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The Kremlin accused NATO today of encouraging Ukraine to extend the conflict against Russian forces, amid intense debate among Kyiv’s allies about allowing Ukrainian strikes on Russian soil with Western weapons. “NATO member countries, mainly the United States and other European capitals, have recently initiated a new cycle of escalation,” stated Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He further went on to say that this is being done deliberately expressing that warmongering statements are encouraging Ukraine by all possible means to continue the senseless war.

Peskov warned that “all this will have natural and inevitable consequences and will ultimately harm the interests of those countries that have chosen the path of escalation.”

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It’s been 36 years since so many Nato forces amassed in Europe for a practice run of war with Russia.

The World Wide Web was still an idea, the Iron Curtain was crumbling, and the Soviet Union was starting to abandon communism.

Some 188,000 Nato troops took part in Reforger in 1988 near the close of the Cold War, the alliance’s largest military exercise until Steadfast Defender this year.

The latest Nato drills have involved 50 naval vessels like aircraft carriers and destroyers, fighter jets like F35s and F18s, and 1,100 combat vehicles like 150 tanks and 400 armoured personnel carriers.

Roughly 90,000 military personnel from Nato’s 32 member states participated in the drill, which ends this week, less than half the number that took part in Reforger.

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The head of Nato has piled pressure on Joe Biden, saying the “time has come” for members to reconsider allowing Ukraine to strike Russian territory with weapons donated by the West.

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Google's algorithms consider several factors when displaying search results including the words used in the query, how relevant the pages are, the source's expertise and the user's location, according to its website.

However, Fishkin reported that the algorithm reportedly generates results by focusing on the number of clicks a site receives to measure its success, Chrome data, the domain authority and the author's byline.

DailyMail.com has yet to be able to verify the documents independently, but the company appeared to confirm the documents are legitimate in a statement, but claimed they're no longer relevant.

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An American Airlines plane came close to smashing into a private aircraft on the runway of Reagan National Airport on Wednesday morning, according to reports. 

Audio shows an air traffic controller canceling the take off clearance for the AA flight 2134 as the private King Air plane was set to land on an intersecting runway at 10:21am local time. 

As the cancelation goes through, the pilot in the private aircraft, a Hawker Beechcraft, reveals he's already on the ground in Arlington, Virginia. Regan National Airport is also known as DCA. 

The American plane involved was an Airbus A319. There were more than 100 passengers on board. 

The flight was bound for Boston and was cleared to land on Runway 1 and reached speeds of 80 knots, around 110 miles per hour, before being told to abandon takeoff.

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