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Despite initially stating that Donald Trump must decide if he wants to win her support, along with the primary voters who backed her campaign, Nikki Haley has announced who she'll be supporting in the 2024 presidential election.

It's none other than Donald Trump.

The former South Carolina governor and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations announced her support for Trump's 2024 bid on Wednesday afternoon during an appearance at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C.

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Israel must take six punitive measures against the Palestinian Authority to combat its push for unilateral statehood and its legal campaign against the Jewish state, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said on Wednesday.

“At the last cabinet meeting, many ministers, including myself, made an unequivocal demand that harsh punitive measures be taken against the Palestinian Authority for its unilateral actions against Israel,” Smotrich said.National Security Adviser Tzahi Hanegbi was tasked with creating an action plan, but to date, nothing has happened, Smotrich said.He spoke up just after Ireland, Spain, and Norway announced their unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood and two days after International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan announced his intent to pursue arrest warrants against top Israeli and Hamas leaders.Smotrich called on Netanyahu to enact a six-point plan that included withholding tax fees collected on behalf of the PA and accelerating West Bank settlement construction.

Webmaster addition: So it's not just HAMAS but all of Palestine that Israel has declared war on!

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The latest climate information video released by the Germany-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) presents a recent paper by Huang et al appearing in the journal Geophysical Research Letters: “Contrasting Responses of Atlantic and Pacific Tropical Cyclone Activity to Atlantic Multidecadal Variability

The paper examines the influences of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability (AMV) on global tropical cyclones (TCs)

The north Atlantic undergoes approximately 60-year cycles of warmer and colder than normal sea surface temperatures. These changes in thermal surface energy play a role on modulating climate globally, especially in combination with other oceanic cycles.

Compared to the AMV negative phases, the AMV positive phase “significantly increases tropical cyclone frequency in the North Atlantic, including those making landfalls,” The authors found. “The increase is explained by warmer sea surface temperature, higher relative humidity, increased relative vorticity, and weaker vertical wind shear under the AMV positive phase.”

Webmaster addition: So it's the ocean, not CO2!

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The Republican leader of the US House of Representatives said on Tuesday he was close to inviting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address lawmakers even if the Senate’s Democratic leader did not go along.

House Speaker Mike Johnson told reporters at the Capitol he had given Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer until Tuesday to sign a letter inviting Netanyahu to address a joint meeting.

“If not, we’re going to proceed and invite Netanyahu just to the House,” Johnson said.

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Authored by Andrew Korybko via Substack,

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warned last week that Russia will ramp up its meddling ahead of next month’s parliamentary elections, which preceded European Commission Vice President Vera Jourova assessing that they’d be a test of the bloc’s disinformation resilience. This speculation is nothing new, but what’s different this time around is that the attempted assassination of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico will be on every voter’s mind, thus likely influencing the outcome.

The preceding hyperlinked analysis argued that fake news was responsible for radicalizing the pro-Ukrainian suspect into thinking that shooting his premier was a legitimate form of protest against what he’d been misled by the media into believing was his “pro-Russian dictator with blood on his hands”. This black swan event might have served the short-term interests of that leader’s many enemies, but the blowback could be considerable if it leads to a conservative landslide during next month’s elections.

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban predicted that the upcoming vote will influence the direction of war and peace in Europe, and while the European Parliament admittedly can’t do much in terms of shaping the NATO-Russian proxy war in Ukraine, it could still exert positive pressure if conservatives win. It’s with that in mind that Eurocrats like von der Leyen and Jourova are fearmongering about Russian meddling since they want to preemptively discredit this potential outcome.

To be sure, the first of those two had no idea that an assassination attempt would be made against Fico the day after she shared her earlier mentioned warning, but the second’s assessment about the upcoming elections being a test of the bloc’s disinformation resilience came some days later. Instead of speaking vaguely about alleged Russian meddling, the Eurocrats are now honing their information warfare narrative to muddle the conversation about Fico’s attempted assassination and its political aftermath.

The targeted audience is the unclear number of on-the-fence voters who might usually lean liberal but have recently begun to sympathize with some conservative positions on issues like Ukraine. Last week’s incident was driven by the liberal media’s fake news about the Slovak leader, which might influence some of these voters to give the more narratively responsible conservatives their support. In an attempt to desperately prevent this, the Eurocrats want them think that it would be doing Russia’s bidding.  

If the European Parliamentary elections have absolutely no effect on anything, then they wouldn’t care who votes for whom, but the outcome will clearly at the very least have a major impact on popular perceptions and could lead to cascading consequences like more anti-war protests across the bloc. It’s for this reason that the Eurocrats and their media allies, including those being promoted by state-run Ukrainian outlets like this one here, are pushing the abovementioned information warfare narrative.

The growing gap between liberals and conservatives over Ukraine, which is foreign policy issue that Fico was most closely associated with, is naturally occurring as a result of their polar opposite worldviews and not due to Russian meddling. It’s so emotive and significant that some from both sides have become single-issue voters who’ll cast their ballots purely based on candidates’ positions towards this. Attempting to discredit this trend as being due to Russian meddling is disrespectful to democracy.

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Steve McPherson, former ABC President, recently learned the hard way to not rent out a home in California.

Former ABC president Steve McPherson victimized by a squatter.

Gaurav Kumar Srivastava rented McPherson's home, then refused to leave.

Accusations of theft, property damage, and unpaid rent.

Details ↓https://t.co/Btl2N6Nx20

— Los Angeles Magazine (@LAmag) May 20, 2024

McPherson admits to losing millions of dollars in rent and property damage after renting out his home during COVID.

While relocating to Napa Valley, McPherson rented his home to Gaurav Kumar Srivastava, an Indian businessman, with a six-month lease.

Unfortunately for McPherson and his family, Srivastava and his wife simply refused to move out of the home.

Not only did the renters refuse to leave, the housekeeper found most of the furniture was missing and even a collection of vintage wines was missing as well.

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In its millennia-old history, Armenia and its people suffered numerous calamities, particularly in the last 100-150 years when the Turks committed the Armenian Genocide, one of the worst in known history, killing up to 1.5 million Armenians (in addition to well over a million native Greeks and Assyrians). However, in recent years, yet another disaster befell this ancient nation. Namely, only a few years after the US/NATO intelligence services brought Nikol Pashinyan to power, the Turks and their vassals effectively finished the Armenian Genocide in Artsakh (better known as Nagorno-Karabakh). Well over 100,000 native Armenians from there were driven out of their homeland, where the Azeri occupation forces are now destroying the millennia-old (both Christian and pre-Christian) heritage of the magnificent Armenian civilization.

Virtually all contemporary troubles of the Armenian people have a name – Nikol Pashinyan. This horrible individual who has been promoting closer ties with the country’s archenemy Turkey instead of Russia since the 1990s pushed his way into power through the so-called “anticorruption” agenda. And yet, Pashinyan turned out to be far more corrupt than any of his predecessors. Even worse, he also showed his true colors as a NATO-backed dictator, particularly in recent months, when his henchmen started a more brutal crackdown on protesters. This entirely unprecedented behavior was never seen under any of the previous Armenian governments, making it yet another uniquely “Pashinyan-esque” feature of the ruling regime. Unfortunately, it seems this is only the tip of the iceberg, as they are doing something far worse.

Namely, in a report published by the reputable Weekly Blitz, the daily’s Chief Editor Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury revealed extremely disturbing details about US-run biolabs in Armenia. Citing Armenian sources, Mr Choudhury reports about a measles outbreak that’s now affecting hundreds of Armenian children. According to local media, the latest incident is a result of the Pashinyan regime’s support for the Pentagon’s bioweapons program in Armenia. For the United States, the unfortunate country is nothing but yet another pool of guinea pigs and it was precisely Pashinyan who enabled Washington DC’s exploitation of the Armenian people. As a result, they are now exposed to an unprecedented public health hazard. Armenia is just one of a string of nations affected by America’s incessant aggression against the world.

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On May 22, Russian forces launched a series of strikes with drones and missiles on Ukrainian military facilities in the rear regions. During the day, explosions thundered in several cities, including Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk) in the east of the country.

Footage from Russian reconnaissance UAV confirmed the successful results of the strike in Dnipro. The attack targeted the local Aviatorskoe airbase that hosted different Ukrainian aircraft. The local residents confirmed that the black smoke was raising from the airbase as a result of the attack.

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Webmaster addition: Instead of "wedded" I would use "welded!"

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Labour’s leader thinks he can get away with supporting genocide in Gaza. It’s time to teach him a lesson in his own backyard, argues Andrew Feinstein, as he announces his campaign to unseat Starmer.

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A lawsuit filed by family members of 9-11 victims reveals explosive facts in an 80-page redacted document that alleges the Saudi Arabian government provided major state support to al-Qaeda for the attacks in New York City 23 years ago. The plaintiffs’ attorneys contend that Saudi government officials established and ran a network within the U.S. and provided essential support to the first group of 9-11 hijackers who entered the country.

The entire narrative of the War on Terror, which included the invasion, occupation and destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, appears to be crumbling and as an Atlantic report puts it, the potential truth would prove “the costly policies that the United States has pursued for the past quarter century have been rooted in a false premise.”

Webmaster addition: There has been an attempt to blame Saudi Arabia for 9/11 right from the start to distract from the evidence of Israeli involvement. I suspect it is being renewed now to pressure Saudi Arabia to reach a diplomatic relationship with Israel.

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The Russian authorities have arrested Vadim Shamarin, the head of the country’s Main Directorate of Communications, for alleged involvement in a bribery case, officials have told Russian media. Shamarin, who is also the deputy to the chief of the General Staff, is the fourth senior Russian defense official said to have been arrested in criminal cases in April and May.

An official with the 235th Garrison Military Court said on Thursday, as quoted by several Russian media outlets, that Lieutenant General Shamarin is suspected of receiving an especially large bribe. If found guilty, the official faces up to 15 years in prison.

The 53-year-old general has served as the head of Russia’s Main Directorate of Communications since 2021. He is also a deputy to the chief of the General Staff, Valery Gerasimov.

Webmaster addition: Putin is cleaning house!

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Via Middle East Eye

Only around 30 to 35 percent of Hamas fighters have been killed after more than seven months of operations by Israel in the Gaza Strip, US intelligence sources told Politico.

According to Politico, the majority of fighters who were members of the Palestinian movement prior to the 7 October attack in southern Israel are still alive, even as the reported death toll in Gaza has reached over 35,000 dead, mostly women and children.

Via Reuters

In addition, around 65 percent of Hamas' tunnel infrastructure remains intact, Politico's sources said, and thousands of new members are said to have been recruited to the group in recent months.

The report comes as Washington has become increasingly concerned about the viability of Israel's stated aim of destroying the Palestinian group.

On Monday, General Charles Brown, chair of the joint chiefs of staff, criticized Israel's strategy in Gaza, warning that the failure of Israeli forces to both secure captured territory and eliminate Hamas from northern Gaza was hampering its ability to achieve its military objectives.

The comments by Brown were a rare note of criticism from the US military, which has aided Israel in its war on Gaza by providing military equipment and assistance through intelligence sharing.

That cooperation has polarized President Joe Biden's Democratic political base in an election year.

While the Biden administration has thrown its full-fledged support behind Israel's war efforts, some officials in the administration are beginning to offer more criticism of the Israeli government, particularly on its war strategy and the overall aid situation for the Palestinians in Gaza.

Around 128 people taken captive by Hamas and other Palestinian groups remain in Gaza. Israel's government insists that military pressure is the best way to free them, and says it will not end its war in Gaza until it "eliminates" Hamas. Dozens of the captives are believed to be dead.

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Britons would be wise to start stockpiling food and water and develop a “household emergency plan” to be ready to face all sorts of disasters, a new website created by the government states. Dubbed ‘Prepare’ and presented by Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, the webpage encourages people not to leave their safety solely in the hands of the authorities.

The initiative is a part of Dowden’s push to make the nation “more resilient” in the face of various supposedly growing threats ranging from natural disasters to conflict, the British media reported. Speaking at the London Defense Conference at King's College on Wednesday, the deputy prime minister said that “resilience begins at home.”

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UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called a surprise early general election for July. Wednesday’s announcement sets the scene for a contest that will see Labour’s Keir Starmer attempt to take power after 14 years of Conservative-led government.

Sunak announced the election outside his Downing Street residence on Wednesday. The prime minister said that his decision to call a vote was primarily motivated by economic factors, stating that “things are not easy” for many Britons. 

“For so many of us it is easy to forget the scale of what we have been through,” he said, citing the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict as reasons for Britain’s stubbornly high inflation rate and rising cost of living.

Webmaster addition: Not to mention the influx of migrants.

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The Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI), an umbrella group of Iranian-backed armed factions, launched on May 20 three more drone attacks against Israel in response to the ongoing war on the Palestinian enclave of the Gaza Strip.

In three separate statements, the IRI said it struck two “vital targets” in the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat as well as a drone base of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. The group released a single video showing the launch of what appears to be an Iranian-made Shahed-101 at the Golan.

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On the day of the attacks, the IDF announced in a statement that its fighter jets shot down a “suspicious aerial target,” thought to be a drone, that was heading toward Israel from the direction of Syria.

The apparent drone was downed outside of Israeli airspace, according to the IDF, and alerts were activated in open areas in the Golan Heights.

Separately, fighter jets and one of the Navy’s Sa’ar 4.5-class missile corvette shot down two more targets heading toward Israel from the “eastern direction,” the IDF added

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The Russian military destroyed 30 boats of Kiev forces in the Kherson direction over the past day, the region’s Russian Governor Vladimir Saldo said on May 22.

“Fighters of the Dnepr Group of Forces were engaged in active defense on the left bank of the Dnieper River and delivered strikes at the enemy on the opposite bank. They also successfully fought off enemy drones. The Kiev regime lost 30 boats, three electronic warfare stations, 45 drones, 61 observation posts and 40 UAV control points,” the governor wrote on his Telegram channel.

In addition to the losses reported by Saldo, the Russian Ministry of Defense said in its daily briefing that the Dnepr Group of Forces naturalized 35 Ukrainian troops, seven motor vehicles as well as four towed howitzers, two American-made M777, one Msta-B and one D-20.

Kiev forces began launching attacks across the Dnieper River in the Kherson direction after the failure of the spring counteroffensive of last year.

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Ukraine’s request for permission to use foreign-made long-range weapons against Russia is proof that Kiev has gone into full panic mode as Moscow’s troops continue to advance, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said.

In an interview with Reuters on Monday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky admitted that Kiev had found itself in a “most difficult” situation on the front line due to a Russian offensive in the border Kharkov Region. He also lamented delays in Western assistance and the lack of authorization to use Western weapons against targets on Russian territory.

“We are negotiating with partners so that we can use their weapons against buildups of Russian equipment on the border and even [on] their territory… So far, there is nothing positive,” the Ukrainian leader said.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has expressed disbelief at comments by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, following the death of former Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash.

The top US diplomat claimed the Iranian people are “better off” without Raisi, during a grilling by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee over his department's reaction to the deadly accident on Sunday.

Peskov was asked about the remark on Wednesday and said he would need to see the original of Blinken’s words, since he found reports about them implausible. He said he doubted that “a high-ranking official of a nation of the US’ stature could make, diplomatically speaking, such an awkward statement.”

Such a remark would be “insulting to the entire people” of Iran, the Kremlin spokesman added.

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