"Beliefs are chains used to hold free minds in slavery. No chains of steel ever bound a human tighter than the chains made of beliefs." -- Michael Rivero

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Lifestyle and habits can have a big effect on our health - and our life expectancy. A recently released study that followed U.S. veterans of the age group 40 to 99 between the years 2011 and 2019 is attempting to show just how much.

As Statista's Katharina Buchholz details below, according to mortality trends collected among 719,147 veterans and lifestyle factors assessed among 276,132, being physically active lowered the risk of death among the sample population the most - by 46 percent - opposite someone with no healthy habits and factors.

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A nearly balanced market in the first half of the year and seasonal strengthening of demand in the second half are set to push the price of Brent Crude to $88 per barrel by the end of 2024, according to analysts at Deutsche Bank.

“We look for continued OPEC+ discipline in a nearly balanced market for H1, and seasonal strength in H2,” the bank’s strategists wrote in a note on Wednesday carried by FXStreet.

With the OPEC+ cuts in the first half of 2024, Deutsche Bank sees little upside to its H1 forecast of $83 per barrel Brent.

“The first possibility of relaxation of OPEC+ supply cuts will be in Q3 against a backdrop of tighter balances and higher prices, underpinned by seasonal strength,” the bank’s analysts wrote.

Early on Wednesday, Brent Crude was marginally down by 0.05% at $82.34 a barrel as of 9:00 a.m. EST, while the U.S. benchmark, WTI Crude, traded slightly higher by 0.04% at $77.06.

Oil prices fell this week amid concerns about slowing economies and anxiety that the start of easing of the U.S. interest rates could take longer than previously expected.

But geopolitical flare-ups and the disruption to commercial shipping in the Red Sea have been lending support to oil prices in recent weeks.  

“The ongoing concerns over a slowdown in global consumption (especially from China) are capping any major upside in oil prices,” ING’s commodity strategists Warren Patterson and Ewa Manthey wrote on Wednesday

Claire's Observations; I am hoping that this DB analysis holds true as the year progresses; but were I you, I would consider, when the car gets to the half-way indicator on the dash, to fill it again; The kinds of geopolitical disruptions which can cause gas to spike, or be just unavailable, can happen in a heartbeat.

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A new report suggests vaccine mRNA does not remain at the injection site following vaccination but can “spread systemically” to the placenta and umbilical cord blood of infants whose mothers are vaccinated during pregnancy.

(KwangSoo Kim/Shutterstock)

In a peer-reviewed pre-proof accepted for publication in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, researchers presented two cases that demonstrate, for the first time, the ability of COVID-19 vaccines to penetrate the fetal-placental barrier and reach the inside of the uterus. Additionally, researchers detected spike protein in placental tissue, indicating the bioactivity of the mRNA in reaching the placenta.

Researchers vaccinated two pregnant women with mRNA vaccines shortly before delivery to determine whether the mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines reached the placenta or fetus following maternal vaccination.

The primary objective of the study was to investigate the knowledge gaps surrounding mRNA therapies during pregnancy, utilizing the COVID-19 vaccine as a foundation for future mRNA therapeutic developments, given its established use,” the study’s corresponding author, Dr. Nazeeh Hanna, a neonatologist, told The Epoch Times by email.

Researchers Find Vaccine mRNA in Samples

The first patient, “Patient 1,” was a 34-year-old woman at 38 weeks and four days gestation who received two Pfizer vaccine doses and two booster doses—one Pfizer and one Moderna. The Moderna booster dose was administered two days before the delivery of a healthy baby by cesarean section.

The second patient, “Patient 2,” was a 33-year-old woman at 40 weeks gestation. She received two Pfizer vaccine doses. The last dose was given 10 days before vaginal delivery of a healthy baby.

According to the paper, researchers found detectable vaccine mRNA in both placentas tested. The localization of the vaccine mRNA was mainly in the villus stroma—the connective tissue layer that supports the fetal capillaries and villous trophoblast. The villous trophoblast, the primary barrier between maternal and fetal tissues, supports the exchange of nutrients between a mother and her fetus.

Researchers also detected a “notably high signal” of vaccine mRNA in the placental decidua tissue of Patient 1, who received four vaccine doses. The decidua is the specialized endometrium layer that forms the base of the placental bed.

Spike protein expression was also detected—but only in the placenta of Patient 2. However, vaccine mRNA was detected in Patient 1’s cord and maternal blood samples, which were unavailable for the second patient.

The authors said the expression of spike protein in the placenta of the second patient but not in the first suggests that more than two days are necessary following vaccination for the mRNA to reach the placenta and be translated into the spike protein, which is then expressed in placental tissue.

Claire's Observations:  Were I pregnant, or about to become so, this info would scare the stuffing out of me, and if ANY medical professional suggested the jab to me, I would hand off this article, and quietly walk out of the room.

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If the COVID-19 debacle taught us one thing it is that, as Justice Neil Gorsuch acknowledged, “Rule by indefinite emergency edict risks leaving all of us with a shell of a democracy and civil liberties just as hollow.”

Unfortunately, we still haven’t learned.

We’re still allowing ourselves to be fully distracted by circus politics and a constant barrage of bad news screaming for attention.

Three years after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which gave world governments (including our own) a convenient excuse for expanding their powers, abusing their authority, and further oppressing their constituents, there’s something being concocted in the dens of power.

The danger of martial law persists.

Any government so willing to weaponize one national crisis after another in order to expand its powers and justify all manner of government tyranny in the so-called name of national security will not hesitate to override the Constitution and lockdown the nation again.

You’d better get ready, because that so-called crisis could be anything: civil unrest, national emergencies, “unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency, pervasive public health emergencies, and catastrophic natural and human disasters.”

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Russia finally captured the Ukrainian fortress town of Avdeevka following a protracted battle that ended in Kiev’s chaotic retreat and the abandonment of its wounded troops. The timing took place as the Western elite met in Germany for this year’s Munich Security Conference over the weekend, which conveniently enabled them to plan their next moves in this proxy war. No significant financial or military aid is expected, however, despite Ukraine’s newly clinched security pacts with Germany and France.

Rather, as was explained here earlier in the month when analyzing the latest Biden-Scholz Summit in DC, the West’s focus will be on the long-term containment of Russia in Europe beyond the borders of that former Soviet Republic. To that end, Germany’s role as the US’ preferred “Lead From Behind” partner in the EU will become more prominent, which will take the form of connecting the “military Schengen” with the revived Weimar Triangle in order to accelerate the construction of “Fortress Europe”.

The preceding three hyperlinked analyses explain these concepts more in depth as well as their relationship, but they can be summarized as Germany exploiting its comprehensive subordination of Poland to resume its long-lost superpower trajectory after a nearly eight-decade-long hiatus. The reason why the West’s attention will turn towards accelerating this geostrategic shift instead of clinging to its proxy war on Russia via Ukraine after Avdeevka is because it’s now clear that the latter is a lost cause.

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Pakistan is mulling over completing a much-delayed pipeline project with Iran, which has been stalled for years and has failed to move forward due to US sanctions

Islamabad is considering finalizing the first phase of the 80-kilometer pipeline, according to Pakistani news site The Nation. "Islamabad is contemplating to kick-off construction work on the 80 kilometers portion of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project… to escape a potential penalty of $18 billion," the report said.

Claire's Observations:  Oh yeah, this is going to fly in DC.... when pigs become aerodynamic!!!!!!!!!

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Chicago Ray, the trucker who ignited the righteous anger of his fellow truckers and of millions of other Americans, has stepped down from his boycott leadership. Does that mean the end of the trucker boycott of New York City?

Chicago Ray was angry about the astounding $350 million fine that New York Judge Engoron levied against former President Trump in the recent fraud case. But what Chicago Ray, the truckers, and so many Americans were really angry about was our corrupt judicial system and the evil overlords who created it.

We the people know what happened to Chicago Ray. Despite his denials, the enforcers of the Deep State made a phone call or left a message under the windscreen wipers of his truck like, "Boycott Boy, you gonna have a bad accident before your haul is over." Or they made a call to his cell phone like, "If you don't end this boycott bullshit your family and home will be gone when you get back home."

You can almost see and hear those threats when Chicago Ray posted, "I took that video down from Friday because it went viral and my Grandson seen it on Tik Tok."

Claire's Observations:  The guy probably either got bought,,,, or he and his family were threatened.


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A joint investigation by Le Monde newspaper and Radio France's investigative unit has revealed the widespread use of prohibited bottled water purification techniques by several major brands.

Statista's Anna Fleck reports that according to information released last month, at least a third of French spring and mineral water brands are concerned, including those belonging to Nestlé Waters, which has admitted using ultraviolet and activated carbon filtration treatments in some of its waters (Perrier, Vittel, Hépar and Contrex) to maintain "their food safety" standards.

Regulations prohibit any disinfection of mineral waters, which must be of naturally high microbiological quality (unlike tap water). The French government has reportedly been aware of Nestle's illicit practices since August 2021, and until now has tried to manage the crisis with the utmost discretion

Claire's Observations:  Discretion in "managing the crisis" obviously doesn't translate into better safety for the end consumer!!

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An out-of-control satellite is hurtling towards Earth, nearly three decades after it first launched.

The ERS-2 satellite, which served as an observation platform, is expected to enter the Earth’s atmosphere at some point on Wednesday.

The European Space Agency (ESA) said the risks associated with the two-tonne satellite are “very low”, however there is still a chance that fragments could hit populated areas.

Mirko Albani from ESA’s Earth Observation Ground Segment Department said: “It’s worth highlighting that none of the elements that might re-enter the atmosphere (and reach the surface) are radioactive or toxic.”

The predicted time for the satellite entering the Earth’s atmosphere was 3.49pm GMT (10.49 EST) on Wednesday, however a window of uncertainty means it is more likely to fall closer towards 5.30pm.

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One noteworthy event is Jeff Bezos’ substantial sell-off of Amazon shares, cashing out a staggering $8.5 billion. Bezos, who founded Amazon, had planned to sell up to 50 million shares until January next year, as disclosed in Amazon’s annual report.

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