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"Dr. McCullough gives us a stark and clear summary: "Remdesivir has two problems. First, it doesn’t work. Second, it is toxic and it kills people." -- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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The once-conservative publication Forbes released a story yesterday on the girlfriend of FTX’s former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, Caroline Ellison who was the CEO of Alameda, the investment arm of FTX.
Posted on: Nov 20 07:55

The United States began to severely suppress Kyiv's attempts to cause the special operation to develop into Russia's direct confrontation with NATO. Neither Warsaw nor London will help Ukraine — Washington has already made a decision.

For USA, Ukraine no longer 'victim of aggression', and Zelensky becomes a thorn in the side

The Kyiv regime tried to take advantage of the explosion (it remains unknown whether it was an accident or an attack) of the Ukrainian S-300 anti-missile on the territory of Poland in order to officially get NATO involved into a full-fledged war with the Russian Federation.

Immediately after the rocket blast in the Polish village on November 15, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that it was a Russian missile. He hurried to accuse Russia of "spreading hostilities into NATO territory."

He was persistent about it even after the leaders of NATO, the US, the EU and even Poland said that the anti-missile was fired from a Ukrainian air defense system in an attempt to intercept a Russian missile that had been launched as part of a massive strike targeting the Ukrainian energy system on November 15.

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Posted on: Nov 20 07:54

Russia’s defense ministry said on Friday that Ukraine had executed more than 10 Russian prisoners of war with direct shots to the head.

The defense ministry was responding to a video circulated on Russian social media which it said showed the execution of Russian prisoners of war.

Reuters was unable to immediately verify either the video or the defense ministry’s claim.

The defense ministry said the video showed “the deliberate and methodical murder of more than ten immobilized Russian serviceman by degenerate Ukrainian soldiers with direct shots to the head.”

The defense ministry said the video was a sign of the “atrocious nature” of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his “regime” in Kyiv, and said he would “answer before the court of history, the people of Russia and Ukraine.”

Posted on: Nov 20 07:54

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban today called the European Union's sanctions against Russia "a step towards war."

Orban is intensifying his criticism of Brussels' strategy, which he considers dangerous.

"Anyone who intervenes economically in a military conflict is taking a position," Hungary's nationalist prime minister said in his traditional interview with pro-government radio.

"Little by little we are sliding towards war," noted Orban, concerned by the buildup of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

The Hungarian prime minister regularly denounces European sanctions even if he voted for them along with his partners, blaming these measures for his country's economic difficulties.

Hungary's economy shrank in the third quarter of the year (compared to the second), and inflation is over 20 percent, even reaching 45 percent for food.

Posted on: Nov 20 07:53

New Zealand has rolled out a handbook for citizens to report their neighbors for extremism. And how do you know someone is extreme? If they question Covid lockdowns, apparently. New Zealand wants to weaponize citizens against one another for speech because Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern thinks words should be regulated like weapons.

Posted on: Nov 20 07:48

The Ukrainian armed forces have carried out 12 strikes against the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant (NPP) on Saturday, for the first time since September, Renat Karchaa, an advisor to the director general of Russia’s Rosenergoatom company, said in a televised interview with Rossiya-24 news channel.

"Twelve strikes hit the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant from 5.15 p.m. to 5.41 p.m. We mean the perimeter of the plant, but not the industrial zone or any other areas adjacent to the plant," Karchaa said.

Karchaa pointed out that the splash pool, which is part of the NPP cooling system, was hit six times, two more impacts were recorded in the dry cask storage of spent nuclear fuel and three more strikes were documented near Checkpoint 2.

Posted on: Nov 20 07:46

Former US president Donald Trump claimed Saturday he would have brokered additional peace agreements between Israel and “maybe all” remaining Arab countries had he remained in office for a second term, repeating his false claims that the 2020 election had been “rigged.”

“We would have had maybe all of them, that includes Saudi Arabia, within a short time after the election,” Trump said in a satellite address to the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership conference in Las Vegas.

His administration managed to broker peace agreements between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan and Kosovo in Trump’s final months in office.

Posted on: Nov 20 07:46

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin has met with his Canadian counterpart Anita Anand in Halifax, Canada and vowed to provide more military assistance to Ukraine, according to a readout provided by Pentagon press secretary Brigadier General Pat Ryder.

The meeting that took place took place on the sidelines of the Halifax International Security Forum where the duo "reaffirmed their unwavering support for Ukraine, pledging to continue providing assistance to strengthen Ukraine’s security and sovereignty over the long term."

Austin said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “war of choice” in Ukraine is a threat to the rules-based international order that was established following the Second World War.

While Anand announced an additional 34 million dollars military aid for Ukraine, denounced "Russia’s invasion" of Ukraine, saying the people of Ukraine has the government’s support.

Posted on: Nov 20 07:45

The same swing states where the last presidential election was stolen are again showing the mysterious sharp upward readjustment of the vote count for Democrat candidates.  In Arizona where election day vote counting is on hold, mysterious tranches of votes keep arriving days after the election for the Democrat candidate for governor–17,000 here, 5,000 there.  Tucker Carlson asked who benefits from long delays in vote counting.  He investigated and reported that a Democrat won in 12 out of 13 delays in arriving at the outcome.

Here is a report showing the same spikes in votes for Democrats in last Tuesday’s election that we saw in the stolen presidential election.  These spikes don’t happen for Republicans except when computer adjustments of the margins of victory for Democrats become too large to be believable.  Then there is a spike in the red vote to eliminate the unbelievable margin of Democrat victory. See this

Leading Provider of Financial Research Says US Is Headed for Third World Status

The fact of the matter is that power, not democracy, is the Democrats’ goal.  Their goal of revolutionizing society and over-riding parental authority, the traditional family, and Constitutional rights such as the First and Second Amendments leaves no room for self-government by the people.  The American people are being coerced into the revolution by the education system that is used to indoctrinate children and by “crises,” such as the “war on terror” and “covid pandemic,” that are used to vitiate the US Constitution. 

The revolution is gradual but steady.  Younger generations are born into “the new normality” and think that all that is being erased is “white racism” and an unfounded belief that some sexual preferences are perverse.

Every week that passes brings new restraints on liberty.  We have reached the point where challenges to official narratives are censored and MAGA Republicans are fired and refused jobs by a new generation of Woke business executives. 

The FBI and Department of Justice (sic) are politicized and used with impunity as weapons in the hands of Democrats.

And still Americans vote for Democrats?   

Posted on: Nov 20 07:41
Posted on: Nov 20 07:40
The day Joe Biden was installed as president, he sat down at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office and began signing a tower of executive orders, all of which were designed to quickly implement a far-left, anti-America first agenda.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 19 20:01
The implementation of so-called “green” energy policies is not about cleaning up the environment and creating a better world. It is about shifting power into the hands of communist China, which is exactly what the Biden regime is trying to do.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 19 20:00
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman who bristles at the thought of having to pay money to Twitter for her blue checkmark, is now giving a shout-out to the tech employees who refuse to take money from Twitter, provided that money comes with hard work attached.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 19 19:59
Former US Attorney General Bill Barr trashed his former boss and said federal prosecutors “probably have the basis for legitimately indicting” Trump.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 19 19:58
After school “Satan Clubs” are popping up all over the United States and parents are fighting back.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 19 19:57
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) declared an invasion on the Texas border with Mexico, invoking the U.S, and Texas constitutions.
By: orraz
Posted on: Nov 19 19:56
According to a new report morale “is in the toilet” after host Tiffany Cross was let go by the network. Far-left hosts are worried that network executives won’t have their backs.
Posted on: Nov 19 19:55
Open borders Democrats are getting illegal aliens brought right to their doorstep. Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent around 50 more illegal aliens to Kamala Harris’ home in Washington DC.
Posted on: Nov 19 19:54

Stick a fiscal fork in ’em: These student loan debtors are done.

As they contend with a second legal setback to President Biden’s estimated $430 billion student debt cancellation plan, some exasperated borrowers told The Post they won’t ever pay another penny toward their massive tabs — regardless of how it might impact their future finances.

Rather than having up to $20,000 forgiven as Biden vowed in August, the fed-up debtors remain among the more than 45 million borrowers who owe a total of $1.6 trillion in federal student loans. The average undergraduate borrower leaves college with nearly $25,000 in debt, according to a Department of Education review, and payments often start six months out of school when cash can be especially tight. As a result, roughly 16% of all borrowers are currently in default, federal data shows.

Posted on: Nov 19 13:38

Google and other giants of internet technology played a major role in preventing a “red wave” in last week’s 2022 midterm elections, according to research spearheaded by American Institute for Behavioral Research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein.

For months, many on both sides predicted that Republicans would sweep into strong majorities in both chambers of Congress in response to President Joe Biden’s unpopular handling of numerous issues; instead, the GOP barely won a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and failed to wrest the Senate from Democrat control.

Epstein, a prominent tech researcher, wrote Tuesday in The Epoch Times that “almost no one is looking in the right place” for the correct explanation, and that Big Tech is in fact expanding the reach of “rumors and conspiracy theories” about it to divert attention from itself.

Posted on: Nov 19 13:37

At a time when Musk is cutting hundreds if not thousands of workers on a weekly basis, early on Friday Europe delivered some unexpected news to the world's richest man: according to Thierry Breton, the EU’s internal market commissioner, Musk will have to increase the number of moderators in Europe, a continent which long ago gave up all pretense of having free speech.

“He is in the process of reducing a certain number of moderators, but he will have to increase them in Europe,” Breton told Franceinfo in an interview, Bloomberg reported.

Breton added that Musk “will have to open his algorithms. We will have control, we will have access, people will no longer be able to say rubbish.”

Posted on: Nov 19 13:36

Germany may face a meat shortage and a subsequent surge in prices within the next four to six months, Die Welt reported this week, citing the German Meat Industry Association (VDF).

“In four, five, six months we will have gaps on the shelves,” Hubert Kelliger, the head of group sales at meat marketer Westfleisch and a VDF board member, told the news outlet.

According to Kelliger, the worst shortages are expected in the supply of pork. He says Berlin insists on reducing the number of livestock by half in order to protect the climate. However, experts say this would lead to mass shutdowns of meat-producing companies, which in turn would result in a 40% increase in the price of meat.

Posted on: Nov 19 13:36

Remember the scene in the movie Top Gun: Maverick, Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell is piloting the SR-72 "Darkstar" hypersonic plane and slams the thrust lever for the engines all the way forward. The engines ignite in a fiery blast that propels Maverick to Mach 10.  

The propulsion system centered around the SR-72 Darkstar (a plane that is only a concept) is a turbine-based combined cycle, which merges a turbine engine with a ramjet. 

While there is no aircraft in the production stage with this insane propulsion system, ground-testing testing is underway. 

Hypersonic airplane developer Hermeus Corporation tweeted a video on Thursday of one of these engines transitioning from "turbojet" mode to "ramjet" insane mode. 

Posted on: Nov 19 13:35