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A Utah Target has been evacuated and a bomb squad has been called in after multiple threats were made against stores across the state and five in Ohio after the company's annual Pride collection sparked fury. 

A Layton Target - located at 810 West 2000 North - was evacuated after receiving multiple bomb threats. A bomb squad and a K9 unit were deployed to the store around 1pm, according to KUTV

All staff and customers were directed to the parking lot. 

Police said stores in Layton, Salt Lake, Taylorsville and Provo were threatened. Authorities became aware of the threats after local news stations received emails threatening danger and referencing the company's new controversial Pride collection. 

Posted on: May 27 08:05

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) said Friday on CNN’s “The Situation Room” that extreme MAGA Republicans want to crash the economy because they believe “it will be in their political benefit in 2024.”

Jeffries said, “We certainly are only a few days away from this manufactured default crisis, which is very real right now. We shouldn’t be in this situation, because America should always pay our bills and do it the in had a manner consistent with what has been done under Democratic presidents and Republican presidents without partisanship. We are in this place now, thankful for President Biden and his team of designees who are working hard to avoid a default in the face of a group of individuals, some of whom clearly would take the position that blowing up the economy, crashing it, and triggering a recession apparently they have concluded, is their political benefit. We’re hopeful cooler heads will continue to prevail over the next day or so, we can arrive at a bipartisan agreement that makes sense, that’s consistent with democratic values, and we can pass this dangerous default crisis.”

Webmaster addition: "I didn't screw up the economy; it's the GOP's fault. Honest!" -- Official White Horse Souse

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Twitter has withdrawn from a voluntary European Union agreement to stamp out disinformation online, a top EU official said late Friday.

"Twitter leaves EU voluntary Code of Practice against disinformation. But obligations remain," EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton wrote on Twitter.

"You can run but you can't hide. Beyond voluntary commitments, fighting disinformation will be legal obligation under #DSA as of August 25. Our teams will be ready for enforcement," Breton added, referring to the EU's new Digital Services Act which takes effect in less than two months.

Posted on: May 27 08:03

Amid a culture-war storm that has hit several American companies in recent weeks, including Bud Light and Target, LGBTQ+ rights advocates and anti-trans activists are now focusing on Walmart's approach to the debate and putting the company's marketing strategy under increased scrutiny.

After calls to boycott Target over its trans-friendly products—part of its Pride season's collection—the American retailer announced on Tuesday that it was removing some items in its Pride collection.

The decision was seen as a small victory by anti-trans activists, which have appeared galvanized by the retailer's move and eager to put another company that sells Pride-related merchandise—Walmart—under the same amount of scrutiny.

Posted on: May 27 08:02

Democrats are lashing out at President Joe Biden for not being a strong enough leader in the face of the debt ceiling crisis.

Democratic lawmakers are frustrated that Biden is allowing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to shape the narrative about the negotiations, essentially allowing Republicans to win in the court of public opinion, as evidenced by polling.

Posted on: May 27 07:54

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter recently suspended an illustrated novel project about “defying transgenderism” after the campaign was fully funded.

The author of the project, Hans G. Schantz, stated that his comic was canceled by Kickstarter after initially being reviewed and approved by the company. It was not until after the illustrated novel reached its $3,000 crowdfunding goal that the project was booted from the website.

Schantz said that he increased the novel’s goal to $6,000 before the project reached its May 31 deadline, but Kickstarter shut down the campaign, claiming that it had violated the site’s community rules.

The illustrated novel, “The Wise Heart,” follows the story of a biology teacher who is “thrown in jail for defying transgenderism” and subsequently “faces a show trial amid a media circus.”

Posted on: May 27 07:53

A California Powerball winner is accused of stealing a lottery ticket worth more than $2 billion. The lottery winner was served with lawsuit papers at his newly purchased mansion in Hollywood Hills, California.

Last year, Edwin Castro won the Powerball lottery jackpot of $2.04 billion after purportedly purchasing the winning ticket from Joe’s Service Station in Altadena, California, on Nov. 7, 2022.

As previously reported in TheBlaze, Castro elected to take home the lump sum prize money of $997.6 million in February 2023.

Castro used the lottery winnings to purchase two multimillion-dollar California homes and a vintage Porsche convertible reportedly worth $250,000.

In the same month, a lawsuit was filed in California claiming that the winning lottery ticket had been stolen.

Posted on: May 27 07:52

A college program that received taxpayer funds from the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security equated conservatives and Christians to militant neo-Nazis, according to watchdog group MRC Free Speech America.

Documents obtained by the conservative media watchdog revealed that the DHS’ Office of Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention doled out $352,109 in fiscal year 2022 to a University of Dayton program that aimed to “develop and implement modules on the risks of and protective factors for radicalization to violence related to media literacy and online critical thinking for students,” the New York Post reported.

The DHS awarded 80 grants totaling nearly $40 million under its Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program to establish “media literacy and online critical thinking initiatives.” In an internal memo obtained by MRC, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas referred to the grant program as a “high priority.”

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The possible transfer of nuclear weapons to Ukraine from the West will cause a preemptive strike by Russia, said Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council.

The statement was made during his visit to Vietnam.

Medvedev explained that the allies of Ukraine can put into service not only F-16 fighters, which is no longer excluded, but also nuclear weapons.

As reported by the Hal Turner Radio Show in a Subscribers-Only report on 23 May, debate within NATO over supplying Ukraine with F-16's centers around the United States INISISTENCE the planes be a specially-modified model capable of carrying the U.S.  "B-61" free-fall nuclear bomb.  The U.S. is also insisting that NATO countries train Ukraine pilots on how to utilize such nuclear bombs.  (That original Subscribers-Only story appears HERE)

This has caused a gigantic rift within NATO. The United States, Great Britain, Poland, and Germany are in favor of this idea, while Turkey, Greece, and Hungary are against it.

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US stocks rose early Friday as traders weighed the reports of an emerging deal against strong economic data pointing toward another Federal Reserve interest-rates increase. Yields on Treasury bills maturing in early June tumbled, a sign investors are regaining confidence in on-time repayment during the window when a US default would be likely without a deal.

The two sides have narrowed differences in talks over recent days, according to the people, though the details agreed to are tentative and a final accord is still not in hand. The two sides have yet to agree on the amount of the cap.

Under the terms of the emerging agreement, defense spending would be permitted to rise 3% next year in line with President Joe Biden’s budget request.

Early Friday, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo warned that payments to Social Security beneficiaries, veterans and others would be delayed if there’s a default. But he said he’s gaining some confidence an agreement will be reached.

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According to the study:

“Retinal vein occlusion (RVO) is the second most prevalent cause of visual loss related to retinal vascular diseases, after diabetic retinopathy. RVO is related to thromboembolism caused by vessel compression, vasospasm, or degeneration of vascular walls.”

The study included 7,318,437 people from the TriNetX network divided into vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, and they concluded that “individuals with COVID-19 vaccination had a higher risk of all forms of retinal vascular occlusion in 2 years after vaccination, with an overall hazard ratio of 2.19 (95% confidence interval 2.00–2.39).”

This is one of the first large scale studies published that examined COVID-19 vaccination side effects which are continuing more than 2 years following a COVID-19 injection.

The cumulative incidence of retinal vascular occlusion was significantly higher in the vaccinated cohort compared to the unvaccinated cohort, 2 years and 12 weeks after vaccination. The risk of retinal vascular occlusion significantly increased during the first 2 weeks after vaccination and persisted for 12 weeks.

Posted on: May 27 07:47
Posted on: May 27 07:47

Frustration is brewing within Democratic ranks as President Joe Biden is criticized for not exerting more vital leadership during the current debt ceiling crisis.

Party members voice dissatisfaction that Biden is permitting House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to control the narrative surrounding the negotiations, effectively granting Republicans a perceived victory in the eyes of the public, as suggested by recent polls.

Politico has reportedly conversed with multiple Democrats who expressed discontentment over Biden's approach. They are concerned that if Biden addresses the issue publicly, it might not be forthcoming. His schedule includes a weekend trip to Camp David on Friday and a visit to his home in Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday. Such news has provoked an uproar among some Democrats.

Posted on: May 27 07:46
A leaked audio clip from the secret DeSantis donor strategy meeting held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami on Thursday has surfaced, shedding light on key aspects of Governor Ron DeSantis’s campaign plans.
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A black woman who was fired as a personal trainer from an Equinox fitness center for allegedly being late 47 times in 10 months, sued for discrimination – and won!
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Earlier this week the Dodgers apologized to and re-invited anti-Catholic ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ trans nuns to pride night.
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Joe and Jill Biden on Friday hosted a ceremony for the Louisiana State University Tigers Women’s Basketball team to celebrate their 2022-2023 NCAA Championship season.
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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sent a letter Friday afternoon to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) that extends the debt ceiling deadline from June 1 to June 5. The letter comes as negotiations remain deadlocked as Joe Biden heads out of town for the holiday weekend. With no deal in sight, McCarthy told the House to go home until he calls them back for a vote, which he has said will abide by the 72 hour rule for members to review the deal.
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A crazed passenger on aboard a South Korean flight on Friday sparked a horrifying scene of chaos after opening an emergency door before the plane landed.
Posted on: May 26 21:05
A search this month by the FBI of the Florida home of Democrat Tampa City Council member Lynn Hurtak and her progressive journalist husband Timothy Burke involves the hack and leak of Fox News videos of Tucker Carlson, the Tampa Bay Times reported Friday.
Posted on: May 26 21:05

Leading 2024 presidential candidate and 45th President Donald Trump has been vindicated yet again as a new peer-reviewed study from the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW) uncovered a massive “loss of control” breach in the New York voter database.

Executive Director of NY Citizens Audit, Marly Hornik, and Director of Research, Andrew Paqutte, Ph.D., submitted the paper to JIW.

In July 2021, the team created and led a group of about 2,000 New Yorkers investigating the state’s voter registration rolls.

“Through auditing the voter roll databases, obtained directly from state and local boards of elections, we have uncovered millions of invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrations, hundreds of thousands of votes cast by legally invalid registrants, massive vote discrepancies, and the clear presence of algorithmic patterns we reverse engineered from within the state’s own official records,” Hornik wrote in a new letter.

Posted on: May 26 16:59

A groundbreaking study featured in the peer-reviewed journal Current Psychology uncovers a link between left-wing extremism, psychopathic tendencies, and narcissism.

"Given existing research, we predicted a correlation between high levels of left-wing authoritarianism and increased narcissism," the authors stated. This fresh perspective has led researchers Ann Krispenz and Alex Bertrams to introduce a novel term for this behavioral phenomenon: the "dark-ego-vehicle principle."

Elaborating on the principle to PsyPost, the authors explained, "This principle posits that individuals exhibiting dark personality traits, like extreme narcissism and psychopathy, are drawn towards certain forms of political and social activism. These become a conduit to fulfill their ego-centric needs rather than genuinely striving for social justice and equality."

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The Trump Media and Technology Group, which owns the Truth Social platform, has filed a monster lawsuit against the Washington Post, alleging the news outlet defamed and libeled the tech company.

The lawsuit, filed in a state court in Sarasota, Fla. — where TMTG is headquartered — comes on the heels of a large defamation settlement Fox News made with Dominion Voting Systems.

The technology company is seeking more than $3.7 billion from the Post.

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Democrats have been pressing the aged Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California to retire before her term officially expires in January 2025, especially after her return to the chamber earlier in May following a months-long absence while she battled shingles.

Feinstein needed to be assisted into the chamber in a wheelchair and looked visibly weak and frail, with one eye nearly closed. Subsequent reports said that her condition was worse than previously reported. But she has steadfastly refused to step down.

Now, Democrats are getting more bad news: A Republican candidate vying for her seat is currently leading other Democrats either in the race to succeed Feinstein or who have reportedly expressed an interest in running for it.

Posted on: May 26 15:47

A first-of-its-kind nationwide operation ended with the safe recovery of 25 missing children throughout southeast Michigan, thanks to the US Marshals and several other agencies.

"Some of the kids have been missing for up to three years," said Deputy US Marshal Robert Watson.

The Marshals' Missing Child Unit in the last three months, has recovered more than two dozen children in an operation called "We Will Find You."

"We found that when we recovered them that nobody cared about them," Watson said.

These missing children cases are considered some of the most challenging in terms of recovery – based on indications of child trafficking, sexual abuse and mental health issues.

Watson said the ages ranged from babies to 17 years old - and the scenarios that led them to be considered missing and endangered vary.

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Astronomers and amateurs alike are excited about a new star explosion visible in small telescopes.

The new supernova popped into visibility on May 19 in the Pinwheel Galaxy, (also designated as Messier 101, or M101). The galaxy  is visible in a small telescope under dark-sky conditions, as long as you use a wide field of view and a low-power eyepiece

Supernova hunter Koichi Itagaki, from Yamagata, Japan, first spotted the explosion, which was confirmed the following day (May 20) by telescopes of the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) in California.

Posted on: May 26 15:28

Newly unearthed text messages suggest President Joe Biden may have been involved in his son and brother's business deals with the Chinese, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Two weeks after a 2018 New York Times story exposed Hunter Biden's connections to a corrupt Chinese Communist Party-linked oil firm CEFC, his uncle Jim Biden texted him saying: 'you need a safe harbor' and 'I can work with you[r] father alone!'

The text messages, saved on Hunter's abandoned laptop, are the latest in a growing body of evidence tying the President to Hunter's shady overseas business deals.

Last June DailyMail.com uncovered a voicemail from Joe to his son recorded the night the Times story was published, telling Hunter he read the piece and saying 'I think you're clear'.

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Walter was a curmudgeon, drank whisky, and even with only one lung smoked large cigars well into his 80s, gave them up, and lived to be over a hundred. Walter earned his living as a cabinet and furniture maker. He taught me woodworking at a little waterwheel powered wood shop he owned (which still stands). He also taught me how to shoot and how to hunt. We didn't always get along. I guess you don't see what Walter saw and remain entirely cheerful for the rest of your life.

So, here is one soldier; not a glyph on a wall, but a man with a name, a face, and a history. To his friends and family he was a real human being, even though to the War Department he was just another statistic.

But as I think back on him, I know for a fact that he and the millions of others who served in all the various wars the United States became entangled in would be shocked and saddened to see that the government for which they sacrificed so much has become the very embodiment of all that they fought so hard against. No more First Amendment, warrantless spying on Americans, show trials, confessions extracted by torture, rigged elections; for this Walter gave up a lung?

So, this week, in between the sporting events and the barbecues, take a moment to look at the flag for what it used to represent rather than the globally hated symbol it has since become. Consider all those in your family who risked and sometimes lost all in America's wars, and decide for yourself how they would feel about the government of this nation as it exists today.

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The peer-reviewed paper, published by Director of Research Andrew Paquette, PhD, and Marly Hornick, was the result of an audit of voter rolls led by the pair using around 2,000 New York-based volunteers.

The study found that there are "hundreds of thousands of illegally generated registrations in the official NYXBOE voter rolls. The exact number is unknown, but it is not less than about 338,000 for registrations active for the 2020 General Election (NYCA [New York Citizens Audit] 2022). If other elections are included, the number of apparently illegal registrations jumps to between 1.2 and 2.4 million."

56.93 percent of all voter ID numbers were assigned based on a primary algorithm that allows "a hidden attribute tag to be added."

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