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"Experience teaches us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficent." -- Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis

Steve Kirsch attempted to create a Google Surveys questionnaire about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” only to have Google censor it.

It turns out that Google does not allow any Google Surveys to mention anything about covid, the jabs or associated adverse events. An email Kirsch received from Google explained that “information related to certain medical topics,” in this case the Fauci Flu, “are a non-starter.”

“In this scenario,” the email adds, “we must reserve the right to allow or not allow surveys with these topics at our sole discretion. Please remove this question to make it compliant.”

Kirsch’s first question – he only created two – and the one that Google is referring to, here, asks whether anyone in the household, including oneself, has ever had covid, is now unable to work because of a covid infection, or has died from covid.

This would seem to be a generally innocuous question, which makes Google’s objection to it somewhat dubious. (Related: Google has been on a censorship spree for many years.)

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Actually, it was/is at least 2 Top Executives at FoxNews headquarters who coordinated with Democrats (Media, Biz, Politics) to ensure that enough Biden votes were inserted into swing states to give him the "win" in those states.

--Co-Chairman of Fox Corp., RUPERT MURDOCH, donated $$$ to Joe Biden's election campaign.

--Fox Corp. Board Member and former Speaker of the US House, PAUL RYAN, tried to keep candidate Trump from being elected in 2016.

All of the regular guests of Fox News who believe Democrats cheated, in order to put Joe Biden in the White House, have been shunned. No more on-air visits, or opinions from them.

The most recent regular guest to be ostracized from FoxNews programming, is none other than former U.S. President, Donald J. Trump himself.

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Eugene Debs had led historic strikes and run for president four times on the Socialist Party ticket, But the renowned orator had never given a speech so risky or consequential as the one he delivered in a Canton, Ohio, park on June 16, 1918.

As 1,200 people watched, Debs stepped to the front of a wooden bandstand. Nearly bald, he wore a tweed jacket and buttoned vest despite the summer swelter. Justice Department agents sifted through the audience, asking to see men’s draft cards. As Debs spoke, a stenographer hired by a federal prosecutor took frantic notes of the lines that struck him as especially subversive. Sweat dripped down Debs’ face, and his arms reached over the bandstand’s rail toward the crowd.

“The working class have never yet had a voice in declaring war,” Debs declared. “If war is right, let it be declared by the people – you, who have your lives to lose.”

Those were dangerous words in June 1918. World War I was nearing its climax, with American soldiers fighting their first major battles, resisting Germany’s all-out drive toward Paris. The U.S. government, armed with repressive new laws, had jailed anti-war protesters across the country. And Debs, 62 years old and recovering from illness, had emerged from near-seclusion to rejoin the fight against the war.

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Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a pro-active stance to protect the citizens of Florida from rogue prosecutors who are picking and choosing which laws to enforce, often openly doing so in the name of “social justice”. 

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Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake won the Arizona Primary Election two days ago, and she is now taking on the Fake News Media, who refuses to call it.

We reported that Kari Lake made a historic comeback and is now the clear winner based on the results so far. She was finally declared the winner on Thursday night at 7 pm, but they still have not counted all of the ballots.

Election day was a debacle, and they’re still counting. The whole world is now watching Maricopa County and wondering, what the hell is going on?

In Maricopa County and across the state, massive fraud concerns and irregularities occurred. The Gateway Pundit reported on breaking updates across the state on Election Day.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended State Attorney Andrew Warren for 'picking and choosing which laws to enforce based on his personal agenda,' and has appointed Susan Lopez as his replacement during the suspension.

Warren, who had served the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, has most recently refused to follow state policy criminalizing abortion in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade - and repeatedly refused to enforce laws cracking down on child sex-change surgeries, according to DeSantis.

The liberal state attorney also declined to prosecute 67 protesters arrested in George Floyd demonstrations, and said in 2017 that he would only pursue the death penalty "in the very worst cases," and not where "mental illness played a role."

"We are suspending Soros-backed 13th circuit state attorney Andrew Warren for neglecting his duties as he pledges not to uphold the laws of the state," DeSantis' office said in a statement, per Fox News.

Update: DeSantis sent state police to physically remove Warren from his office, "with access only to retrieve his personal belongings, and (ii) to ensure that no files, papers, documents, notes, records, computers, or removable storage media are removed from the Office of the State Attorney..."

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Swedish Migration Minister Anders Ygeman has suggested that Sweden should follow the example of Denmark in seeking to place a limit on the population of non-Nordic migrants living in troubled areas.

In an interview with Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper, Ygeman acknowledged that ghettos where migrants have congregated with seemingly little desire to integrate have caused huge problems.

His solution is to implement a similar policy to Denmark, which has started demolishing parts of migrant ghettos and moving people elsewhere in a bid to put a stop to ‘parallel societies’ that breed crime and social dislocation.

Under the proposed new policy, a minimum of 50 per cent of residents of any area would have to be Swedish or from Denmark, Iceland, Finland, or Norway.

“I think it is bad to have areas where the majority are of non-Nordic descent,” Ygeman told DN.

“If you want to learn Swedish, you have to practice. If you live in an area where you can get by with the language of your native country, it becomes enormously more difficult to learn and develop the language,” he added.

“If, in addition, you have a job where you can get by in the language of your native country, where will you practice Swedish? In that context, I think having that kind of goal can say something important,” explained Ygeman.

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Regular CNN columnist and MSNBC guest Dean Obeidallah has announced that he “LITERALLY” views Trump supporters as being “no different” than al Qaeda supporters after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

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Posted on: Aug 05 08:10

On Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that, effective immediately, his administration would be suspending State Attorney Andrew Warren. Warren in 2020 told the Tampa Bay Times that Soros was a donor to his campaign.

"So when you flagrantly violate your oath of office, when you make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty, you have neglected your duty and you are displaying a lack of competence to be able to perform those duties," DeSantis said in a press conference on Thursday. "And so today we are suspending state Attorney Andrew Warren, effective immediately."

"We are not going to allow this pathogen that's been around the country of ignoring the law. We are not going to let that get a foothold here in the state of Florida. We are going to make sure that our laws are enforced and that no individual prosecutor puts himself above the law, and I can tell you the states and the localities that have allowed this to happen, they are ruing the day," DeSantis said.

"You want to know why some people are moving to Florida? Because their communities are no longer safe, thanks to prosecutors that think they know better than the people's representatives and they get to pick and choose which laws that they're enforcing," he added.

DeSantis said that this was an "important" issue, and that it received input from across the state.

In a statement to Fox News, DeSantis' office said, "We are suspending Soros-backed 13th circuit state attorney Andrew Warren for neglecting his duties as he pledges not to uphold the laws of the state."

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California state Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) shamed Americans for leaving their house during covid but says gay men must be free to have sex with as many strangers as they please despite monkeypox being declared a public health emergency.

"If people want to have sex, they are going to have sex," Wiener told the Washington Post on Thursday. "I know people who normally go to sex parties who will not. People will make their own decisions about their own risk levels."

Wiener is overseeing California's monkeypox response as head of the newly-formed Senate Select Committee on Monkeypox.

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The West's anti-Russian sanctions are pushing Europe and the UK to the brink.

Whereas Spain has banned air conditioning from dropping below 27°C (80.6°F) in the summer due to the upcoming energy crunch, the UK is now warning citizens that their energy bills are about to surge over 60%.

From Bloomberg, "UK's Ofgem Warns Households to Prepare for Difficult Winter":

Britain's energy regulator Ofgem warned that bill payers face a challenging winter ahead as energy prices continue an unprecedented rise that could push millions into poverty.

Bills are set to climb more than 60% in October to record levels and again in January, as surging energy prices push up the cost of supplying households. The UK has a cap on tariffs that shields consumers from daily spikes in wholesale prices but there's little protection from gas prices that have tripled in just the last year.

"I know this situation is deeply worrying for many people," said Jonathan Brearley, Ofgem's chief executive officer. "The trade-offs we need to make on behalf of consumers are extremely difficult and there are simply no easy answers right now."
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A funny thing happened to the usual cheerleading that greeted the June job report [U.S. Economy Added 372,000 Jobs in June, Defying Slowdown Fears, by  Lydia DePillis, NYT, July 8, 2022]. In fact several funny things: a continued Biden Rush at the southern border; record inflation numbers; and (despite the New York Times’ headlined prediction) a “slowdown” that everyone knows would be called a recession if the GOP were in power [GDP fell 0.9% in the second quarter, the second straight decline and a strong recession signal, by Jeff Cox, CNBC, July 28, 2022]. But the cheerleading was misplaced anyway, because as usual it missed the extent to which immigrants (legal and illegal, government data does not distinguish) are taking native-born Americans’ jobs.

According to the widely cited Survey of Employers, the economy added back 372,000 jobs in June. Average hourly earnings rose a 5.1% year-over-year [Y-O-Y], a level that in most years would translate to large real income gains. Unfortunately, with the latest CPI inflation running at 9.1%, Y-O-Y, average incomes are still falling behind in real, inflation-adjusted, dollars.

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Dozens of major corporations have asked the Supreme Court to affirm the use of racial preferences in college admissions, arguing that more diversity on campuses contribute both to commercial innovation and business success. “These benefits are not simply intangible; they translate into businesses’ bottom lines.” Signatories to the brief titled, “major American business enterprises,” included tech giants such as Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google unit; manufacturers including Corning Inc. and General Motors Co., pharma and biotech companies and transportation operators such as American Airlines Group Inc. and Lyft Inc. The brief cited reports published by journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Corporate Governance, and the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting.

So what major corporations have “acted in unison” to defend an anti-white policy before the Supreme Court (after all, diversity in the workplace just means not hiring white people to the benefit of non-white applicants, regardless of their merit)?

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McConnell: Putin has succeeded not only in actually expanding NATO and making it even more effective as a deterrent remember Reagan said peace through strength and that‘s what NATO is all about and that‘s why Finland and Sweden add a lot to NATO 
BaierThere are Republican campaigns now here in the U.S around the country focusing on the record-setting illegal immigration on the border to you right now what is a bigger national security threat Russia in Ukraine and what‘s happening there or the situation on our southern border? I don‘t think you have to pick I think they‘re both important-I mean we both need to secure the border which the previous administration did an excellent job of, and we need to beat the Russians in Ukraine!

It‘s important to do that. The prime minister of Japan, concerned about President Xi and China said “You want to  send Xi a message defeat Putin in Ukraine.”

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Dirty FBI Director Chris Wray spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday morning in Washington DC.

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If Americans needed any more proof 'freedom' is under all-out attack by a shadowy group of wannabe tyrants masquerading as 'govt' here in America, we get it from this new story over at Project Veritas reporting on a newly leaked document provided to them by an FBI whistleblower showing how every day Americans are being looked at as 'potential domestic terrorists' over very common symbols that might be on items of clothing they wear, phrases they might use and more.

Reporting within their story that the document was marked as "Unclassified/Law Enforcement Sensitive" which was for "FBI Internal Use Only," note that it labels as ‘extremist’: the Betsy Ross flag, anything advocating for the 2nd Amendment, the Gadsden Flag and much more.

Quite literally putting a big govt target on the backs of American citizens for us simply expressing our opinions and knowledge of historythis story from Project Veritas and that FBI document remind us of this August of 2013 story by Michael Snyder over at The Truth Wins titled "72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents."

Webmaster addition: I scored a 60!!!!!!

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The US Department of Homeland Security is warning of vulnerabilities in the nation’s emergency broadcast network that makes it possible for hackers to issue bogus warnings over radio and TV stations.

“We recently became aware of certain vulnerabilities in EAS encoder/decoder devices that, if not updated to most recent software versions, could allow an actor to issue EAS alerts over the host infrastructure (TV, radio, cable network),” the DHS's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) warned. “This exploit was successfully demonstrated by Ken Pyle, a security researcher at, and may be presented as a proof of concept at the upcoming DEFCON 2022 conference in Las Vegas, August 11-14.”

Pyle told reporters at CNN and Bleeping Computer that the vulnerabilities reside in the Monroe Electronics R189 One-Net DASDEC EAS, an Emergency Alert System encoder and decoder. TV and radio stations use the equipment to transmit emergency alerts. The researcher told Bleeping Computer that “multiple vulnerabilities and issues (confirmed by other researchers) haven't been patched for several years and snowballed into a huge flaw.”

“When asked what can be done after successful exploitation, Pyle said: ‘I can easily obtain access to the credentials, certs, devices, exploit the web server, send fake alerts via crafts message, have them valid / pre-empting signals at will. I can also lock legitimate users out when I do, neutralizing or disabling a response,’” Bleeping Computer added.

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British foreign minister Liz Truss clashed over the future of the economy with former finance minister Rishi Sunak on Thursday as the two contenders to be Britain's next prime minister debated the Bank of England's warnings of a long recession.

Truss is up against Sunak to win the votes of 200,000 members of the Conservative Party who will by Sept. 5 choose a replacement for Boris Johnson, who was forced to resign after a series of scandals.

The Bank of England said on Thursday that Britain faces a protracted recession as energy price-driven inflation squeezes household budgets. Tackling that crisis in the economy will fall to Truss or Sunak in a month's time.

Truss, the frontrunner in the leadership contest, said the central bank's prediction can be changed by cutting taxes. She said the government's decision to raise the tax burden to the highest level since the 1950s was to blame for pushing the economy towards a recession.

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The former governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez, has been arrested on bribery charges.

She was arrested and charged on Thursday, the Department of Justice said in a press release.

“The alleged bribery scheme rose to the highest levels of the Puerto Rican government, threatening public trust in our electoral processes and institutions of governance,” Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. said. “The Department of Justice is committed to holding accountable those who wrongly believe there is one rule of law for the powerful and another for the powerless. No one is above the rule of law.”

“According to the indictment, from December 2019 through June 2020, then-Governor of Puerto Rico Wanda Vazquez Garced, 62, of San Juan, allegedly engaged in a bribery scheme with various individuals, including Julio Martin Herrera Velutini, Frances Diaz, Mark Rossini, and John Blakeman to finance Vazquez Garced’s 2020 gubernatorial election campaign,” the DOJ said.

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Ballot papers for the leadership of the Conservative and Unionist Party arrive in the post this week, and they do so at a defining moment for Britain.

We face immense challenges at home, with a cost of living crisis, sclerotic economic growth, the highest tax burden in 70 years, and sections of our society that are determined to talk down Britain and erode free speech.

Abroad, the free world is facing a belligerent Russia and emboldened China, which is testing our collective resolve in a way we have not seen since the Cold War.

I have put myself forward for the leadership of our great party and to be the next prime minister, because I believe I am the right person to tackle these challenges head on and lead Britain through turbulent times, and into a new era of success and prosperity.

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In a bid to solve delays in the country’s airports, Germany is to do what it does best: bring in more migrants, mostly from Turkey.

Germany is looking to employ its solution of import more migrants again in the coming weeks, with state authorities this time seeing the prospect of bringing in foreign labour as the way of solving delays at the country’s airports.

Likely to be in the country sometime around mid-August, the number of new arrivals will pale in comparison to the amount some ministers aim to bring in over the coming months and years, with one Minister having previously demanded that the country “immediately” allow in as many migrants as possible who are willing and able to work.

According to a report by Der Spiegel, around 250 migrants, mainly sourced from Turkey, are to be brought in to the country to man posts in Nuremberg, Munich and Frankfurt airport, all of which have seen travellers beset with significant delays.

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Japanese leaders' recent actions on Taiwan question are not friendly and have disappointed China very much, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a press conference on Friday, noting that some countries are making groundless accusations against China and spreading disinformation and Japan is among those taking "very wrong actions."

On Friday, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a meeting with the Japanese leader Fumio Kishida, during which Kishida strongly criticized China's military drills for it "threatened Japan" and "impacted peace and stability" of the region, Kyodo News reported.

At Friday's press conference, Kyodo News asked Hua about State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi's leaving his seat with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as Japan criticized China's military drills and Russia's conflict with Ukraine on a ministerial meeting with ASEAN in Phnom Penh on Friday. 

Hua noted that certain countries made groundless accusations against China during the ministerial meeting with ASEAN members, while the majority of countries expressed understanding on China. Wang refuted disinformation and defended justice at the site.

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Chinese officials summoned U.S. Ambassador Nicholas Burns in the middle of the night for a meeting to protest Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan.

Burns was summoned to appear by Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng, who is specifically in charge of managing China's relationship with the United States.

Pelosi's visit infuriated Beijing, who repeatedly warned Pelosi not to make a stop there during her South Asia tour. Chinese officials called the visit a 'violation of the one-China principle.' 

In the summons, Xie stressed the 'nature of Pelosi's visit is extremely vicious and the consequence is very grave. The Chinese side will not sit idly by,' Chinese state media reported.

Xie said President Joe Biden's government should have 'restrained Pelosi's unscrupulous move and prevented her from going against the historical trend but instead indulged her and colluded with her.' 

'China will take necessary and resolute countermeasures and we mean what we say,' Xie said.

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