"Any five-year old boy knows that if you put ten marbles into a tin can, you can only take ten marbles back out. Global bankers operate on the belief that they can put ten marbles (dollars) into a tin can (the world) and magically get 11 marbles back out. Thus, the bankers are dumber than five-year old boys! But unlike five-year old boys, the bankers will take your home, your business, and your nation when they don't get that eleventh marble! And after all that mayhem brought down on the occupants of the tin can there still will be no eleventh marble. It does not exist. It never did, and it never will. That is the ultimate doom of debt-based currency systems. In ages to come economists will look back at this failed experiment in debt-based currency and dump it into the same catagory of human stupidity as Tulipmania and the Great South Seas Company." -- Michael Rivero

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Last week I was interviewed by the great Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity in a wide ranging interview that covered topics like Covid, the economy and the political future of the country.

Chris was one of the only people during the onset of Covid who was looking through the mainstream media’s narrative and was doing his own research. He has a PhD in neurotoxicology from Duke University, and an MBA from Cornell University.

Video of our full 2 hour interview is free at this link.

Martenson (Source: Real Vision)

“Without necessary guardrails and consequences the failed leadership of DC and the Fed have taken us down a paths that had a binary outcome; bad and worse,” Chris writes on his site describing our interview.

First we covered the suppression of ivermectin and other drugs during the beginning of Covid. Chris asked me about whether or not blackballing these drugs had to do with getting the vaccines to market.

I told him: “That was a conspiracy theory back in 2021: they needed to shut you up about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin so that they could utilize the EUA.”

“Now, looking back, it's not a conspiracy theory; it's the leading cause. I mean, applying Occam's Razor 99 times out of 100, that's the answer you're going to arrive at—not that anybody on your channel doesn't already know this. You're a grown adult; you probably know to some degree the answer is pretty much always ‘follow the money.’,” I told him.

I told him about when I first heard of the ‘conspiracy theory’ turned ‘conspiracy fact': “But that was it, and I remember piecing it together in 2021. I even remember Rogan talking about it and a couple of other places where it was widely accepted that it was still the conspiracy theory. But I remember a bunch of people saying, ‘Hey, if you want to square the circle here and explain why they would be potentially suppressing ivermectin, which again, if you had done two seconds worth of research, was inconceivable—even if it worked on one out of every 500 people, you know, it would be more than what we had on the table at that point.’”

I wrote about the abhorrent suppression of ivermectin last September in this piece: The Unforgivable Ivermectin Swindle

We also discussed the ensuing collapse of the mainstream media at the hands of alternative media. I told Chris that the internet had narrowed the window between the public being told lies, and the media being held accountable for it.

“Back in the day, if you had a Gulf of Tonkin incident or an Operation Northwoods, or whatever, it would be 10 years later there would be a limited hangout. Fifteen years later, there would be a little bit more, and 20 years later, it would have kind of homogenized itself in the zeitgeist of everything, and everybody one day just kind of walks around and accepts the fact that, you know, ‘Oh, the Gulf of Tonkin was made up’,” I told Chris.

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Group of Seven leaders will begin a summit in Italy this Thursday and are expected to announce a plan to set up a fund for Ukraine using interest generated by frozen Russian assets, Nikkei Asia reported on Tuesday.

Earlier reports said the Biden administration was pushing for the EU and other G7 nations to agree to a plan to provide Ukraine with a $50 billion loan that would be paid back over time using income made by Russia’s frozen Central Bank assets.

The US and its allies have frozen approximately $280 billion in Russian Central Bank funds, the vast majority of which are held in Europe. President Biden recently signed a law giving him the power to take the $5 billion in Russian assets held in the US, but the EU doesn’t want to steal all of the Russian assets it’s holding.

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The war has escalated into a nightmare for the people of Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of their soldiers have been killed or wounded, infrastructure and environment have been devastated. Ukraine’s chances of achieving any of its hoped for goals are receding and more land is being lost every day.

Furthermore, many of the dynamics that led to the start and the continuation of the war are making it especially difficult to get out of it.

Having nourished the people of Ukraine during the war with promises of maximalist achievements, it will be very hard for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to negotiate an end to the war with less than maximalist success.

Having led Ukraine through the war, Zelensky may be unable to lead them out. To encourage both Ukrainians and Ukraine’s allies, Zelensky promised not only that Ukraine would win back territory up to its prewar borders, but that it would recapture all of its territory to 2014 borders, including the Donbas and Crimea. To negotiate an end to the war without reclaiming that territory but having lost even more would be difficult for Zelensky.

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A pro-Palestinian protest at UCLA Monday night ended with police making dozens of arrests and ordering demonstrators who were cited to not return campus for at least two weeks, officials said.

The confrontation came after protesters roved around campus earlier in the day reciting the names of some of those who have died in Gaza, the latest of several protests on the campus in recent weeks.

Demonstrators dyed the waters of the Shapiro Fountain red, as seen in aerial footage from local TV stations. For several hours, the demonstration was mostly peaceful. The situation later turned chaotic, however, with Los Angeles police and private security guards forming a skirmish line and facing off with protesters who stood behind barricades.

A crowd formed on the opposite side of the skirmish line, with protesters chanting, “Let them go!”

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Congress is eyeing deepening cooperation between the US and Israeli militaries on tunnel fighting, as a result of the Hamas-led 7 October attacks on southern Israel.

In a proposed amendment to the fiscal 2025 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a bipartisan group of lawmakers aim to improve cooperation between the United States and Israel on anti-tunnel defence capabilities.

The legislation has been proposed by Republican Congressmen Joe Wilson, Don Bacon and Doug Lamborn, alongside Democrats Ruben Gallego, Brad Schneider and Seth Moulton.

In addition to enhancing cooperation, the lawmakers are calling on the US to provide an additional $30m to Israel to detect, map and fight in underground tunnels. Last year the US provided $47.5m for the efforts.

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Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich ordered the Tax Authority to deduct NIS 130 million from Palestinian Authority (PA) tax funds and transfer them to 28 families of Israelis killed in Palestinian resistance operations.

Israel Hayom reported on 11 June that Smotrich's order has cleared the way for dozens of legal rulings to be enforced that had been stalled for years. The funds, some amounting to millions of shekels per family, were awarded by Israeli courts and will be transferred in the coming days. About half of the recognized cases are of Palestinians who collaborated with Israel and were allegedly tortured by the PA.

Some of the court rulings stretch back as far as 20 years. The PA has refused the transfers, and Israeli authorities did not seek to confiscate the funds.

In recent years, a number of laws have been enacted that opened a legal door to the confiscation of the funds, but the security establishment opposed this for fear of harming the economic stability of the PA. But with Finance Minister Smotrich's order, this has now changed.

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It was hailed as a great success in Israel. A bloody, violent ambush that turned into a massacre of nearly 300 displaced people.

Suddenly, they found themselves “descending into the depths of hell”, Al Jazeera’s Maram Humaid wrote on June 8.

An Israeli raid on the Nuseirat refugee camp, ostensibly to free four Israeli captives held there, but reportedly resulted in the death of three more including one US citizen, according to the Qassam Brigades.

That is, besides the at least 274 Palestinians killed.

What happened in Nuseirat? How did Israel kill so many people? Here is a breakdown of the attack:

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The Biden administration wants you to believe the U.S. is leading international efforts to get humanitarian relief into Gaza and that supplies are “flowing to Palestinians” via the military’s pier operation there.

On Monday, Pentagon spokesman Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder announced that to date,1,573 tons of aid had been delivered from the pier to the beach, including 492 tons since it reopened on Saturday after some bad weather knocked it out of commission last month.

But supplies from the pier aren’t flowing to Palestinians, and never really have.

Hardly any food from the pier on the Gaza coast has actually reached starving Gazans since it became operational on May 17. The World Food Program (WFP) said only 15 trucks from the pier reached its warehouse inside Gaza for distribution from May 17-18, and that no aid came from the pier from May 19–21.

In Rafah specifically, no aid will reach Palestinians in need so long as Israel’s military offensive persists. WFP halted all deliveries to Rafah on May 21 due to Israel’s invasion of the city.

In addition, on Sunday, the WFP announced that it “paused” distribution of any more humanitarian aid from the pier due to security concerns after a U.S.-backed Israeli operation killed nearly 300 Palestinians the day before. WFP is the U.N. agency in charge of coordinating deliveries from the pier into Gaza.

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Dragged down in important part by disapproval over the U.S. position on the Gaza war, the popular image of the United States abroad has declined over the past year, according to a new poll of public opinion in 34 countries released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center.

The survey, the latest in an annual series that dates back more than two decades, also found that international confidence in U.S. democracy has fallen. A median of four in ten of the more than 40,000 respondents said U.S. democracy used to be a good model for other countries to follow but no longer is. That view was most pronounced in the ten European countries covered by the poll.

This year’s survey also found that respondents in 24 of the countries have more confidence in President Joe Biden to “do the right thing” in world affairs than they have in his rival, former President Donald Trump, while Trump was favored over Biden in two countries (Hungary and Tunisia). It found that there was no significant difference in confidence in the two men in the remaining eight countries.

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Consumer credit increased by +$6.403 billion in April, much softer than consensus estimate of +$10 billion … more notable, however, was March data, given initial read of +$6.274 billion was revised down to -$1.099 billion.
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US Antisemitism Czar Deborah Lipstadt used her bully pulpit on Tuesday to scold the Washington Post for publishing a factual story exposing how wealthy Jewish donors were part of a secret group chat which pushed NYC Mayor Eric Adams to crackdown on pro-Palestine protests.

The Post published a bombshell story in May based off leaked chatlogs detailing how over a dozen Jewish billionaires working secretly in concert with the Israeli government were part of a private WhatsApp group chat which conspired to push New York City Mayor Eric Adams to crackdown on pro-Palestine protests at Columbia University.

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Though The Washington Post was forced to retract the first sentence and central premise of its nothingburger ‘expose’ targeting The Grayzone, pro-Israel operatives are using the malicious hit piece to demand a federal investigation.

The secret is out. Starting in 2020, for a period of less than a year, and well before ever joining the staff of The Grayzone, journalist Wyatt Reed appeared multiple times on PressTV, an Iranian state-backed international news service. You may have noticed it from Wyatt’s regular postings at the time highlighting these videos, or the “correspondent @PressTV” description that featured in his Twitter bio at the time.

For the Washington Post’s so-called “disinformation threat” researcher, Joseph Menn, this became a vitally important fact to highlight on a full page of a legacy newspaper whose banner motto boldly declares, “Democracy dies in darkness.” 

After sending Wyatt a series of aggressively worded emails implicitly threatening to have him criminally prosecuted, and demanding to speak with his lawyer, the Washington Post employee relied on a series of hacked documents to “expose” what Wyatt never attempted to conceal: while beginning his journalistic career, he appeared on the Iranian news outlet Press TV several dozen times.

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Despite calls across college campuses demanding divestment from Israel, one sector of the Israeli economy appears to be booming. Israeli startups raised over $1 billion in funding for the second straight month in May.

A number of these successful startups have participated in Israel’s ongoing war on the besieged Gaza Strip, suggesting genocide is a lucrative marketing tool for business. Products like suicide drones, smart guns, and robot dogs have all been deployed on the battlefield since October 2023, with some startups even exploiting the war to their advantage and touting their technologies’ use in the war as an advertising boost.

Israel’s government-owned and private companies alike have long promoted their weapons as “battle-tested,” with the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank serving as Israel’s homegrown weapons-testing laboratory.

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Boeing received orders for only four new planes in May — and for the second straight month, none for its best-selling 737 Max, as fallout continues from the blowout of a side panel on a Max during a flight in January. The results released Tuesday compared unfavorably with Europe's Airbus, which reported net orders for 15 planes in May — 27 sales but 12 cancellations. Boeing also saw Aerolineas Argentinas cancel an order for a single Max jet, bringing its net sales for the month to three.
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Hamas accepts a UN Security Council ceasefire resolution and is ready to negotiate over the details, senior Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri told Reuters today, adding that it was up to Washington to ensure that Israel abides by it.

Hamas accepts the UN Security Council resolution in regard to the ceasefire, withdrawal of Israeli troops and swap of prisoners of war for detainees held by Israel, he said.

“The US administration is facing a real test to carry out its commitments in compelling the occupation to immediately end the war in an implementation of the UN Security Council resolution,” Abu Zuhri said.

This comes after 14 of the 15 Security Council members voted in favour of a US-drafted resolution. Russia abstained.

Webmaster addition: Israel has already announced they will continue their war on Palestine.

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The Russian Navy has deployed a Yasen-M Class nuclear powered attack submarine to lead a flotilla to Cuba, reflecting broader trends towards increased interest from Moscow in military operations in Latin America. The warship will dock in the Cuban capital Havana from June 12-17 alongside the the Project 22350 frigate Admiral Gorshkov, the oil tanker Pashin, and the salvage tug Nikolai Chiker. The deployment has been widely interpreted as one of many responses to escalating U.S. military support for Ukraine, including provision of longer ranged missiles to Kiev, permitting them to be used against targets deep inside Russia, and providing personnel and targeting data by aircraft and satellite to facilitate such attacks. “As part of Russia’s regular military exercises, we anticipate that this summer, Russia will conduct heightened naval and air activity near the United States. These actions will culminate in a global Russian naval exercise this fall,” one U.S. official commented. “This is about Russia showing that it’s still capable of some level of global power projection,” he concluded, with the U.S. Navy preparing to closely monitor exercises in Cuba.  

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Webmaster addition: Keep in mind how many millions of dollars Rachel is paid to lie to you! What she is really afraid of is losing her job!

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Our world is witnessing apocalyptic events so frequently that many of us are starting to become numb to it all.  Major wars are raging all over the globe, children in Africa are literally dropping dead from starvation as hunger spreads like wildfire, and “billion dollar disasters” are hitting us more frequently than we have ever seen before.  But as long as these tragedies are not affecting us directly, most people don’t really care too much.  As the level of worldwide suffering rises, it seems as though hearts are getting colder at the same time.  The traumatic events of the past several years have left deep scars, and there are many that prefer to ignore the apocalyptic things that are happening in the world because it is just too much for them to handle emotionally.
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If you ask most people, the economy is in the toilet. But according to Democrats and the White House, the economy is “strong as hell.” Why do they say this when inflation continues to make eggs and cheeseburgers too expensive? When Americans keep applying for jobs but get no answers?

According to the federal government’s jobs reports, companies keep adding workers, and the job market is said to be strong every single quarter.

I guess we’re all dreaming, huh? Unless something else is going on. One bombshell came out revealing that most new jobs are only part-time. Few people are getting full-time jobs with good benefits and pay. And now, another bombshell is destroying Biden’s economic narrative.

From The Post Millennial:
The majority of jobs that have been added to the US economy since the pandemic, as well as since President Joe Biden took office, have gone to foreign-born workers in the United States. The country has added millions of jobs since millions were lost during the spring of 2020, however, most of those are not going to native-born American citizens…

CIS’s analysis of the government’s household survey shows that only 971,000 jobs have gone to native-US citizens since May 2019 versus 3.2 million going to foreign-born workers in the US.

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