’ speech as a potential hate crime are “far right.”

In an interview with the BBC, Yousaf took issue with the ‘hatred’ description of his 2020 speech wherein he complained that every political position in Scotland was held by a white person.

As we previously highlighted, Yousaf’s speech in front of the Scottish Parliament on the 11th of June 2020 was reported to police by those opposed to the new legislation.

The BBC interviewer, Stephen Sackur, noted “interestingly, you too have been reported under the new hate crime legislation,” referring to the “white, white, white,” comments made during the speech.

“Now, Scotland is 96 percent white,” Sackur continued, adding “and there are some very active people, particularly on social media, who are saying Humza Yousaf’s message was essentially racist, it was anti-white.”

“The police aren’t interested, they say it’s nonsense, they’re certainly not going to investigate it, but under the new legislation the police also have to record it as a non-criminal hate incident, how do you feel about that?” Sackur asked.

Yousaf shot back:

“The description of those who referenced that speech as hatred, I’ve not seen anybody who has described it in that way who isn’t part of the far-right.”

Claire's Observations:  First Secretary Yousaf, a word, please.

Both the citizens of Scotland, and of the US have the following expectations of their government; that it be intelligent; responsible to its constituents; and have a moral core.  This absurd anti-hate legislation reflects absolutely none of those virtues.  

When neighbors are tattling on their neighbors who have let their hydrangea bushes grow too long, and calling the police, things have gone too far. I would love to believe you have what my late grandad used to call "horse sense": But I, and the citizens of Scotland are waiting to see if that is true.

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The isolation of Gaza is almost complete. The laws of war have been torn up and the enclave is now completely at Israel’s mercy

After six months – and many tens of thousands of dead and maimed Palestinian women and children later – western commentators are finally wondering whether something may be amiss with Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Israel apparently crossed a red line when it killed a handful of foreign aid workers on 1 April, including three British security contractors.

Three missiles, fired over several minutes, struck vehicles in a World Central Kitchen (WCK) aid convoy heading up Gaza’s coast on one of the few roads still passable after Israel turned the enclave’s homes and streets into rubble. All the vehicles were clearly marked. All were on an approved, safe passage. And the Israeli military had been given the coordinates to track the convoy’s location.

With precise missile holes through the vehicle roofs making it impossible to blame Hamas for the strike, Israel was forced to admit responsibility. Its spokespeople claimed an armed figure had been seen entering the storage area from which the aid convoy had departed.

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Jewish activism throughout the West follows very similar broad patterns, including a noticeable over-representation in pro-immigration and pro-diversity movements, and in other areas which can be classed as demographically and culturally aggressive and harmful to the interests of the native population. An ancillary pattern to this activism is a strident defensiveness that borders on paranoia, resulting in Jews taking leading roles in the restriction of free speech, the introduction of “hate” laws and, finally, a strident and insatiable demand that the host population, the very subject of Jewish aggression, provide funds for the physical security of Jews.

The Security Shakedown in Historical Context

The Jewish demand for special protection is witnessed throughout the history of their settlement among Europeans. In the Middle Ages, European elites were aware of the hostility aroused by Jewish exploitation of the peasantry but, because they also benefited from this exploitation via special taxes on Jews, numerous measures were taken to increase security for Jewish usurers and their families. The now infamous “identifying badge,” normally a yellow star, originates from the thirteenth century, when it was first introduced to better facilitate the recognition of Jews by their official bodyguards.[1] Writing in The Jews in 1922, Hilaire Belloc pointed out that after the Enlightenment and the decline of absolute monarchies, Jews seized upon ‘citizenship’ as a replacement for the security and protection offered by the now redundant symbiotic relationship with the older, weakened elites of yesterday. ‘Equality under the law,’ or rather the unequal application of this principle, was the path to the security and special treatment which, as Belloc argued, ‘the Jew’ feels “to be his due.”

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Roman Balmakov of EpochTV is the best news presenter in the business. In this 13 minute video Balmakov reports successes from the use of Ivermectin in cancer treatment. https://www.theepochtimes.com/epochtv/ivermectin-as-a-powerful-drug-for-fighting-cancer-a-look-at-the-evidence-facts-matter-5622050?utm_source=Enews&utm_campaign=etv1-2024-04-05&utm_medium=email&utm_content=upvideo&est=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAceE5JjMFys3H%2BbdAvWpUcQzPZ0WlGLZbDFlFfmdQNQ%3D%3D

As I reported during the 3 years of orchestrated Covid hysteria, both HCQ and Ivermectin are preventers and cures of Covid. The medical authorities knew this, but they suppressed it,
because if they acknowledged that a cure existed, the Covid “vaccine” could not be released under emergency authorization.

Link BookmarkAs the “vaccine” had not gone through the required testing, it could not be released for use under normal conditions. Therefore, it was a known risk, and the emergency use authorization protected the pharmaceutical companies from liability.

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The European Union has given the green light to a large number of new science grants for Israel amid the genocidal war on Gaza.

Trawling through an EU funding database, I counted almost 90 projects involving Israeli firms or institutions which the Brussels bureaucracy has approved since 7 October.

Israel Aerospace Industries, a weapons maker that has boasted of playing a “pivotal role” in the current war against Gaza, is taking part in at least two of those projects.

Many other projects include Tel Aviv University, the Technion and Hebrew University of Jerusalem. All three of those colleges are offering special funding to students who – as reserve soldiers with the Israeli military – have perpetrated a genocide over the past six months.

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Since the first moments of the 7 October raid, the Palestinian resistance has published combat videos offering a unique view of the battle in defense of Gaza.

We see fighters moving through the streets and buildings of Gaza, utilizing an arsenal of weaponry that has been built and adapted in the Gaza Strip.

We see simple but effective weapons such as the Yassin 105 anti-tank rocket – a Soviet clone manufactured in Gaza – being widely used by fighters against Israeli army tanks, troop carriers and D9 armored bulldozers.

We see the fighters mouseholing through the walls of buildings and through tight alleys to avoid drone surveillance and using tunnels as offensive and defensive positions.

We see improvised explosive devices like the Shawaz EFP, a weapon that the Qassam Brigades – the armed wing of Hamas – have been developing and advancing for more than two decades.

The Shawaz is used on Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles. It is often remotely detonated, but sometimes we see the fighters directly placing the device beside the tank or attaching a magnetic version by hand.

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During a speech in Beirut on Friday, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that Iran will surely retaliate for last week’s attack, presumably by Israel, on its consulate in Damascus that led to the death of seven members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, including senior Al-Quds commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi.

In a televised address marking “Quds Day,” Nasrallah described the attack as a “turning point,” warning that any scenario was possible in its aftermath.

“Everyone must prepare themselves, arrange their matters and be careful when the Iranian side responds to the targeting of the Iranian consulate and to the Zionist enemy’s possible response to the Iranian response,” he said.

Nasrallah's statements are significant in that they indicate a readiness for the first time since the Gaza war broke out after Hamas’ October 7 attack to intervene massively should a wider war erupt between Iran and Israel, a message which appeared directed at the United States as much as Israel itself.

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USAID administrator Samantha Power presented a bleak picture of the humanitarian situation in Gaza and international efforts to alleviate it during a Senate hearing on Tuesday, prompting some senators to question whether Israel’s conduct during the war was in compliance with U.S. law.

Power was testifying in front of the Senate Appropriation subcommittee State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs to discuss her agency’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year. But a majority of senators — all but one of whom were Democrats — focused their questions largely on the crisis in Gaza.

Power said that according to many aid workers that she met in Israel last month, this was the worst humanitarian catastrophe that they had experienced in their careers. “Unprecedented was the word they used,” she said.

During her remarks, Power noted that nearly the entire population is living under the threat of famine, ,that Israel has not done enough to facilitate necessary humanitarian access into Gaza, and that aid workers in Gaza were not able to do their work safely or reliably.

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