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"Nobody has complied their way out of a totalitarian government." -- Robert Kennedy Jr.

new report from the House Oversight Committee says that leading gunmakers use "aggressive marketing tactics" which emphasize masculinity, and make 'veiled references' to white supremacist groups "like the Boogaloo Bois" (which isn't a 'far-right' group at all) in order to sell guns. In short, a massive gaslighting campaign.

"The business practices of these gun manufacturers are deeply disturbing, exploitative, and reckless," said Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), who chairs the committee.

"The [gun] industry is both creating these customers and marketing to them. And therefore, it's propagating more of this radicalization," said Ryan Busse, a former firearms executive who has flipped to anti-gun, and testified before the House committee last week about "the dangerous ways that AR-15s are intertwined with political radicalization."

According to Busse, the gunmakers are targeting "this angry, young male, politically active, conservative, aggrieved, dreams of using the AR-15 to 'make things right in the world," adding "In other words– people who also fall right into domestic terror groups and radicalization and everything else."


Posted on: Aug 08 07:16

Crime, murder and mass shootings have dominated headlines this year. Just over the weekend, a shooting in Cincinnati wounded nine people, and another in Detroit killed one and wounded four.

But the full crime data tells a different story. Nationwide, shootings are down 4 percent this year compared to the same time last year. In big cities, murders are down 3 percent. If the decrease in murders continues for the rest of 2022, it will be the first year since 2018 in which they fell in the U.S.

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Thus wrote Labor Party chair Merav Michaeli, a few minutes after Israel once again launched a criminal assault on the Gaza Strip, a moment before the killing of the first Palestinian toddler, who won’t be the last: “The residents of Israel deserve to live in safety. No sovereign state would agree to a terror organization besieging its residents. ... I support the security forces.”

Benjamin Netanyahu hadn’t yet reacted, Itamar Ben-Gvir hadn’t woken up, Yoav Gallant didn’t yet threaten the head of the snake, and already the leader of the Zionist left falls in line with the right, salutes the military and supports a war that hadn’t even begun. This time she even got there before Shimon Peres.

Posted on: Aug 08 07:14

Economic slowdown but no recession! That message comes from the latest employment report, service sector data, and Federal Reserve.

“We’re not in a recession right now. We do have these two-quarters of negative GDP growth. To some extent, a recession is in the eyes of the beholder. With all the job growth in the first half of the year, it’s hard to say there’s a recession. With a flat unemployment rate at 3.6 percent, it’s hard to say there’s a recession,” stated James Bullard, St. Louis Federal Reserve president.

Such a statement certainly belies much of the economic consensus that two-quarters of negative economic growth constitutes a recession. As shown, the latest GDP report indeed met that measure.

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 On July 21, Vox published a poll showing Republican candidate for Attorney General Matt DePerno with a +1 advantage against Michigan’s lawless Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel.

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Posted on: Aug 08 07:12

They'll never admit to it openly, but getting woke makes companies broke.  Hollywood has been overtly progressive for decades, but this is nothing compared to the social justice invasion since 2016.  After around five years of an unprecedented leftist onslaught on the entertainment industry we are finally starting to see the rampage lose oxygen.  There's a weakness within woke productions that the alternative media has been pointing out for a long time – They don't make a profit because they are designed to appease a minority of leftist zennials that don't have any money.  This is the wrong crowd to rely on for cash flow.     

It is fair to say that the entertainment industry was partially conned.  First, there are those tantalizing ESG loans that can be easily had as long a company loudly declares their fealty to the social justice agenda.  Then, of course, there is the fact that many corporate CEOs and marketing people track Twitter trends with the ignorant assumption that Twitter is actually a reflection of the real world.  The woke mob on Twitter is amplified by the company itself, while most contrary voices are stifled and buried.  Anyone using the Twitter echo chamber as a marketing gauge would be led to believe that leftist ideology is the prevailing ideology of the nation.  It's not even close.

Some companies are finally realizing this fact and are taking action to reduce their exposure to woke content, or otherwise perish from loss of viewership.  Here's the thing – Leftists could take over every platform for media distribution (they almost have), but they still can't force the public to consume woke content.  Eventually, the loss of viewers and profits is going to hurt their bottom line.  

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The very wealthy Leona Helmsley was once famously quoted as allegedly saying, ‘We don’t pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes.’ Now we have a repeat offender in Congress who may have studied Helmsley’s philosophy at some point. The Free Beacon has discovered that Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman Matthew Cartwright is once again in trouble for being delinquent on his property taxes. Cartwright and his wife share a condo in Washington and tax records indicate that they owed penalties and interest from 2021 due to being late in paying their taxes. As a Democrat who has repeatedly voted in favor of tax increases, that probably sends a rather poor message to the working-class voters of his district who have to avoid the wrath of a constantly growing army of IRS agents. With the midterms only a few months away and the country in the middle of a recession and skyrocketing prices for just about everything, people may have taxes on their minds when they go to the polls.

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… come on, you can guess, right? Why would protesters in Berkeley halt construction for low-income and student housing?

AP Photo/Michael Liedtke

Reason’s Emma Camp reports that the demonstrators declaring that “Housing is a human right!” also demanded that new construction cease displacing the homeless that have occupied the construction area.

No, really, and apparently they made that point violently:

On Wednesday, protesters flooded People’s Park in Berkeley, California, chanting, “Housing is a human right, fight, fight, fight!” The reason the crowd was protesting? The University of California, Berkeley, was set to begin construction on a student housing project, which would not only house 1,100 Berkeley students at below-market rates, but also provide subsidized apartments for 125 homeless people. And the protesters want to stop this project.

According to the Associated Press, protesters threw rocks, bottles, and glass at construction workers. They also removed several sections of the chain-link fence surrounding the park. On Wednesday, the university announced that it would pause construction of the park, citing protester violence.

All construction personnel were withdrawn out of concern for their safety,” Dan Mogulof, UC’s assistant vice chancellor, said in a statement to NBC News. “The campus will, in the days ahead, assess the situation in order to determine how best to proceed with construction of this urgently needed student housing project.”

It wasn’t just slogan chanting and drum circles, either. The university shut down the construction after the crowd began assaulting the workers, the Associated Press reported — although readers have to get near the end of the report to find that out:

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This weekend saw four more ships carrying grain and sunflower oil depart Ukraine ports through the UN-brokered safe maritime corridor in the Black Sea, overseen by a joint coordination center in Istanbul staffed by Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish and UN officials.

This as the Razoni cargo ship which was the first to depart Odesa carrying 27,000 tonnes of corn last week, is making its way to the Lebanese port of Tripoli, though not on time. The latest series of ships departed the ports of Odesa and Chornomorsk on Sunday, and their sailing has given rise to greater hopes of export stabilityBBC reports, as millions in Ukraine-grain dependent countries are facing famine conditions. 

Posted on: Aug 08 07:05

The Select Committee to Investigate January 6 has adjourned for a well-deserved summer break. Misleading the public is exhausting work.

A careful review of the official transcripts of its eight long hearings shows the committee repeatedly made connections that weren’t there, took events and quotes out of context, exaggerated the violence of the Capitol rioters, and omitted key exculpatory evidence otherwise absolving former President Donald Trump of guilt. While in some cases it lied by omission, in others it lied outright. It also made a number of unsubstantiated charges based on the secondhand accounts—hearsay testimony—of a young witness with serious credibility problems.

These weren’t off-the-cuff remarks. Panelists didn’t misspeak. Their statements were tightly scripted and loaded into teleprompters, which they read from verbatim.

In other words, the committee deliberately chummed out disinformation to millions of viewers of not just cable TV, but also the Big Three TV networks—ABC, CBS, and NBC—which agreed to pre-empt regular daytime and even primetime programming to air the Democrat-run hearings. And because Democrats refused to allow dissenting voices on the panel or any cross-examination of witnesses, viewers had no reference points to understand how they, along with the two Trump-hating Republicans they allowed on the committee, shaded the truth.

This charade of an honest investigation appears to have had the desired effect. Polls show the Jan. 6 hearings hurt Trump, who plans to run again, with Independents. Unaffiliated voters have grown more likely to blame Trump for the Capitol riot and to show support for Democrats in the midterms, according to a new Morning Consult/Politico survey.

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The response of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan confirms Beijing’s mounting anger at Washington’s growing diplomatic and military support for Taipei. As much as U.S. leaders insist that the United States still adheres to a “one-China” policy and does not support an independent Taiwan, U.S. actions—with Pelosi’s behavior being just the latest example—suggest otherwise. Chinese leaders were especially upset by Pelosi’s high-profile meeting with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and her address to Taiwan’s legislature during her visit.

China Reacts to a U.S. Show of Solidarity

Beijing immediately adopted countermeasures in response to this episode, canceling or postponing meetings and other bilateral cooperative initiatives on security and climate issues.  More troubling, the PRC conducted a large “live-fire” air and sea military exercise that encircled the island nation. Not only was that drill larger than previous ones, but it was also done significantly closer to Taiwan’s shores. During the course of those maneuvers, PRC forces fired missiles into waters near Taiwan, and in at least one case, directly over the island. Some 68 warplanes and 13 warships crossed the informal “median line” in the Taiwan Strait that helps prevent incidents that could lead to an armed clash. PRC officials contended that the military exercise confirms that PRC forces could effectively blockade Taiwan if the U.S. and Taiwanese provocations continue.

Posted on: Aug 08 07:01

The true consequences of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, against the advice of the White House and China’s strong opposition, have yet to be determined.

While Washington has tried to downplay Pelosi’s visit as a mere continuation of the U.S. policy of strategic ambiguity, the Chinese response has become increasingly bellicose over recent days. In hindsight, however, Pelosi’s visit may turn out to matter less for what it says about the changing status of Taiwan than for what it suggests about the limitations of America’s current global strategy.

The Biden administration seems determined to rally international support and put an end to America’s strategic drift by framing a new contest of “democracies versus autocracies,” which risks increasing global tensions through symbolic overtures that do not meaningfully augment American power. 

Pelosi’s trip marks the first by a Speaker of the House since Newt Gingrich’s trip to Taiwan in 1997, where he met with then-President Lee Teng-hui. While in Taiwan, she proclaimed that the trip should be seen as “unequivocal statement that America stands with Taiwan, our democratic partner, as it defends itself and its freedom.” But from Chinese officials’ perspective, this dispute is not about “democracy;” rather, it is the violation of their national sovereignty and historical Chinese identity. 

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The US will participate in war games with the Indian military in an area of India that is less than 62 miles away from the country’s disputed border with China, known as the Line of Actual Control (LAN).

The drills will be held from October 18-31 and will be the eighteenth iteration of annual exercises between the two militaries known as Yudh Abhyas, which is Hindi for “war practice.” They will be held in the Auli area of the Indian state of Uttarakhand in the Himalayas mountain range.

The Yudh Abhyas drills are meant to train for fighting in high altitudes. The last iteration of the exercises was held in the mountains of Alaska in October 2021.

Tensions have been high between India and China in the Himalayas since June 2020, when clashes in the Galwan Valley killed 20 Indian troops and four Chinese soldiers. Since then, China and India have been engaged in talks to reduce tensions, but they have also reinforced their militaries along the LAN.

Posted on: Aug 08 06:59

The Israeli attack on Gaza and the targeting of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leaders, as well as civilians, should have come as a surprise to no one.

The military build-up on the boundary with Gaza - putting settlements in the southern region under lockdown, ​​bolstering forces and calling up as many as 25,000 reservist troops - did not represent defensive behaviour.

Nor was it necessary for the purportedly expected PIJ retaliatory response, after one of its senior leaders in the occupied West Bank, Bassam al-Saadi, was arrested on Monday from his home in Jenin in a manner that was insulting to him and the group.

Rather, the arrest itself was part of the preparation to launch new aggression to achieve several strategic goals, even if they are limited in scope.

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F-35s across the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps have started returning to flight after three weeks of an effort to ensure the safety of America’s premier fighter jet, but U.S. military officials aren’t divulging many details as inspections progress. Several other fleets may be carrying the faulty seat component as well.

At issue is the seat’s part called the cartridge, which contains magnesium powder that ignites to shoot an aviator out of the cockpit when they trigger an escape.

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The interviews occurred at San Antonio’s new Migrant Resource Center (funded by FEMA), the strategic depot for interstate trafficking of illegal aliens throughout the USA.   Like other sanctuary cities, San Antonio is now being overwhelmed by the influx.

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Posted on: Aug 07 20:53

The Senate on Sunday passed the Democrats’ sweeping economic package that would allocate billions of taxpayer dollars to facilitate the expansion of the Internal Revenue Service’s workforce.

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Posted on: Aug 07 20:53

CNN’s talking potato Brian Stelter on Sunday said Hunter Biden could be a real problem for Joe Biden in 2024 (if he’s still alive).

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The IDF launched Operation Breaking Dawn against Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip on Friday evening, striking multiple targets belonging to the group and killed close to a dozen terrorist operatives including the head of the group in the northern part of the enclave. By late Friday night, over 100 rockets had been fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip. 

Defense Minister Benny Gantz approved a draft call up order of up to 25,000 soldiers in reserve duty for operational purposes and the IDF began calling up reservists in the Southern Command, Air Defense Units, the Homefront Command and combat troops and officers.

"The goal of this operation is the elimination of a concrete threat against the citizens of Israel and the civilians living adjacent to the Gaza Strip," Prime Minister Yair Lapid said in a statement.

Posted on: Aug 07 15:30

A coordinator from Israel’s security service Shin Bet spoke with a Palestinian resident of the Gaza Strip ahead of an Israeli strike on a Palestinian Islamic Jihad ammunition warehouse, according to a statement released on Sunday. During the conversation, the Shin Bet coordinator urged the Palestinian to make sure the area around the building was clear: “We don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

Webmaster addition: I wondered how so many videos were aimed at the building before it exploded!

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Alec Baldwin is among stars who've been condemned for supporting Anne Heche after the actress crashed into a house after a 100mph joyride, allegedly while drunk. 

In a video posted to Instagram on Saturday, Baldwin called Heche 'an amazingly talented woman' as he asked his fans to send their 'support and love' to the 53-year-old actress who is currently in stable condition at a local hospital.

'Hey, I just want to send out my best wishes and all my love to Anne Heche,' said Baldwin, who is continuing to face scrutiny over his fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his film last year.

Posted on: Aug 07 15:26

Elon Musk has waded into the federal government's efforts to free WNBA star Brittney Griner from Russian captivity, saying the Biden administration should also free anyone else jailed for weed offenses in the United States.

'If the president is working so hard to free someone who is in jail in Russia for some weed, shouldn't we free people in America?' Musk said in an episode of the Full Send podcast.

'There are people in jail in America for the same stuff, shouldn't we free them too?' he asked, adding: 'My opinion is that people should not be in jail for nonviolent drug crimes.'  

Griner, 31, was found guilty on Thursday of smuggling drugs into Russia after a judge rejected her claims she accidentally left a marijuana pen in her bag when she entered the country in February. She was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Almost immediately following the verdict, U.S. President Joe Biden said he would work 'tirelessly' to pursue 'every possible avenue' to bring her and Paul Whelan - another American imprisoned in Russia - home.

The State Department is now working to negotiate a prisoner swap for the two Americans in exchange for Viktor Boult, a Russian arms dealer known as the criminal known as the 'merchant of death.'

Posted on: Aug 07 15:24

Israel on Sunday agreed to an Egyptian-proposed truce with Palestinian militants in Gaza after three days of intense conflict, an Egyptian source said.

Islamic Jihad confirmed that talks toward a ceasefire were underway, but stopped short of saying an agreement had been reached.

The negotiations raise hopes that Egypt could help broker a deal to end the worst fighting in Gaza since an 11-day war last year devastated the impoverished coastal territory, home to some 2.3 million Palestinians.

At least 31 Palestinians have been killed including six children, and 275 people have been wounded since Friday, health authorities said. 

Since Friday, Israel has carried out heavy aerial and artillery bombardment of Islamic Jihad positions in Gaza, with the militants firing hundreds of rockets in retaliation.

Islamic Jihad is the smaller of the two main Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip, and is vastly outnumbered by Hamas, which controls the enclave.

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North Carolina's first black lieutenant governor said Democrats are trying to 'control' African-American people and seek to destroy those who do not agree with their woke ideology.

In an interview with FOX News' Dan Bongino on Saturday, Republican lawmaker Mark Robinson said Democrats' 'ideology of control' towards black people 'has not changed' over the course of American history.

'If you look back through the history of America, Democrats have notoriously despised black people who just don't go along,' and 'push back against stereotypes and all ideologies that are dangerous to them,' Robinson said.

'It has always been an ideology of control,' he continued. 'And when they cannot control you, when they cannot control your thought, they will hate you and they will try to destroy you.

'It's been done to me in several venues since I started this venture,' he noted, 'and it's nothing new.'

Posted on: Aug 07 15:21

Senate Republicans have successfully forced Democrats to remove a provision in their $740 billion climate and healthcare package that would have capped the price of insulin for all Americans at just $35.

Senators have been inside the US Capitol from Saturday night through Sunday morning voting on dozens of amendments to Democrats' spending bill, in a lengthy process known as a vote-a-rama.

Democrats had left the insulin cap in the bill despite the Senate parliamentarian ruling that it violates rules of the budget reconciliation process by which the legislation is being passed. 

Republicans raised a point-of-order on Sunday, forcing a floor-wide vote on whether to overrule the parliamentarian. 

The measure ultimately fell three votes short of the 60-vote threshold needed. Forty-three lawmakers voted to strike the price cap down.

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A convicted burglar was arrested for murdering an elderly couple, a mother and her 15 year-old daughter then taking to Facebook to claim they'd been controlling his mind by using telepathy. 

Stephen Marlow ranted after he allegedly killed Clyde Knox, 82, Knox's wife Eva, 78, Sarah Anderson, 41, and Anderson's daughter Kayla, 15, in Butler Township, Ohio on Friday.

He said: 'I will be launching the first counter-attack against mind control in human history.

'I want to be very clear, this will not be an active shooter event. I will be executing some of the people responsible for activating active shooters.

'If I happen to survive, please visit me in prison, only to see the same man you’ve almost known. I will gladly die to expose this.

'If I can help another targeted individual fight back against telepathy, then the sacrifice will be worth it.'

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THE Eurozone will collapse if the European Central Bank makes a crucial mistake in tackling surging inflation, with Europe possibly facing "the biggest financial crisis of its history", an EU critic has warned.

Last week, the European Union faced a new crisis when it was revealed eurozone inflation had skyrocketed to a record high, piling yet more pressure on the ECB as surging prices show no sign of slowing. In July, eurozone inflation jumped to 8.9 percent, up from 8.6 percent in June and 8.1 percent in May. The ECB has forecast the rate to average 6.8 percent in 2022 before falling to to 3.5 percent in 2023 and 2.1 percent in 2024.

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