"Virtue gives birth to tranquility, tranquility to leisure, leisure to disorder, disorder to ruin… and similarly from ruin, order is born, from order virtue, from virtue, glory and good fortune." -- Niccolò Machiavelli

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Over the course of his presidency, Joe Biden’s small clutch of advisers have built an increasingly protective circle around him, limiting his exposure to the media and outside advice — an effort to manage public perceptions of the oldest person to ever hold the office and tightly control his political operation.

But inside the White House, Biden’s growing limitations were becoming apparent long before his meltdown in last week’s debate, with the senior team’s management of the president growing more strictly controlled as his term has gone on. During meetings with aides who are putting together formal briefings they’ll deliver to Biden, some senior officials have at times gone to great lengths to curate the information being presented in an effort to avoid provoking a negative reaction.

“It’s like, ‘You can’t include that, that will set him off,’ or ‘Put that in, he likes that,’” said one senior administration official. “It’s a Rorschach test, not a briefing. Because he is not a pleasant person to be around when he’s being briefed. It’s very difficult, and people are scared shitless of him.”

The official said, “He doesn’t take advice from anyone other than those few top aides, and it becomes a perfect storm because he just gets more and more isolated from their efforts to control it.”

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A county in Missouri has been deemed a 'cancer cluster' due to World War II-era radium used in America's atomic bomb efforts littering the region.

For decades, residents of St Louis County have raised concerns about a spike in cancer diagnosis - and specifically those living just outside the West Lake Landfill.

The landfill has held thousands of tons of radioactive waste and contaminated soil since 1973 when drums containing the chemicals were illegally dumped by a contractor for the Cotter Corporation.

The state launched a cleanup for the site this year, revealing Monday that discovered the toxins have contaminated nearby groundwater in Bridgeton that sits northwest of the St Louise Lambert International Airport.

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Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers have asked the New York judge who presided over his hush money trial to set aside his conviction and delay his sentencing, scheduled for next week.

The letter to Judge Juan M. Merchan cited the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling earlier Monday on presidential immunity and asked the judge to delay Trump’s sentencing while he weighs the high court’s decision and how it could influence the New York case, according to the letter obtained by The Associated Press.

The lawyers argue that the Supreme Court’s decision confirmed a position the defense raised earlier in the case that prosecutors should have been precluded from introducing some evidence they said constituted official presidential acts, according to the letter.

In prior court filings, Trump contended he is immune from prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office. His lawyers did not raise that as a defense in the hush money case, but they argued that some evidence — including Trump’s social media posts about former lawyer Michael Cohen — comes from his time as president and should have been excluded from the trial because of immunity protections.

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After Biden’s horrific debate performance on Thursday, much of the media world reluctantly conceded that our 46th president looks like a lost toddler.

And then there’s Vogue — which literally couldn’t stop the presses. The fashion-bible-turned-Dem-PR-machine was already rolling out its July issue, with cover model Jill Biden in a silk cream Ralph Lauren dress that retails for $4,990.

The magazine landed on the internet Monday morning with a resounding, wincing thud.

It was tone deaf. It was tacky — but this shoot and interview, conducted months ago, would have been messy even if the debate disaster had never happened.

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Zelensky's wife purchased the newest Bugatti Turbillon for 4.5 million euros.

During the official visit of the Ukrainian delegation to Paris in early June, especially for the Zelensky couple, Bugatti Automobiles, together with the Paris dealership, organized a pre-premiere display of the new Bugatti Turbillon hypercar (the public premiere took place two weeks later, on June 20). According to a dealer representative, Zelenskaya was delighted with the new car and placed a pre-order, thus becoming the buyer of the first of 250 cars planned for production.

French journalists were able to obtain a copy of the invoice for Zelenskaya’s new car. To the base price of almost 4 million euros, almost 500,000 euros worth of options were added.

Webmaster addition: You paid for that!

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The government of Vanuatu is about to occupy a set of new buildings funded by China, which includes a sweeping new presidential palace, a new finance ministry, and renovations to the foreign affairs department.
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An address to the “No to Agenda 2030” conference in Rome, Italy
In my opinion, the promoted fear of the current “Avian Influenza” strain is one example of “Disease X,” which the WHO has been warning of. However, “Avian influenza” is not the threat to human health that it is being promoted to be. To the best of my knowledge, there have been no documented human deaths from this version of Bird Flu, and there is no evidence that it is being transmitted from human to human in a regular or sustained fashion. This appears to be another example of “Psychological Bioterrorism”, which is the focus of this lecture.

Psychological Bioterrorism

This discussion is augmented by the 2017 disclosures of Dr. Alexander Kouzminov, an ex-intelligence operative who worked for the Soviet-Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) during the 1980-90s and who specialized in intelligence operations involving bioweapons-related activities in target countries before he resigned from the SVR and emigrated to New Zealand.

What is Psychological Bioterrorism?

“Psychological” or “Information Bioterrorism” involves the use of fear of an infectious disease to control people and their behavior. It is a very effective method for mass manipulation of populations and works by creating a state of heightened anxiety and fear of death in the people who are targeted. This fear is often grounded in misleading, poorly documented historical stories- essentially folk tales or parables- about historic pandemics of very dangerous diseases.

Often, these parables have little relevance to modern society with its sophisticated sanitary practices, hospital networks, and wide spectrum of antibiotics, antifungals, antiparasitics, and anti-inflammatory drugs



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Source: Chris Menahan

Newly released video reportedly shows Israeli Defense Force soldiers using captive Palestinians as human shields and exploration drones during operations in Gaza. 

The footage was obtained by Al Jazeera and translated by Younis Tirawi on Twitter.

From The Cradle, "Israeli army uses Palestinian prisoners as human shields in Gaza: Video":

Prisoners are seen dressed in Israeli army uniforms, equipped with body cams, and are forced to enter buildings or tunnels to ensure they are not rigged with explosives. 

In the first video, two Palestinians are forced to enter the wreckage of a home to search for a tunnel entrance. The prisoners are shown reporting back to the soldiers that only dirt and concrete were found. 

Another video shows a prisoner being forced to enter a tunnel attached to a wire held by Israeli soldiers above ground. 

"Guys, the army are using me as a lure," the prisoner calls out, hoping resistance fighters hear him and know not to open fire.

Claire's Observations:  "The most moral Army in the world", MY ASTROLABE!!!!

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In Germany, France, and even Belgium, the EU election results have created internal political crises. In some countries, new parliamentary elections have been called to clarify the political values and direction that voters want their respective countries to take.

At the same time, there has been little discussion as to which demographics have turned against the liberal status quo in Brussels the most.

Which social group has been the most opposed to EU bureaucracy and open borders.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, young people indicated their inability to lead a normal life within the European structure and its ideological backdrop.

They simply feel that they have no future because their current lives and the conditions in which they live, which appear to be objective, are in total chaos.

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The rise of mis- and disinformation on social media and an increasing perception of bias in the reporting of legacy media outlets has led to trust in media institutions declining over the past years.

As Florian Zandt shows in the chart below, based on a recent Statista Consumer Insights survey of 38 countries shows, people's trust or distrust of the media differs by geographic region.

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I get complaints from people that I concentrate too much on Donald Trump. Basically, the message is, “But what about Biden?” I do write more about Trump, because he’s the face of the perceived opposition. The only Emmanuel Goldstein in town. I assume everyone reading me understands just who and what Joe Biden is.

But people might not remember quite everything about Joe Biden’s lengthy career as a beloved resident of the Washington, D.C. swamp that Trump promised to drain. Biden was first elected as a U.S. Senator from Delaware in 1973. Even I was very young then. In 1981, the great “liberal” senator strongly supported the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, passed in the wake of CIA whistleblower Philip Agee’s disclosures about the Agency is his best-selling book Inside the Company. Biden declared that “I do not think anybody has any doubt about Mr. Agee. We should lock him away in my opinion.” The good senator really liked locking people up, it seems. As a strong supporter of the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act, he took credit for a draconian provision that mandated a five year sentence for possessing small amounts of crack cocaine.

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Authored by Dénes Albert via rmx.news,

Austria’s Freedom Party (FPÖ), Czechia’s ANO, and Hungary’s Fidesz have formed a new right-wing coalition, the parties’ respective leaders announced at a joint press conference in Vienna on Sunday.

Herbert Kickl (FPÖ), Andrej Babis (ANO) and Viktor Orbán (Fidesz) announce new right-wing coalition in Vienna. (Facebook)Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, former Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, and Austrian opposition leader Herbert Kickl said the new alliance would hopefully entice others to join and become the largest nationalist political group in the European Parliament.

“Today we are creating a political formation that will ‘forge ahead’ and very quickly become the strongest grouping and largest faction of the European right,” Orbán said.

Claire's Observations:  it will be interesting to see how this evolves; but I can tell you one thing which will be an absolute certainty; The "New World Order-istas" are not going to be happy about this at all, and will do all they can to destroy this coalition.

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The Israeli propaganda apparatus is priming the public to accept a declaration of victory over Hamas and assorted resistance groups in Rafah as the military begins to shift the bulk of its operational and combat capacity to the northern front against Hezbollah. However, withdrawing from Gaza entirely in light of the IDF’s failure to achieve any of its mission objectives is not politically tenable for myriad reasons – foremost of which is that Hamas would still exist as both a military and political entity with a swelling level of popularity among Palestinians, according to a recent poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research.

How are Israeli and U.S. Departments of State and their associated advisory think tanks proposing to solve this dilemma? How does one continue the fighting in Gaza indefinitely, work towards a viable ceasefire, and create the framework and conditions for a future Palestinian state when visible, high-profile Israeli ministers are calling not just for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza but also for the annexation and settlement of the West Bank?

Tonight on “State of Play,” we examine a number of these plans—all hopelessly unworkable to varying degrees—from creating humanitarian “pockets” within military cordons to bringing to Gaza an Arab Coalition from as yet unspecified states for the purposes of security and governance. One of the most significant brakes in all of these proposals is the inescapable fact that Hamas will still exist, and armed resistance will not stop and will not accept a foreign administrator.

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The Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF), known as Ansar Allah in the West and the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, initiated joint military operations against Israel early last month. This marks a significant strategic shift, highlighting the support for Palestinian armed groups in Gaza from regional forces. Despite the significance of these operations, their nature has remained largely unclear. However, MintPress has obtained exclusive details shedding light on these developments.

These joint operations represent a new phase in the regional dynamics of the conflict, emphasizing the evolving alliances and military strategies against Israel. The exclusive details provided by MintPress reveal the intricacies and coordination involved in these operations, illustrating the complex nature of regional military engagements.

On June 6, a significant development unfolded as the Islamic Resistance in Iraq issued a communique and Brigadier General Yahya Saree, spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF), announced a joint Yemeni-Iraqi military operation against Israeli targets. This coordinated effort was executed in two stages. The first stage involved a series of drone attacks on two ships reportedly carrying weapons to the Israeli-controlled port of Haifa. The second stage targeted a ship that violated the Ansar Allah-imposed blockade in the Red Sea, which restricts shipments to Haifa.

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The non-white community of Milwaukee was responsible for 98.23 percent of known homicide suspects and 98.14 percent of known nonfatal shootings suspects.

Imagine how much gun crime would happen in an all-white Milwaukee… virtually none. And remember: this is just a thought experiment. The majority of non-fatal shootings in 2023 Milwaukee don’t even have suspects… how high do you think the percentage of non-white suspects would be if the clearance rate was just a little higher?

Do you understand why Milwaukee isn’t a great city?

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Andrew Korybko



It appears as though the conspirators are homegrown dissidents without any ties to Russia, though they might have some connections to disgruntled members of the military.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General revealed on Monday that the SBU foiled an alleged J6-like plot to seize power in Kiev the day prior by orchestrating a protest that would deliberately descend into a riot whose participants, including military personnel and PMCs, would then storm the Rada. Zelensky has been fearmongering since November about a so-called “Maidan 3” that he claimed was being organized by Russia against him so it’s very likely that he’ll spin this latest development as proof of that supposed plot.

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The days when political leaders could take on to liberal Twitter, lie through their teeth about important issues, falsely slander their adversaries, and get away with it are over.

At least, that’s what we are seeing being put into practice by X since Elon Musk took over the platform.

In a new instance of this changed situation, US Vice President Kamala Harris – or her team – took to social media to lie about Presidential election favorite Donald Trump.

But it didn’t go so well, very differently from the ‘bad old days’ of Jack Dorsey-led Twitter.

New York Post reported:

“Elon Musk called out Vice President Kamala Harris Monday for ‘lying’ about former President Donald Trump’s abortion stance while proclaiming that the social media platform’s ‘community notes’ feature keeps politicians accountable when trying to spread falsehoods about their opponents.

Harris said Sunday on her X account that Trump ‘would ban abortion nationwide’ and that she and President Biden will do ‘everything’ in their ‘power to stop him and restore women’s reproductive freedom’.”

In the olden days, Kamala would have gotten away with it, and worse – perhaps people criticizing her would be banned from the platform for some made-up reason.

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This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: BofA forecasts $3,000 gold as central banks keep buying, taking apart some narratives against gold, and mysteries surrounding Chinese gold abound.
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By Noi Mahoney of FreightWaves

A cross-border trucker-led convoy will be rolling through parts of West Texas on Monday to spotlight everything from violence against drivers, low wages to poor working conditions in both Mexico and the U.S., organizers said.

“Truck drivers from Mexico are routinely used to push down the wages and working conditions of American truck drivers,” said Jesus Chuy, a Mexico-based trucker. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

The convoy — a joint action between the U.S.-based Truckers Movement for Justice (TMJ) and the Mexico-based United Mexican Carriers (TAMEXUN) and the Binational Carriers Union (STB) — will consist of about 75 truckers from both sides of the border on a 150-mile trek from Odessa, Texas, through Kermit and Monahans, Texas

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NATO plans to appoint a senior official in charge of long-term support for Ukraine, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources.

The official would be based in Kiev and address Ukraine's long-term military modernization needs and non-military support, according to the report. He will report to the alliance headquarters in Brussels and to a new command that is being set up in Wiesbaden to coordinate the delivery of military equipment to Kiev and the training of Ukrainian troops.

The decision is expected to be announced at the upcoming NATO summit in Washington, the newspaper said.

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Ukraine’s illegitimate President Volodymyr Zelensky’s recent promise to put forth a new “comprehensive plan” to end the conflict in Ukraine may be the first tentative steps by the regime to sit down at the negotiating table with Russia.

Zelensky announced on Friday during a press conference in Kiev that he was creating a new plan that should be "supported by the majority of the world." He also used the opportunity to, for the first time, admit high casualties on the battlefield. International relations and security expert Mark Sleboda told Sputnik’s Final Countdown that while Zelensky’s comments are still based in the fantasy land that he can dictate terms to Russia while losing the war, the change in tone could represent the regime’s first tentative steps towards admitting reality.

“The fact that he said he’s willing to speak to Russia through an intermediary at some undisclosed point months in the future, I guess that is progress, but not much,” Sleboda explained. “There is a possibility that this is a first tentative, one step forward, two steps back in the direction of eventual negotiations to end the conflict.”

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The State Prosecutor’s Office has given an okay to police to open an investigation against a prominent anti-government protest leader on suspicion of incitement against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a Hebrew media report.

The probe against Ami Dror will reportedly focus on remarks he made several days ago, during a protest outside the premier’s residence in Caesarea.

Dror said there was a need “to wipe out the memory of Netanyahu,” a play on the Jewish command to wipe out the memory of the ancient biblical foe, Amalek.

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Amid Russia's ongoing war with Ukraine Moscow has assumed the Presidency of United Nations Security Council for the month of July. Well on the agenda this month the security Council will discuss the escalating regional tensions in West Asia. Watch in for more details!

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But on Monday, he was back in Gaza, and pictures of him being greeted upon his return sparked an angry flurry of accusations and counterclaims over his release, which the Shin Bet said it had approved, due to a lack of space in prisons for the thousands of detainees rounded up by Israel in the Strip.

In a statement Monday night, Netanyahu stressed that the decision to release Abu Salmiya was made without the knowledge of political leaders or the heads of the security agencies.

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Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

If you are really struggling with the high cost of living, I want you to know that you aren’t alone.  In recent months, I have been hearing from so many people that feel like they are drowning financially.  Have you experienced a palpable sense of panic when you compare your rising bills to the level of income that you are currently bringing in?  So many people out there are stressed out of their minds because it has become such a struggle to pay the bills each month.  As I discussed a few days ago, a typical U.S. household must now spend $1,069 more a month just to buy the exact same goods and services that it did three years ago.  Over the course of an entire year, that is almost an extra $13,000 dollars.  Month after month, prices just keep going higher, but those that are running things continue to insist that everything is just fine.

No, everything is not just fine.

Last week, a TikTok video about rising grocery prices at Walmart quickly garnered more than a million views.  The person that made the video found a grocery order that he had placed two years ago, and he decided to hit the “Reorder All” button to see what that same order would cost today…

A recent TikTok video has gone viral, showing a user’s surprising experience with Walmart’s grocery prices. The user explained in his video that he tried to use the “Reorder All” button for an order he placed two years ago, which originally cost $126.67. To his shock, the same order would now cost $414.39.

I was quite stunned by this video.

Claire's Observations:  Every time Mike and I do a big shopping, I'm utterly stunned by the cost of what we buy, (which is very basic stuff, plus fresh veggies) and I keep thinking, "Where the heck is that excellent steak we must  have stocked up on, for the bill to be this high?!?  But there is no such thing in the basket. 


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Israel has ordered Palestinians to evacuate from the eastern portion of Khan Younis, signaling its forces are preparing to re-invade the southern Gaza city, which has mostly been destroyed by the previous Israeli assault.

Many of the over one million Palestinian civilians who fled the Israeli assault on Rafah have been sheltering in Khan Younis and are being forcibly displaced again. According to The Associated Press, Palestinians have been told to go to the nearby al-Mawasi camp on the coast, which Israel has declared a “safe zone.” But like other so-called safe zones in Gaza, the camp has come under repeated Israeli attacks.

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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Monday there was no sign Israel had downgraded the intensity of its offensive on the Gaza Strip, despite Israeli statements that it was shifting to a lower intensity phase.

“We’ve heard the Israelis talk about a significant downshift in their operations in Gaza. It remains to be seen,” Blinken said at an event hosted by the Brookings Institute think tank in Washington DC.

For weeks, Israeli officials have signalled they are downshifting their offensive on the Gaza Strip, even as its military continues to pummel the enclave, inflicting a staggering number of civilian deaths. On Saturday, at least 40 Palestinians were killed and 224 wounded in 24 hours alone.

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