"Governments that see their people as wealth will take care of those people. Governments that see the people as a source of wealth couldn't care less." -- Michael Rivero

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The first part of Trudeau’s tweet read: “When women and girls are empowered, entire families, communities, and societies succeed. So today, as we mark #IWD2023 and celebrate the incredible women and girls in our lives, let’s keep working to build a more equal and equitable future.”

Trudeau seemingly felt the need to add a reference to transgenderism in another tweet that he added to the thread, saying: “And with a disturbing rise in anti-transgender hate here in Canada and around the world recently, I want to be very clear about one more thing: Trans women are women. We will always stand up to this hate – whenever and wherever it occurs.”

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Excess mortality in Germany 2020–2022 is a preprint by Christof Kuhbandner (a psychologist at Regensburg) and Matthias Reitzner (a statistician at Osnabrück) that applies sophisticated actuarial analysis to the publicly available all-cause mortality data provided by the German government. It turns out that when you account for historical mortality trends, the virus no longer looks so dangerous, and the vaccines no longer look so great.

From the abstract:

In 2020, the observed number of deaths was close to the expected number with respect to the empirical standard deviation. By contrast, in 2021, the observed number of deaths was two empirical standard deviations above the expected number. The high excess mortality in 2021 was almost entirely due to an increase in deaths in the age groups between 15 and 79 and started to accumulate only from April 2021 onwards. A similar mortality pattern was observed for stillbirths with an increase of about 11 percent in the second quarter of the year 2021.

Something must have happened in April 2021 that led to a sudden and sustained increase in mortality in the age groups below 80 years, although no such effects on mortality had been observed during the COVID-19 pandemic so far.

What happened in April 2021 was the beginning of mass vaccination across Germany.

Here’s an overview of mortality deficit or excess by age bracket:

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Energy Crisis? Food crisis? Industrial collapse? Supply chains disruptions? Fractured Communications? Cyber-attacks? Black-outs? Hyper-inflation? Climate change? Wars, civil conflicts, and more plandemics, culminating in human misery…


It’s all manufactured.

It’s all part of the plan to destroy civilization as we know it, to replace it with the  4th Industrial Revolution robots and humanoids – acting on AI-generated electronic commands and surviving on programmable digital central bank currencies (DCBC).

If we keep sitting at the sideline, watching, instead of doing something to stop this insanity, this crime of biblical proportions, it indeed will happen. Humanity and what’s left of Mother Earth will be ready for the abyss.

Shortages create inflation – and if inflation doesn’t occur naturally, it is manufactured. Media propaganda talking full-time of inflation gives industrial and service conglomerates a free pass to increase prices. Nobody questions whether its justified. The media says there is inflation – so, price increases are indeed of the order.

Many of the crises are not even happening in reality; most of them just in the media. By 24/7 endless propaganda. And by Artificial Intelligence (AI)-induced appearances.

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America’s top medical schools, worried they have too few minority students, are doing something about it.

They are lowering academic standards for admission and trying to hide the evidence.

Columbia, Harvard, the University of Chicago, Stanford, Mount Sinai, and the University of Pennsylvania have already done soThe list already tops forty, and more are sure to follow.

Of course, the universities won’t admit what they are doing – and certainly not why. All they will say is that their new standards add “equity” and “lived experience.”

Unfortunately, adding those factors inevitably lessens the weight given to others.

The harsh reality is medical schools are downplaying academic achievement and MCAT scores, which give the best evidence of how well students are prepared for medical school. The MCAT is specifically tailored for that purpose. In addition to a section on critical reasoning (similar to the SATs), it examines students on biology and biochemistry, organic chemistry, the physics of living systems, and the biological and psychological foundations of behavior. It’s easy to see how those relate directly to higher education in medical science. Yet med schools want to downplay them and add inherently subjective criteria like “lived experience.”

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Good old Hanoi Jane is at it again.  The pro-communist activist is famous not simply for her anti-war stance (which could be argued as justifiable), but also for actively propagandizing for the North Vietnamese.  Not only that, but she has a rather vicious history of calling for the deaths of people she disagrees with.  Part of her activism in Vietnam included her arguments that American POWs held by the VC be tried and executed for war crimes:

Fast forward decades later and Jane Fonda hasn't changed; her provocateur methods continue, probably because she has never faced consequences.  While the far-leftist position of The View is no secret, even the regular members of the show had to pull Fonda back from the brink after a discussion on state laws blocking abortion, in which she was asked what could be done other than protest...

She responded: "Well, murder..." 

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There are some that say not much was learned or gained from the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government this past week as politicians sparred over the meaning of the release of the Twitter Files.  Democrats in particular seemed adamant that they would not discuss the actual contents of the files or their implications.  Their apparent goal?  To disrupt exploration of the information and to attack the messengers.

There might not have been many new revelations coming from the subcommittee, but what the public did learn was that the political left is extremely hostile to facts, evidence and the truth.  If you didn't already know that by now, the hearing with Matt Taibbi made it abundantly clear.  

Leftist members of the committee proceeded into a tirade when Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger were called to testify on their participation in the publishing of the files, attacking everything from their credentials to their intentions, and even demanding they reveal information on their private sources.  Here is the real information the Dems did not want to talk about:

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Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny, in hot pursuit, announced the data on the night (from March 8 to 9) strike. According to him, 81 missiles were fired at Ukrainian targets by the Russian side, including Kh-47 Kinzhal, X-22, Kh-101 / Kh-555, as well as 8 Geran UAVs. He also boasted that allegedly independent anti-aircraft gunners shot down 34, and 8 “did not reach their goals as a result of organized opposition.”

Ukro-pravdoruby Zaluzhny do not believe. They believe that the independent air defense was able to chalk up only “dummy” and “Gerani” missiles. For obvious reasons, neither Zaluzhny nor Zelensky will provide details. But, judging by the mood in ukrnet, real despondency reigns on Bankovaya.

Later, the speaker of the Potryanyh Forces of Ukraine , Ignat, spoke . In particular, he said: “This was the first time – at night 6 Kinzhal missiles were fired at Ukraine.

“Daggers” are much more dangerous than other Russian missiles. They are capable of flying at hypersonic speeds, which are 10 times the speed of sound, and can maneuver in flight. It is virtually impossible for air defense systems to shoot down the Kinzhal, since the missile rises up 20 km, and then dives at a great speed on the target,” Ignat explained and added that in his memory “there has never been such a dangerous arrival.”

Webmaster addition: The US and NATO have nothing that can stop the Kinzhal. 

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The Department of Defense confirmed this week that advanced bombs are operational in Ukraine. The Joint Direct Attack Munition-Extended Range (JDAM-ER) can hit targets 50 miles away. The Pentagon’s confirmation comes after President Joe Biden ordered the Pentagon to transfer "precision aerial munitions" to Kiev in December.

On Monday, U.S. Air Force Gen. James Hecker, head of US Air Forces in Europe,  told reporters that the JDAM-ER was operational in Ukraine. "Recently, we’ve just gotten some precision munitions [to Ukraine] that had some extended range and go a little bit further than the gravity drop bomb and has precision [guidance]," Hecker said. 

Webmaster addition: Too bad trains here in the US are not as well designed!

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Russia is accelerating its exports of diesel to Saudi Arabia by both direct shipments and ship-to-ship transfers, Reuters reported on Friday, quoting trade sources and shipping data from Refinitiv.

Using STS loadings, Russia is shortening the routes for tankers headed to Africa and Asia after Moscow is now banned from exporting fuels to the EU.

Two cargoes of diesel loaded in the Primorsk port on the Baltic Sea in Russia have been transferred on another tanker heading to Saudi Arabia’s port of Ras Tanura, per shipping data from Refinitiv cited by Reuters. The data also showed that another cargo loaded from the Black Sea port of Tuapse used ship-to-ship loading to another tanker that had already discharged the fuel at the Jizan port in Saudi Arabia. Both STS loadings took place near the Greek port of Kalamata, according to Refinitiv’s data.  

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The Covid Origins Act of 2023, sponsored by Sens. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Mike Braun (R-IN), passed by a vote of 410 to 0, after clearing the Senate by unanimous consent last week.

Webmaster addition: Frankly, the unanimity of the Congressional vote worries me. I am wondering if this "revelation" is intended to stop with China, as part of a plan to sell the people on the idea of yet another war, while keeping the financial and managerial links back to the US hidden.

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As lines (real and virtual) full of anxious depositors grew last week outside of Silicon Valley Bank branches around the world, and reassurances of "liquidity" were gushed from the C-Suite, three individuals within the firm were perhaps less troubled than those seeking their hard-earned cash back from the soon-to-be-failed bank.

12 days ago (on Feb 27th), Gregory Becker, the CEO of Silicon Valley Bank, sold $3.6 million worth (11%) of his shares...

Daniel Beck, the CFO, sold 32% (around $600,000) of his holdings...

And finally, CMO Michelle Draper sold 28%...


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If AI isn't self-aware of the fact it is nothing but an exploitive tool of the powerful, then it's worthless.

The latest wave of AI tools is generating predictably giddy exaltations. These range from gooey, gloppy technocratic worship of the new gods ("AI will soon walk on water!") to the sloppy wet kisses of manic fandom ("AI cleaned up my code, wrote my paper on quantum physics and cured my sensitive bowel!")

The hype obscures the fundamental reality that all these AI tools are nothing but labor-saving mechanisms that cut costs and boost profits, the same goal the self-serving corporate-dominated system has pursued obsessively since "shareholder value" ("an entity's greatest responsibility lies in the satisfaction of the shareholders") gained supremacy over the economy and society.

This can be summarized as "society exists to maximize the profits of corporations." From this perspective, all the AI tools in the world are developed with one goal: cut labor costs to boost profits. Euphoric fans claim these labor-saving mechanisms will magically transform society to new levels of sticky-sweet wonderfulness, but this "magic" is nothing but hazy opium-den fantasies of profiteering cartels and monopolies doing good by doing well.

Meanwhile, the Central State, a.k.a. The Savior State, is mesmerized by the prospect of new AI tools to control the restive herd. What better use of nifty new AI than to identify who needs a cattle prod to keep them safely in line, or who needs to be sent to Digital Siberia to keep their dissenting voice safely stifled?

You're perfectly free to scream and shout as loudly as you want, here on the empty, trackless tundra of Digital Siberia.

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Yesterday afternoon, after the equity market close, USD Coin (USDC) issuer Circle revealed that $3.3 billion of its $40 billion reserves were tied up in now-failed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

Specifically, on March 9, Circle initiated a wire transfer to remove its funds from SVB as the FDIC-insured bank was about to shut operations. However, two days later, on March 11, Circle confirmed that the wire transfers were not wholly processed, with $3.3 billion of USDC reserves still with SVB.

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According to the latest survey carried out by The Economist and YouGov, a majority of U.S. adults now think that Covid originated in a laboratory in China, whether intentionally or as a chance mutation.

Infographic: Two Thirds of U.S. Adults Think Covid Likely Started in a Lab | Statista

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“This company is a merchant bank with a deposit base that Wall Street has mistakenly been concerned by,” Cramer said in the clip.

Cramer touted the fact that the bank was “less dependent upon private equity and venture capital offerings.”

He said the stock was the “fourth-worst performer of 2022” though it was worth buying because “being a banker to these immense pools of capital has always been a very good business.”

Webmaster addition: Cramer is in a great position to do a "bump and dump." He personally buys a stock that's low, talks it up on his show, and people who watch his show buy the stock. That drives the stock price up, and Cramer sells at the peak!

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Folks, this is a big deal. In Congressional testimony (March 8-9) Dr Robert Redfield, who was director of the Centers for Disease Control during the Covid pandemic, told Congress that Dr. Fauci financed the gain-of-function research that made the virus so contagious, that the virus was not natural and was engineered in a lab, and that Fauci excluded him from meetings and decisions because he, Redfield, was disturbed about what was going on.

There is no doubt of Fauci’s guilt, but with Democrats controlling the White House and Senate, Fauci cannot be held accountable.  The mass murderer is free while Trump supporters who attended a rally are in prison. This is what Democrat rule means.  Americans who vote Democrat vote for a Third Reich regime.

My personal opinion is that the virus was released not accidentally in China but intentionally by Washington. On top of 9/11 as an inside job we have the Covid pandemic as an inside job.

Read this and watch the short segments of testimony.

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One of the most well-versed individuals on the subject joined Mike Adams this week on his Health Ranger Report program to discuss the invasion on America through the southern border.

War correspondent Michael Yon, who just came back from the Darien Gap between Columbia and Panama, a major migration route to the United States, revealed to Adams that the American people are undergoing an engineered replacement by the powers that be, who want the new America to be comprised of obedient, third-world slaves.

At the top of the food chain, Yon says, is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the World Economic Forum (WEF), which he says are joined at the hip like Siamese twins – be sure to watch the full segment below.

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Two days earlier, Silvergate, the crypto bank, collapsed. The bank was where most of the big crypto firms went, because traditional banks did not want to do business with them. And that reluctance stemmed from warnings from regulators who consider the crypto industry a risky sector.

The company said on March 8 that it intended "to wind down operations and voluntarily liquidate the bank in an orderly manner and in accordance with applicable regulatory processes."

It added: "In light of recent industry and regulatory developments, Silvergate believes that an orderly wind down of bank operations and a voluntary liquidation of the bank is the best path forward."

"The bank’s wind down and liquidation plan includes full repayment of all deposits. The Company is also considering how best to resolve claims and preserve the residual value of its assets, including its proprietary technology and tax assets."

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Police officers in New York City are resigning at a record-breaking pace this year, according to new data analyzed by the New York Post.
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Politico reported – The US House sent legislation to President Joe Biden on Friday requiring the administration to declassify all information held by U.S. agencies relating to potential links between China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology and Covid-19.
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Posted on: Mar 11 20:10
U.S. cryptocurrency firm Circle has $3.3 billion of its $40 billion of USD Coin reserves at the collapsed lender Silicon Valley Bank, the company said in a tweet on Friday.
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Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell, who is best known for his relationship with Chinese spy and honeypot Fang Fang, suggested banning Fox News from troops overseas.
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Grand Marais, Minn.- A Minnesota man confessed to beating a convicted pedophile with a shovel before “finishing him off” with a moose antler according to a criminal complaint filed Friday.
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The Silicon Valley Bank failed while the top executives at the bank sold their shares before the failure – an obvious misuse of insider information.
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Envision it with me: A worried millennial walks through a smog-filled park, his/her/their/xir face fixed in a rictus of existential dread. Then comes the voice-over: “Do you have climate mental health issues?”
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Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., on Friday introduced legislation that would allow congressional employees to carry legally possessed weapons in self-defense to and from Capitol Hill and safely store them while at work.

The Safe Storage Lockers for House Office Buildings Act would require Capitol Police to install and operate lockers at the entrances of House office buildings where workers could store their weapons.

In Washington, D.C., individuals are allowed by law to carry and use certain weapons for self-defense, including self-defense sprays, stun guns and concealed firearms. However, both D.C. and federal law prohibit individuals from carrying these weapons inside a federal building.

Webmaster addition: Guns for me but not for thee!

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Prominent conservatives throughout politics and media reacted to the sudden closure of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on Friday. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is already standing firm against bailouts for the bank, and many are pointing to “Bidenflation” as a driver of the implosion.

Gaetz appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room where Bannon asserted that the closure was “100 percent because of Biden’s policies.”

Posted on: Mar 11 14:24

A majority of voters believe President Joe Biden has a conflict of interest when responding to aggressive actions by China, according to a recent poll.

Of 1,082 respondents, 57.2% believe the Biden family’s personal business interests with China create a conflict of interest for the country when responding to Chinese aggression, according to a Conventions of States Action/ Trafalgar poll released Friday. Going forward, 57.6% of respondents believe the Biden administration should be more aggressive in leading a global coalition to contain China.

“This poll shows that Americans are rightly concerned about China’s aggressive actions towards the U.S. and want to see leadership from President Biden,” Convention of States President Mark Meckler said in a release. “But we are at an alarming and dangerous place when the majority of Americans believe Biden’s hesitations to address the threat from Communist China is the result of jeopardizing his family’s business dealings.”

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