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"If there is one basic element in our Constitution, it is civilian control of the military." -- Harry S. Truman

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As energy prices continue to soar across Europe, with gas prices surging 26% on Monday after Russia stopped pumping via Nord Stream 1, the highly contentious fracking debate is now re-emerging on the continent, led by a new British prime minister with fossil fuels on her mind. The European Union–which no longer includes the UK–plans to replace two-thirds of Russian gas imports by the end of the year, though analysts warn that the bloc’s best shot at replacing Russian gas imports will fall well short of the target. 

In 2021, the EU imported ~155 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas from Russia. Unfortunately, the bloc’s proposed gas replacements by the end of 2022–which include LNG (liquefied natural gas) diversification, renewables, heating efficiency, pipeline diversification, biomethane, solar rooftops and heat pumps–only amount to around 102 bcm annually, according to data from the EU Commission’s REPowerEU.

Proponents of fracking hold that Europe’s shale gas potential is needed now more than ever, though Germany, France, the Netherlands, Scotland and Bulgaria have all previously banned fracking. Now, the debate is being revived by recent moves in the UK.

Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss has announced that the UK is lifting a 2019 moratorium on shale gas fracking as the country looks to ramp up domestic energy resources and help households and businesses struggling to pay soaring energy bills.

The lifting of the fracking ban comes just three years after the government ended its support for fracking after the authority supervising the oil and gas industry determined that “it is not possible with current technology to accurately predict the probability of tremors associated with fracking.”

Posted on: Sep 15 09:35

Fat Leonard is on the lam. 

If you’ve never heard of Fat Leonard, don’t worry, you’re not alone. If the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, then perhaps the greatest trick the Pentagon ever pulled was convincing us all to act as if Fat Leonard didn’t exist either.

Leonard, more accurately known as Leonard Glenn Francis, earned the nickname due to his large size, reportedly 350 pounds, but he earned the federal prison sentence he is now running away from by being at the center of arguably the largest corruption scandal in the history of the United States Navy. For years, Leonard bribed and otherwise corrupted hundreds of Navy officers to look the other way as he systematically overcharged the U.S. government on hundreds of millions in Pentagon contracts. 

It’s a scandal of proportions as massive as Fat Leonard himself. The stories of Leonard’s corruption include drugs, prostitutes, Cuban cigars, Lady Gaga tickets, and of course lots of good, old fashioned cash. Eventually, Navy investigators from NCIS (not the TV show, the real Naval Criminal Investigative Service) started to look into it all, so at first Leonard just bought them off too. Eventually though, in 2013, federal agents successfully lured Leonard to a San Diego hotel where they were able to capture him. He eagerly flipped and gave up dozens of the corrupt Navy officers he’d worked with, and was awaiting sentencing as a cooperating witness when, last week, he escaped custody. 

Posted on: Sep 15 09:35

Palestinians in Jenin expressed worry about a possible Israeli escalation after two Palestinians and one Israeli soldier were killed in a firefight at the Jalama checkpoint, north of Jenin.
The shooting took place hours after the Israeli cabinet met to discuss the security situation in the West Bank, concluding that more escalation is ahead, especially during the Jewish holidays that will begin the last week of September.
Israeli media quoted the Israeli army claiming that an Israeli force set out to flank the two Palestinians who had approached the checkpoint before the pair opened fire at Israeli soldiers.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:34

The Israeli military has been refusing for the past two days to escort children from a Palestinian village to and from school to protect them from frequent attacks by settlers from a nearby outpost, even though a Knesset committee voted to provide security for them in 2004.

Residents of the Palestinian village of Tuba, located in the South Hebron Hills said it was the first time in 18 years that the army had ever told them it was cancelling the escorts. As a result, the village’s children haven’t been able to attend school for the past two days.

Tuba residents said they believed the army’s decision was aimed to punish them following Sunday night's clashes between settlers and Palestinians at the location where the village children meet the soldiers to be escorted back home.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:34

In recent days, the U.S. Department of Justice has served upwards of 40 subpoenas on people affiliated with Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, many of whom continue to associate with or support him.

The reports were first aired by Steven Bannon, and confirmed at least in part by attorney Harmeet Dhillon:

The NY Times and other mainstream media have confirmed (with glee) the large number of subpoenas, including phone seizures:

Justice Department officials have seized the phones of two top advisers to former President Donald J. Trump and blanketed his aides with about 40 subpoenas in a substantial escalation of the investigation into his efforts to subvert the 2020 election, people familiar with the inquiry said on Monday.

The seizure of the phones, coupled with a widening effort to obtain information from those around Mr. Trump after the 2020 election, represent some of the most aggressive steps the department has taken thus far in its criminal investigation into the actions that led to the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob.

The subpoenas themselves are extraordinarily broad, seeking communications with dozens of people. So one subpoena to one person actually implicates dozens of people. Redstate published one of the subpoenas, along with the threatening cover letter:

Posted on: Sep 15 09:32

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch obtained evidence that a computer contractor working under the direction of Hillary Clinton’s legal team destroyed subpoenaed records that the former secretary of state stored on a private email server she originally kept at her New York home, and then lied to investigators about it. Yet no charges were brought against Clinton, her lawyers, or her paid consultant.

FR170882 AP

Paul Combetta, computer contractor: Emailed a colleague he was part of a “Hilary[sic] coverup operation.”


The leniency accorded to Clinton contrasts with recent moves by Attorney General Merrick Garland to aggressively investigate former President Trump and his lawyers for allegedly obstructing investigators’ efforts to locate subpoenaed records at his Florida home. Legal experts say the apparent double standard may provide a useful defense for Trump and his legal team.

The treatment of Clinton included a deal with her defense team that required the FBI to, in effect, obstruct its own investigation. During its 2016 probe, the bureau agreed with her lawyers' demands to destroy two laptop hard drives containing subpoenaed evidence immediately after searching for files on them. They did so while the information was still being sought by congressional investigators and even though the lawyers had served under Clinton at the State Department and were subjects of the FBI’s investigation. In fact, the laptops were theirs.

Long before it bowed to the request, the FBI suspected Clinton's lawyers played hide-and-seek with evidence, making the concession that much more baffling.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:31

Southfront reports:

“The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has finally turned into a state of war between Russia and NATO with unpredictable results for all parties in the conflict.”

As I have pointed out from the beginning of the conflict, the Kremlin’s presumption that Russia’s military intervention could be limited to driving the Ukrainian forces out of the Donbass region was a strategic blunder, especially the go-slow feature as it gave the West plenty of time to widen the war. A much wider war has now occurred if Southfront’s report is correct that one-third of the forces used in Ukraine’s “counteroffensive” in the Kharkov region were supplied by NATO member states.

According to Southfront’s report, thinly spread Russian forces, aware that an attack was coming, withdrew to a consolidated position and suffered few losses. The Ukrainian/NATO force suffered heavy losses. With Russian reinforcements now approaching the scene, the Ukrainian/NATO force will likely be destroyed as was the fate of the Ukrainian “counteroffensive” in the south.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:22


The speed in which anti-whiteness has infected nearly every level of American society means there will be an equal and opposite reaction.

Why? There are still too many white people around to notice the outright hatred they, their progeny, and their posterity face from a prematurely gloating minority ready to spike the football before they cross the end zone. [‘Woke’ Department of Defense equity chief Kelisa Wing has history of anti-white Twitter posts: report, NY POST, September 13, 2022]:

The self-described “woke” chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer in the Department of Defense’s education branch has a history of calling out white people on social media, according to a report.

The tweets by Kelisa Wing, an Army veteran and the current DEI chief at the DoD’s Education Activity, were first reported by Fox News. When the outlet contacted her for comment, her Twitter account was made private and she declined to respond.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:20

What American with a conscience and a soul can watch this and be OK with it? Anti-white hate propaganda pushed by the media and the state enable this savagery Major credit to Blake for drawing attention to this

Posted on: Sep 15 09:18

Anew report shows that Russia and Ukraine had negotiated a peace deal back in April, but the U.S. and U.K. intervened to stop it. So Russia and Ukraine wanted to end the war four months ago. They were going to end the horror and death traumatizing the Ukrainian people but NATO refused because they wanted their proxy war to continue.

Let’s take a step back and think about this.

Let’s forget the fact that the U.S. and NATO helped create the war in Ukraine by breaking their promise to Russia not to expand NATO.

Let’s forget that the U.S. perpetrated the 2014 coup in Ukraine.

Let’s forget the fact that many top US officials, including former CIA head Leon Panetta, have admitted that this is a proxy war between the U.S., NATO, and Russia.

Let’s forget the fact that Biden and Congress have sent tens of billions of dollars of weapons and aid to an army that is at least partially Nazis who don’t do a very good job of hiding that they’re Nazis.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:17

According to the latest statistics, life expectancy in the United States dropped precipitously in 2020 and 2021. In 2019, the average life span of Americans of all ethnicities was nearly 79 years. By the end of 2021, life expectancy had dropped to 76 — a loss of nearly three years

Even small declines in life expectancy of a tenth or two-tenths of a year mean that on a population level, a lot more people are dying prematurely than they really should be

Native Americans and Alaska Natives have the highest rate of diabetes out of any ethnic groups — 1 in 7 — and obesity is also common. Both of these conditions have been identified as comorbidities that make you more susceptible to serious COVID-19 infection

Aside from COVID, causes of death listed as contributors to this loss of life expectancy include accidental deaths, drug overdoses, heart disease, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. However, excess deaths from all causes are wildly elevated, across age groups

That life expectancy has dropped by three years since the start of the pandemic can be explained by the simple fact that the primary “remedy” for COVID — the experimental mRNA COVID jabs — are the most lethal drugs in medical history

Posted on: Sep 15 09:16

The Ukrainian army began a major offensive against Russian forces deployed in the region north of the southern city of Kherson on Sept. 1. Ten days later, the Ukrainians had expanded the scope and the scale of its offensive operations to include the region around the northern city of Kharkov.

While the Kherson offensive was thrown back by the Russians, with the Ukrainian forces suffering heavy losses in both men and material, the Kharkov offensive turned out to be a major success, with thousands of square kilometers of territory previously occupied by Russian troops placed back under Ukrainian governmental control.

Instead of launching its own counteroffensive against the Ukrainians operating in the Kharkov region, the Russian Ministry of Defense (MOD) made an announcement many people found shocking: “To achieve the stated goals of a special military operation to liberate the Donbass,” the Russians announced via Telegram, “it was decided to regroup Russian troops…to increase efforts in the Donetsk direction.”

Downplaying the notion of a retreat, the Russian MOD declared that “to this end, within three days, an operation was carried out to curtail and organize the transfer of [Russian] troops to the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:15

On September 13th, two very grim reports about the world’s future were published, one by America’s Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, and the other by America’s Gallup polling organization; and both are data-based — as Melinda and Bill Gates expressed it in their joint Introduction to their new report, which is titled “The Future of Progress”: “We are data people, and this is a data report.”

Bill Gates’s essay there is titled “We need to change how we think about world hunger”, and opens:

“In February, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine interrupted the flow of grain from Europe to Africa, creating another humanitarian crisis on a second continent.”

Melinda Gates’s essay is titled “Gender equality depends on women having power, not just ‘empowerment’”, and opens,

“Economic progress for women is stalling worldwide — and COVID-19 is not the only reason why. But frankly, blaming COVID-19 alone would be a cop-out. We have to ask harder questions: Why do gender-neutral events like pandemics have gendered effects? And why, after decades of high-profile efforts to improve the lives of women and girls, is equality still generations out of reach?”

Both essays focus on different topics, but neither focuses on the chief driver of increased economic inequality itself, which is fundamental to everything that they discuss:

Its chief driver is their own and fellow-billionaires’ imperialism and the resultant soaring taxpayer-funded military-weapons-manufacturers’ and extraction-industries’ profits that derive from the resulting unique advantages that these billionaires derive from the empire that the Government that they and their fellow billionaires control for their own special economic benefit.

Only this structure empowers these billionaires to grab, for themselves and their friends, control over yet more of the world’s resources.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:09

The Senate Armed Services Committee approved a bill on Wednesday that would radically alter US policy toward Taiwan and significantly escalate tensions with Beijing.

The amended version of the Taiwan Policy Act would give Taiwan $6.5 billion in military aid, give the island the benefits of being a “major non-NATO ally,” expedite arms sales to Taipei, and require sanctions in the event of Chinese aggression.

The bill was easily passed by the Senate Armed Services Committee in a vote of 17-5. The senators who voted against the legislation were Rand Paul (R-KY), Chris Murphy (D-CT), Ed Markey (D- MA), Brian Schatz (D-HI), and Chris Van Hollen (D-MD).

The initial version of the bill would have given Taiwan $4.5 billion in military aid through 2026, but the Senate panel added $2 billion and extended the aid until 2027. The aid will be given to Taiwan through Foreign Military Financing, a State Department program that gives foreign governments money to buy US arms.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:08

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday welcomed a proposal drawn up by senior Ukrainian officials and a former NATO chief that outlined a plan for security guarantees Kyiv would seek from Western countries.

The proposal emphasizes Ukraine’s desire to become a NATO member and says that until Kyiv joins the Western military alliance, it needs security guarantees from other countries.

The document says that the “strongest security guarantee for Ukraine lies in its capability to defend itself.” It says building up a sufficient defensive force requires “a multi-decade effort of sustained investment in Ukraine’s defense industrial base, scalable weapons transfers and intelligence support from allies, intensive training missions and joint exercises under the European Union and NATO flags.”

Posted on: Sep 15 09:07

A bipartisan bill was introduced in the Senate last week that would expedite the replenishment of US military weapons stockpiles that have been sent to Ukraine.

The legislation, known as the Securing American ARMS Act, was introduced by Senators John Cornyn (R-TX), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), and 13 other senators.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, the US has committed more than $14.5 billion in new military aid for Kyiv. The vast majority of that amount was provided by shipping weapons and ammunition to Ukraine directly from US military stockpiles, under a program known as the presidential drawdown authority.

The bill would allow the Pentagon to award non-competitive contracts to US arms makers to backfill US arms that have been sent to Ukraine. The authority could only be used for weapons similar to the ones that have been given to Ukraine, and Congress would need to be notified of the non-competitive contracts when they are handed out.

Webmaster addition: Get ready for a huge sucking sound around your wallet!

Posted on: Sep 15 09:05

Following the Israeli military raid on the offices of seven Palestinian human rights groups in the wee hours of August 18, their ransacking, the theft of their property and files and the sealing of their doors, twenty-five UN “Independent Experts” issued a declaration condemning “Israel’s escalating attacks against Palestinian civil society.”

“These actions amount to severe suppression of human rights defenders and are illegal and unacceptable,” the August 24 declaration stated, calling on UN member states “to take effective measures afforded by international law to put an end to these abuses.”

Mondoweiss spoke with two of the authors of the declaration.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:04

They’re at it again. Democrats calling evil good. 

Nancy Pelosi recently said it was sinful to restrict abortion and called it unjust if a woman couldn’t do whatever she wanted with her body. They’re framing arguments by appealing to emotion while changing both language and meanings of words. Ironically, her comments came during a roundtable discussion on “reproductive health.” 

To the left, it’s better not to reproduce, to prevent parenthood rather than protect a pre-born baby, carry out a pregnancy and allow a baby to be born. 

The problem is that those who are ignorant of God’s Word and who bought the lies are falling for it. Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at the National Baptist Convention in Houston, Texas, last week and received plenty of applause. From Christians?

But it was quite a confusing speech – IF you pay attention to her actions and policies.

Posted on: Sep 15 09:03

See The Interview: FBI Shows Up At Trump Supporter’s Home After Voicing Support Online

A woman from New Jersey, Lisa Gallagher, said FBI agents showed up at her home the day after President Joe Biden’s “anti-MAGA” speech. While Gallagher is not a “Trump ally,” she is a supporter of the former President. When she saw the agents on her doorstep, she knew it was political and was afraid, although she knew she had done nothing wrong.

The FBI alleged an anonymous tip confirmed she was at the Capitol riots on January 6. Gallagher showed them her calendars, offering proof she was not.

According to Fox News, on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Gallagher said her daughter woke her up to tell her there were armed FBI agents at the door. “I thought she was joking.” Then the realization occurred to her that it was political. She said she also called the FBI office in Newark to confirm the agents were indeed from the FBI. They were.

The Republican Daily reported if Gallagher’s report is accurate, “This is a frightening thing." And continued, “After two years, they have to know of anyone who did anything at the Capitol on January 6. Are they truly trying to chase down people because of a random tip from someone? That’s terrifying not only because of the intimidation involved from the FBI, but that anyone could now turn in someone they don’t like with such a seemingly flimsy accusation. That is ‘the kind of thing that happens in fascist and Communist nations.’”

Posted on: Sep 15 09:00

In the new era of energy shortages, one aspect of the situation has tended to get overlooked: the transport of energy.

Demand for tankers has been on the rise since the European Union slapped sanctions on Russia in the spring, and this trend is only going to intensify in the coming months as the EU embargo on Russian oil and fuels enters into effect.

Bloomberg reported this week that shipping companies were scrambling to get their hands on as many ice-class tankers as they could ahead of the embargo, which comes into effect in early December for crude oil and two months later for fuels.

The vessels will be necessary to continue moving Russian oil and fuels in non-European directions, the report noted, as the EU would no longer be able to buy them, even though European buyers are currently stocking up on Russian oil and fuels in anticipation of the embargo.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:59

WSJ noted the White House didn't provide details of the tentative agreement between freight rail companies and unions. 

The latest headlines show the tentative agreement goes back to unions for a vote:


Some more good news is Amtrak "is working quickly to restore canceled long-distance trains" following the announcement of the tentative deal this morning, avoiding a rail strike Friday. 

Posted on: Sep 15 08:58

This study aimed to determine the characteristics and clinical ocular manifestations of acute corneal graft rejection after coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination. We conducted an online search of the PubMed and EMBASE databases. Data on recipients’ characteristics, corneal transplantation types, interval between vaccination and allograft rejection, clinical manifestations, and graft rejection medication were extracted. Thirteen articles on 21 patients (23 eyes) with acute corneal graft rejection after COVID-19 vaccination, published between April and December 2021, were included. The median (interquartile range) age at the onset of rejection was 68 (27–83) years. Types of transplantation included penetrating keratoplasty (12 eyes), Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty (six eyes), Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty (four eyes), and living-related conjunctival-limbal allograft (one eye). The interval between vaccination and rejection ranged from 1 day to 6 weeks. Corneal edema was the leading clinical manifestation (20 eyes), followed by keratic precipitates (14 eyes) and conjunctival or ciliary injection (14 eyes). Medications included frequently applied topical corticosteroids (12 eyes), followed by a combination of topical and oral corticosteroids (four eyes). In addition, the clinical characteristics of corneal allograft rejection after COVID-19 vaccination were identified. Corneal transplant recipients may require further vaccination, necessitating appropriate management and treatment.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:58

Denmark will bar almost everyone under 50 from receiving more mRNA Covid jabs, the Danish Health Authority said yesterday.

Denmark had already ended Covid shots for nearly everyone under 18. The new rules go much further.

Danes under 50 will only be allowed to receive the shots if they are “higher risk of becoming severely [emphasis added] from Covid-19.”

The Danish Health Authority has not yet defined those groups, but they will likely include only a handful of people, such as those receiving cancer treatments that suppress their immune systems. Pregnant women are unlikely to be included.

Denmark did not explicitly say the risks of mRNA jabs now outweigh their benefits for healthy people under 50.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:57

While unmanned aerial vehicles such as the multi-million dollar General Atomics MQ-1 Predator are armed with missiles, a new generation of inexpensive "kamikaze" drones is reshaping the battlefield. 

The US military worries that these low-cost and deadly-effective drones could shift the global strategic balance away from the US on the modern battlefield.

To counter such emerging threats, the Army decided to conduct a field training exercise involving "a swarm of 40 quadcopters all equipped with cameras, MILES, and lethal munition," tweeted the Commanding General of the National Training Center and Fort Irwin.

The startling video (tweeted on Sunday evening) shows the quadcopters zooming by what appears to be a makeshift desert town. There was no confirmation on location though it could've been at the Fort Irwin training facility in southern California. There was also no confirmation of when the training exercise was conducted. 

Posted on: Sep 15 08:55

More than half of students across all grade levels tested in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) failed to meet state testing standards in subjects like mathematics and English for the 2021–22 school year.

The district’s preliminary results show that only about 42 percent of students met English standards, while only 28 percent met those for mathematics, according to data released by the district Sept. 9. The California Department of Education’s “Smarter Balanced Assessments” test students in grades 3–8 and 11.

District officials said in a statement that the results were expected due to school lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, which they said has “erased two decades of progress in math and reading.”

“As anticipated, the preliminary state assessment results illustrate that there is no substitute for in-person instruction,” Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said.

The scores are also lower than three years ago across all grade levels tested, except for eighth-grade English, which increased by about half a percentage point to about 42 percent. The 2018–19 school year was the last time the tests were conducted before being interrupted by the pandemic.

Webmaster addition: But they know all the correct gender pronouns! That's gotta count for something!

Posted on: Sep 15 08:54

The Sun is reporting Wednesday that Vladimir Putin’s car was hit in an attempted assassination plot.

By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 15 08:44
Resistance is Futile


Transhumanists and Technocrats in Big Pharma have cracked the U.S. government wide open to flood the bioeconomy with taxpayer money and labor to push the frontier of genetic modification of all living things and especially humans. This will ultimately spark the biggest public backlash in modern history.

Biden pledges not only funding but an all-of-government transformation to support this anti-human scheme from top to bottom. It also automatically blocks any agency or department from dissent. ⁃ TN Editor

Posted on: Sep 15 08:38

Late yesterday the DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) filed another motion in federal court urging Judge Cannon not to allow the special master to review documents they alone determine to be “classified.”  [pdf of motion Here]

The DOJ-NSD, officially the Trump targeting division, is frantic that an outside reviewer would be granted access to oversee the DOJ/IC unilateral determinations of the documents, even if…. [watch the goal posts moving now]…  those documents were previously declassified by President Trump.

Yes, even if the documents were declassified (they were), the DOJ is apoplectic that someone would be allowed to see them.  Their reason?…  “sources and methods” might be exposed.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:35
New York City, a so-called “sanctuary city,” is deporting illegal aliens bused in from Texas… to Florida.
By: orraz
Posted on: Sep 15 08:35

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) blocked a Republican effort to require railroad employees and companies to accept recommendations of a nonpartisan panel in order to avoid a strike which, if it goes through, will impact millions of Americans.

The GOP resolution - introduced by Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Commission Ranking Member Richard Burr (R-NC) and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MI), would have required railroad workers to adopt the outlines of a labor deal, The Hill reports.

According to the Vermont Senator, railroad companies are making 'huge profits' and should treat employees more fairly.

"The rail industry has seen huge profits in recent years and last year alone made a record breaking $20 billion in profit," he said. "Last year the CEO of CSX made over $20 million in total compensation while the CEOs of Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern made over $40 million each in total compensation."

Sanders contrasted that to freight rail workers who are "entitled to a grand total of zero sick days."

According to GOP Senators, their resolution would have avoided a "disastrous" rail strike, which could bring rail travel and freight shipments grinding to a halt across the country.

Posted on: Sep 15 08:33