ChatGPT debuted in November 2022, garnering worldwide attention almost instantaneously. The artificial intelligence is capable of answering questions on anything from historical facts to generating computer code, and has dazzled the world, sparking a wave of AI investment. Now users have found a way to tap into its dark side, using coercive methods to force the AI to violate its own rules and provide users the content — whatever content — they want.

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CBS has deleted its Grammy Awards tweet proclaiming “we are ready to worship” pop star Sam Smith’s Satan-themed performance after the post provoked widespread ridicule and accusations that the left-wing network engages in Satan worship.

On Sunday afternoon, Sam Smith tweeted rehearsal photos for what was eventually revealed to be a fire-and-brimstone-themed performance of his single “Unholy,” a collaboration with male-to-female transgender singer-songwriter Kim Petras.

“This is going to be SPECIAL,” Smith tweeted.

CBS replied: “…you can say that again. We are ready to worship!”

Hey @CBS, why did you delete this tweet admitting you are satan worshippers?

— Trump is my President 🇺🇸 (@MAGAALLTHEWAY) February 7, 2023

It remains unclear when CBS deleted the tweet but the post was gone by Monday.

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The transgenic “food” industry in the United States faces a major blow as Mexico readies to enact a new law banning all United States imports of genetically modified (GMO) corn.

Since most U.S. corn is genetically engineered, the American farmers who grow it will no longer have Mexico as a customer – which could decimate their businesses, in some cases.

Describing the situation as “the most catastrophic thing to happen to corn farmers,” Fox Business ran a segment on the move, which could force American corn farmers to switch to non-GMO or organic corn crops instead – which would be good for everyone.

Up until now, Mexico was the largest buyer of American corn. Our neighbors to the south have purchased more than $10 billion worth of corn, nearly all of which is patented and owned by biotechnology companies.

Posted on: Feb 07 12:51

As the border crisis continues to spiral out of control, southern state lawmakers keep ripping the federal government for offering no assistance.

Critics claim the crisis is not only a massive humanitarian issue, but it’s also a bona fide national security risk. On top of that, there’s the financial impact, which is felt especially by border states.

That’s why Texas Republicans are now demanding “reparations” from D.C.

Several GOP members in the Lone Star State introduced two bills this week, which would allow border communities to recoup some of the money they’ve spent defending the border on their own terms.

These lawmakers say the towns in question are spending billions to keep their people safe, while the Biden administration simply ignores the entire situation.

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Democrats were fine with ignoring the exploding border crisis until Florida Gov. Don DeSantis got involved. The Republican shook up the liberal establishment when he few fifty illegals to Martha’s Vineyard.

The elite liberals who lived on the rich island exposed their hypocrisy when they quickly bused the migrants off the island.

Biden and his Democrats had to scramble to cover their tracks after that. But the damage was done. More Americans are demanding answers to Biden’s open border as millions of illegals flood the country.

And Democrats should be getting even more worried… because DeSantis is just getting started.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration stripped the liquor license of an Orlando venue on Friday for hosting a grotesquely sexual drag queen show with children in attendance.

The six-count complaint filed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) accuses the Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Foundation of violating state law by exposing minors to sexual acts and “lewd and lascivious exhibitions.”

The DBPR charged the company with knowingly allowing performers to simulate sex acts, expose prosthetic genitalia and breasts, and display obscene videos in front of children at the December 28 show, called “A Drag Queen Christmas.”

Drag queens reportedly simulated masturbation, oral sex, and abortion and performed vulgar renditions of children’s Christmas songs, including “Screwdolph the Red-Nippled Reindeer.”

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In a recent interview with the Guardian, Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors accused President Joe Biden (D) and other elected officials of "deep cowardice" for refusing to defund the police. According to Cullors, the administration chose to allocate more funding to law enforcement after the activist movement helped get Biden elected.
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A medical doctor in Oregon has become the new "Dr. Death," now that he has begun discussing suicide drugs with those who live in other states, and many pro-life advocates fear that the nascent "death tourism" industry in Oregon may soon spread elsewhere.
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Posted on: Feb 07 12:16
The BBC was forced to issue an apology on Sunday after a transgender radio guest went on an unhinged rant against "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling.
Posted on: Feb 07 12:13
A man was threatening a father and his "small child" at a dog park in Yakima, Washington, on Sunday afternoon — and even came at them when the father tried to leave with his son, witnesses said.
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Posted on: Feb 07 12:13
While there are many Republican women who strongly oppose abortion, Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington issued an eyebrow-raising tweet that appeared to ignore that fact.
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Posted on: Feb 07 12:12
A lawyer was fatally shot over the weekend after allegedly breaking into a Texas home, making death threats, and charging at the homeowner, KTRK-TV reported.
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Traditional news outlets, such as print media and broadcast journalism, has been transformed in the past few decades, following the trend of 1960s New Journalism.  New Journalism is a media style that involves subjective reporting, with a conscious intention of relaying specific messages, as opposed to neutral and objective journalism. In other words, the New Journalist is not just reporting news and transmitting information, but is also expressing his own personal opinion. This trend is especially prevalent in political reporting.

ChatGPT, based on artificial intelligence and brought into the world by genius billionaire Elon Musk, has already made us long for New Journalism. The chatbot is a digital computer program that enables reporters to receive immediate information and answers, by tapping a key on a keyboard, without having to be on the scene at all.

AI collects information in any realm and on any topic and prepares it for reading (and reporting). With the press of a button, reporters can receive stories without any investigation required before publishing it. This process has made journalism obsolete — and it might even cause it to disappear. Chatbot use might even lead to articles and broadcasts without any connection to reality, their source being the internet and not reality itself.

This process might make us look back nostalgically at the good old times, when reporters actually went out into the field to collect information and bring back real first-person reports. Today, few journalists do this – instead, using online media information without verifying whether it is true or false or agenda-driven – thus confirming that the era of mass communication is over and is being replaced by a new form of media: that of AI.

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California – Huntington Park police officers last month fatally shot an armed double amputee trying to run away on his stumps.

Anthony Lowe Jr., the 36-year-old double amputee, was armed with a 12-inch butcher knife and had just stabbed someone unprovoked, according to reports.

Huntington Park police received a call about a man in a wheelchair who had just stabbed another man.

When police arrived to the scene they saw Anthony Lowe hop out of his wheelchair with a large knife in his hand.

Lowe tried to run away on his stumps and ignored orders from police to drop his weapon.

Police first used a taser to subdue Lowe, but the taser failed.

The police department said in a statement that police fatally shot Anthony Lowe after he continued to threaten them with a knife.

According to Lowe’s family, the 36-year-old lost his legs after a recent altercation with Texas police.

Police released new video of Lowe stabbing a man he has never met before.

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Corporations, multinational investment banks, and the super-rich that hide behind them have launched the final stage this year of a ruthless war of a tiny few against the great majority of humanity.

Although they pay off their puppets in the media to float happy tales of some happy resolution to the dire situation of the moment, they already know that the die is cast, that they are committed to a strategy of distracting, seeding division, undermining rational thinking and using a combination of blatant intimidation with open bribery to slowly, systematically, overpower and reduce to slavery 99.98% of the Earth’s population.

They know already, according to the calculations of their supercomputers, what will happen if they are not successful in this plan. They also know that catastrophic climate change and biodiversity loss will make it impossible for them to monopolize the wealth and the resources for long.

There is literally no limit to how far they will go.

The tools they use to pursue this war against the citizens of the Earth are technology, propaganda and disinformation campaigns, threats against individuals who display leadership skills and massive bribes for the leaders who are allowed to be covered in the media to represent the conservative and the progressive causes.

They also employ as part of this strategy an intimate knowledge of certain key weaknesses in the brain, and the potential for exploiting the human inclination to determine truth based on a vague sense of the mood of the herd, rather than logic. That is to say they are investing billions in hidden money to systematically create social pressure that makes citizens conform with pointless mandates for masks or vaccines that are launched from diverse platforms as a means of inducing the population to police itself.

Without such a strategy, the super-rich could not possibly seize control of the entire Earth.

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There’s a lot of corruption in LA. and it seems to be getting worse.  We’re seeing massive corruption in the Biden Administration and in the DOJ.  It’s no surprise that it’s happening everywhere.

Wherever you have Democrats in power you have massive corruption. L.A. is now the case in point.

This beautiful and historic city is now being led by corrupt politicians.

Cece Woods at The Current Report shares:

A who’s who in LA politics accepted donations from former power-player attorney and Democratic donor Tom Girardi, 83, who was indicted Wednesday on federal charges.

The once-celebrated litigator known for the case that led to a $333 million settlement portrayed in the movie “Erin Brockovich” was charged Wednesday along with his son in law David Lira and the former COO of Girardi’s law firm, Christopher Kamon.

All three were charged with eight counts of wire fraud which included more than $3 million in settlement funds designated for relatives who were killed in an Indonesian plane crash. In total, the feds say Gerardi and his firm stole more than $18 million from clients.

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Kelvyn & Hannah focus on the most important issue in NZ right now - the globalist attack on our access to natural health products & practitioners. 

Just before Christmas the Government tabled the Therapeutic Products Bill in Parliament expecting submissions to be in by February 15. Due to public pressure this has now changed to March 5. 

Joining them to discuss the globalists attempt to take over NZ natural health is Naturopath David Holden from, NZ Outdoors and Freedom Party co-leader Sue Grey and Dana Lee, our Northland Correspondent.

The risks are real and NZ could lose access to a vast array of natural products due to big pharma collusion with Government.

There is also a risk of race based (apartheid) policy making special exemptions for Rongoa Maori (Maori medicine). 

Here is our extensive blog post with all the information to get you started: 

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Nothing celebrates “excellence in the recording arts and sciences” like holding a black sabbath ritual in a sex dungeon, and the 65th Annual Grammy Awards did the hell out of it. Bullwhips, cages, transgenders andSatan worship, featuring the “physically grotesque,” nipple-pasties enthusiast Sam Smith and his “Unholy” musical offering.  

Best of all, it was sponsored by drug behemoth Pfizer, and Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a field day mocking the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer for its all-too appropriate backing.

Pfizer, which is at the center of the whole dystopian vaccine mandate kerfuffle, apparently didn’t find the optics too compromising when it chose to plaster its logo as the proud sponsor of devil worship. Carlson summed up the Grammys from Hell perfectly during the Feb. 6 edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight: “Tonight’s transgender satanism brought to you by Pfizer.” Also, mocked Tucker, “Inject their products into your body!”

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Just days after receiving her covid booster jab, the daughter of the king of Thailand collapsed and fell into a coma.

Princess Bajrakitiyabha, who is the potential heir to the Thai throne, is in a grave condition weeks after she collapsed.

Some reports suggest she had suffered a heart attack though her family were told she likely suffered a bacterial infection. None the less, six weeks later and the princess is still in a coma and being kept alive by machines.

Thailand will become the first country to make the contract null and void, meaning that Pfizer will become responsible for all vaccine injuries.

The Royal Family have now been alerted to the fact that the princess has most likely been a victim of the jab.

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A United States warship, a Destroyer named USS Nitze, was seen to be operating in the Black Sea. This is the closest a US warship has been to Russia since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. 

Nitze operates as part of the George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group. 

The ship entered the region and visited Turkey on February 3rd, which was confirmed on the Twitter account of the US Navy's Sixth Fleet.

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The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) unexpectedly discovered a small asteroid. The space rock is around the size of the Colosseum in Rome and might well be the smallest object that the space telescope has spotted since it was sent into space at the end of 2021.

Though the James Webb Space Telescope has been making waves in astronomy by discovering massive celestial objects sometimes as far away as billions of light-years, the new finding demonstrates the powerful instrument's unpredicted usefulness much closer to home.

Even more impressively, the team that found the 330- to 660-foot (100 to 200-meter) asteroid did so using data collected to calibrate the Mid-InfraRed Instrument (MIRI) that was never intended to reveal new asteroids. 

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Former President Trump would beat President Joe Biden by three points in the popular vote in a 2024 rematch if the election were held today, ABC News reported Sunday on Langer Research Associates' polling.
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Posted on: Feb 07 11:23
Dell announced intentions to reduce headcount by 5% as a result of economic tumult, marking the latest of several companies in the technology sector to dismiss a significant portion of its workforce.
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Posted on: Feb 07 11:20
A mother of two young boys realized she made a terrible mistake after allowing her 4-year-old son to socially transition into a girl identity and described the epiphany she had as “leaving a cult.”
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Posted on: Feb 07 11:19
Music fans made their opinions known on Twitter, noting how Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ hell-themed performance of their award-winning song, “Unholy,” immediately preceded a reminder that Pfizer was financially supporting the whole thing.
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Posted on: Feb 07 11:18
You’ve got to go back 35 years to 1988 to find a given political party winning a third consecutive term in the White House. Back then, Ronald Reagan handed off to George Bush. But before that, the last string of three presidents from the same party began in 1921.
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National security experts believe the Chinese spy balloon which recently traversed the continental United States was a curveball for officials charged with guarding military secrets and a test for American responses to unconventional threats.
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