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"Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them." -- Thomas Jefferson

Western mainstream press previously lauded Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a guardian of democracy. However, as ex-Donald Trump adviser Steve Cortes observes in his Newsweek op-ed, its tone is changing.

The Zelensky narrative used by western media "has palpably shifted" over the last few weeks, according to Steve Cortes, a US political consultant, market strategist and former Trump campaign adviser.

This shift particularly comes in relation to the latest CBS News report which alleged that "much of the billions of dollars of military aid that the US is sending to Ukraine doesn't make it to the front lines." Cortes also cites the New York Times' Thomas L. Friedman, who admitted earlier this month that "there is deep mistrust between the White House and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine — considerably more than has been reported."

Concerns also appear to be simmering over Zelensky firing his prosecutor general and intelligence chief on July 18 without explanations. "I have still not seen any reporting that convincingly explains what that was all about," Friedman wrote. "It is as if we don’t want to look too closely under the hood in Kiev for fear of what corruption or antics we might see, when we have invested so much there."

Similarly, German newspaper Die Welt once again shed light on Zelensky's offshore network schemes on August 3, as exposed by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) in October 2021. It also revealed Kiev's apparent role in cancelling a Ukrainian documentary "Offshore 95 – President Zelensky's Secret Deals" last year.

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Nuclear tensions are rising more and more. The US military said on August 16 that it had conducted a test with the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile. In the official statement, it was also stated that the operation was already previously scheduled, having been postponed in order to avoid increasing tensions with Beijing during China’s show of force near Taiwan earlier this month. For some unexplained reason, Washington considered the current moment to be the most “appropriate” for the maneuver.

The missile was launched from the Vandeberg Space Force base in California and traveled about 6,760 km. Military spokespeople indicated that the self-propelled projectile was unarmed and equipped with a test reentry vehicle. Additionally, the statement makes clear that the mission was intended to demonstrate the readiness of US nuclear forces.

“Air Force Global Strike Command Airmen launched an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with a test re-entry vehicle from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California, Aug. 16 at 12:49 a.m. Pacific Time to demonstrate the readiness of U.S. nuclear forces and provide confidence in the lethality and effectiveness of the nation’s nuclear deterrent”, the statement says.

Manufactured by Boeing, the Minuteman III is a missile with nuclear capability and high destructive power. Currently, this missile is a key element in the US military’s strategic arsenal. The weapon has a range capability of over 9,660 km and can travel at a speed of approximately 24,000 km per hour. Minuteman III is also considered a part of the so-called American “nuclear triad”, along with the submarine-launched ballistic missile Trident and nuclear weapons carried by long-range strategic bombers.

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The new NATO 2030 Strategic Concept indicates a disturbing change in the Alliance’s strategic orientation. As a result, provocations towards Moscow, as well as Beijing, are escalating, especially after the former was labelled by NATO as “the most significant and direct threat to Allies’ security and to peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area.” In this context, the Atlantic Alliance urged member states to allocate more resources for military purposes, as well as to increase the rapid reaction forces on its Eastern European front from 40,000 troops to a staggering 300,000. This is in addition to escalations in the South China Sea.

NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, explained that, unlike the previous document of the same title, which was adopted in Lisbon in 2010, there are no longer any guidelines on cooperation with Moscow, not even in the areas of arms control, the fight against terrorism or drug trafficking. Relations with Russia are continuously deteriorating as the West instigates less cooperation and more conflict. 

The behaviour of NATO’s main members – the US and the United Kingdom, as well as Germany and France, in Ukraine, but also in the Caucasus and Central Asia, signify that Russia is the most direct threat to Western hegemony despite China’s massive economic rise. Therefore, there is nothing epochal about the positioning on NATO’s eastern borders since it is a logical epilogue of a process that has been ongoing since at least 2014. Arguments can be made though that this process began with the Syrian War in 2011, or perhaps even as early as 2008 with the NATO-instigated Russo-Georgia War.

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Scientists have revealed plans to bring back the Tasmanian Tiger, almost 100 years after it went extinct.  

The Tasmanian Tiger, also known as the tyhlacine, roamed the Earth for millions of years before being wiped out by human hunting in the 1930s. 

Now, Colossal Biosciences, a startup based in Dallas, Texas, has announced plans to start the 'de-extinction' of the species, using stem cell technology. 

'Bringing back the thylacine will not only return the iconic species to the world, but has the potential to re-balance the Tasmanian and broader Australian ecosystems, which have suffered biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation since the loss of the predator earlier this century,' Colossal Biosciences explained. 

Webmaster addition: There continue to be reports of thylacine sightings in the wild to the present day.

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After Dr. Deborah Birx made a number of statements admitting that the “experts” oversold the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine in that it would significantly help prevent infection, PolitiFact’s Yacob Reyes wrote a lengthy article rating is “false” that Birx ever flip-flopped on the issue herself in an article whose conclusion is contradicted by its own sources, while also ignoring everyone else that flip-flopped, such as Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci.  

Birx admitted that the experts overpromised on the COVID vaccine a number of times in mid-2022. During a Fox News appearance on July 22, she told Neil Cavuto that “I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection. And I think we overplayed the vaccines, and it made people then worry that it's not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization. It will.”

The next day, Birx testified before Congress.

While facing questioning from Rep. Jim Jordan, Birx admitted that “we knew early on, in January of 2021, in late December 2020, that reinfection is occurring after natural infection. Once you see that - and I want to make it clear to you all, and to anyone that is listening - this is not meables, mumps, and rubella - those vaccines produce long term immunity, and can create herd immunity." 

Jordan asked twice “When the government told us that the vaccinated couldn’t transmit it, was that a lie, or was that a guess?” - prompting an “I don’t know,” and “I think it was hope that the vaccines would work in that way.” No denial was made of the government’s false narrative. 

This is in direct contradiction to Birx’s prior public statements, but not if you accept Reyes’ framing, who is forced to construct and burn down a strawman to pretend Birx didn’t flip flop or conceal information from the American public. 

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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has finally taken a page out of Trump-Endorsed Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake’s border policy, starting with finishing President Trump’s beautiful wall.

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 The FBI has been working with state and local partners during the first two weeks of August and has just announced the success of a cross-country operation that resulted in the recovery of more than 200 victims of human trafficking.

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Read The Ingredients

Also, note, if you are “allergic to shellfish, you may also be allergic to crickets”

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A magistrate judge is set to hold a hearing to decide whether they will unseal more documents in relation to the search warrant used on Mar-a-Lago. Judge Bruce Reinhart will hold the hearing Thursday in regard to several media outlets request for the probable cause affidavit and other information to be made public

The Department of Justice opposed the release of the warrant affidavit, claiming it could hamper witness cooperation and the confidentiality of grand jury proceedings. According to the agency, the affidavit details the argument investigators made to the judge explaining the probable cause they had to search the home of 45th President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump is calling for the immediate release of the un-redacted affidavit. While taking to Truth Social Tuesday, he continued to rail against the FBI raid on his estate. Trump called for transparency and said the search was unjustifiable. He also said the judge on this case should recuse himself.

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After hiding in Covid isolation for two weeks at the White House, Joe, his crackhead son Hunter and Jill took off for South Carolina for a weeklong beach vacation.

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 Germany’s headlong leap into green energy has come back to bite them. Their windmills and solar panels won’t keep them warm this winter and Putin is more than happy to tighten the flow of energy. And it gets cold in Germany.

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I believe he may be telling the truth. Check out his scars. We know that young men have lots of heart problems with this crap. Before all of this went down I would have said no way could they cover up 200K dead people. But since they have been able to cover up tens of millions injuries and deaths, I believe they very well could have done just what he is describing.

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The Atlantic changed headlines multiple times in response to massive backlash over an op-ed that compared the Catholic rosary to an “assault weapon.”

Authored by Daniel Panneton, the article, originally titled, “How the Rosary Became an Extremist Symbol,” featured a rosary that had bullet holes in place of beads and argued that the Catholic sacramental had become a tool of violent militants.

“Militia culture, a fetishism of Western civilization, and masculinist anxieties have become mainstays of the far right in the U.S.—and rad-trad Catholics have now taken up residence in this company,” he wrote.

“The phenomenon might be tempting to dismiss as mere trolling or merchandising, and ironical provocations based on traditionalist Catholic symbols do exist, but the far right’s constellations of violent, racist, and homophobic online milieus are well documented for providing a pathway to radicalization and real-world terrorist attacks,” he continued.

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Posted on: Aug 17 09:50

Jamil Hassan, an Afghan translator who worked for Gens. David Petraeus (Ret.) and John Nicholson (Ret.) and author of Promises Betrayed: An Afghan Interpreter at The Fall of Kabul, said on SirusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with host Joel Pollak that President Joe Biden’s decisions regarding the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan led to “chaos.”

“This was a decision that destroyed everything and caught everyone off guard and by surprise,” Hassan stated. “It was all because of the hasty and not properly calculated decision of the U.S. president, Joe Biden. The reason I’m saying this is that once they degraded the Taliban from a terrorist group to an insurgent group, it facilitated the U.S. to negotiate with the Taliban, because the U.S. mainly does not negotiate with terrorists.”

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Eric Trump joined Sean Hannity on Monday night to continue their discussion on the unprecedented raid on President Trump’s home Mar-a-Lago one week ago.

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During his Monday opening monologue, FNC host Tucker Carlson ridiculed a media effort to make the FBI a victim in the Mar-a-Lago raid saga.

According to Carlson, that reaction was typical of the media, but he added he believed they were aware of the serious nature of what an indictment of Trump could mean for the country.

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 In a landmark lawsuit regarding a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, about 500 health care workers will be receiving $10 million worth of payouts after challenging a hospital’s vaccine mandate.

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Crude oil prices have slumped to six-month lows, driven by a mounting wall of worries: US recession, China's zero-Covid policy and real estate sector implosion, Russian production recovering, US SPR releases, and the possibility of a nuclear agreement between Iran, the EU, and the US that could unleash new supplies into global markets. 

On Wednesday morning, the October contract of Brent on the Intercontinental Exchange tagged a six-month low of $91.58 a barrel while the new head of OPEC offered a sobering reality that global oil markets face an increased risk of a supply squeeze due to declining spare production capacity. 

OPEC Secretary-General Haitham Al-Ghais sat down with Bloomberg Television and said speculation fears over slowing consumption in China and the rest of the world had been greatly exaggerated. 

Al-Ghais said producers in OPEC are nearing the upper limits of additional supplies they can deliver to the market:

"We are running on thin ice, if I may use that term, because spare capacity is becoming scarce. The likelihood of a squeeze is there."

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The recent raid by the FBI on former President Donald Trump’s residence has solidified Trump’s hold on the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, according to conservatives and analysts.

Former President Donald Trump raises his fist while walking to a vehicle outside of Trump Tower in New York on Aug. 10, 2022. (Stringer/AFP via Getty Images)

The raid of Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s house in Palm Beach, Florida, was aimed at preventing the former president from gaining office again, they told The Epoch Times.

If anything, however, the raid has had the opposite effect, they said, as the belief grows that Trump will announce a new presidential run sooner rather than later.

Far from providing a smoking gun that opponents of Trump may have sought to bar the former president from office, the raid has demonstrated that Trump can never be reconciled to partisan special interests in Washington that have a lock on government, thus ensuring that Trump most certainly will run, said some.

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Update 0842ET: Liz Cheney wants Americans to 'unite' across party lines to prevent Donald Trump from regaining the White House following her devastating defeat in Wyoming's primary on Tuesday.

Cheney lost to challenger Harriet Hageman, who received 66.3% of the vote vs. Cheney's 28.9%.

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Chinese troops will be among the foreign participants at a multilateral military exercise in Russia called Vostok 2022, China’s Defense Ministry confirmed on Wednesday.

The People’s Liberation Army will send personnel to Russia, expecting the event to “deepen pragmatic and friendly cooperation with the militaries of the participating countries, enhance the level of strategic coordination among the parties, and enhance the ability to deal with various security threats,” a statement said. Beijing noted that current regional and international tensions did not affect its decision.

Vostok 2022 will take place at 13 locations in eastern Russia between August 30 and September 5, the Russian Defense Ministry announced in late July. It said foreign militaries were invited, but did not specify nationalities. The Chinese statement mentioned Belarus, India, Mongolia and Tajikistan among the guests.

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Within our Solar System, Mars is one of the most similar planets to Earth—both have rocky landscapes, solid outer crusts, and cores made of molten rock.

Because of its similarities to Earth and proximity, humanity has been fascinated by Mars for centuries. In fact, it’s one of the most explored objects in our Solar System.

But just how many missions to Mars have we embarked on, and which of these journeys have been successful? This graphic by Jonathan Letourneau shows a timeline of every mission to Mars since 1960 using NASA’s historical data.

Webmaster addition: One goof. The chart shows the Vikings landing on Mars in 1975. The actual landings took place in 1976!

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A total of nine countries could be contaminated if the Russian-controlled Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine is hit by multiple launch rocket systems, a former chief inspector of the USSR’s nuclear authority told RT.

Russian troops established control of the Zaporozhye NPP, Europe’s largest facility of the kind, early on in the course of military operations in Ukraine. Since then, Russia has repeatedly accused Kiev of launching artillery and drone strikes on the facility. Ukrainian officials claimed that the Russians were shelling themselves to discredit Kiev.

In an interview published on Tuesday, Vladimir Kuznetsov warned that if the plant is hit by volley fire, with numerous missiles striking the storage facility that holds spent nuclear fuel, chances are that more than one container would be damaged. This scenario would entail radiation escaping “into the environment – hence the contamination of not only the industrial site but also the Dnepr river which is nearby,” the expert noted.

Kuznetsov also pointed out that such a strike would most likely be accompanied by a fire, and “God knows where the wind would send the combustion products.”

The former chief inspector surmised that should 20 to 30 containers be breached in such an attack, the “radiation would affect approximately nine countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Baltic states and obviously Western Ukraine.”

Russian forces took over the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in early March, within the first two weeks of Moscow’s military campaign against its neighbor.

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Israel and Turkey will soon reappoint ambassadors to each other’s countries and restore full diplomatic ties, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said on Wednesday.

Relations between the two nations were downgraded back in 2018 after Israeli forces killed some 60 Palestinians during protests on the Gaza border. Ankara at the time condemned the heavy-handed treatment of demonstrators by Israel.

A statement released by the premier’s office, following talks between Lapid and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said: “it was decided to once again upgrade the level of the relations between the two countries to that of full diplomatic ties and to return ambassadors and consuls general.

The normalization would, among other things, help “strengthen regional stability,” it added.

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Russia's Crimean Bridge, the largest structure of its kind in Europe, “should be destroyed,” an aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has warned.

“It’s an illegal construction and the main gateway to supply the Russian army in Crimea,” Mikhail Podolyak told the Guardian on Tuesday, explaining why Kiev wants to attack it.

The bridge was constructed after Crimea broke away from Ukraine following an armed coup in Kiev in 2014 and voted in a referendum to join Russia. It forms a direct road and rail connection with the region, which previously could only be reached from the rest of Russia by sea or air. The bridge is predominantly used by civilian traffic.

Podolyak is the latest Ukrainian official to confirm Kiev’s intention to attack the structure. The remark came as he appeared to hint that Ukraine was in the process of delivering a series of acts of sabotage in Crimea.

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Berlin has plans to subjugate Eastern Europe and has designs on the lands that it lost in the past, Adam Glapinski the head of the National Bank of Poland has claimed, adding that his country stands as a bulwark against those ambitions.

Glapinski offered the grim prediction about Warsaw’s current diplomatic confrontation with Berlin in an interview with Gazeta Polska, which was published on Wednesday.

Since the reunification of Germany in 1990, Berlin’s strategic goal is to “regain in some form their former lands, which are now within Polish borders, and subordinate the entire belt of countries between Germany and Russia,” the Polish official said.

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Viewed from afar, the extent of Ukrainian corruption appears to go far deeper than the recent shift in the narrative might suggest, and it might come back to bite the West as weapons sent to Kiev's forces are disappearing with no account as to their whereabouts.

Just as it was with America’s support for the Mujahideen in the 1980s in fighting a proxy war against the Soviets, its backing of the Ukrainian government may one day reap a whirlwind. And just like its involvement in Afghanistan, decades ago, supporting the ‘enemy of my enemy’ involves dealing with shady characters and whitewashing their wrongdoings.

Following the onset of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, the media very abruptly ceased its coverage of Ukraine’s seedy political underbelly – with dirty dealings that go all the way to the top. Even America’s sweetheart, Vladimir Zelensky, did not come away unscathed in those reports.

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The Americans were preparing to pull their troops out of Afghanistan for months, but the operation still turned out to be a disaster. Footage of young Afghans clinging to Lockheed C-5 Galaxy cargo planes at Kabul Airport went viral all over the world. And although it seems these images have vanished from mainstream discourse, the consequences of those events are yet to come. RT asked experts what President Joe Biden’s first and most important foreign policy decision cost his administration.

Fleeing on camera

The Cold War was full of symbols. One of the most striking of these was footage of US military personnel pushing helicopters off the landing deck of the destroyer USS Kirk in the Mekong Gulf in 1975. The helicopters had been operated by pilots taking part in the US military mission in South Vietnam who were removing diplomatic staff from a besieged Saigon, along with their families. They no longer planned to return to the burning capital, so the expensive aircraft were sunk in the South China Sea.

While the helicopters on the deck of the Kirk were a striking, albeit isolated, case of such an incident being caught on camera, the multi-day flight of thousands of people fearing the Islamist dictatorship of the Taliban, who were rapidly taking control of Kabul, was shown on all social networks. The situation was exacerbated by a terrorist attack in the now almost forgotten style of the aughts.

On August 26, an explosion was heard in an airport terminal building packed with refugees. Approximately 170 civilians and 13 American servicemen were killed. At the same time, the world was innundated by videos of groups of grim men in turbans sitting at tables in the government offices of the presidential palace. Kalashnikov assault rifles from all over the world, as well as American M4s and Swiss SGs, could also be seen in the frame.

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